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borski88 t1_j2am92c wrote

This reminds me of a place that had something called dirty balls or something like that.

Was Cajun Sausage meatball, covered in Cajun risotto style dirty rice and cheese. Then deep fried.


AwhMan t1_j2ant5v wrote

Oh god this looks so so good. Haven't had good arancini in years.


FellowConspirator t1_j2atbpz wrote

One of my eldest’s favorite foods. They’re quite a bit of effort to make from scratch, though. Do you just make them with left over risotto?


Duke6_2 t1_j2atwie wrote

Probably someone will be angry that you called it "Arancini" and not "Arancine" lol . Jokes aside they looks very good, congrats!


Hoju22 t1_j2au0n0 wrote

That looks fantastic! These are on my list for 2023, and it looks like I will try out the recipe you included. I hope they turn out close to these!


Uncle_Burney t1_j2b1p9m wrote

You will live in my domicile and bear me many children, who will grow big and strong nourished by these arancini. Hubba hubba


queen_of_potato t1_j2b6qtx wrote

Stunning! Such sweet perfection, I can only imagine the deliciousness


queen_of_potato t1_j2b70vw wrote

I love to cook for people whatever they want on their birthday, and used to live with a couple of Italian guys.. one requested arancini, which I had never made before.. I made them to everyones (apparent) liking but they definitely didn't look as wonderful as these!


br0b1wan t1_j2b8ncr wrote

"Let me write a *War & Peace-*length novel about how I was inspired to create this recipe beginning with the prologue when I was five years old, and then provide the recipe"


heights0032 t1_j2bb4te wrote

Makes me miss the Arancini Bros in nyc. Used to always grab a few on the way home after a night out


jxrst9 t1_j2bcv6v wrote

I need to make this. I always want to do this with leftover risotto, but end up just eating the leftovers.


AllTheThrowingBagels t1_j2bg1z3 wrote

If you want to make an extra crunchy outer coating, use 4C Gluten Free Bread crumbs. They are essentially pecorino Romano cheese so you are deep frying it in seasoned powdered cheese.

The last time I tried to cook them at an event, I almost caused a riot because I underestimated the demand and didn't make nearly enough.


s3nsfan t1_j2bm5ar wrote

Wow I like that. Well done. Too much Hell’s Kitchen lately but a nice smear on that red sauce would glam it up a bit. Seriously though 👌as is.


TechAJ t1_j2bmikl wrote

They look delicious. Great presentation!


PorcoDiglett t1_j2bq826 wrote

Those are good looking arancine BUT that recipe you shared isn't very traditional (no saffron on rice, no batter and sauce on plate?).
Try this one next time, it comes from the most popular home-cooking website in Italy.
It has hundreds of traditional italian recipes and it's absolutely trustworthy.
Arancini - Italian recipes by GialloZafferano


APoetsTouch t1_j2bsvp5 wrote

Lol okay cool joke where’s the rest of the food?


HogarthTheMerciless t1_j2bwzde wrote

Yeah those are Boudin Balls. Made of the same filling as boudin sausage rolled in batter and fried.

>Cajun boudin blanc, made from a pork and rice mixture (much like dirty rice) in pork casings. Often includes pork liver and heart. Generally simmered or braised, although it may also be grilled.

>Boudin ball: A Cajun variation on boudin blanc. Instead of the filling being stuffed into pork casings, it is rolled into a ball, battered, and deep-fried.[


xopher_425 t1_j2by4i7 wrote

How funny, just saw a new restaurant named "Sicilian street food", I was telling my friend about these very items, and then I see your post. Had them in Rome, and how can one not love them?? I'll be trying them soon, and some vegetarian versions for that friend. Thank you.


bb_potatoes t1_j2c0a4m wrote

I grew up on rice balls. We make them with ground pork, ground beef, peas, and mushrooms. (My grandma is Sicilian) I went vegetarian two years ago and this is my third holiday season without meat and my mom made them this year with just cheese and I cried. Lol


therealsix t1_j2c3440 wrote

Ohhhhhh, I love Arancini. They look delicious!


blargmehargg t1_j2c73s8 wrote

Mmm its been ages since I’ve had this! I’m going to make some tomorrow, thanks for the post OP!


tbodillia t1_j2c9ch9 wrote

I can't remember the last time I had arancini! Nonna never served them like that though. Uncle once said nonna & nonno would make extra arancini when they went to Lago di Garda and sell them...and now I'm crying.


newuser92 t1_j2cdew9 wrote

  1. SEO, Ted
  2. All that story doesn't make it copyrighteable. The list of ingredients and simple instructions are never copyrighted.

For example: << 1 lemon ½ tsp salt

  1. put the salt in the lemon >>

This can never be copyrighted. But <<A golden citrus with sourness and sweetness evoking summer, plus a pinch of sea salt, hefty as if a grandma salting a sauce, the latter atop the former.>> is copyrighteable (copyrighteable materiales gain copyright by default). Still, even though I could challenge any usage of an exact copy of that paragraph, if you transcribed it unto simple instructions, the that would be totally fair.

