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deeperest t1_j2b15ot wrote

Reply to comment by Bloodfart2112 in [Homemade] Arancini by Bloodfart2112

They look fantastic, but I've been scrolling for days and have yet to see a hint of a recipe on that page. Sheesh.


br0b1wan t1_j2b8ncr wrote

"Let me write a *War & Peace-*length novel about how I was inspired to create this recipe beginning with the prologue when I was five years old, and then provide the recipe"


Bloodfart2112 OP t1_j2b9xo6 wrote

“In the beginning… there were rice balls.”


HoSang66er t1_j2bkfq9 wrote

Amen. This Sicilian guy has eaten my weight in arancini.. All kinds, meat and pea sauce, Al burro with ham and cheese, butternut squash, mushroom (the last two I've only ever made myself).


Honey-Ra t1_j2ch6w8 wrote

Oh dear....Rabbit hole here we come. Care to share arancini shrooms recipe?


hexxcellent t1_j2bdhud wrote

there was a tweet that once said: "they should hide government secrets in the stories for online recipes. no one would ever find them." i think about it at LOT lmao


cosignal t1_j2coe7y wrote

when i was 22, my father, stumbling drunk and suicidal, fell and hit his head. he died instantly. that’s when i realized, in the midst of my grief, how much I love beef stew. for this recipe, you’ll need a slow cooker,


OmegaPtype t1_j2cu8y1 wrote

Awfully morbid, but I laughed just the same…?


AdChemical1663 t1_j2cicmz wrote

“Jump to Recipe”


“Continue to content”

What the fuck?


jakethediesel89 t1_j2deesh wrote

My favorite two buttons on a recipe webpage: "Jump to recipe" & "Print recipe."

Takes alllllll the bullpie out if the way..


kathatter75 t1_j2cd5pa wrote

At the top of the page, there’s a “Jump to Recipe” link :)


lizalove91 t1_j2dsup1 wrote

There’s a button right at the top of the page that says “jump to recipe”


GrillDealing t1_j2exers wrote

Scroll back to the the top, there is a jump to recipe link.


deeperest t1_j2fenpl wrote

But I finally made it to the bottom - now I have to go all the way back?!?!


Bloodfart2112 OP t1_j2b2039 wrote

Yeeeah I really hate this format. The jump to recipe button is nice but yeah… so much filler


adingo8urbaby t1_j2bg23l wrote

That was a very kind way to say “use the jump to recipe button”. You rock.


Travis-Trower t1_j2ebbpb wrote

All that you have to do is put in the word Arancini in your search engine which mine is Safari and you have plenty of recipes to choose from and if you are like me you make it your very own by taking what you want in it and fix it your way!!! I never follow recipes and I am a great cook