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phonologotron t1_is5c2ap wrote

Do you mean crepes? Those look like crepes.


Knightbrah_II OP t1_is5crx0 wrote

They are more akin to crepes, this is right. I am from southwestern Germany where these are called "Pfannkuchen" (literally "pancakes"). They are, as I mentioned however, not sweet like American pancakes or French crepes.


Multitronic t1_is5pj7m wrote

When I make crepes I don’t use salt or sugar. So I have a few savoury and then a few after with a sweet filling.


phonologotron t1_is5cvah wrote

Ah! Thanks.


Knightbrah_II OP t1_is5drtn wrote

You shuld try them out some time. It is amazing how versatile these kind of pancakes/crepes/Pfannkuchen can be. They literally are good with anything.


Southern_Title_3522 t1_is5h1mt wrote

May I ask for the recipe pls? Thank you


Knightbrah_II OP t1_is5kr4a wrote

For the Pfannkuchen crepes:

200ml of milk

3-4 eggs

150-200 gr of white wheat flour

A tiny bit of salt

(You can give them a bit of carbonated water / baking powder to make them a little bit more fluffy if you want, but this is optional. I made these here without it and they were fantastic regardless).

Bake them in a nonstick pan with the oil of your choice. I'd recommend canola oil for more versatility, although I made these ones in olive oil.


For the gorgonzola sauce:

(Spinach part)

500gr of fresh spinach, washed and diced

1-2 onions, finely chopped

2 cloves of garlic

First let the onions brown in olive oil and let the garlic toast a little bit. Then add the spinach and let it cook a little in its own juices.

(gorgonzola part)

A little bit of butter and a little bit of flour to create a Roux

Then mix the Roux slowly up with milk

Then 125gr of Gorgonzola

And then you mix the spinach part into the gorgonzola part and let it simmer for a little bit until you have a nice texture. If it is too thick for your liking, you could always mix a bit of milk into the sauce.

At this stage I'd salt and pepper the spinach sauce. I think my mother used to put a little bit nutmeg into the sauce too, but it is not really a must.


Hope this is satisfactory.


curiousklaus t1_is6gfim wrote

And if you have a leftover crepe, you must slice it half an inch wide and put it in bouillon soup with a little fresh parsley and chives(finely chopped). Flaedlesuppe


Knightbrah_II OP t1_is7ibs0 wrote

Flädlesupp is the best thing on earth. Reminds me of comfy winter days of my childhood, where I'd always put a shit ton of Flädle into the Flädlesupp. You know, you kinda made me regret it that I only made enough pancakes for my gorgonzola sauce.


waetherman t1_is5tilq wrote

Yes, in America we'd call that a crepe. We eat them mostly sweet but some savory too. My recipe would have less eggs though - only 1 for that amount of flour.

In America, "pancake" implies a recipe that includes baking powder which makes them fluffy, like a cake.

Looks delicious BTW. I love gorgonzola and I bet it goes great with the spinach.


Knightbrah_II OP t1_is7jwe6 wrote

If you think this amount of eggs is excessive, it could be because the eggs I used were fairly small. I think with 200gr of flour 3 medium eggs would be enough.


waetherman t1_is7wgtf wrote

I didn't say excessive, just more than I use. I make crepes pretty much 2-3x per week for my son/wife and my standard recipe (which is going to be confusing for your German brain) is 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup milk, 1 egg and 1 tablespoon butter. It's an easy recipe to remember before I've had my coffee. But I don't know - maybe it would be better with more eggs...


JesusSaysRelaxNvaxx t1_is6zma5 wrote

We call them German pancakes in my house (or rather growing up, as my mom is from germany) but we had ours with a lining of butter, lemon juice and powdered sugar. Absolutely my favorite breakfast item of all time ❤️


__BONESAW__ t1_is78kzk wrote

savoury crapes do exist, but I dunno where they're from. Used to have a really good place near by.


scavgonewild t1_is83loy wrote

Palatschinken is what we would call them in Austria, but anyways nice meal you made there fellow neighbour.


Educational-Fan-8475 t1_is6n875 wrote

In my country these are called pancakes. What you guys call pancakes are called flapjacks here.


feelin_cheesy t1_is64w2m wrote


Maybe savory is a better description?


FoolRegnant t1_is6ymgf wrote

They look really good, but describing them as salty instantly put me off


kennystetson t1_is63rrr wrote

My favourite food ever -- except I have them filled with Feta cheese/spinach/onion and pour Roquefort cheese sauce over the top


Knightbrah_II OP t1_is7io7i wrote

Man, this combination sounds absolutely delicious. Not for me, I don't like feta cheese very much, but I'm sure my family would love this combination.


windowbeanz t1_is60wde wrote

looks like a great way to start the day


Snufflepuffster t1_is669h3 wrote

In english these are called savoury crepes.


WHAMMYPAN t1_is6pnnr wrote

Chef here….this look a lot like Cannelloni?


MHarbourgirl t1_is5oihp wrote

Ooo, they look like the blintzes my mom used to make. Recipe looks similar, I shall have to have a go at it this weekend, been too long.


Ultrosbla t1_is5t174 wrote

This looks great. Not fan of spinach, but I should try.


ThatWeirdGhost t1_is5txcq wrote

German? I Love making these now and then. Our Pancakes are a mix between Crepes and American Pancakes I'd say. :)


kttrekker07 t1_is5vp0d wrote

Those look so good, I’m so hungry now! I make something similar but I call them savory crepes. I like to fill mine with scrambled eggs and mushrooms and then make a mushroom gravy to put on top.


loveslye t1_is5y5de wrote

These looks so good!


Altane_GS t1_is5yuwl wrote

Do galettes with sarrasin floor and taste the divine difference. You can do not sugary crepes I do it sometimes, but nothing beats galettes for salty toppings.


Brandon432 t1_is6h9it wrote

Looks delish. I'd just call them savory spinach crepes.


AaronDoggers t1_is7dap1 wrote

Just say “I love really thin pancakes, Ricky Bobby”


MegaMarkHarris t1_is8yijk wrote

Salty pancakes is a great drag queen name.


fifin t1_is5pwol wrote

If you add spaghetti sauce on top and a little Parmesan cheese you get cannelloni


Knightbrah_II OP t1_is7izah wrote

I disagree. From what I can imagine, this seems to become extremely soggy. I would not put the effort in to make this many pancakes just to use them for something pasta is better suited anyway.


monky767 t1_is62bn8 wrote

Why would you take something that's almost the definition of sweet and fill it with vegetables!?


Knightbrah_II OP t1_is64rc0 wrote

Because, you know, these crepe like pancakes aren't sweet. You should try them out. I think I have the recipe somewhere in the comments. They are very versatile and can go with both sweet and savoury fillings. The spinach and gorgonzala combo also goes surprisingly well together.


Brandon432 t1_is6hhgp wrote

Crepes are commonly made as sweet or savory. I make them at home once a month or so and do both. Typically the kids load up on Nutella, banana, and berries while the wife and go for prosciutto, arugula, gruyere, etc


RoxMutt t1_is9avgt wrote

Most of the crepes or German pancakes I’ve ever had were served with savory filling, not sweet.