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DeluxeWafer t1_j5usbc4 wrote

Oh junk you scared me. I thought you put bananas on your pizza for a second.


Aardvark1044 t1_j5v0yiy wrote

Apparently that is a popular topping in Sweden.


DeluxeWafer t1_j5v2zoa wrote

Oh. I am a little sad now.


throwawayforyouzzz t1_j5wnpuy wrote

My vegan friend replaces the cheese on her pizza with mashed banana

She called it a bananza


scheru t1_j5wvnu2 wrote

Tell your friend she made me sad.


dudek64 t1_j5yu52q wrote

We shouldn't worry that we hurt and kill animals. We should worry about things we put on pizza.


scheru t1_j5yxwp2 wrote

You realize it's possible to worry about both, right?


dudek64 t1_j5z93m6 wrote

Yes, and it is a really serious problem to worry about somebody's pizza toppings


scheru t1_j5z9v6f wrote

Well yeah, if that's what the conversation was about in the first place.

Which it was.


Chaotriux t1_j5xqztf wrote

That does not sound as good as a cheese base. The only way she likes it is because she is conditioned to it.


Cleanman52 t1_j5xrga5 wrote

I don't think she's vegan because she hates cheese. Sometimes you need to find okay substitutes for things you used to like.


Chaotriux t1_j5xs4hs wrote

I hear you, and I disagree haha. 😂

Banana is not a substitute for cheese. They are not the same or remotely similar.

But hey, I’m not vegan, so maybe they know something I don’t. Of course, I don’t understand vegans or why they are vegans. Many of them are also trash talkers(though not everyone of course… I hope?), so I don’t like them.

But then again, I’m not a people kind of guy so I dislike strangers but I’m also wary of ideas that does not align well with my own. Clashing together over different ideologies is a far too common issue that I prefer not to associate with people too different from me.

But I guess all people avoid people too different from them.


Content_Gap_8290 t1_j5xzik5 wrote

You are a selfaware xenophobe.

You fear what is unknown to you.

So save us some reading time and use that word.


Chaotriux t1_j62ml07 wrote

I don’t fear, I dislike. There is a difference.

And I am only a xenophobe to strangers, people I don’t already know. I don’t know any of my neighbors nor do I have any desire to do so.

I am very much content with solitude. Also, I like being detailed. I am only short spoken and consise when it suits me. Save you time? You didn’t even need to respond like it was your obligation. I just stated my opinion on the matter. There is no law which says you must like me or what I say in order for me to be allowed to express anything that is on my mind.

I’m sure you think so though. Good day.


Content_Gap_8290 t1_j6312l4 wrote

>I am only a xenophobe to strangers

You should print that and frame it.

Maybe one day someone will explain how ridiculous that sounds.


Chaotriux t1_j5xrmpb wrote

I am a Swedish 🇸🇪 citizen, and to an extent, banana toppings are fairly popular here in Sweden.

Usually I don’t order banana on my pizza though. I prefer kebab or chicken with fries, spicy and garlic sauce. And fresh garlic if I am in the mood. Sometimes curry as well.

That is my usual order from a pizza restaurant.

And if a pizza isn’t spicy enough, I can always make it even hotter with some hot sauce and/or cayenne and whatnot at home.


hundreddollar t1_j5yau7u wrote

It's why they have the yellow part in their flag. The blue part represents blueberries, which they put in burgers.


PaddiM8 t1_j5ybffh wrote

I usually order pineapple and banana pizza. Most pizzerias even have a pizz acalled "Africana" with pineapple, banana, curry powder and sometimes peanuts.


Packing_Wood OP t1_j5ut8eu wrote

OMG no. I'm not senile yet.


zombiecatarmy t1_j5uyfbj wrote

Peanut butter banana pizza something Elvis might like.


Uticus t1_j5wjptt wrote

Add bacon and youre onto something


Packing_Wood OP t1_j5uyk48 wrote

That's hilarious. You'd have to make it cold I think.


zombiecatarmy t1_j5uz6fd wrote

I dunno he ate those peanut butter banana sandwiches grilled like they were grilled cheeses.


Chaotriux t1_j5xr5na wrote

Yup. They were also very greasy since that is the kind of food he enjoyed. And the crust was removed.


Chaotriux t1_j5xr2b6 wrote

Possibly. But peanut butter on a pizza? Sounds very dry.


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j5v4wa7 wrote

I was served banana and orange slices on pizza before.

It was not good.


Chaotriux t1_j5xr7yv wrote

Why did you order that? Or were you at someone’s home being served that?


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j5xrfap wrote

Someone's home. A vegetarian friend who had at long last come back from China, and with a wife. I was given the impression that this was a Chinese thing.


