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herberstank t1_jd3zfi1 wrote

These look so good they should be illegal


blizzard-toque t1_jd5ghi2 wrote

Yum. A bar in a city 30 minutes from me sells these. It's been a while since I ordered these.


johndoe60610 t1_jd7rser wrote

A (now defunkt) bar near me had "Reuben's Balls," breaded deep fried joy.


AAA515 t1_jd8seb9 wrote

Me too! It's also across the street from the most ridiculous whiskey bar I've ever been to. $12 a shot for gentleman Jack, but old Forrester 1920 for $10? Both are overpriced but to a ridiculous level on cheaper easy to find whiskeys...


blizzard-toque t1_jdaoce9 wrote

What state are you in? So happens the place I got my Reuben egg rolls was Whiskey River.


AAA515 t1_jdcak0j wrote

Iowa, I think the whiskey house was the name of the whiskey place, and magee's Irish pub was the place with rueben egg rolls. I know whiskey river has a place in ames and ankeny but I've never been to either.


RFC793 t1_jd6rzvz wrote

For real. I feel like a fool for never thinking of this. I hope to find a discounted corned beef brisket tomorrow on sale tomorrow from St Pat’s, and make some of these with the cabbage I have left over.


awesomedan24 t1_jd8i2r0 wrote

They're too dangerous for my cholesterol to keep me alive!


BallistaInChains t1_jd467d9 wrote

I just saw the cheese rolls and now this, holy moly. You’re a freaking rock star in the kitchen.


housewifewithaknife OP t1_jd46cet wrote

I get to be creative and eat. It's a win-win.


BallistaInChains t1_jd476s3 wrote

Just saw the jalapeño popper melt, good lord. I would have a terrible case of indecision trying to eat at your restaurant.


housewifewithaknife OP t1_jd47fxk wrote

Oh no one gets a choice. I make what I make and the kids don't go hungry lol. Thankfully they're used to my shenanigans and aren't picky.


BallistaInChains t1_jd47lip wrote

Are you interested in adopting adults?

Definitely gonna be watching out for your posts, they’re easily among the best I’ve seen here.


alabamacoastie t1_jd4r7yt wrote

You need an OnlyFans but you just cook food. I'd pay to watch.


housewifewithaknife OP t1_jd4rxif wrote

That.... Is tempting.


spoiledandmistreated t1_jd74avb wrote

I just looked at your profile… I’m impressed… I do hand crafted soaps and food soaps are my specialty.. if you check out my profile you’ll see what I mean.. I didn’t start out to make food soaps it just kinda happened when I thought, I wonder if I could make a soap that people actually thought was food and I made a plate with a steak,broccoli and corn on the cob and people went crazy and then the madness started…LOL..


drdrdoug t1_jd4jnn3 wrote

Back in the day I had to go on Dialysis. After the 4 hours you feel like your soul was partially sucked out by a dementor (your mind is numb like but your body is jittery). A couple of my buddies would pick me up afterwords and take me to an Irish pub down the street where they'd buy me a shot (which seemed to "reconnect" my body and mind), and an "Irish egg roll," with a salty goodness that reminded me that everything was going to be ok.

I had not thought of this for a while until I saw this delicious post. :-)


kidfromCLE t1_jd4cgi9 wrote

There’s a place called Muldoon’s on the east side of Cleveland that serves these. They’re out of this world. These look just as good!


SmokeMeat_TickleFeet t1_jd4ie6e wrote

yes! I used to work on the East side near Bratenahl and would ride down to e185th to eat at Muldoon all the time


Travelin_Soulja t1_jd81x2s wrote

Goldberg's in Atlanta has them. I've seen them a few other places, too. It's not a common dish, but it's not exactly rare, either.


D_ROC_ t1_jd53whk wrote

Did you use some ground up caraway seeds? It really adds that rye bread flavor that is important to the combination. I make a Reuben casserole with it.


housewifewithaknife OP t1_jd543tv wrote

I don't, but I will next time!


D_ROC_ t1_jd5pnal wrote

If you have any of the spice in the house chew ‘em up a bit and use your judgement. It really is in my mind what gives rye bread its distinctive flavor. It’s one of the main ingredients. For sure elevated my dish. Looks great though!


Lamantins t1_jd48t33 wrote

I need a recipe right this instant.


housewifewithaknife OP t1_jd48xzc wrote

I chopped up the corned beef, sauteed it with some drained sauerkraut, added that mixture along with a little swiss cheese to an eggroll wrapper, rolled it up, and fried them for about 90 seconds per side. Served them up with a side of homemade thousand island dressing.


Lamantins t1_jd498jw wrote

Thank you so much ! It looks delicious. I will try it soon, pretty sure my girlfriend could like this.


