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Trackmaniac t1_j67tii4 wrote

"breakfast" .. my dude, so what consists your dinner of?


Nymer1a_S4nd OP t1_j683yd5 wrote

Leftover breakfast burrito 😎


glacialcalamity t1_j68ojy1 wrote

This is the real answer. There is only one diet these days, and that's a 🌯


rotating_pebble t1_j68q9m3 wrote

Legit, I make a fuckin huge protein shake and a huge fucking burrito and eat half of them at a time, for 4 meals. 3000 calories all together, never been gaining more in the gym


Swag_Grenade t1_j67vatj wrote

I'm probably in the minority but the meat on top of the burrito is a little too extra for me.

Also a because a burrito should be able to be eaten easily with your hands.


droozly t1_j68gpls wrote

Wet burritos are very tasty


Swag_Grenade t1_j68h7q4 wrote

Actually I am kind of conflicted here, wet burritos can be really good but I don't like having to eat a burrito with a fork lol🤷.


NotChristina t1_j68rkf6 wrote

I’m probably in that weird minority that prefers it. A well-wrapped and firm/dense burrito is best for that though. Then every forkful can be dipped in sauce(s). Though forks can also salvage a very messy, loose burrito too.

I never really liked eating them with my hands when they inevitably disintegrate. Of course there are exceptions to the rule but idk, I enjoy the fork thing.

At minimum it means I eat a little slower because I could absolutely destroy a burrito in my hands very quickly.


diddinim t1_j69phli wrote

You HAVE to destroy the burrito if you’re holding it. Because they don’t take well to being bitten into and then laid back down.


boston_nsca t1_j6ao9xt wrote

Idk I think there's an art to it. At least for me. I've figured out how to eat an entire burrito with no mess or disintegration until the very last bite or two. The method is basically taking enormous bites lol


diddinim t1_j6aoeso wrote

I can do the same, but ONLY if I don’t set the burrito down. Same with home made burgers.


boston_nsca t1_j6aoilg wrote

I get these massive XL burritos that are so big they literally stand up on one end lmao. That also helps


diddinim t1_j6aomhq wrote

Hmmmm. Maybe making an extra large burrito with a good solid rice and beans foundation would stand up well


boston_nsca t1_j6ap617 wrote

At the end of the day it's all about the wrap job. Rolled the perfectly right way, nice and tight, with some tight foil wrapped around it, and any burrito can become manageable. The one in the pic almost requires a fork and knife though. Tbh, those are usually the best ones


diddinim t1_j6apant wrote

My problem is I like too much salsa in my burritos. I can roll a sauce-less burrito like a pro..

But that’s why I’m making wet burritos tonight.


Teripid t1_j68iqfk wrote

I feel like the burrito shouldn't start with needing one by default.

Never understood the need for the overstuffed giant version. Just make 2+ regular size ones. You can even do completely different toppings in each.


Alexstarfire t1_j69umsm wrote

You leave my giant sized burritos alone. You never understand me.


knufolos t1_j6awg7q wrote

Wet burritos are good, but the generally are 3 inches in diameter. If it’s that big, it should be hand held.


JustBoredIsAll t1_j684gr8 wrote

You've never heard of a smothered burrito?


Raeandray t1_j68rpht wrote

Not for breakfast though.

But I do agree smothered burritos are a thing and are also amazing.


Raeandray t1_j68tvh9 wrote

That looks amazing. I just don’t know if I’d call it a breakfast burrito.


JustBoredIsAll t1_j68ug4n wrote

No, it is. The usual suspects go inside. Chile smothered on top.

I should add that New Mexico is largely considered the birthplace of the breakfast burrito.


I-AM-Savannah t1_j693gwa wrote

>I should add that New Mexico is largely considered the birthplace of the breakfast burrito.

Not McDonalds? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


JustBoredIsAll t1_j694l9l wrote

It's a trip that people think handheld breaky burritos are the norm. I guess in places like Idaho and Wisconsin, they are. 🤷🏻


oliverkloezoff t1_j69bsey wrote

No, hand held breakfast burritos are the norm, in your normal household. Especially in NM. In our households, anyway. I'm a 4-5 generation Hispanic -on both sides- in NM and I've never seen anyone break out the knives and forks on a breakfast burrito.


