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caleal71 t1_j6ld8ic wrote

That phone cord looks delicious.


GardenPuzzleheaded98 t1_j6ogtbj wrote

This takes me back to the Avocado Green phone that hung on the wall in our kitchen.

In the 70’s, when you didn’t own the phone. You leased them from Ma Bell…


Dropthetenors t1_j6la97k wrote

Spring green beans I guess?


bmore_tasty t1_j6lbokt wrote

God damnit…I genuinely googled this out of curiosity before getting the joke… r/whoosh… nice one


Dropthetenors t1_j6lbt0j wrote

That makes me feel better cause I thought it was a kinda dumb joke!


milesbeats t1_j6ldhrk wrote

Guys I've been trying really hard to get this....and well I don't


TwoDrinkDave t1_j6lf4ux wrote

Try turning it aroundin your mind few times. The answer will probably leap out at you. If not, you're probably just screwed.


SwaggiiP t1_j6le24j wrote

This has to be pasta of some sort. The bot was wrong


Enlightened-Beaver t1_j6mzacw wrote

Check out their account. 100% a Chinese bot. Only posts, always the same style on random subs. Content obviously stolen from elsewhere. Zero comments.


Pixeljammed t1_j6ld5ru wrote

nvm it's a karma farming bot


BeingofLove t1_j6lf8jw wrote

Looks more like stir fried telephone cord.


Texas_sucks15 t1_j6lfls1 wrote

What's a telephone cord?


BeingofLove t1_j6lif82 wrote

Back in the before times, phones used to plug in to a special port in the wall. The part you would speak into was called the receiver. The receiver was connected to the telephone with a coiled cord so you could gain a bit more distance from the telephone while using it.


Ghosty116 t1_j6lmpxd wrote

Remember wireless home phones? They were special


OneHumanPeOple t1_j6pgmo8 wrote

I have a land line. When the power goes out, I unplug the cordless receiver and plug in our corded phone that I keep in the china cupboard.


RedditSpyAccount t1_j6l9a46 wrote

Where did you find the green beans? I’ve never seen them spiraled like that before!


theyreall_throwaways t1_j6lrzcc wrote

These are just long beans that OP shaped by hand to be spiral springs, they don't grow this way. They're called Yard beans, Chinese long beans, asparagus beans, or snake beans.

Found a page showing how it's done, but link was removed. You can try googling "garnish from long bean".

OP, I kinda hate that you dropped this pic and just left us all in confusion. But kinda glad you sent me on a seed adventure.


Nowherelandusa t1_j6mxiom wrote

We grow yard king beans in our garden- never tried this fanciness haha. But sautéed with some summer squash, garlic, onion, and fresh tomatoes with a bit of fresh basil... pretty tasty!


theyreall_throwaways t1_j6nr51z wrote

I like looking through Baker creek catalog and seeing all the fruits and veggies I never knew existed. I knew I had never seen anything like it before and wondered how they all looked so perfect. Are you happy with the yield you get with your beans for the space they take?


Nowherelandusa t1_j6nuu3y wrote

Yeah, we bought our seeds from Burgess Seed & Plant Co. I love looking through seed catalogs, especially when’s it’s cold and yuck outside, and I can dream of my summer garden haha.

The yard longs produced really well for us. If you pick them often, they produce better. We hadn’t done pole beans before- a little bit of work on the front end, but it beats bending down so much during harvest!


theyreall_throwaways t1_j6ogxe9 wrote

I love our garden, but it does become backbreaking at times. I need to give some serious thoughts about what I'm planting this year. Last year we had problems with a gopher and it ate so many of our tomatoes and dahlias, and stripped 80% of the potato leaves.

I'd plant everything if only I had the money (and the energy). Happy gardening.


Nowherelandusa t1_j6oihu0 wrote

I hear you! And we are expecting a little one early this summer, so I’ll probably be about 0 help haha. We would really love to do some raised beds eventually, but time, energy, and budget haven’t aligned yet haha.


theyreall_throwaways t1_j6pbch0 wrote

My dad always said he had time but not money, or money but no time. Sadly it's hard to have both at once, esp with kids in the mix. Congrats on the new addition.


Decsolst t1_j6lbq0t wrote

Did those beans come from jacks beanstalk?


Grayman222 t1_j6lbn2o wrote

how did you have the patience to tie them up like that.


Under_Ach1ever t1_j6mtuk0 wrote

Is this a bot post? Are these bot comments?


PoeticDichotomy t1_j6oic5w wrote

Well it’s definitely a bot post… The rest is ambiguous at best.


CaptPolybius t1_j6o1ypl wrote

I don't think op is a real person


OccasionStriking3497 t1_j6lnbsv wrote

it's to eat with your eyes! this is beautiful and looks really delicious.


amaran1he t1_j6n8ksd wrote

This is the first time I've seen beans of such an unusual shape.


espringmeyer4 t1_j6o9pj5 wrote

That's amazing what kind of bean is that?


Admirable_Resist111 t1_j6owtpm wrote

This looks like a turkey twizzler that's been coloured green. #fuckJamieOliver #twizzlersareback


DJEmpire80 t1_j6p7ja8 wrote

Thats the insects by WEF


Beertimeanytime t1_j6lj9zz wrote

How did they not all get tangled up like a phone cord


bryalb t1_j6ohicm wrote

Those lanyards look a bit rubbery


Baan_Rao t1_j6mmut9 wrote

That is crazy looking. I've never seen green bean all twisted like that before.