GymBronie t1_jd588m8 wrote

I make these and Reuben hand pies (pastry dough) every March with leftovers. And every year I get requests for more.


RFC793 t1_jd6sass wrote

How did you prepare the corned beef before assembling the rolls? A boil? roasted? smoked?


Throwaway-account-23 t1_jd4t1b6 wrote

Is this the part where I tell you guys that here in Detroit we have a whole chain called "Asian Corned Beef" that serves stuff like this as part of their regular menu?


spesimen t1_jd5842q wrote

i grew up in se michigan and my mom is from detroit i have been to the city a zillion times i have no idea why i have never heard of this place or this reuben egg roll concept until today what the heck???? i gotta try it next time i'm over there


DChevalier t1_jd5vf0h wrote

I absolutely love some Asian corned beef. It's an almost weekly meal for me.


Tall_Tyrion68 t1_jd4cy3b wrote

I have a new goal in life. I want to eat these every day until they finally do me in. You know what they say... something is gonna kill you, it might as well be something you love.


AJMax104 t1_jd4hh2w wrote

Ok now i gotta try it with pastrami or brisket.

Id order 12 right now please!


elscallr t1_jd4syao wrote

You can probably get corned beef briskets right now in the US for cheap, since St Patty's Day is over.


Choice_Performer254 t1_jd4vmwp wrote

Yep. I bought a $40 corned beef marked down to $20 yesterday.


elscallr t1_jd583w8 wrote

Just convinced myself to hit the store, grabbed a couple. Gonna make a damn decent reuben once the weather is nice. Might even do some egg rolls.


Plumhawk t1_jd586x8 wrote

I've had Reuben egg rolls and they are delish. Since you mentioned brisket, I've also had something called Brisket Cigars. They're basically like these except they are longer and thinner and the dipping sauce was a pepper jelly.


petmoo23 t1_jd4s7cb wrote

The corned beef egg roll is a Detroit delicacy, lots of places that sell these.


Mabel_Jenkins t1_jd587es wrote

My father n law makes all kinds of weird and creative homemade pizzas with his own dough he rises from yeast and the whole nine. He makes a Reuben pizza. Rye crust, and all the Reuben fixings (sauerkraut, Swiss, corn beef,including thousand island). It’s seriously the best pizza I have had.


liar_rabbit t1_jd48fi6 wrote

So how do we try to make this?


housewifewithaknife OP t1_jd48uf7 wrote

I chopped up the corned beef, sauteed it with some drained sauerkraut, added that mixture along with a little swiss cheese to an eggroll wrapper, rolled it up, and fried them for about 90 seconds per side. Served them up with some homemade thousand island dressing.


NoIndividual5987 t1_jd4aa93 wrote

Running to the store for egg roll wrappers. I have everything else! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


ProgandyPatrick t1_jd5boyg wrote

Absolutely doing this tomorrow! Doesn’t sound too hard or expensive.


Tad-Disingenuous t1_jd4pqvs wrote

I've tried my hand at these. Didn't come out nearly as well as the restaurant I got the idea from. Some Irish place that a lot of celebs visit in Pensacola, FL. There's are ungodly good.


housewifewithaknife OP t1_jd4t5t0 wrote

I hate that they didn't work out for you! My family requests them several times a year, specifically right after St. Patrick's Day.


Mr_Fuckin_Pinecone t1_jd5rurb wrote

Please make a recipe please


housewifewithaknife OP t1_jd5rzb4 wrote

I chopped up the corned beef, sauteed it with some drained sauerkraut, added that mixture along with a little swiss cheese to an eggroll wrapper, rolled it up, and fried them for about 90 seconds per side.


Mr_Fuckin_Pinecone t1_jd5s62m wrote

You make it sound so simple it gives me hope I might actually be able to do it right. Thanks for sharing I will now be making my new favorite snack


housewifewithaknife OP t1_jd5sc94 wrote

You can ABSOLUTELY do it! They are that simple!


moneyballbingo t1_jd8bqo9 wrote

Seconded, I'm not a terrible cook but I was daunted going into making these and they're super easy.


Plumhawk t1_jd57v04 wrote

Holy shit. I was just talking about these the other day.



zlimK t1_jd5bymr wrote

I've done these as well as cuban sandwich inspired egg rolls. Both are fantastic. And they make the best cold quick snacks the next day, too


TrentontheClipped t1_jd5jgjd wrote

So, I was showing my wifey your meals for ideas of what we could make for DnD night, when she stopped me and said "I think I recognize her account name", and clicked your account. Turns out, she's correct, lol!


