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diodebuddha t1_j1qxmsv wrote

Looks great. I think this variation is called confit byaldi?


samg461a t1_j1rkhpo wrote

I just call this Pixar-style ratatouille lol


harkening t1_j1th6mn wrote

Pixar consulted with Michelin Star chef Thomas Keller of The French Laundry in Napa for Ratatouille. He taught them how to set up a French kitchen; it's why all the pots are copper - Keller's kitchen is copper all over.

And it's his confit byaldi recipe that Remy makes as ratatouille.


8bitbebop4 t1_j1usvp5 wrote

Why do they prefer copper?


slawre89 t1_j1uv6t7 wrote

Heats up and cools down quickly. Great for sauces, candies, desserts, etc. Not great for high heat searing meats.

They are a staple in French cooking though. Mauviel is the famous maker


TheCreeech t1_j1s8au6 wrote

It definitely is but boy is it a time consuming dish.


[deleted] t1_j1reqdm wrote



TheConeIsReturned t1_j1rkgdg wrote

I don't know if you keep deleting your comments (or why), but I'll reply to what I was able to read.

Keller's Confit Byaldi resembles a tian because both ratatouille and tian are Provencale dishes. Confit Byaldi is not a tian, however, because it contains a piperade at the bottom (essentially a slurry/sauce of roasted bell peppers and shallots), which a tian does not have. There is also no cheese, which tians often contain.

It's okay to be mistaken. You don't have to dig in your heels defending a hill not worth dying for.

This is Thomas Keller's Confit Byaldi, not a tian. They look similar but are not the same. If OP says they made ratatouille, and it looks like this, they have made Confit Byaldi.

Bonus: read this and take note of the final paragraph


[deleted] t1_j1rmlge wrote



TheConeIsReturned t1_j1rn29o wrote

Okay, now you're just being needlessly fucking dense.

This literally is Thoams Keller's confit byaldi. Full stop. You are the one who has literally no idea what they're talking about, and you're objectively incorrect.

I'm willing to bet you've never even seen Ratatouille, so kindly go watch it and get off of reddit for a day.

Would you also argue that ocean water isn't salty?


TheConeIsReturned t1_j1rf0ft wrote

>This is something else

The only ratatouille recipe that looks like this is Confit Byaldi.

What do you think it is?


Warden4Lyfe t1_j1s1ffe wrote

Its pretty obviously tian


TheConeIsReturned t1_j1sngqh wrote

OP said they made ratatouille, so they made Keller's version of it. This isn't up for debate. You are not correct.


TheConeIsReturned t1_j1rh9gp wrote

Replying to your (deleted?) comment:

Confit Byaldi closely resembles a tian on purpose. Michel Guérard originally developed it, and it was then modified to its current (and most common) form by Thomas Keller, who served as the culinary consultant for the 2007 Pixar film Ratatouille. This version of the dish was made famous by that very film.

OP even said this was ratatouille, not a tian. That's context clue #1. OP most likely searched for recipes for ratatouille and found Confit Byaldi, which is what this is.


SupaflyIRL t1_j1rdc0p wrote

Always one person who feels obligated to make this comment.

How about, shut up? This is the worst kind of comment in r/food.

“ACTUALLY this isn’t ________ it’s _______”

Bar none the worst most repetitive comments. Just don’t comment. Keep it to yourself.

Let people post a fucking grilled cheese or a paella or a fucking ratatouille in peace.


more_beans_mrtaggart t1_j1rp5jb wrote

The thing is that you grow up eating a dish that’s extremely common to your country, then someone else in another country decides to use that dishes name for something completely different.

It’s like me posting up a sliced beef sandwich and saying “Check out my authentic American Burger”.

Then me telling you to stfu when you correct me.


iTwango t1_j1rsvv7 wrote

If it becomes culturally known as that in another culture, it's just kinda unnecessary to correct it.

Like the fact that corn dogs are called "American Dogs" in Japan. This style of dish was popularised by the Disney movie in the US, and was called Ratatouille in the film. So that's what a lot of people call it. Names change.


more_beans_mrtaggart t1_j1rurra wrote

I know why it happens. I’m saying in this case it’s a shame. It’s an iconic French dish.

