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wherethebicenroam t1_j5k5qy0 wrote

Chili without rice feels wrong.


Uncle_Burney t1_j5k7mvq wrote

Most chili recipes do well with some kind of added starch. I have done rice, and pasta (chili mac), but my favorite is cornbread. Each is worth trying, if you haven’t already. Cheers!


wherethebicenroam t1_j5k8rdf wrote

Yes! Tried them all and cornbread is a sleeper! Pasta is pretty good too, but rice will always be my go-to.

Cheers, stranger!


No_Associate_2532 t1_j5kznpp wrote

I am Brit in US. You have no idea how wrong chili WITH rice is here...


wherethebicenroam t1_j5l0eqo wrote

Am American in US and get weird looks when I mention chili over rice all the time. We’re a weird bunch, but some of us are trying!


VoidWalker4Lyfe t1_j5m4l3s wrote

Unless you're in Texas. That's how they serve it there.


No_Associate_2532 t1_j5mguev wrote

Really! I've been there alot and never seen that. To be fair though I am always eating BBQ...