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meathole t1_j1qkkyv wrote

Onions: The Breakfast


ParreNagga t1_j1qen4g wrote

In oil? Never tried it, where is it from?


twotaktok OP t1_j1qj0i6 wrote

Herring in oil is a Polish thing, usually for holidays like Christmas or Easter. I just bought herring filets, cut them is smaller pieces, rinsed them a few times, soaked in milk, dunked in oil, added onions, and left in fridge for 2 days. That's the basic recipe, though there are variations to it.


ParreNagga t1_j1qjkaz wrote

Cool, thanks for the info!

In Sweden they are very common too but never in oil. It's usually saltwater and vinegar.


twotaktok OP t1_j1qkszx wrote

If you are Swedish then you are familiar with herring šŸ™‚

I bought the vinegar marinated ones in Ikea. I know, Ikea is perhaps not gourmet food but I liked them a lot!


eugenesbluegenes t1_j1qlqto wrote

Herring in oil is tasty enough, but looks ruined by the pile of onions.


twotaktok OP t1_j1qoqp6 wrote

Haha, skip the onions. It's still good.

I had so much on that slice of bread with lard. And also because I like onions, not gonna lie.


bmore_tasty t1_j1s2f85 wrote

Onions just need a more consistent dice. Looks tasty mate


qu33n0live t1_j1rd9f1 wrote

Iā€™ll just have the Indians, thank you