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SummitCO83 t1_j0q1cd9 wrote

This is filet mignon? Are you sure about that?


[deleted] OP t1_j0q538y wrote

That’s what the guy on the street side said…


NXburner t1_j0q6cec wrote

Looks more like a ribeye.


[deleted] OP t1_j0q6x3k wrote

Thank you!


GalaxyHops1994 t1_j0q9sms wrote

It’s still a great cut! More flavorful than a filet, but yeah, that’s not a filet.


Fariic t1_j0ryzpa wrote

I carve my own steaks, this is neither a mignon nor a rib eye.


Drety1 t1_j0qqvun wrote

You probably shouldn’t trust the guy who sells meat on the street side.


ventitr3 t1_j0q2lbk wrote

Not a filet, but looks great otherwise.


shankwastaken t1_j0q6j13 wrote

What is with the recent trend of posts mislabeling steaks?


[deleted] OP t1_j0q6y8h wrote

New home cooks


Apathetic89 t1_j0qs0vu wrote

New home cook means you can't read what meat you're buying??


kuddoo t1_j0qy9uz wrote

They said they bought it from a guy on the street and the guy said it's fillet mignon.

I'm going to make a reenactment of the dialogue:

Client: is this fillet mignon?

Seller: Umm..yea, sure. Why not!


jbruce21 t1_j0r0tzw wrote

When we say from a guy on a street I envision a street vendor like in ny hawking knock off name brand bags 😂


FerretZealousideal38 t1_j0rgrh9 wrote

Guys used to steal meat from the packing plant where they worked and sell it in bar parking lots at night. They probably still do, but it was a thing when I was young.


shankwastaken t1_j0rp82k wrote

They used to. They still do, but they use'ta too.


Winston_Smith-1984 t1_j0rygka wrote

That’s a Mitch Hedberg joke about doing drugs.


shankwastaken t1_j0sd4d2 wrote

I don't know how to link a sub - was hoping to get on /unsuspectedhedberg. I also don't know how to reply because this isn't my first attempt haha.


Hafslo t1_j0rlnk5 wrote

Street meat guy sounds shady at best


surreysmith t1_j0ujp20 wrote

When I worked in retail the shoplifters would go straight to the meat grab armfuls of steaks into a bag and run.

I assume they were selling them, not eating them.


[deleted] OP t1_j0tf2ks wrote

I'm not a new cook and would have no idea, lol. I just generally don't buy beef to cook at home unless it's ground and usually the only beef I get at restaurants is hamburger or carpaccio, lol


vikingsquad t1_j0qzjdi wrote

Yeah but when you go to a butcher case the cuts are labeled lol.


hitfly t1_j0t44kv wrote

Comments are engagement. being wrong is the fastest way to get comments.


Zech08 t1_j0qotb2 wrote

Forgot about label or tik tok effect in terms of getting something out.


shankwastaken t1_j0rpefe wrote

Well then I can't wait to post my kangaroo A5 waygu that I'm making for dinner tonight (aka corn chowder).


Nuns-Rack t1_j0qlri3 wrote

This is not Filet Mignon, stop it right now.


Packing_Wood t1_j0qkor8 wrote

Not sure where you bought your meat but that's not filet mignon.


BassHead301 t1_j0r21oo wrote

funniest shit i've seen all week


ggm3bow t1_j0rdnxq wrote

Filet MigNot lol


TexanDrillBit t1_j0qzty5 wrote

That's a wide ass tenderloin if that is a filet lol


paulerxx t1_j0qn53x wrote

Looks good, definitely would want onions and mushrooms with this.


metalhead0217 t1_j0rexl4 wrote

How does this get so many upvotes


TheKingOfDub t1_j0qfkl6 wrote

It’s possible this is from an improperly separated tenderloin. I feel like I can make out the chain (top left) and just generally not cleaned up of fat, etc. If it’s tenderloin, someone just took a whole tenderloin and sliced it without proper prep

EDIT: Also, super thinly sliced


Masahiro240 t1_j0ss1tl wrote

I also thought it wa a poorly clean filet that was butterflied but it not symmetrical. My guess is a ribeye that had the top layer of meat removed but not the lower chain. Due to the large fat cap on the one end.


la_winky t1_j0qtfrb wrote

Screw the beef side dish. Let me at those mashed potatoes and gravy!