And yes, America has a long history of misnaming things partially due to its historic insularity. Same for Japan. As the planet gets smaller, and cultures become more familiar and known, here’s hoping misnaming other countries stuff for the hell of it eventually comes to an end.


iTwango t1_j1rvys0 wrote

I don't think there's a country anywhere that doesn't localise names of things, food included. I don't think having another name minimises its iconic comfort food French status. It just is another line item in the lore of making people nostalgic for and love it. That's what the movie was doing and what comfort food is - delicious nostalgia. I don't think it's problematic, but others disagree for sure. Have a good day, friend!


YorkyBar t1_j1uqyx6 wrote

This is such an ignorant take. Something is traditional to a country or region for hundreds of years. It holds a special place in the heart of the people that live there. So, when someone is corrected to the proper name then they should respect that and start using it. Not say ‘well, I don’t want to call it that'.

It’s like you telling us your name is Dave, and me saying, nah, I’m gonna call you Potato instead.


OptimusPhillip t1_j1ry7jj wrote

The person didn't say this wasn't ratatouille, just that it was a specific variation.


[deleted] t1_j1rdsvw wrote



SupaflyIRL t1_j1rdzwn wrote

It’s not being scared of information it’s backlash to a shitty meme reply that people are addicted to making to a WIDE VARIETY of foods.

Stop making the meme reply because it has to be made in every post. It is a shared mental illness that people have to constantly “say the thing”.

Imagine thinking you’re providing a helpful service with “well actually” comments that no one likes or wants to read for the thousandth time.


BrokenHero408 t1_j1te5c7 wrote

Seems like the community disagrees. Guess they do want to see the comment.


Potential_Type_7166 t1_j1s2py7 wrote

Looks great! But dumb question, how do you eat it? Is it served with pasta or a meat, or just as it is? Also, how many people would something that size serve assuming that’s a 12” skillet?


mrs_catl8dy OP t1_j1slqzk wrote

We just eat it as a side dish. I brought this to a family party. It's a 12 inch skillet and the recipe says 8 servings. It was plenty for a buffet style party of about 20 people.


TaupeTranquille t1_j1s6htr wrote

In France, we usually eat it in the summer, served with meat or fish.


SternLecture t1_j1rag0h wrote

Was it delicious? Worth the effort? Recipe?


iced1777 t1_j1suob8 wrote

I've made both this version and the more traditional stew version. Stew tasted better, but this is obviously prettier.

If I were serving my family, I'd go with the stew, if I were hosting a dinner party I'd serve this version.

Honestly though, neither becomes all that much more than the sum of its parts, it's just a veggie medley.


kickyouinthebread t1_j1tefl1 wrote

I'm with you. Stew version looks like mush but always tastes better imo.


mrs_catl8dy OP t1_j1sl9od wrote

I think it was worth the effort! I find it to be less time consuming than it looks. Using mandolin helps


Erdillian t1_j1uzq2l wrote

Attention aux doigts avec la mandoline ! :)


FormerLurker3 t1_j1vj0gj wrote

Ok, I failed French in high school twice, over a decade ago. Lemme take a stab at this translation:

Watch out for your fingers with a mandoline!


Erdillian t1_j1vkjn2 wrote

That's correct! 10 points to Gryffindor.


canadas t1_j1tdv6u wrote

It looks huge time consuming. But you're the expert on it, looks pretty good


erm1zo t1_j1rgjmp wrote

Could you share this recipe? Looks awesome!


Unsure1771 t1_j1sb62m wrote

Why the -1 votes? What did this guy do wrong?


The_Umbra t1_j1sopm9 wrote

There's a little play in the up/downvote count. It's never 100% accurate.


Warmy_io t1_j1ukdfq wrote

I'm looking forward to the recipe too!


-Wiyiok- t1_j1rrl0w wrote

It looks great but that's a tian


WhyBuyMe t1_j1s44ro wrote

Yup *looks at watch* It's time to have this argument again. Alright everyone, ratatouille vs Confit Byaldi vs tian, keep it clean and come out swinging.


iced1777 t1_j1stkbe wrote

I thought we had moved past this and onto what ingredients go into an authentic carbonara.

