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Hobo_Knife t1_j2dxba3 wrote

The one and only time I’ve had this was when our elderly widowed neighbor came by and dropped off a slice for my dad after he helped to clear her flooded driveway. It had apricot compote instead of blueberries and the bite I got I remember to this day.


isattil4 t1_j2dfns1 wrote

Looks delicious, can you share the recipe?


Skrenlin t1_j2dqoty wrote

It IS delicious. But SO much work. Each one of those layers is individually rolled out and baked from the batter that needs a double boiler to make properly. My wife makes this once or twice a year. So good. :)


Hot_Note9068 t1_j2dl6do wrote

If you Google Medovik there are some good recipes. I made with my partner once - but apparently Russia doesn't have the concept of salted butter, so she bought that by mistake.... It was not great


Mikerosoft925 t1_j2eidgv wrote

Salted butter isn’t the standard in most of Europe I’d say, at least my home country and places I’ve visited.


JustFinishedBSG t1_j2emyi7 wrote

Is salted butter even the standard anywhere but Brittany?


ter9 t1_j2fqkoh wrote

Used to be in UK, although it's changed a bit as unsalted has appeared alongside it in recent years


mlz3000 t1_j2f2cye wrote

Not OP, but my wife has made this on special occasions.

She uses Chef John’s recipe.

As other commenters have noted, this cake is a LOT of work. It’s also very delicious, though.


Skrenlin t1_j2fjgn0 wrote

Honey cake 
3 T butter 
1 cup sugar 
3 eggs 
2 T honey 
2 t baking soda 
2 T alcohol 
3 cups flour 
Cream: 1 cup heavy whipped cream 
2 cups sour cream 
1 cup sugar 
1 pinch of Vanilla crystals

Preparations: Melt 3 T butter in double boiler, add 1 cup of sugar, and 3 eggs. Mix well. Then add 2 T alcohol (vodka or rum) and 2 T honey, 2 t baking soda. Mix occasionally until batter becomes white and doubles in size. Add 2 cups of flour, mix well. Pour batter into bowl, add 1 cup flour, mix, cover with towel. Let stand until not hot (but still warm). Divide into 10-12 equal parts. Roll them into thin circles (like pie crusts). Bake them individually; sprinkle pan with flour before first one.

Cream: beat 1 cup heavy cream until thick. In a separate bowl beat 1 can of sour cream with 1 cup of sugar, add vanilla. Then add spoon by spoon whipped cream to the sour cream mixture.

Put 1 layer of cake, then cream - repeat to the end. Cut sides to make round. Crumble extra cake bits and use them to decorate the top and sides (you can use your own ideas as well).


W3remaid t1_j2ebnsc wrote

If you’re on the west coast Uwajimaya sells them as “honey cakes” and they’re amazing


Gnomonas t1_j2e6huv wrote

could people just chill and simply enjoy a good dish?


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coif t1_j2f7h9b wrote

bud, this cake originated in the Russian empire regardless of current events.


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DariaMinsk t1_j2fw472 wrote

Ohh please shut the fuck up. For fucks sake. Hope you get better next year


Bladerazor t1_j2fh4ds wrote

I dont think the cakes have joined in on the fight yet, but I suppose I could be wrong. Love the virtue signaling though!


shoutsmoistly t1_j2e8cgu wrote

One of the tastiest cakes ever.


mcrss t1_j2f3r7v wrote

You should try Smetannik as well


rock-that-sc00ber t1_j2fcb2f wrote

I made a Russian honey cake a few years back and I definitely skipped a lot of layers when I made mine cause I was just sick of the process, lol. But now I want to make one again and with blueberries like yours! Thanks for the inspiration - it looks amazing!


WileyWatusi t1_j2fwptm wrote

I was an exchange student in Ukraine when my host mother made this for me. It wasn't until this post that I realized what type of cake it was, but throughout the years I would think back on how good it was.


DerpWilson t1_j2engjj wrote

All the Russian treats I’ve had are so dense. It’s like one bite is all you’re supposed to have.


AUWarEagle82 t1_j2e9r8e wrote

This was a favorite where we lived. It was always on the menu at many cafes. We've made it here but most recipes call for only a tiny amount of honey. It is labor intensive though.


frostygrin t1_j2ed10c wrote

Proper honey can have a lot of flavor even in a tiny amount.


juror94 t1_j2fqrzs wrote

I’ve eaten this one time in my life but I’ve thought about it (dreamed about it!) a million times since! Looks beautiful and so tasty!


Callum191211 t1_j2e56hv wrote

Damn I've always wanted to try this


soon_zoo55 t1_j2emzl8 wrote

That looks absolutely amazing


sincinati t1_j2fbes7 wrote

When you cut the cake into two slices


forsennata t1_j2fpzrw wrote

I'm just not worthy of this.


Titsallout t1_j2ee0sb wrote

Looks like perfection.I know that there was many hours put into making this masterpiece.I pay 100$ CAN for a cake like this at my local bakery and it’s worth every dollar.


veissss t1_j2e8zmk wrote

What makes it russian? Haven't heard that its called like that.


GoldenGlovez t1_j2emcgj wrote

I lived in Russia for a few years and it's a pretty popular cake there.


veissss t1_j2en14g wrote

I live in Latvia all my life and never heard that its called like that. Even my wife who owns cake shop didn't know that. 🤭


Jule_sangel t1_j2fbj9j wrote

What an eye catching pic it looks so delicious hope everyone enjoyed


camlaw63 t1_j2e8yh3 wrote

The cake part looks delicious, but fresh blueberries can run the gamut from sweet and delicious to sour is all get go


MavriKhakiss t1_j2fdkc7 wrote

I made that once but tasted a bit sour. I think it was the honey frosting.


scw1224 t1_j2fkvqc wrote

This looks amazing.


[deleted] t1_j2fqp92 wrote