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drakonsdi t1_iy9eoh2 wrote

Butter, where is butter 🧈!!!!!????


[deleted] OP t1_iy9ets4 wrote

omg I forgot!


dgtlfnk t1_iy9w7qa wrote

Could you breakdown the different forms of “cheese” for us? I see several. Is that fresh mozzarella balls in the lower left? Or a Turkish variation?

Also, are those peppadews at the bottom? Stuffed with something?

I need to go eat something. 🤤


[deleted] OP t1_iy9wy1s wrote

What you think is mozzarella is actually feta cheese and we got kasseri cheese (the yellow one) and ezine cheese


dgtlfnk t1_iy9xdq2 wrote

Wait wait… that’s not feta in the lower right middle of the board? I think I see 4 cheeses. 😅 Kasseri and Ezine are new to me and will have to search for them. Is there a fourth? And if not, what’s the other thing that looks like cheese? Lol. (Thank you!)


[deleted] OP t1_iy9zf1n wrote

something like rested kasseri the 4th one


pm_me_actsofkindness t1_iy9epyo wrote

Yum!! I lived with some turks, and every weekend they would invite other Turks over and we would do a big breakfast like this. It was always so fun and delicious. Seeing this brings back so many great memories!


Ceolan t1_iy9ip4n wrote

Those UK breakfasts people keep posting look like slop compared to this. This looks absolutely incredible.


Neonto91 t1_iy9c8uy wrote

Damn that looks like out of the ultimate how-to book. So clean, so beautiful, so colorful 😯


[deleted] OP t1_iy9cgfi wrote

thank you


Neonto91 t1_iy9di58 wrote

When did you make this? Today? Just asking for how this works with this sub…


jaquaries t1_iybqxbz wrote

U just make it and store it in the fridge for most of them. So its not that hard.


buddyravage t1_iya4a1j wrote

A few month ago, I was parting with friends in another city. The next morning, we wanted breakfast, but there were only these little cafés where you pay a lot for a little breakfast. Then, we saw one place that was a big restaurant and full of people. A Turkish breakfast restaurant. We had no idea how Turks eat breakfast, so we went in. It was like OPs picture, just delicious stuff and lots and lots of everything, but in small cups. One of the best breakfasts ever. Fig jam is really good with goat cheese.


UnwiseSuggestion t1_iya5in5 wrote

Man I miss eating menemen every single morning in Istanbul.

Not that it has much to do with this, it's just that the words "turkish" and "breakfast" in the same sentence make me think of it instantly.

This looks beautiful though, great job.


DerMuller t1_iy9o3sb wrote

a lot of turkish breakfast spread pics popping up on reddit recently... and i'm all for them. just missing the glass of ayran here?


[deleted] OP t1_iy9og4h wrote

we don't usually drink ayran for breakfast


DerMuller t1_iy9panz wrote

o zaman vişne suyu


[deleted] OP t1_iy9poag wrote

are u turkish ?


DerMuller t1_iy9qqrq wrote

I am not but I spent a few summers there traveling, living with host families, and taking language classes at uni. It's been 15 years and I still think about the breakfasts (and everything else amazing about the country) all the time.


resinrobot t1_iyagw9l wrote

What is the tomato stuffed with? Incredibly delightful way to start your day. One of my favorite things about visiting Turkiye.


saltyjello t1_iyaf57z wrote

I'll take this over an English fry up every day of the week. Nice knowing ya, inbox.


Few-Carpet9511 t1_iy9qgjc wrote

What are those long sticks next to the chocolate?


DarkestRayne2388 t1_iy9vddn wrote

Chocolate? For breakfast? Where do I sign up? 😂


Alphal66 t1_iyczjob wrote

Tbh i don't like chocolate for breakfast. a lot of my fellow countrymen do but i just don't think it goes well with the other stuff. I get my sugar from a sweetened cup of black tea.


pnyluv16 t1_iy9xpg9 wrote

Looks great and all so pretty. Love your tea set


Rub-it t1_iyah3kk wrote



shark_food31 t1_iyal6g4 wrote

Oh this looks good, and with Turkish Tea. Mm.. takes me back.


philifan8169 t1_iyal9z2 wrote

Massive amount of çay lol looks good tho I’ve never been a fan of the breakfast meats outside of sucuk


Advanced_Tadpol t1_iybocr0 wrote

Now this is the real breakfast of champions, it all looks so delicious, I can eat it all and I kid you not.


huge_mclarge t1_iy9xwvv wrote

What is rusk, please?


[deleted] OP t1_iy9yxxg wrote

A rusk is a hard, dry biscuit or a twice-baked bread


priyaprice t1_iya68d1 wrote

Amazing presentation! I need this now!!


oydero t1_iya8hu9 wrote

King's breakfast gif


BadBoppa t1_iyaahni wrote

That's what we call a 'picky tea' in this house.


softrotten t1_iyaal8e wrote

I love everything about this picture. Your kitchen is so cute! I have the same cow creamer :)


dycentra t1_iyam0bl wrote

I am going to Istanbul in January, for real. I can't wait for breakfast!


KyleAPowers t1_iyanond wrote

Hey it’s a charcuterie board, turkey style!


fuzztooth t1_iyb8dcf wrote

Proving that as long as there are eggs, anything can be breakfast.


TheRealMrMo t1_iybc86y wrote

This looks really nice. What are the white balls between the tomatos and the honey?


ponkyball t1_iybwzjz wrote

This looks so amazing and very appetizing!


Peace-D t1_iycnn23 wrote

I remember a Turkish breakfast as sucuk, sheep cheese, tomatoes and fried eggs :P

Looks absolutely awesome!


gerd50501 t1_iycud9l wrote

how is turkish yogurt different than american yogurt? is turkish yogurt flavored? do you put on any of the other food?


SiveSive t1_iydifoa wrote

It look delicouse! I have a question though and in no way do I mean offence with this. Isn't salami in most cases pork and isn't the main religion in Turkey muslim? Just curiouse 😊


SiveSive t1_iydill5 wrote

Nvm just saw your comment saying it is beef!


TheHendryx t1_iydt4rv wrote

I'd take that any day over a Full English


SOULJAR t1_iyahfog wrote

Is shakshouka also a Turkish thing?