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shankwastaken t1_j0q6j13 wrote

What is with the recent trend of posts mislabeling steaks?


[deleted] OP t1_j0q6y8h wrote

New home cooks


Apathetic89 t1_j0qs0vu wrote

New home cook means you can't read what meat you're buying??


kuddoo t1_j0qy9uz wrote

They said they bought it from a guy on the street and the guy said it's fillet mignon.

I'm going to make a reenactment of the dialogue:

Client: is this fillet mignon?

Seller: Umm..yea, sure. Why not!


jbruce21 t1_j0r0tzw wrote

When we say from a guy on a street I envision a street vendor like in ny hawking knock off name brand bags 😂


FerretZealousideal38 t1_j0rgrh9 wrote

Guys used to steal meat from the packing plant where they worked and sell it in bar parking lots at night. They probably still do, but it was a thing when I was young.


shankwastaken t1_j0rp82k wrote

They used to. They still do, but they use'ta too.


Winston_Smith-1984 t1_j0rygka wrote

That’s a Mitch Hedberg joke about doing drugs.


shankwastaken t1_j0sd4d2 wrote

I don't know how to link a sub - was hoping to get on /unsuspectedhedberg. I also don't know how to reply because this isn't my first attempt haha.


Hafslo t1_j0rlnk5 wrote

Street meat guy sounds shady at best


surreysmith t1_j0ujp20 wrote

When I worked in retail the shoplifters would go straight to the meat grab armfuls of steaks into a bag and run.

I assume they were selling them, not eating them.


[deleted] OP t1_j0tf2ks wrote

I'm not a new cook and would have no idea, lol. I just generally don't buy beef to cook at home unless it's ground and usually the only beef I get at restaurants is hamburger or carpaccio, lol


vikingsquad t1_j0qzjdi wrote

Yeah but when you go to a butcher case the cuts are labeled lol.


hitfly t1_j0t44kv wrote

Comments are engagement. being wrong is the fastest way to get comments.


Zech08 t1_j0qotb2 wrote

Forgot about label or tik tok effect in terms of getting something out.


shankwastaken t1_j0rpefe wrote

Well then I can't wait to post my kangaroo A5 waygu that I'm making for dinner tonight (aka corn chowder).