5hoursofsleep t1_j0qzzae wrote

I looked at the filet title and looked at that fat cap....yup nope! Lol


Flimsy_Rabbit4268 t1_j0qocbf wrote

Its steak. It looks good. I have two rosemary bushes and I use cuttings all the time when cooking/braising/roasting chicken, turkey, stew, roast, etc.


clarklitman t1_j0s8xh2 wrote

Was the filet sliced off lengthwise??


colinhd27 t1_j0sgcwi wrote

This is an outrage!


seamustho t1_j0qhmrp wrote

Oh fuck yeah bro!!!


maipaksana t1_j0qss26 wrote

i don't know anything about steak, so i can't comment about what cut it is. what i can say though, is that this looks delicious. I'd devour it with some brocoli or something, some colour would make this the perfect plate.


EveAtta t1_j0r1yhl wrote

the steak looks like the size of russia on a map


bruceleet7865 t1_j0rcphd wrote

That’s what I’m taking about. Dayum!!!


4rl0ng t1_j0sbyzl wrote

Y'all making me hangry ngl🥲


cabezon99 t1_j0sn3uv wrote

Clearly a bone in T-bone


TheNewPlague666 t1_j0sv4w9 wrote

Where are the veggies?



Embexer5 t1_j0t41qw wrote

Gah dam why is it so well down? Looking like a dog treat


CoolStoryDJ t1_j0t4trl wrote

The potatoes look starchy, as they should. 10/10.


HanzoXHanzo t1_j0tcvkc wrote

For future reference, a filet mignon is a piece of meat cut from the tenderloin of the cow. Which is a really long cylindrical shaped piece of meat that tapers off at each end. So a filet mignon is either a cylinder shape as well or a cone shape if it's the end piece of the tenderloin.


reallamedroid t1_j0tetib wrote

Its not filet mignon but your reasoning is wrong. You can cut filet in any shape you want.


HanzoXHanzo t1_j0uzw2j wrote

I mean, I guess you can mutilate the tenderloin and cut off a lot of pieces to be whatever shape you want. I've never seen it happen before though, and I work at a catering company. We've done filets quite a few times.


Ginandor58 t1_j0trz02 wrote

Got to be a parody chef


StokFlame t1_j0txg0z wrote

Damn boy she thick.


Meosha23 t1_j0s73w4 wrote

I pray for good food like this 🙏🏾


[deleted] OP t1_j0r3hnj wrote



xsageonex t1_j0ru17t wrote

Looks like a pork chop


GuysMcFellas t1_j0s9iui wrote

Name and gender of the steak aside...mother of god that looks incredible.


[deleted] OP t1_j0q7b3n wrote



CavemanSlevy t1_j0r2ngc wrote

Great crust on the steak and the pan sauce looks good on those taters.

As others have stated that doesn’t look like a filet, but that hardly matters. Personally I have had it with all the snobbery and elitism that surrounds home cooking these days.


CovidGR t1_j0rmyn6 wrote

It matters because most likely OP paid too much. They should know what they're getting in the future. If anything that's being cheap rather than elitist.


CavemanSlevy t1_j0rpyah wrote

That’s strange because OP never mentioned a price , you seem to be assuming quite a lot.

Also a ribeye (which is what that looks like) costs more than a filet usually.


SapFireMC t1_j0sblrn wrote

Where are you finding ribeyes that cost more than a filet mignon


CavemanSlevy t1_j0spdca wrote

Pretty much anywhere? They cost about the same per pound and the ribeye is a much bigger cut.


[deleted] OP t1_j0q7ajx wrote



DJ__Hanzel t1_j0q8m0h wrote

99% sure it's a ribeye.

Could be a funnily misshapen new york.


blisi21 t1_j0qe5sg wrote

Definitely a ribeye, just a lower quality one. Technically a Delmonico steak. Cut from the rib far enough up to be lacking any major spinalis muscle (the soft, fatty cap meat on the opposite side from the tail and also the most valuable part of the steak.). OP pretty much got sold a low grade ribeye as a filet. If this was from a restaurant I hope OP posts because they are scamming.


JesusSaysRelaxNvaxx t1_j0qelvc wrote

He said in another comment that he's a new home cook, I think it was just an honest mistake.


Retrotone t1_j0qzof8 wrote

More American fuckupary.