JustBoredIsAll t1_j69f4ny wrote

Yeah I'm from there too. Surname has been there since the 1600s. So, you eat your smothered burritos with your hands? Word.


oliverkloezoff t1_j69ght1 wrote

No, I'm saying we don't smother our burritos, we -my family, friends- stuff whatever we have inside. I'm not saying it's wrong, I've eaten some with a knife and fork, it's just something I never see besides a restaurant.

I'm not trying to gatekeep, it's just not the norm, in my part of the state, anyway. You eat your burrito anyway you want, there's no right way or wrong way.


JustBoredIsAll t1_j69gnb8 wrote

Not saying handheld isn't normal. Just that smothered is too since people think I'm talking crazy or something. 🤷🏻


oliverkloezoff t1_j69iyi9 wrote

Nah, you're talking crazy 😁. I believe you, not where I'm from, though. But then again I don't speak for all NM (ok, maybe I was trying to) or for the rest of the country, so I shouldn't have said anything, maybe I was gatekeeping. But, I still think you're talking crazy 🤪.


queenunderdamountain t1_j69ae8a wrote

To me, McDonald's is absolutely the answer lol it was definitely my first breakfast burrito experience!


I-AM-Savannah t1_j69nk6n wrote

Mine as well, and still my only breakfast burrito experience. None of the restaurants around here (that I know of) have breakfast burritos.


queenunderdamountain t1_j69qrqi wrote

Suuuuuper easy to make your own! Eggs, hashbrowns, sausage/bacon, salsa... standard base. My favorite spot around here does a tikka masala breakfast burrito that is enormous & delicious. There's basically no wrong way to do one as long as it tastes good.


SolomonCRand t1_j6964z2 wrote

I don’t know why you’re getting downvoted for this, unless you just edited Wikipedia to prove yourself right


Raeandray t1_j69a9uq wrote

I think it’s because it feels just a little bit like cultural appropriation.

Pairing tortillas with breakfast foods has been going on in Latin America for a long time. Seems odd to claim “inventing” putting the food in the tortilla.


hamsterselderberries t1_j6dlnpe wrote

That's where the breakfast burrito was invented ffs


Raeandray t1_j6dmq6a wrote

Ya I’ve heard that. Seems kind of odd to say considering Latin and South America have been pairing tortillas with breakfast foods for centuries.


likeeggs t1_j6fpy12 wrote

As someone from New Mexico, yeah it’s breakfast. We eat breakfast burritos 24/7 out here though, but that’s because they’re delicious. Smothered in red, green, Christmas, or bone dry.


Nymer1a_S4nd OP t1_j684gni wrote

Strange limitation to put on yourself regarding burrito size but hey, you do you 🤷🏻‍♀️


Swag_Grenade t1_j68a8j2 wrote

Size of burrito is fine, meat and salsa on top would make it difficult to eat with hands.

I got no problem with big ass burritos. Toppings on a burrito is questionable 🤷


oliverkloezoff t1_j68cjz8 wrote

Yeah, I'm with you. It's like putting more ham, pastrami and mayo on top of your sandwich.


Simicrop t1_j6907l0 wrote

Sounds a bit like a croque monsieur or madame.


Nymer1a_S4nd OP t1_j68h4il wrote

It’s crazy to think of how many burritos you guys are missing out on because you don’t want to use a knife and fork


oliverkloezoff t1_j68hfzg wrote

Dude, I don't miss many burritos, I eat burritos every day. I'm Mexican. Hey, I didn't say it was wrong, it's just not the way I like to eat them.


JustBoredIsAll t1_j68n2q6 wrote

If you're ever in New Mexico, have a smothered burrito. It'll change your life.


Thiht t1_j689v1d wrote

Agree, the nice thing with a burrito is that you can hold it cleanly and easily with your hands, it’s weird to add stuff on top. Like, you don’t splatter more ice cream on the ice cream cone itself


BoiledChildern t1_j68qt37 wrote

Soggy top tortilla, hands covered in whatever green spluge has been dumped onto. Its a knife and fork burrito 2/10


the_pedigree t1_j69eyw7 wrote

If you can’t pick up your burrito while walking and eating they fucked up.


neatureguy420 t1_j69s0b5 wrote

You must have never been to texas and have gotten a burrito topped with hot queso. Got me craving it now.


