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Cathbro6 t1_iu4if9f wrote

I’m seeing the Jowl bacon but where’s the styrofoam cup of lean?


Supper_Champion t1_iu50j4s wrote

Fuck, I came to make this same joke.


portage t1_iu5hrsh wrote

Every user on every post in every r/subreddit on all reddit did, this is the way.


[deleted] t1_iu57mox wrote



Supper_Champion t1_iu5f9wa wrote

You must be a joy to be around.


Johnny_Minoxidil t1_iu5l5rd wrote

I also find it unfunny, because I'm from Houston and it's appropriating our culture


Satrina_petrova t1_iu5qwc0 wrote

WTF is "lean" ?


AeAeR t1_iu5r3a4 wrote

Cough syrup mixed with soda


SoftlySpokenPromises t1_iu5zejm wrote

Shit, used to call that sizzurp


AeAeR t1_iu69v20 wrote

Yup that’s exactly my experience

Edit: seems like lean might be painkillers instead of DXM, but ultimately it’s cough syrup drugs and soda.


AHind_D t1_iu6dndh wrote

Yea real lean is codeine with promethazine cough syrup mixed with a soft drink, ice and occasionally jolly ranchers hard candy thrown in.


AeAeR t1_iu6dw8i wrote

Ah so one is prescription drugs and the other is OTC, and ultimately different drug types.

I’m glad I had sizzurp and not lean in that case, nothing good comes from painkillers.


AHind_D t1_iu6fwi9 wrote

Lol sizzurp and lean are the same thing. At least in Texas where all of this originates. Whatever you had wasn't sizzurp, purp, lean, drank etc. It was some other shit.


AeAeR t1_iu6g9wc wrote

Man in New Jersey it was the same shit too but now I’m old and kids love their fucking opioids. The difference was we were going for DXM and not Oxy. It’s a completely different goal, we were trying to trip, not nod out.


AHind_D t1_iu6h8l0 wrote

DXM isn't lean though. People have been drinking codeine with promethazine since at least the 90s. The song "Sippin on Sizzurp" came out in the 90s and it's about opiate cough syrup. It's nothing new.


AeAeR t1_iu6hkkv wrote

Sizzurp was Robotripping with sprite to like, all of New Jersey and New York, I was in college in north jersey for that to come out and it’s what people were doing. I understand that it’s different now but it was largely the same shit back then.


Spunkywhiteboy87 t1_iu89xs0 wrote

Jersey here also and sizzurp was always lean to us. Codeine syrup and promethazine. Robotripping was just called robotripping.


CrumpledShinSplints t1_iu7sjn0 wrote

There's not much codeine in it though, not anywhere near enough to get you to 'nod out' or anything. The promethazine and alcohol combination do a lot of the heavy lifting.


Satrina_petrova t1_iu6zmjw wrote

When I was a crappy teenager I just stole out of the freezer/cabinet whatever wouldn't get noticed but I realize now how lucky I apparently was.

On a side note Kahlua does not sit well with red wine and hot wings.


roybringus t1_iu70qao wrote

Drinking a bottle of robitussin is so much worse for your liver than the codeine


BoogityBoos t1_iu71kpm wrote

Not if you get the kind without acetaminophen. It’s harder to find but it’s out there. You can also extract dxm pretty easily from syrup


Jojoflap t1_iu62tdn wrote

I just skip the soda and down the syrup straight from the bottle. I love me my dex.


ku420guy t1_iu6afuk wrote

Lean is promethazine Dex is the child shit you get over the counter. Not the same cough syrup But dextromethorphan is pretty entertaining LOL


Jojoflap t1_iu8bxj3 wrote

They're now selling DXM as an antidepressant, or at least the FDA approved it


Satrina_petrova t1_iu5rb1c wrote

Eww, thanks.


Kerbal634 t1_iu5yyxh wrote

Was better when cough syrup had codeine


AeAeR t1_iu6bc2c wrote

Oh it still does, you just need a script. Still don’t for DXM


AeAeR t1_iu5rssw wrote

Yeah not my thing either, but when I had it, it was robotussin and sprite.


Stringy-glove7 t1_iu68g42 wrote

Lol seriously? It's supposed to be codeine cough syrup not over the counter robotussin. Maybe you confused it with tussinex? Which is hydrocodone in a syrup


AeAeR t1_iu69njw wrote

It’s funny how I can tell you’re younger than me from this. Do you not know why Robo tripping is called that? You kids and your painkiller dependencies, we were trying to trip balls not be pk bums.


