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squidzillakilla t1_j6btcu4 wrote

This looks incredible. I’m curious to know how the outer orange of the cheesecake looks so realistic.


So6oring OP t1_j6bv1ef wrote

I don't know exactly how our pastry chef made the outer layer, but gelatin and orange zest were components.

Basically we piped the cheescake mixture into balloons while it's still warm and liquid, tied it off and made sure there's no air inside at all. The part of the balloon where you tie it moulds a nice orange stalk. Throw in the freezer for a minimum 3 hours.

Then he got the outer layer mixture hot and ready with the gelatin. We cut the balloons off and double dipped the ball of cheesecake into the orange mix using a skewer. Let the excess drip for a couple seconds, and gently wiggle the orange onto the plate.

After a bit it sets and the outside looks just like that. Kinda amazing how he was able to make it look like it had the pores and everything.


ringo24601 t1_j6dcm82 wrote

Are the balloons some sort of special food grade ones or something? (Or at least latex free?)

I'm just imagining the taste of the balloon on the cheesecake, or people with allergies having a side of epi with their dessert.


Jackie_Mitchell t1_j6by12p wrote

It looks like it's painted. Specifically with an airgun of some type. Orange peel look is an effect you get when you put on too heavy a coat. Obviously intentionally in this case.


So6oring OP t1_j6c0khj wrote

It's a gelatin mixture with orange food colouring and orange zest. The cheesecake center is white, but orange flavoured.


CovfefeFan t1_j6c7umn wrote

Did Heston come up with this? Or has this been a thing done by pastry chefs for a long time? (Referring to the exterior)


Narfi1 t1_j6cfgfx wrote

I know that Cédric Grolet has been doing it for a while like with this mandarine but I don't know if he came up with this.


CovfefeFan t1_j6cohow wrote

Wow, looks good.. crazy technique. Yeah, Heston's is more savoury, filled with foie gras.


Solo-me t1_j6cs92d wrote

I once made orange duck Bon Bon. Duck paté in the middle and a similar orange jelly on the outside. Obviously didn't look anything like the above but it was intriguing.


CertifiedDactyl t1_j6deaf5 wrote

Agreeing it looks painted to some extent just from the shine spots. You could put white in gelatin to make it more opaque, but I've never seen it look like that.


Antemicko t1_j6cszo6 wrote

What do you mean, while it's warm?

Did you cook the cheesecake mixture beforehand?


robotsaysrawr t1_j6cvoe2 wrote

I'm assuming by "warm" he means "not cold". Just still in that liquid state after mixing all the ingredients together.


Antemicko t1_j6cwhyi wrote

But how do you cook it then? Cheesecake needs to be baked, doesn't it?


robotsaysrawr t1_j6cwyq7 wrote

There are both bake and no-bake cheesecakes. No-bake just sets in the fridge which is why they refrigerate the balloons for 3 hours with the cheesecake mix in them.


Antemicko t1_j6cyr0e wrote

Interesting, it's still weird to word it as "warm", but thanks!


So6oring OP t1_j6d1zkw wrote

Sorry, I made it a little confusing. It was a long day of service haha. He used a little gelatin in the cheesecake mixture too because he found it's the best way to maintain it's shape. You wouldn't notice it really in the texture. But if the mix were to cool down it would set too early


Antemicko t1_j6d29ly wrote

So you used a no bake cheesecake mix, right?


Pieinthesky42 t1_j6d5lfc wrote

It’s a pretty simple recipe, I don’t know any chefs at this level that buy mixes.

I’m not a fan of no bake cheesecakes- they’re just a dense mousse. Customer like them though and there’s much more freedom in design for plating like this.


Antemicko t1_j6d5p4o wrote

No, I didn't mean a premade mix, lol.

A mix that's used for no bake cheesecake, but made by the chef himself.


ViolatedByParsley t1_j6dnc1t wrote

So a recipe?


Antemicko t1_j6dngxv wrote

Guess what happens, when you follow that recipe? You get a mix.

Idk what's up with this sub and people like you being smartasses


lily_tiger t1_j6docn2 wrote

For what it's worth, when you said "so you used a mix" I also assumed you meant premade.


Longjumping_Bid_2651 t1_j6fooqz wrote

"Mix" implies premade, bought, etc. We're not being smartasses XD If the majority reckons you're thinking of a recipe, or a premade mix, then perhaps it's common sense to others. You have a different perception, but that doesn't mean you need to be rude about it.


So6oring OP t1_j6eqzm0 wrote

Wasn't a mix, it's our pastry chef's recipe. This was all made from scratch.