Surtock t1_j6b27gu wrote

Cook forgot and had to improvise.


uchihajoeI t1_j6bblu3 wrote

Authentic Mexican burritos are covered in sauce and eaten with fork and knife, fyi.

Trust me. I’m a dude on Reddit.


cubs_rule23 t1_j69125e wrote

This is a wet/smothered burrito and OP missed putting that in the title. Those require a knife and fork. A burrito proper should be sealed and eaten by hand. OP either doesn't know there was a designation or is a troll. Sconnies aren't the brightest as they think spotted cow is good.


Nymer1a_S4nd OP t1_j69783j wrote

Didn’t think “wet/smothered burrito” was necessary in the title, thought maybe the picture of a smothered burrito conveyed that point for me but apparently not.

Also, not a Sconnie and spotted cow is trash

Oh and while I’m here, the Cubs suck and are the most overrated franchise in all of baseball. Go Cards


cubs_rule23 t1_j69cwkd wrote

A cards fan wouldn't know that there is a difference, makes sense, details don't matter to yall. Look up burrito, they call them out specifically, not new. The best part of your ignorance is that only haters think the way you do, not once have I claimed them to be the best.


Nymer1a_S4nd OP t1_j69fzxi wrote

I didn’t say you thought they were the best; surprised you missed that detail, keen as you are on those kinds of things. Your username suggests that you think they rule, and I think you’re wrong in that regard.

You suggested that I was a troll, thought I’d just give you what you seem to be looking for.


cubs_rule23 t1_j69p6j9 wrote

You claim that it's an overrated franchise for no reason towards me: comprehension and situational awareness help in life.

If you think a username holds anyweight at all, it tells me more than enough. In addition to being a Cards fan and lack of intellect, being considered a troll is a birthright you knob.


zocalo08 t1_j67tv3q wrote

Did you go back to sleep after??


tl1985 t1_j67xx1m wrote

That's a breakfast, lunch, and dinner burrito


AlaskanJon907 t1_j68hj4u wrote

I actually hate smothered burritos. Put that stuff inside for me please, just add another wrap I dont care.


t_ran_asuarus_rex t1_j674nk1 wrote

wow. where is this? it must have been amazing


Nymer1a_S4nd OP t1_j674vyu wrote

The Creamery Downtown in Green Bay, WI. I’ve had a lot of breakfast burritos in my life, this was hands down the best I’ve ever had


JustPlat t1_j6773c5 wrote

Get the veggie hash. It's amazing.


Nymer1a_S4nd OP t1_j677qt1 wrote

I’ll take any excuse I can get to go back, I loved that place


the_greatest_MF t1_j67rapz wrote

how do you eat it? using fork and knife or with hands?


Xanthus179 t1_j67jxnn wrote

A burrito that has meat in the outside definitely gets my attention.

On a side note, what causes someone to come into a post and downvote perfectly complimentary comments? Several replies had a 0 and it just makes me wonder what kind of sad life someone must lead.


Nymer1a_S4nd OP t1_j683ksl wrote

Yeah I was wondering that myself regarding the downvotes. I get that not everyone likes the burrito, but to take the time to downvote the comments from people that do like it is just lame.


Xanthus179 t1_j68wt7g wrote

Apparently those losers don’t like being called out on it either. I must have struck a sad, little nerve.


Namebtaken t1_j6864tm wrote

I'm sure it's because this new burrito craze is the greatest threat to the North American plumbing and sewage treatment infrastructure. At this rate if we see a growth of only 10% newly opened burrito shops in 2023 we're going to up to our waist in it!


CodeCat5 t1_j69clpq wrote

>Several replies had a 0 and it just makes me wonder what kind of sad life someone must lead.

Indeed. I can only imagine what it's like to let a few insignificant pixels have such an affect on your day.


theunworthyviking t1_j67k8jy wrote

some people on here literally are zombies that drone from post to post and downvote anything positive

I believe the psychology of it is that they are so miserable they want everyone else to be aswell


stupendouslydude t1_j69lzeu wrote

That’s no breakfast burrito. That a BREAKFAST LUNCH AND DINNER burrito!


drewbreeezy t1_j67aa0g wrote

That looks amazeballs!