Stringy-glove7 t1_iu6ykkt wrote

I didn't see your edit when I replied so I wanted to come back and tell you that it's weird to have this kind of elitist mind set as a person tripping on dxm lol that's definitely some bum activity.


CrumpledShinSplints t1_iu7ssye wrote

That's just extending the displeasure. In high school I would just down the bottle in one. Hit faster that way too.


showers_with_grandpa t1_iu5zna1 wrote

Specifically codeine syrup, not just like kid's cough syrup. You also would pop a jolly rancher or similar candy to dissolve while drinking


anotherboringdude t1_iu68u11 wrote

You can definitely robotrip from a couple bottles of kids Robitussin. It's not fun or taste good, but some people seem to like it.


matt2993 t1_iu7t8rr wrote

Yeah thats called being on robitussin. We're talking about LEAN boy


sabersquirl t1_iu61gok wrote

It used to be relatively more common 10 years ago or so. Usually Sprite with cough syrup. Also called purple dr(i/a)nk. Within the last decade or so they made it less available by making it so you need to be over 18 to legally buy codeine cough syrup, but it of course still exists.


jscummy t1_iu6hodt wrote

The syrup on the french toast is actually purple, he just color corrected the picture


HellsMalice t1_iu5ssyo wrote

I just watched a video on lean so this is exactly what I thought


PlonkaDonka t1_iu4dqqz wrote

Those are some perfect-looking eggs


StepUpYourLife t1_iu4vvcb wrote

Full [nationality] Breakfast


aminorman OP t1_iu4w1q4 wrote

The French Fry Up lol


nem012 t1_iu603y8 wrote

You've mis-spelled [Pro/Chef]. ^you're ^not ^fooling ^anyone


aminorman OP t1_iu689m4 wrote

Just a amuteur cook in a homemade test lab. Thanks though!


nem012 t1_iu693wh wrote

You've got 2 choices. Either open up a place or have me rummaging through your garbage cans. Really good, including your choice of ingredients.


CanoeIt t1_iu7hj9c wrote

Teach me those eggs, please?


aminorman OP t1_iu7iq9d wrote


KittyKat122 t1_iu8ukon wrote

You sift eggs and it doesn't break up the yolk? That sounds like sorcery.


aminorman OP t1_iu8ygwi wrote

Sift as in the tool not the harsher action required for flour. Crack the egg in the sieve/strainer and let it drip. Gently pour into holding cup. Minimum magic spells required.


twolephants t1_iu5d11c wrote

What's your technique for the eggs? They look great, and looking at your post history, clearly not just a happy accident. Pan, temp, oil/butter, cover/ not cover, spoon/don't spoon - please share how you do them in detail 🙏


aminorman OP t1_iu5rsg9 wrote

I've started buying extra large eggs just for my fry ups. I have a couple of nice dedicated egg pans. I recently bought a 10in Ninja Non-Stick skillet for my hash brown experiments. I tried it with these eggs and love it. That aside cooking pretty eggs takes practice.

I sieve (flour sifter) each one and hold each in it's own round bottom cup . Sieving removes the wispy bit just like prepping poached eggs. I tried a fine and a course sieve. The courser worked best.

Preheat your best pan to medium high. Add one tbsp of ghee. Other fats will work but I've been making my own lately for other experiments.

Reduce the heat to medium heat. Tilt the pan to make pool of ghee. Let it flow back and an put egg right on it. Gently tilt the pan in another direction to make pool of ghee. Let it flow back and an egg right on it. Repeat as needed. All the eggs are in the pan at once. Add more ghee if needed for pools.

Reduce heat to low heat and swish the eggs around. They should move easily.

Baste the whites with any ghee in the pan. Add more ghee if you can't get a spoonful.

If the eggs start to crisp (mine did a little in this cook) remove from the heat completely for a bit. Continue basting the whites until you're happy.

