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Calm_Memories t1_j6bqt00 wrote

Thanks for the thoughtful reply! Regarding the chopsticks, are you intentionally stirring without touching the bottom or are you scraping it? Should the sides be scraped right away or once egg has begun to cook/form? I hadn't tried using them and I wonder if my rubber spat is part of my issue.


purplynurply OP t1_j6bvvjl wrote

I'm definitely scraping the bottom of the pan. Gently of course but because they're wooden you don't really have to worry about scratching the pan or anything. And I'd say scrape down egg that sticks to the sides right away, and reincorporate it to the mix. You wanna keep everything as homogeneous as possible. And youll kinda shake the pan and stir with the chopsticks at the same time, quite vigorously to avoid large curds from developing. Then once it's mostly set and kind of looks like a super soft, runny scramble, just leave it for a sec to set up the base, then you can begin the fold. Just tilt the pan and use the chopsticks to get under the eggs and begin to fold toward the other side. Once you have it folded basically in half, you'll put the chopsticks on the other side of the omelette, kind splitting them out in a V shape in order to flip the whole thing over. Or you can flip it right onto a plate. I personally like to let the inside cook a little bit more so it's not so runny. It's really a difficult thing to explain without a video haha. It's just a symphony of different movements all happening at the same time. Kenji Lopez Alt probably has the closest technique to what I do:

I only use two chopsticks though, and once it's to the point where he flips it onto a plate, that's where I would instead use the V method I talked about to get behind the omelette, as well as a dose of confidence and maybe slight acrobatics, to quickly flip it and let the other side cook for a second.