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TheLedWarrior t1_iugog6k wrote

Might be drunk but I swore to god that was the head of a animal for a minute and was very concerned


Haboobalub t1_iugqq0t wrote

Looks like a baby hippo and I'm sober


manhowl t1_iuh3go0 wrote

Yeah I literally just scrolled past a video of a baby hippo and my first thought was “oh no


SuperNintenerd t1_iuh7izq wrote

That looks like freshly cooked Canadian House Hippo if I do say so myself!


Nick_pj t1_iugysoz wrote

I follow a sub called r/medizzy (warning: medical gore), and for a moment I thought I was looking at some awful injury from a car accident or a butcher 😅


witchyanne t1_iuh6t5c wrote

Why do you look at things like that (no judgement - but you can’t unsee it so why do you subject yourself to it)?

I’d literally hate to be your brain.


Nick_pj t1_iuh8x83 wrote

Ironically, I’m actually really squeamish about gore. I like r/medizzy because it’s supposed to be about interesting case-studies, and anything remotely unpleasant is supposed to be marked NSWF (so the image is hidden unless you click it). The comments section is usually pretty fascinating, because a bunch of medical practitioners follow the sub.


witchyanne t1_iuhbu2e wrote

Ah I see - I wasn’t about to click that link lol! Thanks for the understanding! I was just curious why anyone would do that - but you’re not ‘doing that.’


IronicBread t1_iuhuo16 wrote

I thought it was a dude who's back was sliced from a propeller boating mind is corrupted. Blame best gore


erakattack t1_iui0fnk wrote

I thought the same. The glove really adds to the illusion.


LA_Lightning t1_iuhsie7 wrote

I definitely thought the same thing. Had to double check what sub I was in, LOL


eeeecks OP t1_iugfbn3 wrote

Recipe: Trimmed up a pork butt a bit. Got lazy and used a near 1:1 ratio of the traeger rub (whatever they sell at Costco) and brown sugar. Scored it to get the most surface area I could and applied the rub very liberally. Stuck it in the smoker fat side up for 11 hours at 225 until it reached an internal temp of 198.

I was going for a deeply caramelized bark on the outside, and I think I got it. The stuff around the edges is like meat candy.


Morph707 t1_iugzccm wrote

Do you turn it or anything while it is in the smoker? How much is it set and forget?


brentrichardjr t1_iuh0tif wrote

Not op, but typically you don't need to touch the meat at all unless you intend to wrap at some point. Depending on your smoker, it could be as easy as set it and forget it. I smoke on a Weber Kettle which takes a little more monitoring then something with a digital controller like pellet grills. Just important to keep a steady temperature in the smoker and pull the meat at the right internal temperature.


Marbla t1_iuhf12k wrote

Do you use a slow n sear? That thing is a game changer for a kettle.


h3yw00d t1_iuhe4ec wrote

Temp is key. For some reason I pull around 203-205 and it's nice and soft but after resting it's still not done. I gotta work on that.


eeeecks OP t1_iuikzmx wrote

Nope, pretty much just put it in there and watched the display of the temp probe. Refilled the pellets a couple of times, but that was about it.


Freedom35plan t1_iuhwk4c wrote

Interesting, I wrap mine at 165-170 in tinfoil, but I do enjoy a good bark so might have to try it straight...

You spray it down at all?

Did you only score the fat side or both sides?


eeeecks OP t1_iuil05r wrote

I scored both sides for this one to maximize surface area for the bark


symetry_myass t1_iuihboz wrote

You've inspired me to do this! For reference, do you remember how much the butt weighed?


GooseVersusRobot t1_iuh2ell wrote

The thunbnail looked like gore at first glance. Enjoy your food and Happy Halloween


PassiveAgressiveLamp t1_iughi6b wrote

That looks amazing. I guess im in the market for a smoker now


h3yw00d t1_iuhdyj4 wrote

Get one. I've had the chance to use my gpas pellet smoker and it's so good. I smoke a brick or two of cream cheese every time I use it too. Good with crackers.


CasualFridayBatman t1_iuiuulp wrote

I've found a new thing to smoke. Thanks!


h3yw00d t1_iuivguf wrote

Rub it in your favorite dry rub before hand. Kinda play around with different seasonings. Put it on a little peice if foil or on a pan (it won't melt).


Kasefleisch t1_iuh0qfd wrote

Brave dog runs into fire three times to rescue owners kids, he was the goodest of boys (NSFW)


hsudude22 t1_iugimbb wrote

Beauty! I use a similar rub. But I like to add a little garam masala (Indian spice blend) on top of that. A little extra spice and a hint of cinnamon.


Edwardc4gg t1_iugrqsc wrote

Good. If you liked the texture of the bark but not the inside next time wrap it at 170 and continue until 190 then out in a cooler for a few hours. Amazing.


eeeecks OP t1_iuilbts wrote

I've always had trouble getting such an aggressive bark when I do a shorter first cook on it, but I wonder if upping the heat from 225 to 250 would give that kind of bark in a shorter amount of time. I'll definitely try this next time.


Edwardc4gg t1_iuimlc6 wrote

Try. But if the meat inside was tender enough for you don’t change.


pbjcrazy t1_iui0hlv wrote

It looks like a baby hippo


M2LA t1_iugmdfv wrote

now we are talking !! as an expert eater of all things smoked I say well done !!!


nikifrd t1_iuhgdpg wrote

i saw a fallout mole rat for a second


mddell t1_iuhqdj5 wrote

Any day you get your pork pulled is a good day


edmRN t1_iui941x wrote

I see a mlem-ing hippo!


ExcellentSky9649 t1_iujd1mj wrote

Oh my god I just saw a hippo and thought it was a hippo


WasabiZone13 t1_iuguqu4 wrote

Latex gloves at home strikes again. The meat looks delicious. But why the gloves, just why? They're unnecessary and you just come off as pretentious.

And not to mention they all end up in a landfill.


Baksetball t1_iugy4ok wrote

I think the only one coming off as pretentious is you


eeeecks OP t1_iuimv7f wrote

I wear these gloves when I'm working with something I don't want to get on my hands. Dirt, oil, grease, raw meat, cooked meat, lacquer or enamel paints, resin, brake fluid, coolant, etc.

If there were reusable options for each of these use-cases then I'd look into getting them.


Marbla t1_iuhfdlb wrote

Yeah. OP is the root cause of pollution.

I use gloves every time I smoke meat. I just got sick of needing to wash my hands so often. And for a 12 hour cook I usually use just about three sets. They’re nice too because you can get liners to protect your hands from heat.

Sorry about the three or so pairs of gloves in the landfill once a month.