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freshestofpeaches OP t1_iuimoff wrote

The mini sculptures are all edible (made of marzipan). The whole tart is 7 inches wide!


discodancingdogs t1_iuj2gs9 wrote

Those are just absolutely magnificent. The salad, the rolls, the fruit... you are incredibly talented and if you ever move to the UK should definitely apply to the Great British Bake Off!


PMmeifyourepooping t1_iuimvxy wrote

How dare you make these out of delicious homemade marzipan so I’d actually want to eat them instead of using fondant so I could feel good about my decision to dry it out and display it forever.

You did an amazing job with this, and I saved the pic to come back to at a future date! I’m a huge slut for miniatures so this is just perfect in every way.


datazulu t1_iuk930b wrote

Can I offer you a vienna sausage in these trying times?


No_Spot_1291 t1_iuize9n wrote

Wow, impressive! And TIL the film is called Spirited Away in English.


TheLadyPatricia t1_iuj0ves wrote

I'm not Spirited Away, I'm blown away with how incredible, magnificent, beautiful, unique... I'm running out of superlatives for this work of art! Bravo! This tart deserves a standing ovation!


Nekochan647 t1_iuin7xv wrote

This is incredible!! So detailed!! It truly looks like the real thing! This must of taken you a long time?! Wow! Delicious I bet! Amazing job :D


freshestofpeaches OP t1_iukbjp5 wrote

The sculpting took around 20 hours because the scale was so small and the marzipan is a little finnicky compared to traditional clay or fondant


mintibranch t1_iuipwuj wrote

Love this! And such awesome work with the marzipan!


Saffer60 t1_iuis5vm wrote

Beautiful. Nobody's going to want to cut into that. Well done!


cseitz92 t1_iuixnsg wrote

This looks incredible! I would feel so guilty about cutting into it, although I’m sure the guilt would be gone once I’ve tasted how delicious it is.


rangemerge t1_iuju2lu wrote

Marzipan may be the most perfect food


witch-1-is-me t1_iujvtfw wrote

There's so much to take in here! It's so beautiful, I almost wouldn't want to eat it, but I would enjoy every bite. I love marzipan!


Adseg5 t1_iuin7pr wrote

Wow this is amaze


pikero_ t1_iuiqg2c wrote

Amazing art.


neipier t1_iuit6wq wrote

That is so beautiful


BronchialChunk t1_iuiuyte wrote

Are you going to share with everyone in the theater? Looks great though.


DC-422 t1_iuixnz9 wrote



roundasstk t1_iuj3iaq wrote

This is amazzinnggggg!!


glamgal50 t1_iuj5ukr wrote

The detail is incredible! This is a true work of art!


Lindaspike t1_iujvaxz wrote

"a wizard, a true star!"
todd rundgren, 1973
this is far too beautiful to eat. can you save all the bits and let them dry?


freshestofpeaches OP t1_iukbup2 wrote

I’m sad because as soon as the marzipan touched the topping, the bottoms dissolved and absorbed a tiny bit of the sour cream (good for sticking securely, I suppose). I’m wary to dry them out now that they have dairy absorbed into them—I worry about spoilage. Otherwise I’d keep them for as long as I possibly could!!


softrotten t1_iuk3a8c wrote

This is so damn cute omg


PCELD t1_iukav68 wrote

what This is brilliant! Super well made.