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atrielienz t1_je6ilf6 wrote

That is the perfect egg. Well done.


Odinzimblic t1_je5wadp wrote

Looks great and fast to make! What settings did you use for the chicken? Also, I'm a simple person. I see corn, I upvote.


Oldmangilbey2 OP t1_je5yjcu wrote

It’s 180 degrees C for 16 mins on the roast setting, nice and crisp on top


L4funandpleasure t1_je63hc0 wrote

What’s the spice mix?


Oldmangilbey2 OP t1_je780eq wrote

Salt pepper garlic and some smoked paprika


Ryan0413 t1_je8yu0f wrote

That’s a nice lil mix, I actually have started putting some baking powder on the skin before doing the spices, I find it crisps up the skin even more


cookisrussss t1_je86fe7 wrote

Sorry I’m a noob, is that a chicken breast?


OptionalFTW t1_je87rjr wrote

Chicken looks so good.

air fryer has replaced my stove top and grill for almost everything except for cuts of beef, lamb or pork.

Air fryer is king for chicken and fish and I will die on this hill. Best kitchen appliance ever.


theCyanEYED t1_jea9ifk wrote

I have a convection oven but I'm starting to use it more and more. Is it really worth getting one? I kinda want to try one out, but storage space is going to be an issue.


OptionalFTW t1_jee44ku wrote

As a single person it's incredible. It's by far the best option for anything breaded, baked potatoes, potato wedges or fries. Chicken breasts, thighs. Fish fillets.

Just make sure you get a good one. Ninjas air fryer is great cuz it goes up to 450f.

It'll take trial and error to figure out how to make certain things perfectly but once it clicks.. You can't go back.


operababe t1_je7edt3 wrote

I will be 80 and still eating ramen. Nom nom.


comando_bear t1_je7u1bq wrote

Why did i think that the chicken was small pieces of bread 😂


F0lks_ t1_je91per wrote

The egg looks perfectly cooked, but you can make it even perfecter by letting it simmer in a low salt soy sauce + saké mixture (50/50). Take your soy saké sauce, add a teaspoon of sugar per cup of final product, and boil it for a couple of minutes. Once it has cooled down, put your soft-boiled eggs in it. You can start eating your eggs after 6 hours. Don't let them sit in it for more than 3 days, though !

It doesn't sound like much, but it makes all the difference.


[deleted] t1_je651wt wrote



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ftdub t1_je7ubfa wrote

Killed it! I do a variant of this and find a little green onion action is a nice addition from time to time


reignfx t1_je7mh0n wrote

Looks delish. I want to do the same with pork.


daili88 t1_je7tiuf wrote

The corn in the soup is underrated imo


Rated_Oni t1_je7wlg2 wrote

There are so many ways to truly use instant noodles, my favourite is the Nissin Curry one, but make sure is the japanese one, add some boiled potatoes and an egg and it is heaven.


Zealousideal_Bit1395 t1_je7z7wu wrote

it's making me hungry.. too bad I don't have noodles at home to cook lol


Akela1996 t1_je85dko wrote

What degree and time do you set your chicken in the air fryer for?! Every time I air fry chicken it never comes out great :(


Oldmangilbey2 OP t1_je92fb0 wrote

You don’t have to do it as long as you think! This was on the roast setting but even normal air fryer I do around 190*c for 15/17 mins depending on how thick the chicken is


safisaryia t1_je8dchq wrote

I reread that 3x before I figured out you didn't air fry the noodles


KbizTV t1_je8dx0i wrote

Simple! Love it 🤌🏾


moosegrowl t1_je8ooj8 wrote

I want that right now 😋


lincruste t1_je8v4b1 wrote

Not related to your post, but "soft boiled egg" will always remind me of the shiv maker in Riddick : Escape from Butcher Bay


Zeidra t1_jecx1h8 wrote

It's 4am and Imma cook that.


mrclang t1_je9i15r wrote

Why do people buy chicken breast? When chicken things are so much better


BirdsOfABone49 t1_jebu47m wrote

Personally, the breast meat is better for my pickiness than thighs. Thats just me though