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Odinzimblic t1_je5wadp wrote

Looks great and fast to make! What settings did you use for the chicken? Also, I'm a simple person. I see corn, I upvote.


Oldmangilbey2 OP t1_je5yjcu wrote

It’s 180 degrees C for 16 mins on the roast setting, nice and crisp on top


L4funandpleasure t1_je63hc0 wrote

What’s the spice mix?


Oldmangilbey2 OP t1_je780eq wrote

Salt pepper garlic and some smoked paprika


Ryan0413 t1_je8yu0f wrote

That’s a nice lil mix, I actually have started putting some baking powder on the skin before doing the spices, I find it crisps up the skin even more


cookisrussss t1_je86fe7 wrote

Sorry I’m a noob, is that a chicken breast?