Low and slow makes nice eggs.


twolephants t1_iu5u9u8 wrote

Thank you! I genuinely really appreciate it - I know it takes time to set this out and share. Sieving for fried is new to me - done it with poached before, but obv makes total sense with fried also. Ghee is a revelation - can totally see it. My prob has always been the additives they often add to store bought so it keeps - but making my own will solve that. And have prob been cooking them a little quick - will slow down in future (although I'd argue there's a time and place for crispy(ish) fried eggs). Thanks 👍


aminorman OP t1_iu5vsw9 wrote

Sieving took me to another level for individual eggs. I used to do 3-way groups but they take too much room on the plate.

My daughter loves crispy edges gif


schwarzkraut t1_iu5jijg wrote

Not the OP, but I’ve found the secret to perfect eggs is a very good non-stick pan so that you only need a minimal amount of fat in the pan (vegetable oil, not butter or anything pretending to be butter) AND knowing your stove. Does it heat consistently or are there big variances in temperature. The pan should never get too hot. Patience is key. No violent bubbling or sizzling. Eggs cooked slowly tend to be more picturesque than eggs cooked in a hurry. Covering them towards the end of cooking can help solidify the whites, but if too much steam builds up it will cause a translucent film to develop over the yolk…making them look like a stereotypical blind martial arts master in a movie. Personally, I like them that way. My grandma called them “blind eggs” when she made them. If you like your yolks without this then be very attentive if you cover them…maybe use a clear lid…otherwise cook them uncovered & allow extra cooking time at a slightly reduced temperature.


this_dudeagain t1_iu5uicd wrote

Meh I'd rather have my eggs be slightly crispy on the edges than soft.


twolephants t1_iu5kcs6 wrote

Thanks, they're exactly the type of pointers I'm looking for! Much appreciated.


RodgeKOTSlams t1_iu5a8lk wrote

can anyone help clarify the difference in taste between lean bacon and jowl bacon?


QuestGiver t1_iu5nb8a wrote

Joel bacon is bacon made from the jowl of the big. Reasonably fatty.

Lean is a drink made of codeine. Recently an nba player made the news drinking it.


RexLongbone t1_iu6n682 wrote

The taste difference is pretty subtle IMO. I mostly just buy jowl bacon now because it's cheaper by the pound around here for whatever reason and I don't really notice a difference unless I ate regular bacon very recently.


wanderingstorm t1_iu491qe wrote

French toast is always correct! And I do love me some food sausages and bacon!!


Not_MrNice t1_iu4y8wc wrote

Correct? Odd word to use for food... sausages? What?


Fresh-Ad4989 t1_iu5n5ga wrote

That’s a lot of downvotes for someone with a good comment.


N3koChan21 t1_iu4uuuv wrote

Wow this looks like something made in blender. It looks so real that it looks fake


aminorman OP t1_iu4v74x wrote

High praise! Thank you!


N3koChan21 t1_iu4xi4x wrote

Oh shit I didn’t realize it was homemade that makes it even more impressive


CertifiedCan129 t1_iu551uy wrote

Your breakfast looks so nice, mine looks like if this breakfast decided to not work out for a year


Fiyanggu t1_iu4vopm wrote

Can’t help but to look at this. Now I’m really hungry.


rleech77 t1_iu5aqh3 wrote

Now we’re talking. Puts all the English breakfast’s to shame


Grumac t1_iu4uepz wrote

Holy butter Batman!


USACreampieToday t1_iu4yh3i wrote

You took a fairly standard breakfast and perfected every part!


_KONKOLA_ t1_iu52qyc wrote

Can you make a video tutorial? My eggs and toast never come out that good 🙃


ItsBlare t1_iu53arr wrote

god damn I'm getting hungry


CreateYourself89 t1_iu5leyd wrote

That is one poppin' egg!

Looks delightful! 🥚 🥓 🍳 🍞


Dohmer_90 t1_iu629y6 wrote

That’s a world heavyweight champion breakfast.


Hamdanman t1_iu64f4v wrote

Not sure why I looked at this and thought it was a very realistic sculpture.


Berbaik t1_iu6985w wrote

What time should I call over?


KendricksMiniVan t1_iu6crnk wrote

There is no sadness breakfast food can’t cure


kaysn t1_iu6hegl wrote

The best part will be dipping everything on that plate in the runny yolks.


ATCP2019 t1_iu6tr8x wrote

Wow those eggs are perfect.


Clock_Management t1_iu712gr wrote

Currently staying at a 4* hotel and this breakfast you have presented absolutely blows them outta the water.