I'm so saddened by the dinky breakfast burritos at most places.


triggerismydawg t1_j67e3xe wrote

That’s a chef who takes pride in their work


Ottos1 t1_j698wnv wrote

Heavy weight breakfast for my standards, but looking very good!


BigTedBear t1_j69a4ka wrote

Looks tasty throw in a few margaritas and it’s a delicious nutritious way to start the day.


Alexstarfire t1_j69uf9j wrote

Is it a breakfast burrito simply because you ate it at breakfast time?


yerbiologicalfather t1_j6a1naz wrote

That looks bomber. That's what you want to eat after you hike or run 20 miles in the mountains. Good fat and calories with some bad fat and deliciousness


Zombie4141 t1_j6a2wb4 wrote

Correction. You are a breakfast blimp hanger.


SandBarLakers t1_j6a6xmm wrote

Wtf is that thing and why tf is not in my BEEELLLLYYYYYY!!! Nom nom nom


Duxgirl07 t1_j675siv wrote

Oh my gosh this looks ama,amazing, and im picky with my burritos especially m breakfast burritos.


Nymer1a_S4nd OP t1_j6763gw wrote

It was soooo good 🤤 I was in a food coma shortly after eating it but I regretted nothing


Duxgirl07 t1_j676m85 wrote

Id ask what was in it but ill get jealous.....just looking at it makes me wants a good burrito. I mean look at the top of that with the salsa....and carnival on top...😋


julthay t1_j685oy9 wrote

Looks brutal!!! Amazing..


fernet_about_it t1_j6952nw wrote



Nymer1a_S4nd OP t1_j698m18 wrote

I think it was around $14 but it was the only thing I ate all day; well worth the price imo


fernet_about_it t1_j69i7ga wrote

That’s actually a pretty damn good price for a breakfast restaurant!


harmvzon t1_j69eiib wrote

I can go to bed after this ‘breakfast’


yernotmyrealdad t1_j69ghc6 wrote

Oh that’s a sexy ass plate right there 🤤


JayneDoe6000 t1_j69ozii wrote

The Hubs would leave me for this!


fishynets60 t1_j6ajlxl wrote

And then you slept for a week ……gif


Gayf0rgod t1_j6au5ug wrote

Take a 2nd pic of the inside next time! I know you’re hiding some kinda chorizo-y goodness!!


Jaffhardt t1_j6b0n2j wrote

I agree. I’m sure that meat tastes great but I think I’d push it off the burrito and add it to each bite as I please.


CorgiTacos31 t1_j6d34wt wrote


Reminds me of one I had in Oregon, absolutely massive


karmicrelease t1_j67a0pd wrote

I want to commit a war crime on that burrito right now


Yikert13 t1_j68blsx wrote

That looks great. Hungry now.


steve-lp t1_j68mr9a wrote

Yum! What’s in the inside?


stephen250 t1_j68mzpq wrote

That burrito is big enough for breakfast, lunch, dinner and leftovers.


ColoursRock t1_j6bkddb wrote

Let's take a whole bunch of ingredients and cook them and wrap it up in a tortilla so that it can be eaten conveniently without getting dirty, and then let's slap a bunch of food all over the top of it so that you're going to have to get dirty anyway.


BaconReceptacle t1_j68vc5y wrote

This is Chipotle in a parallel universe.


iaintlyon t1_j68z7r2 wrote

Look, it looks fire but I’m just sayin bish looks a lil dry. Wish they would slap some fresh salsa verde on that hog after it comes out the oven for spice and lubrication.


luisangel225 t1_j6b165u wrote

Last time I ate a burrito like this, my body said “I can’t use any of this” and just sent it straight to my bowels. This was in a matter of minutes. I never ate another burrito since.


liveForTheHunt t1_j68vc2e wrote

Never seen a wet breakfast burrito? nice


DeftTrack81 t1_j687lv1 wrote

The meat usually goes inside the burrito. Kind of the point.


Nymer1a_S4nd OP t1_j68acqq wrote

Thanks, Officer Burrito, I’ll keep that in mind next time I order one 🫡