Jaxxxi t1_j6d0ptp wrote

For no bakes, the filling still has to be room temp to mix cream cheese in with the other ingredients. It ends up room temp/warm, otherwise it would be a struggle getting the cream cheese mixed


imustachelemeaning t1_j6fzt2q wrote

pastry chefs are a different breed. one of my favorite exchanges at one of my favorite restaurants which i worked at was “you like butterfingers?” yes “ well, i made my own butterfingers” really? “yes but i smashed everything” (she was a semi-famous pastry chef with zero ego) “i made everything hard and smashed everything into powder” my jaw dropped as she kept eye-contact “then, i made my own ice cream and sprinkled the dust on top of it” then i remember she was married. i still fawn over that memory.


Impossible-Toe-7761 t1_j6irgkp wrote

I'm a pastry chef too.maybe we are a bit weird.lets take it as far as we can.


imustachelemeaning t1_j6k7u35 wrote

don’t threaten me with a good time. kiss.


Impossible-Toe-7761 t1_j6k808l wrote

I don't threaten. I do


imustachelemeaning t1_j6k8ed4 wrote

when are we married?


Impossible-Toe-7761 t1_j6k8og3 wrote

Let me know.i have time off next not making my own wedding cake again.holy breaky French buttercream.grrrrrr


Raymon1432 t1_j6c0plh wrote

I've seen something similar with orange pate/"orange made of meat" on YouTube. I think it has something to do with either the orange dip or the ice crystals on the surface of the meat (or in this case cheesecake) after freezing, or maybe a combo of the 2. Not entire sure.


schwiggy t1_j6d4q3o wrote

Hester Blumenthal (UK chef) has a dish on his menu called Meat Fruit that looks exactly like this, but is made out of meat.


LowDownSkankyDude t1_j6e3waj wrote

It's crazy. I need a cross section. Show me the inside, or I can't believe that isn't an orange in dirt. I won't.


So6oring OP t1_j6f2pzm wrote

The actual cheesecake inside is white, but is still orange-infused. They were a fine dining special for only the last 2 nights and the ones that didn't sell were given to staff. And I already ate mine haha


utopianfiat t1_j6d3tmw wrote

There's a lot of tricks used, one that Sideserf uses a lot is applying texture to a fondant or fondant-like outer layer and then using watered down food coloring like watercolor to add more depth.


LoveandScience t1_j6c26dc wrote

It took me a minute to realize that the orange WAS the cheesecake. I thought maybe you were showing a picture of the ingredient and I was looking for another slide XD amazing food art


verdammtent t1_j6c4kk9 wrote

Do you have a pic of it cut in half? Looks amazing tho


So6oring OP t1_j6f385h wrote

Unfortunately we're out. They were a special the last 2 nights. I thought about taking a pic of the inside last night, but then I ate it instead...


TransientMovement t1_j6c0hxj wrote

This is one “deconstruction” I actually like; letting me choose how much cheesecake and crumble I eat with each bite!


Orcwin t1_j6dh6lu wrote

I've had one served in a flower pot, with the crumble as the soil over the cheese and a sprig of mint as the plant. It looked great, and still worked well as a cheesecake.


1amazingday t1_j6ccl1o wrote

My brain is so dumb I thought I was looking at a tangerine over ground beef for a sec 😁

I’m sure it’s delicious, chef! And very beautiful.


Strategerizer t1_j6g2e03 wrote

What's not to like? Custard? Good. Jam? Good. Meat? Good!


Ape-on-a-Spaceball t1_j6d1fqa wrote

So, in culinary school, do you just show up to class one day and they’re like “alright class, today we’re going to show you how to make some delicious food and disguise it as an orange. Turn to page 211 in your workbooks, and we’ll get started”?


TheMolecularChef t1_j6h87xa wrote

In culinary school you get out what you put in really. They teach you the fundamentals but it’s really up to the person to go above and beyond.


thekeanu t1_j6cm4uq wrote

Terre D'Hermes


LVRAAMV t1_j6cnpio wrote

Sir, this is an orange


Baskatball t1_j6c8a7l wrote

Is this in Tulum? Had pretty much this exact dish when I was there a few months ago


WeatherWrestlingGuy t1_j6cyrdl wrote

Food gimmicks like this usually don’t get over with me but this one is fucking cool.


lovesducks t1_j6d0qgu wrote

The cookie crumb looks like chorizo


NorrisK t1_j6c0cuj wrote

Loving it. May use the method you explained as inspiration for shaping some of my future dishes!


toodleroo t1_j6c90lw wrote

Is that a kalanchoe leaf?


okayokaycancan t1_j6c87cw wrote

Amazing texture makes it look like an orange!


Compannacube t1_j6cjnom wrote

Wow, that is just too perfect to eat!


