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KennethPatchen t1_j6jlcq8 wrote

Come on! There’s no bites taken out of that sandwich already by somebody else and there’s a plate. You know you have to eat it over a sink or counter while you stare into the distance and blast a deep breath out through your nose while you chew!


CardMechanic t1_j6j104u wrote

Looks like a nice little lunch. Sandwich looks good.


Rumpleskillsskills OP t1_j6jlma1 wrote

Ya I was very fortunate we had the pretzel bun. Usually rockin the wonderbread


cote112 t1_j6k6wy3 wrote

The pretzel bun is the only adult thing.


softrotten t1_j6iwvzr wrote

those fruit snacks >>>


kkb112 t1_j6jqcyr wrote

The fruit snacks are 10grams of unadulterated sugar. But so yummy


Xenoxia t1_j6jv2fn wrote

No, no. These fruit snacks are being adult-erated. So it's fine.


wombatlegs t1_j6n2sqx wrote

You know what else is "made with real fruit"? Fruit.


CardMechanic t1_j6lgtjh wrote

It’s a sandwich and crackers. Why is everyone so upset by this?


jor4288 t1_j6ltv6p wrote

Get some carrot sticks on that plate! Veggie!


MisterEinc t1_j6k3g91 wrote

Man I just do not understand the appeal of pretzel buns. I always feel like they're way too tough and chewy.


Insidious-Ruin t1_j6l0tx7 wrote

Görmen bread pride offended: Sounds like it has been baked too long or has been lying around for far too long, the one in the photo also looks far too dry and crispy for my liking, the lye part should be more light brown and shiny and the cross cut should remain very light and overall very fluffy.


MisterEinc t1_j6l1f2m wrote

Yeah I'm totally open to the notion that I've only had bad ones. But at this point it seems so unlikely to get a good one that I'd just rather not bother.


Michelle_In_Space t1_j6mz9rz wrote

I have had those days. Not a bad quick lunch that the kids can easily share with if they want. I am a big fan of pretzel anything.


wombatlegs t1_j6n2loh wrote

What is the rigid square orange thing?


Toidal t1_j6n286z wrote

I had goldfish the other day after not having them since I was in high school like 15 years ago. They were a lot blander than I remember :( Get your kids on Cheez-its asap, those things held up. Makes the parent tax much better


[deleted] t1_j6j5tnv wrote



kysrwerdfgt t1_j6jne5r wrote

Are you a parent that knows how to cook? Do you cook yourself a whole lunch meal every day of the year? Never just went with a clean sandwhich and a few snacks on the side? Get off your high horse about fixing a sandwhich for lunch for your kid haha OP doing just fine


Alimbiquated t1_j6k1gh6 wrote

Not much of this is actually homemade.


bikerunread t1_j6kr5a4 wrote

Right? It was put together at home, but clearly ultra processed foods (fruit snacks, gold fish, ham, bacon). The only fiber is from the lettuce. Might have been put together at home, but it’s neither homemade or nutritious/healthy.


Onitsuka_Viper t1_j6j434r wrote

Would be like a kid meal where I live although most parents wouldn't want to give their kids ultra transformed food like the snacks and transformed meats.


O-zm-A t1_j6ixhx8 wrote

Wow, now that's what I call eating like shit. Love the "homemade" tag. What's homemade about it? The sandwich being slapped together?


beeblehousin t1_j6jdt96 wrote

Oddly enough most people aren’t baking their own buns, making their own ham and bacon, harvesting their own lettuce, or have dairy cows. SMH this generation is so lazy


bluebellheart111 t1_j6kox2o wrote

I cannot believe you’ve been downvoted so hard!! There is literally nothing homemade here.

And truly looks like something I’d give my kid and feel guilty about.