Twirg t1_iu79p8y wrote

Skipping breakfast then seeing this photo is a bad combination


SolescentDDD t1_iu7mi4a wrote

I really appreciate this plate, poster. Each ingredient was cared for and presented well. Maybe a little too much butter for my taste, but I would be cooking with butter for this preparation. Regardless, I would still eat this preparation more than once. Thank you.


Mikeyboy1995 t1_iu7qkrp wrote

That looks incredible. Great presentation.


Charly500 t1_iu7s89o wrote

This looks nice but what exactly is ‘french toast’?


NoDoctor4460 t1_iu8api5 wrote

Had never thought “buxom!” about eggs


kosherhalfsourpickle t1_iu4x6ob wrote

There is not a single thing in this picture that I could criticize. I tried. Very nicely done chef!


upL8N8 t1_iu5633e wrote

The amount of cholesterol? lol


yummi_1 t1_iu660o5 wrote

Looks great, the eggs are perfect. Only problem is that there is no way I could eat all that.


EmirFassad t1_iu766vo wrote

Fried eggs served with egg-soaked fried bread seems a trifle excessive.


Adams1973 t1_iu81ri8 wrote

Doe's the Jowl bacon come with a doner photograph?


Pepperminteapls t1_iu5edh0 wrote

Sausage, French toast, eggs and bacon. Easy to make or bought at any diner


MadKlauss t1_iu65wy4 wrote

Looks nice but why the large chunks of butter on the toast?


Belgand t1_iu6792j wrote

I'm going to need two more plates so none of the food is able to touch or drip into the others.


F1ipsyde t1_iu7x0hr wrote

People who eat sunny side up eggs don't deserve to be happy


Jobles4 t1_iu52ok0 wrote

Jowl bacon sounds so unappetizing


Marbla t1_iu53rg1 wrote

It’s also called guanciale. It’s amazing.


aminorman OP t1_iu54pov wrote

This was a smoked version so I was reluctant to call it guanciale but it's still amazing.


Marbla t1_iu55jx8 wrote

That makes sense. I was actually wondering why you didn’t call it guanciale. Now I know!


MrSpaghettiMonster t1_iu5eyin wrote

How do you guys not shit your brains out after eating this?


Anthropomorphic_Void t1_iu5yvic wrote

Tell me you have high cholesterol without telling me you have high cholesterol.


Sucabub t1_iu4v93j wrote

I'll never understand US portion sizes...looks tasty tho


msirelyt t1_iu4zrxa wrote

“What would you like for breakfast?”

“Ummm I’m gonna go with 4000, actually let’s make that 6000 calories please”


ricecilantrolime t1_iu59mmx wrote

English breakfast any better? I see full ass plates posted over there too


Sucabub t1_iu5apjf wrote

Nope they're not. Although not even English breakfasts have 3 of everything like this.


SpuukBoi t1_iu534rc wrote

This doesn't look like a crazy amount of food to my American eyes. I could tear this shit up and I'm under 150 pounds.


CornCheeseMafia t1_iu561cg wrote

Sameish weight but the French toast and second side of bacon out this way over the edge for me personally. Replace all that with two slices of buttered toast and I’m solid


Temporal_P t1_iu5q5ln wrote

It really depends on the person, their activity and what else they're eating for the day, but it's probably close to 1000 calories


Icey-Cold1 t1_iu645bi wrote

I'm not from the US, but my bank account is also under 150 pounds, and that's too much food for me. 2 of everything would have still been a big breakfast


wolan1337 t1_iu4mwjj wrote

Man all I see is bypass in the age of 30


BabyStockholmSyndrom t1_iu4yq00 wrote

Yea eating a large meal like this occasionally means he will need heart surgery at 30. You people and your food fear bullshit.


aminorman OP t1_iu4u892 wrote

Vegetarian's have bypasses too. The cholesterol your body uses is made by your liver not by the food you eat. If you're concerned about blockage at age 30 you should consult with your doctor about exercising regularly to raise your HDL.


dcdemirarslan t1_iu50k0t wrote

I suggest you take a good look at this before you spread potentially fatal information.


Chevy_Bowtie t1_iu4snin wrote

Straight up. This would easily feed my family of 4.


jokaghost t1_iu4u07i wrote

i am so sorry for them


Chevy_Bowtie t1_iu56y23 wrote

That’s not necessary, with a side of fruit and snacks between meals we get plenty to eat.