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closetedmfer t1_iu2j6nh wrote

are those lightsaber chopsticks?


ernyc3777 OP t1_iu2klrv wrote

They sure are.


Jegagne88 t1_iu3xmlu wrote

Interesting because I have these lightsaber chopsticks and they’re basicaly impossible to hold/use I hate the balance on them. You have no issue?


agha0013 t1_iu46cmf wrote

they are awful at being chopsticks. Cute but useless for more than being a stir stick.


ernyc3777 OP t1_iu53ytu wrote

They’re terrible. If there was a plastic equivalent of burdocks, these things still wouldn’t be able to pick them up.


Tossmeoutatwork t1_iu4slx9 wrote

You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them! Bring balance to the force... not leave it in darkness!


Kris918 t1_iu5ey4q wrote

I thought you were running your food under the tap. Took a good few moments to realize it was silverware.


xDXxAscending t1_iu3t10m wrote

I was gonna bring up the lightsaber spoons from the early 2000s but thought nah as it'd be difficult to eat noodles.


thelukus5 t1_iu4mlst wrote

If you bite me down, I shall become more delicious thank you could possibly imagine


Ragnarotico t1_iu2z1qm wrote

This looks delicious, however it is not ramen. Ramen is always served with a broth. This appears to be a dry noodle dish using ramen noodles.

This is sort of a bulgogi bowl with ramen noodles I guess?


Atharaphelun t1_iu3062s wrote

Bibimmyeon would be the term in Korean, "mixed noodles", or mazesoba in Japanese.


Ragnarotico t1_iu30k3s wrote

Thank you. I was sure there was a term for it. The dish reminded me of soba but wasn't sure if it was fair to call it that.


springfieldnoob t1_iu33228 wrote

Where's the broth?


ernyc3777 OP t1_iu3nbov wrote

It’s there. You can see some by the carrots. I went light for the picture.

I think some of the broth got absorbed by the noodles when I made another egg and I didn’t add more until I ate it. The bottom one is messed up because I dropped both halves after slicing. The other half was even worse.


Guilty_as_Changed t1_iu4om0b wrote

Before and after broth picture was needed


ernyc3777 OP t1_iu4p0kv wrote

The after is brown/yellow broth to the top of the bowl with things poking out like little food ice bergs 😂

Not as appealing


ehxy t1_iu5yg50 wrote

i'm in the same, what's the point of saying ramen when there's no broth


ConanTheLeader t1_iu32v0t wrote

I get the feeling that without broth it might have a different name but regardless, that looks tasty and nutritious.

Just to add, I did a google search and apparently it is called "mazemen". (混ぜ面 if you want to Google image search in Japanese)


ernyc3777 OP t1_iu3mqcw wrote

You can see the broth a little bit by the carrots. Granted, I went light for the photo op haha.

I added more after the picture.

I think the broth I added got absorbed by the noodles while I waited to remake an egg. I dropped the other half of the bottom of and it sat for a few minutes while I re-boiled water, made it, and cooled it.


ernyc3777 OP t1_iu3owmp wrote

Edit: I regret not taking an after pick when I submerged this in the rest of broth that is visible under the carrots

I did make a broth but I went light for the picture. You can see a bit of it by the carrots.

The first egg I made had some issues peeling and slicing so I had to remake another and wait for the steak to rest.

The noodles ended up sitting longer than I expected and absorbed some.


Ruby0122 t1_iu3iyso wrote

Yummy! You did a good job.gif


redshoeflower t1_iu4fxnk wrote

is muchroom a good combination with beef, i am already feeling stomachful.


ernyc3777 OP t1_iu53tqm wrote

It’s a bit heavy with the eggs as well but they’re all delicious in the soup.


Supervillain_14 t1_iu4mvh7 wrote

I’m not eating the eggs, but this looks good.


deanall t1_iu5cl4w wrote

Cilantro, green onion, miso paste, peanuts, -Sriracha +sambal olek.

  • carrot

But overall very well done.


Dumn-person t1_iu60hdy wrote

Dang the thing that ruins the picture are those lightsaber chopsticks they always make me un hungry


leobhl t1_iu4fol4 wrote

I think you mistake Steak + pasta + Eggs for Ramen