Chaotriux t1_j5xrs9w wrote

Mm, I see. Yeah it’s certainly not for everyone. I prefer either kebab or chicken with fries on, and some spicy sauce AND garlic sauce. It is very good. 😋


Kalaeida t1_j5vb2al wrote

Me too. I almost gave you a downvote for this suspected atrocity.


madmaxxx5 t1_j5w0ng5 wrote

I thought it was mustard at first lmao

but pepperonis and banana peppers are good with me! (:


DeluxeWafer t1_j5w4u8v wrote

Banana peppers and bread products are meant for each other. This pizza looks friggin delicious.


Chaotriux t1_j5xqxsm wrote

I’ve had banana on pizza on occasion and it’s not that bad, though the bananas have to be limited or they overpower the rest of the condiments on the pizza.


Scottywin t1_j5ut9qf wrote

My absolute favorite topping combo. Banana peppers are good on everything!


Packing_Wood OP t1_j5uthsi wrote

I agree! I love them in subs, on pizza, in burritos or tacos....


Scottywin t1_j5uvczk wrote

Put em on all my burgers and hot dogs too!


Packing_Wood OP t1_j5uxbs2 wrote

Definitely! I even made some from my garden into pepper relish.


Zech08 t1_j5wyzk7 wrote

Sounds like a Dr. Seuss book.


Forced__Perspective t1_j5y53mt wrote

Did you make the dough? Any tips?

Looks lovely


Packing_Wood OP t1_j5yb2mf wrote

Yes. I used a dough mixer. Recipe in a comment above someplace. I still find it hard to stretch the dough successfully. After the dough is done let it proof, pound it back down, give it a little olive oil.


shadraig t1_j5vkogy wrote

You should have left that for a few more minutes in the oven. Look at the cheese in the middle. It could use more time


Leippy t1_j5vrmrj wrote

I'm not a big fan of the doughy texture either. I wanna see some char on the top before pulling out my pizzas


Changoleo t1_j5un7c0 wrote

That’s a combination of American & German pepperonis.


mcpatsky t1_j5xm00m wrote

And Italian. However, “pepperoni” in Italian means more like “bell peppers” though.


Urc0mp t1_j5uuemu wrote

Banana peppers are great next to all that cheese and pepperoni. 10/10 topping combo imo.


Ih8MyBrosWife t1_j5vj876 wrote

Needed 2-3 more minutes in the oven


Cpt_Rocket_Man t1_j5uie7x wrote

I got so excited, thought this was pineapple. Still looks delicious!


Sexy_Manatee_Man t1_j5vv1zq wrote

For some reason I read this as “pepperoni and banana pizza”


Packing_Wood OP t1_j5vv4lz wrote

That would be terrible.


Sexy_Manatee_Man t1_j5vvmdc wrote

Yes it would, but one time I saw some place that had a dessert pizza with bananas, chocolate and other sweet stuff on it and it looked disgusting, some of my family got one to share and said it was pretty good, I didn’t eat it though because I can’t eat gluten (not a diet, I physically can’t)


grimmrhythm t1_j5w8r67 wrote

Pepperoni and banana pepper is the ultimate combo


Matt_Kimball t1_j5wdw1m wrote

People sleep on the banana pepper..tastes great on so many things but low key perfect for pizza


phytomanic t1_j5unwi7 wrote

The best simple topping combination. 10/10


brett1081 t1_j5vlw7x wrote

I love banana pepper and garlic on my pizza


MisterEinc t1_j5vq69k wrote

Banana pepper is a seriously slept on pizza topping.


therealmilesJ t1_j5uuy52 wrote

How tf did I forget about banana peppers…


elsakroess t1_j5v55ry wrote

Pizzaaa 🤤🤤🤤🤤


gesus322 t1_j5vfnve wrote

😋😋😋 the two best toppings


TheGingerHybrid t1_j5uzgaw wrote

Just missing 1 item for my favorite toppings. Jalapeno's. Love the tang and the spice.


Aales76 t1_j5v5rcz wrote

Haha, my God was I relieved when I read "pepper" in the second line :D


5goldchains t1_j5wnj8s wrote

dude, pep & b-pep is my all time favorite toppings combo, so simple yet so fucking good.


counterspell t1_j5woyye wrote

This is one of my fave pie combos!


Gnitejahnboi t1_j5wqzjk wrote

Add some fresh basil and garlic and you have my custom order every time I order


Competitivedude32 t1_j5wzeud wrote

How did you manage to get zero color on the crust?


Packing_Wood OP t1_j5xsl7d wrote

I think I needed higher temp. I used 400.