Eray41303 t1_jd742f0 wrote

Can’t wait for some stuck-up nutjob to post this in stupid food tomorrow


SturmieCom t1_jd7jvj4 wrote

What's the recipe for the homemade thousand island dressing? Just curious.


housewifewithaknife OP t1_jd7qkuy wrote

I've been making it for so long that I don't really have measurements, and for that I'm sorry. I also don't make it nearly as sweet as you might expect it to be. Regardless, here's what I use: mayo, ketchup, apple cider vinegar, grated onion, dill relish, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a tiny bit of sugar.


SturmieCom t1_jd8135v wrote

Cool, thanks. I've been making a modified version of thousand island I found with mayo, srirachi, garlic, salt and pepper, but I'm always interested in a good recipe. I typically don't have relish on hand, but I'll have to try the apple cider vinegar and onion next time.


RY_Vela t1_jd7q1bb wrote

It's delicious, with sauce it makes all the difference!


jaeldawn t1_jd7u3tq wrote

I want to make these!


Doodle4036 t1_jd83l3s wrote

I am actually going to a new restaurant in an hour to try just these exact things! what a coincidence.


Myth7270 t1_jd4aewr wrote

Woooow those look amazing! Fantastic idea!


Joseluki t1_jd4bqxo wrote

Damn! That is a thing of beauty.


natterca t1_jd4bt2v wrote

Huh. Neat.

I might give these a go soon, great job!


100Labels t1_jd4moyt wrote

I bet they were delicious 🤤


JoeShoes84 t1_jd4oigt wrote

These look delicious. Corned beef egg rolls are huge in Detroit for some reason, had them recently for the first time.


materialisticDUCK t1_jd4pipj wrote

I'm all for this but Reuben eggrolls is just a hilarious concept.


TheArmchairSkeptic t1_jd5223z wrote

Well I know a lot of Jewish people traditionally eat Chinese food at Christmas, so as far as crossover events go there's at least some precedent for it.


kombatunit t1_jd4pmvj wrote

OMG, I need these in my life.


CMP247 t1_jd4qjy7 wrote

Looks like these would go perfect with some good cole slaw!


sprinkles5000 t1_jd4x34f wrote

doing this and also converting my corned beef and cabbage to egg rolls next st. paddy's day.


rip_tree_lurkin t1_jd5amkg wrote



rip_tree_lurkin t1_jd5avwg wrote

Oh my god, i should not have looked at your profile when lying in bed trying to sleep😬 Now im hungry


satsui_no_honda t1_jd5c3d9 wrote

This is amazing! Thanks for posting your recipe in the comments here, I'm definitely going to give this a try.


wellrat t1_jd5qd6y wrote

Well that's going on the list.


ozas258 t1_jd5rmmb wrote

What do you put in them also what is that bowl?


housewifewithaknife OP t1_jd5s7rb wrote

I chopped up the corned beef, sauteed it with some drained sauerkraut, added that mixture along with a little swiss cheese to an eggroll wrapper, rolled it up, and fried them for about 90 seconds per side.

Not sure if you're asking about the dishes or the sauce. The dishes are Temptation, the sauce is thousand island.


chuleta2 t1_jd5xts3 wrote

Oh, I need these. They look absolutely delicious.


Kind_Tour2671 t1_jd603z4 wrote

I’ve got to make these! Great idea! YummmmmY 😋


anengineerandacat t1_jd61npy wrote

NGL, I want one like yesterday... these look amazing.


DocHickory t1_jd61xna wrote

Dude, those look SO freakin' deelish!


Bassman233 t1_jd6h0kr wrote

These look awesome. A bar around here makes a reuben quesadilla that is some of the best drunk food ever, might have to give these egg rolls a try myself.


[deleted] t1_jd6j361 wrote

I make these often, they’re a household favorite!!!


__andrei__ t1_jd6ju2m wrote

I can smell this deliciousness through the picture!


Loner2theT t1_jd6km1i wrote

Sooo, I just looked through your profile and it had me salivating! Do you have a place for your recipes?


housewifewithaknife OP t1_jd8rraf wrote

I have a FB group called Eat Simple. It's not just my recipes, but my modmins are just as adventurous and wonderful home cooks.


PvtDeth t1_jd6ub67 wrote

I've never heard of this before and I'm instantly an enormous fan of the dish.


BassMessiah t1_jd70ay7 wrote

Omigosh!, These look incredible!


ReptarOrgy t1_jd7169h wrote

I'm drooling man these look SCRUMPTIOUS


funkyvilla t1_jd73912 wrote

I’m going to make these tomorrow.