So, tl;dr, if someone writes like this because they think it makes the ingredient and steps portion copyrighted, they are wrong.


HoneyNutQ t1_j2cfr2g wrote

They look beautifully delicious


teachmethegame t1_j2ckekk wrote

I wish it didn’t take so much to fill my hunger I’m gonna need about 15


cosignal t1_j2coe7y wrote

when i was 22, my father, stumbling drunk and suicidal, fell and hit his head. he died instantly. that’s when i realized, in the midst of my grief, how much I love beef stew. for this recipe, you’ll need a slow cooker,


Idles t1_j2cw55d wrote

Wow, now I understand why they're called "oranges" (in Italian).


Glintz013 t1_j2cwxqs wrote

There are people out there that never had Arancini. And that hurts me.


Satansrainbowkitty t1_j2cyafe wrote

1 pound bag of garlic bulbs. Each clove to be hand peeled and gingerly adored by the chef. Now here's a reminder of my grandma and ...she's still haunting me to make sure her recipe gets passed along confidentially....

I have been a lurker on r/writingprompts for quite a while and forgot where I was when I initially commented this, lol


Borkso t1_j2dc5m1 wrote

Thanks for the post, bloodfart2112


chriyy t1_j2dd3lo wrote

Mmmmmmmmmm I’m jelly


Packers_Equal_Life t1_j2dd47w wrote

Mom makes these every Christmas. Just had them last week, finished up the leftovers the other day, so good when she gets a good batch


iced1777 t1_j2deg3n wrote

Thanks for the link, looks like a great resource. I've seen a lot of Americanized recipes (which come pretty close!) use saffron, but I've never seen the batter before. Almost any fried breading in Italian-American cooking will use egg as the "glue". Anyone know if a batter made from flour would make a big difference in the end result compared to egg?


KisuAran t1_j2dh63q wrote

Get some speck in there, and gol darn you got yourself my favourite arancini. My auntie makes veggie ones too, they're amazing.


MastodonSoggy2883 t1_j2dhero wrote

Yes delicious but can not stop at those two, what’s your filling.


PorcoDiglett t1_j2dnans wrote

I'm sicilian myself (living in Mazara del Vallo and studying in Palermo) and I make arancine with my mom quite often. I can assure you that the batter is the traditional way.
As of the difference between batter and egg, I can't really tell because we always use batter. Probably it lacks of that eggy flavour, which is good since you don't want that.

I wanted to point out a thing of GialloZafferano's recipe. They use caciocavallo cheese both for rice and ragù filling. It's a very specific cheese from south Italy and it could be hard to find outside. You can switch that with regular parmesan-like cheese for rice and mozzarella for fillings.
Also there are just two different fillings in that recipe, but you can use whatever ingredient you like. Popular ones are: speck and fontina/provola, spinach bacon and mozzarella, eggplants tomato sauce and pecorino, salmon and besciamella.
You can even go more gourmet if you like with fancy combinations.


Albablu t1_j2dnym5 wrote

You may not be aware of it, but FYI, half of Sicilians hate you now


Dogghi t1_j2dtivj wrote

Certo che "gourmetizzare" gli arancini non si può vedere...

Però finalmente una foto fatta come dio comanda


TheLadyEve t1_j2dz22t wrote

I love the plating here, because one of my favorite ways to eat arancini is to dip them in pomodoro/marinara.


GracePalm887 t1_j2e3mgr wrote

Never had that but it looks delicious! 😋


MasticaFerro t1_j2e3r1s wrote

Sicilian here. Please don’t eat them with tomato sauce, ketchup, basil or other stuff. Arancini are a street food, you eat them with a paper towel. Strongly suggest to you, for more of a Sicilian experience, to make them with Edamer cheese in the middle of the rice ball.

PS: try some recipe that involves pistachio and pistachio cream


JaWasa t1_j2e66ow wrote

Thank you so much bloodfart! I am totally trying this recipe tonight


Travis-Trower t1_j2ebbpb wrote

All that you have to do is put in the word Arancini in your search engine which mine is Safari and you have plenty of recipes to choose from and if you are like me you make it your very own by taking what you want in it and fix it your way!!! I never follow recipes and I am a great cook


YorkyBar t1_j2emsnl wrote

I could just eat those. Looks delicious.


a_guy_on_Reddit_____ t1_j2eso61 wrote

As a Sicilian native,I am thankful. As someone from Palermo though,I am sad you call it arancini.

For context:people from Palermo (capital of Sicily) call it ‘arancina’ and ‘arancine’ while people from Catania (and sadly the world) call it ‘arancino’ and ‘arancini’.This had caused disagreements obviously on which is true.


MarvelsGrantMan136 wrote

1 - the number of arancini is shown in the observation


MarvelsGrantMan136 wrote

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