Spoiler alert it's garlic and heavy cream.


WhyBuyMe t1_j1tbk2i wrote

I thought we settled on back bacon, yogurt and duck eggs.


tristenjpl t1_j1ru9u8 wrote

It's a variation of ratatouille that's prepared in a tian style.


girl_canada t1_j1r5vy1 wrote

Looks Amazing! Reminds of the movie Ratatouille


trantaran t1_j1saz1m wrote

I don’t see the connection


FairieWarrior t1_j1t9l0b wrote

At the end of the movie, the main character Remi makes the dish ratatouille and it looks just like picture in the post. I think that is why a lot of people serve ratatouille in this style now.


PolarWater t1_j1u5726 wrote

No, there was no such movie.

I'm pretty sure it was called Racaccoonie.


TrySumSnax t1_j1tdf82 wrote

i grew up thinking Ratatouille was a bunch of meat lol im 21 and learned this year it is not


Jeff_The_Spammer t1_j1slr5i wrote

I've seen this so many times cause of the Disney movie but I have legitimately no clue what they taste like. Looks amazing tho!


ShootZombieShoot t1_j1rv2l1 wrote

Looks awesome! I can almost smell it from here!

I gave this a crack over the holidays too. Something about this dish is just so satisfying. I could not find similar sized produce so my coins came out wonky. lol


mrs_catl8dy OP t1_j1slibt wrote

I definitely had different sizes too. I kinda fake it to somewhat even it out. I'll cut large circles in half and put them flat side down. Looks about the same if you keep the curved edges up.


spottedram t1_j1sqj6g wrote

Looks amazing and tasty. Kudos👍


KbizTV t1_j1t92v0 wrote

Is this a hard dish to make? It looks really time consuming, but just curious. It doesn’t look difficult, but idk… I wanna try it!


Jackamalio626 t1_j1tbx8f wrote

Man remi made dem shits look so good.


pfffffttuhmm t1_j1syf4x wrote

Gorgeous. Mandolin or do you just have baller knife skills?


mrs_catl8dy OP t1_j1t2ioh wrote

Mostly mandolin! I have a hard time with the eggplant and tomatoes on the mandolin, so I do those by hand.


pfffffttuhmm t1_j1t6wim wrote

What mandolin do you use, if I may ask?


mrs_catl8dy OP t1_j1udsq5 wrote

I honestly have no idea. I've had it forever. It's not a fancy one, pretty sure it's just from target. Maybe OXO brand?


Throwaway_girls1993 t1_j1t5ufw wrote

Beautiful!! I can never get my Ratatouille to look so nice!


Outrageous_Till8593 t1_j1tavyy wrote

I like how you did stacks of the same kind rather than alternating! Looks divine!


Knichols2176 t1_j1tfu8z wrote

That’s way too pretty to eat. I’d be afraid to scoop the first serving. Lol. My favorite dish though! It’s Never served anywhere. I always have to make my own. Mine is clearly not this pretty!


renb8 t1_j1tlh3s wrote

Wow. Just wow. A work of art. I’m torn between wanting to tuck in and preserve its perfection forever.


vNerdNeck t1_j1twjhd wrote

serious question: Where they hell do you find veggies that when you cut are all roughly the same size?


every time I've made this dish, which is awesome, it never "looks" amazing cause of the variance in veg sizes.




mrs_catl8dy OP t1_j1udd0s wrote

I use a mandolin. They are all different sizes. I just like them up as best I can and they all kinda mold together once it cooks.


vNerdNeck t1_j1vdslv wrote

Yeah, I always use a mandolin. I just always run into the eggplant being 2x the squash/ etc


maxelsaint t1_j1u9bbd wrote

Looks legit and yummy


Warmy_io t1_j1uk70e wrote

Here you can see what the master chef did! perfect ratatouille🤩


funerium t1_j1tvupr wrote

This is more a ”tian” than ratatouille


Jfield24 t1_j1tb9o6 wrote

You made Tian.