BeverlyDraws t1_jd76fah wrote

Could you share the recipe? 🙏


housewifewithaknife OP t1_jd8s370 wrote

I chopped up the corned beef, sauteed it with some drained sauerkraut, added that mixture along with a little swiss cheese to an eggroll wrapper, rolled it up, and fried them for about 90 seconds per side.


BeverlyDraws t1_jd8vxdq wrote

Thank you!! ❤️ What did you use for the dip?


housewifewithaknife OP t1_jd8yjdb wrote

It's a homemade thousand island. I use mayo, ketchup, apple cider vinegar, grated onion, dill relish, salt, pepper, and garlic.


DestroyerOfGrapes t1_jd7btlq wrote

A strange noise came out of my mouth when I saw this. Like a longing for a life I'd forgotten of.


OshadaK t1_jd7he0v wrote

Ah fuck, I can’t believe you’ve done this


TheHendryx t1_jd7hls6 wrote

Good idea.. I guess you can turn any sandwich into an egg roll


SnakesMcGee t1_jd7menu wrote

My need for these is bone-deep.


JesusDied4U316 t1_jd7nwmw wrote

Your profile is nuts. Wow, you really know what you're doing, love it!!


MattyRixz t1_jd7tz2o wrote

My buddy had a fine dining Jewish fusion restaurant in Tribeca. They had these and they were probably one of my favorite things ever.


RedditingMyLifeAway t1_jd7u97j wrote

There is an Irish pub in the arts district of downtown Dallas that makes these, and they are delicious!


angel34gnatural t1_jd7uyx1 wrote

Never seen this before i will tey to cook it for sure 😀


ReptileBat t1_jd86gnw wrote

Reuben egg rolls are dangerously good!! I grew up in detroit and they had this place called Asian Corn Beef easily one of my favorite fast food places ever!


mangosyrups t1_jd8ehmt wrote

I'm literally drooling right now over these.


honeydips87 t1_jd8fdv4 wrote

Mary O’Neills in Waxhaw NC has Reuben rolls just like these. Amazing.


moonman86 t1_jdcni3w wrote

I once had a Philly Cheese Steak egg roll. OMG! YUMMY!


Heighte t1_jd4o22z wrote

Looks nice, is this the portable version of Quiche?


nchiker t1_jd4v8l6 wrote

You, sir, are a genious.


moldyremains t1_jd4zrkj wrote

Somebody's from Detroit. They got these all over the place (see Asian Corned Beef).


Hangmeup8 t1_jd57ma5 wrote

Man or woman, idc. Are you married, yet? Heavenly!


Hangmeup8 t1_jd57xq8 wrote

Seriously tho- Reuben’s are my fav sandwich so if I had all the rewards in the world I’d give them to you. I think this is my legitimate first “mouth water” moment lol. Thank you! Have a great night!


fatamSC2 t1_jd5947e wrote

To the uninitiated, if you like this kind of thing you can buy wonton wrappers at the store and put literally any kind of food that you like inside and it will generally turn out pretty good. Just put the filling in, paint the edges with some egg so that when you roll it it will seal, and you're good to fry em.

Can also lightly cornstarch or flour the outsides if you're going to pack a lot of them into a bag or something so they don't stick together, but just an optional thing


BaconPotPies t1_jd59vbx wrote

Thanks now I know these exist and will most likely never have a chance to eat one. Life is not fair.


dcdemirarslan t1_jd5mi7q wrote

Why did I had to see this at 01.15...


AlrightSpider t1_jd5ogqa wrote

Welcome to Guy Fieri’s new restaurant concept Flavor World. Each order comes with a side of “Donkey Sauce” and a heart monitor


vandercampers t1_jd6c9bp wrote

I am in awe of this delicious dish. Where are you and where may I order these!? Open a food truck!


daqq t1_jd6m9nn wrote

Any chance you have been to McGuires Pub in the FL Panhandle? They have an amazing rendition of these on the menu.


Cornp0ppp t1_jd6unup wrote

Paul Reubens eggroll? Are you in a theatre?


Oldoneeyeisback t1_jdc0t98 wrote

Can someone enlighten me as to what a Reuben eggroll is?


housewifewithaknife OP t1_jdcfurz wrote

A Reuben is a sandwich made with corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss, and generally a thousand island type dressing served on rye bread. This is just a play on that sandwich where the sandwich fillings are wrapped into an eggroll wrapper.


Oldoneeyeisback t1_jdcy75s wrote

Thanks. Sounds OK. Would definitely eat that. Though what passes as 'swiss' in the US is barely worth eating.


propagrub t1_jdh6qoz wrote

Did you take out a loan for this?


TwainVonnegut t1_jd5a7uv wrote

Yeah, that’s a NO for me dawg.