Solo-me t1_j6cscl7 wrote

OP can you please find out step by step how to do the orangd out layer and post it ? (or PM me) many pleeeeease


cosmicpotato77 t1_j6cw39g wrote

I was thinking that it was a joke and it was just an orange in some dirt, but holy shit you're amazing at this


Tony_Pizza_Guy t1_j6d1nnq wrote

I would probably eat that an have some big old BIG OLE happy in my belly (for it tastes too good)

And vitamin c means more servings for me, Mum


geek66 t1_j6d2xgn wrote

Orange chocolate was always a surprising good combo when done right.

I once adapted cinnamon rolls to chocolate with orange cream cheese icing… shockingly good


petmoo23 t1_j6dbps9 wrote

Can you show us what it looks like on the inside? This is really cool.


UsedDinosaurDrugs t1_j6de1b9 wrote

Can you message me the restaurant where you work so I can eat this?


LordRex77 t1_j6djax1 wrote

is it orange flavored or just orange looking


Urania_Tay t1_j6dr9f1 wrote

Too beautiful to eat. Looks yummy though! ♡


unsmashedpotatoes t1_j6dsj99 wrote

Very cool. I definitely have the urge to squish the thing though


getwhirleddotcom t1_j6e4mvf wrote

Heston Blumenthal does one of these but filled with Pâté and is one is the best things you’ll ever eat.


_CZakalwe_ t1_j6ed115 wrote

Wow, I hope it tastes as well as it looks.


DarthDregan t1_j6ef89s wrote

If those are just regular leaves I'm gonna be disappointed.


whitepixelrabbit t1_j6epg0f wrote

haha op, i won't fall for that one again, i won't eat any more dirt


Portuguese_A_Hole t1_j6epvxl wrote

José Avilez have a take on this kind of desert and is great.


StevenTM t1_j6eqgq3 wrote

Haha look at this guy calling the base of a cheesecake "soil"! Though I shouldn't make fun of him, he's probably just not a native Engl-- oh, damn, he actually meant cookie crumble soil.


BewarePunkz t1_j6erg9s wrote

Yum... orange peel ground beef


FrankDrakman t1_j6ey45v wrote

I went to a restaurant in Toronto half a dozen years ago that specialized in frou-frou tasting menus. One of the dishes was presented on "dirt". My GF asked me "Is that real dirt?", and I said "No, it can't be. It's probably bread crumbs or something. "

How wrong I was. It was real honest-to-god scraped from the ground dirt. The chef foraged personally for it in Ontario forests, looking from dirt near maples, and avoiding it from near pines (which has a turpentine taste, according to him).

Now I see a description like "soil", and I have to check!


pammademedothis t1_j6f8tir wrote

I mean, I can put a clementine on some crushed Oreos too ;) Just kidding. It looks amazing!


dpceee t1_j6fbvz5 wrote

I was going to say that it looks like dirt, but I thought it would be too mean. It turns out that would be a compliment instead!


Intelligent-Force482 t1_j6flh88 wrote

Well hell where’s my cross section of this food porn! Leaving me with hunger pains.


304onthefly t1_j6ftn4j wrote

One of the coolest desserts I’ve ever seen, wow


SloppyHoba t1_j6fze9g wrote

Maybe carrot cake instead? Oranges come from trees not soil lol


AdKlutzyy t1_j6h2bfn wrote

I have the feeling that it tastes like paradise!


TheMolecularChef t1_j6h95dn wrote

Nicely done, the orange is really cool. But honestly I think it would look better either without the micros on the dirt, more micros with a little more care in their placement, or with something else entirely. I like candied mint leaves here probably.

With the dirt, I find that making it a bit less monotonous in color is good (something like little pebbles of dried meringue and maybe some finely diced candied ginger would be nice here), along with a bit more moisture. A small touch of simple syrup and some oil (I like sesame oil for this dish) would make it clump a little more realistically and it would be a bit less dry in the mouth on its own.

Not meant to be too critical of course, just some tips from one chef to another.


totalshaving9695731 t1_j6mt6hx wrote

Do you live in Tulum? I almost had the same meal when I was there a few months ago.


playfully_somber_666 t1_j6oisnj wrote

I love it. I might take some of my upcoming meals and shape them using the technique you described!


Diabolus0 t1_j6c7fen wrote

I kiss you many time because you do yummy cake for world to eat.


Con31 t1_j6dg61r wrote

I understand the skill involved in this, but at first glance (and forgive my ignorance), I thought someone had just twatted a biscuit to bits and put an orange on top of this. Kudos chef.


adfdub t1_j6dqpqz wrote

Why didnt you take a picture of it sliced open?

And why are you eating in a bathroom/kitchen?


BandicootHot4897 t1_j6dd5qo wrote

Overly pretentious treatment IMO


_CZakalwe_ t1_j6ed7x8 wrote

Maybe in general, but people in this sub are interested in food. So this is IMHO beautiful.


So6oring OP t1_j6f3mux wrote

We're a high-end restaurant serving rich folk... It's not pretentious, it's the quality and creativity they come here for.