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toefutaco t1_je76pm8 wrote

Nice job on the crispy bits! Looks amazing.


harumal21 t1_je739ed wrote

Getting that nice crisp brown can be tricky after steaming. Awesome job!


firmfirm t1_je8pvxi wrote

I usually put the dumplings first in a hot pan with oil. Let them fry for a couple of minutes. Add about 1cm of Water and put on a lid and let it boil/steam til the Water is gone.

Voila you now got fried/steamed dumplings!


onemantwohands OP t1_jea3619 wrote

basically this! but i put it on med when the water is gone so it can build up that crust.


New_Ad3481 t1_je96n98 wrote

I love making these what’s your secret to get the bottle so crispy


onemantwohands OP t1_jea3bk1 wrote

oil in pan - lay out the dumplings - put it on med/high, and let it fry till the bottom is semi brown - put about 1/4in of water, cover, and put on high to steam - when the water is about all gone, take the lid off, put the heat on med, and let it build up that crust slowly