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softrotten OP t1_j6owc1d wrote

Baker by Nature biscuit recipe! The only thing I recommend is cutting the sugar down to 1 or 1/2 tbsp sugar, recipe calls for 2 tbsps. They were delicious

edit: I added a heaping 1/4 cup of fresh chives! Used thyme instead of rosemary because it was what I had on hand.


anormalgeek t1_j6p20d4 wrote

Thank you.

Planning on serving these with some mustard/apple marinated pork chops and a warm spinach salad. Or maybe some chicken thighs...

TBH, I'm looking forward to the biscuits most.


softrotten OP t1_j6p8dwc wrote

Oh the marinated pork chops + warm spinach salad w/ the biscuits sounds so good. I was already thinking about the next time I'll bake them again. Don't be surprised if you see me stealing that exact dinner plan sometime in the next few weeks