LazarusHimself t1_j5xwj6e wrote

The ideal temperature is 350C or approx 666F


Packing_Wood OP t1_j5yavyg wrote

My oven would never get that hot


LazarusHimself t1_j5ybcd0 wrote

No offense but this is the reason why I, as an Italian abroad, don't bake pizza at home and always go and grab some from the local wood fire oven pizzeria: I don't have a wood fire oven! Maybe you should bake it for a bit longer, if you're worried about the toppings getting overcooked or charred you might want to add these half way through the cooking. Or get one of those fancy pizza ovens like Ooni.

The secret to a proper, fluffy and puffy pizza napoletana it's exactly that: very high temperatures! The pizza goes in and out in a couple of minutes and it's ready to be devoured



Schafty t1_j5x3oxz wrote

Looks amazing. Not sure why people are talking smack.


SayRaySF t1_j5xfl00 wrote

Yooo I love this combo! I also add wafer thin slices of red onions and lots and lots of red pepper flakes


Chaotriux t1_j5xquau wrote

I sense that this would be good.


Chaotriux t1_j5xrby7 wrote

Given how white the cheese is, I assume it is mozarella?


Packing_Wood OP t1_j5xsoyf wrote

Yes, with a small amount of Mexican blend yellow cheese on top.


Chaotriux t1_j5xsykn wrote

Interesting. Yeah I think I can see some yellow cheese there too, not just the banana peppers.

Was it good? I can imagine it was.


Conjconr12 t1_j5y789e wrote

How does this have 2k upvotes?!


Regi0 t1_j5z48sp wrote

The freemium pizza.



Shalucard t1_j5z95hf wrote

My selective reading kicked in and saw pepperoni and banana lol


EmmeSweet16 t1_j61pyna wrote

Looks good!

My Dad might be building us an outdoor wood fired oven this summer. Can’t wait to try making our own pizzas in it.


Koffeekage t1_j5vk0j2 wrote

My heart sank for a moment when i read Banana.


Spaghettiisgoddog t1_j5vucl5 wrote

Looks delicious! Leave it in a little longer next time for maximum crust experience.


Ok_Place_5265 t1_j5w7i32 wrote

I would actually love to try this


honeydips87 t1_j5w8221 wrote

This is my go to pizza order! :chefs kiss:


scarbez t1_j5w8379 wrote

And after seeing this picture of homemade pizza I declare my year's resolutions cancelled until 2024. Lasted more than three weeks. That has to be some kind of record


ob1smom t1_j5wq085 wrote

Looks delicious!


Milnoc t1_j5umnot wrote

Don't worry about the overall shape. That takes practice. Lots of it. You'll just have to eat the rejects! 😁


[deleted] t1_j5urf85 wrote

Homemade pizza actually tastes WAY better than delivery.


Raynorm241987 t1_j5vw2yf wrote

I don't know why you got down voted, I completely agree. Homemade pizza is the bees knees!


LobsterSpam t1_j5uu1dl wrote

I know they're peppers... But bananas are an underrated pizza topping. Wander in to any Swedish pizzeria and there will always be a couple of menu options with banana in the mix.


CalamityClambake t1_j5x3eqm wrote

What else are the Swedes putting on the pizza?

Because bananas, tomato sauce, garlic and cheese sounds like a horrible combination.


Lemurfemur2000 t1_j5xfki1 wrote

There's one pizza with chicken, curry, peanuts and banana haha


LobsterSpam t1_j5y8i19 wrote

The one that Lemur mentioned, then there are ones with banana/ham/curry and pineapple, or just banana/chucken/curry. Banana is actually a good friend of savoury foods - scrambled egg and mashed banana is very very underrated, and I've been told it's even good with pasta (have yet to try that myself though).


tigerdq1 t1_j5voc2t wrote

I need your recipe. That looks delicious 😋.


Packing_Wood OP t1_j5vpjat wrote

The dough is 2 cups flour, 4-5tsp EVOO, 2/3 cup water, 1/2tsp pink salt, 1.5tsp yeast.

Shredded parm cheese, a small bit of Mexican cheese blend, banana pepper slices, pepperoni slices.

Sauce- there are SO many brands making pizza sauce these days. Try a few out. I like one that is a little sweet with a little bite.


CalamityClambake t1_j5x3ls3 wrote

Replace the water with lager. I use Rainier. It makes the crust texture better and improves the flavor.


tigerdq1 t1_j5vqq7f wrote

Definitely will try it out. I'm the same when it comes to the sauces as well.


jupiterspringsteen t1_j5vvvpc wrote

Good effort for making your own. Bad effort for taking a pic and uploading it, because sorry to tell you - it isn't a looker.


Pablo_Escobar_80 t1_j5uobzj wrote

What the hell... Why you doing this???🤮


19Claudio t1_j5uosk5 wrote

Its just yellow peppers that are named like this. There are no bananas on the pizza