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barryandorlevon t1_j6awgg0 wrote

Oh boy, this is gonna confuse the enchilada vs burrito crowd


ninjoid t1_j6bkwk7 wrote

It is an Enchirito. Taco bell used to have them.


davenobody t1_j6c1kw1 wrote

Used to frequent a joint called Taco Bravo. Was like Taco Bell only the ingredients were all the real thing. Everything was like old Taco Bell menu on steroids. If cheese went on top you could not see what is under. Why am I even writing this? Anyway, maybe I want more cheese.


StevenTM t1_j6eqnnt wrote

What exactly do you think the ingredients at taco bell are? Can you.. like.. not see them slice the lettuce and tomatoes? They do it open air style in all the ones I've been at.


elanhilation t1_j6eyroi wrote

there’s a distinct artificiality to Taco Bell ingredients in my neck of the woods. meat, sour cream, cheese, all feel subtly off


BadCaseOfClams t1_j6ezr3r wrote

Ya. Taco Bell ingredients are like the version of an item from an alternate universe with like… one degree of separation from our own. It’s like… the uncanny valley of food. Is this nacho cheese? Or is this make believe? That’s how it tastes. Like pretend food.


davenobody t1_j6fbhis wrote

I suspect the texture of the ingredients at taco bell are due to extended shelf life properties.


StevenTM t1_j6fe4fd wrote

So.. same as most products that you can get at a supermarket that aren't organic/are cheap. Bland tasting tomatoes that are just barely pink inside, watery and flavorless lettuce, average or below quality American cheese, the cheapest ground beef with 15-20% "connective tissue and other" and sub 10% fat (which is what gives it flavor).

Pretty sure if I make a taco with the cheapest of the above that I can find at Aldi it'll be indistinguishable (taste-wise) from one from taco bell

That said, their chicken has always been tasty (to me), and some stuff like the crunchwrap supreme was pretty consistently great.


davenobody t1_j6fhg7g wrote

I like Taco Bell sometimes too. I don't think organic has anything to do with it either. The place I described did crazy volume and went really fresh with their ingredients. Isn't fancy or expensive either. They also feed the 2am tossed out of the bar crowd. So they have a unique set of strengths that make them worth a drive to experience.


requiemofchaos t1_j6c8336 wrote

It's basically what a "wet burrito" is at any taqueria.


Belgand t1_j6djl4i wrote

I'll wade into that a bit. Part of the difference is down to the fillings. If you're making a Mission-style burrito with beans and rice, that wouldn't go in an enchilada.

Wrapping also plays a role. Enchiladas are typically made with corn tortillas while burritos are almost without exception flour. I make enchiladas with flour myself, but corn is still the more traditional version.


Food_and_CatSubs t1_j6expr7 wrote

Shrimp and a white or green sauce are good with flour but anything else I usually find gets mushy


cecusanele t1_j6c73eb wrote

They are back!


Jorymo t1_j6cqyai wrote

and gone again


cecusanele t1_j6dztkh wrote



Jorymo t1_j6g7w55 wrote

I know, right? I had my only one the day I got my braces off and missed the narrow window to have it again years later


[deleted] t1_j6bocwc wrote

LoL the sauce it's bathing in did have me confusing it for enchiladas...

wait a minute, I'm still confused....Burritos or Enchiladas....WHICH ONE IS IT? LoL


barryandorlevon t1_j6botwy wrote

Well the flour tortilla says burrito but the enchilada sauce says… I DON’T KNOWWWWW


blahblahrasputan t1_j6c9zdl wrote

I'm confused, I've had lots of flour tortilla based enchiladas


dclancy01 t1_j6cm0h7 wrote

i’ve had plenty of flour tortilla based enchiladas, but never an enchilada sauce & cheese covered burrito.

they’re enchiladas.


Belgand t1_j6dkrh5 wrote

That's common at many taquerias. It's usually referred to as "mojado" or "wet". They make a burrito as normal, then cover it with enchilada sauce, cheese, and stick it under the broiler for a sec to melt it. It's like a buck or two upgrade for any burrito.


mrd_stuff t1_j6coz4v wrote

What if it's covered in green chilli and cheese but not in a pan with other burritos?


dclancy01 t1_j6cpoxe wrote

for me, it’s the sauce that makes an enchilada an enchilada. you can have flour tortilla burritos but not saucy burritos!


blahblahrasputan t1_j6dqwd3 wrote

Actually I did have a "wet burro" in Northern California once that had green sauce and cheese. Well now I'm definitely confused. Edit Morro Straight I think it was


librarianjenn t1_j6d3hpg wrote

I have too, but that is typically the main difference between them - enchiladas use corn tortillas, and burritos, flour.


majarian t1_j6c65nk wrote

Pretty sure it says 'i eat what I want'

And I for one am here to listen


SnuggleBunni69 t1_j6byahl wrote

Whatever thos eare, I wouldn't call them burritos. We live in a society of rules! There are procedures!


kalabaddon t1_j6brtr1 wrote

I mean their just wet burrito's before plating tho right? and my god do I want them!!!


doom32x t1_j6ce3y0 wrote

Flour disqualifies the enchiladas segment of my brain. I'm a white boy, but I'm from San Antonio, enchiladas are corn, tacos are either, burritos are flour.

Edit: I absolutely brain farted and meant flour, not corn for burritos. Jesus fucking Christ I feel like Ford eating the tamal with the husk and all.


t_ran_asuarus_rex t1_j6chfoo wrote

you have had burritos made with a corn tortilla? i've only known flour tortillas for burritos.


likeeggs t1_j6d3jjw wrote

Welcome to the land of the smothered burrito.


Caver95 t1_j6cot88 wrote

You’ve given me the inspiration for my next claymation musical loosely based on west side story.


xeno66morph t1_j6hnj1w wrote

What confusion? Those aren’t burritos and that’s all there is to it


zenlikerafiki t1_j6dpxv5 wrote

What enchiladas are you eating? 🤢 I feel really bad for anyone who has had enchiladas that look like that.


Nethii120700 t1_j6c6i7l wrote

this looks like enchiladas with extra steps


Blue_jalapeno t1_j6b6m0x wrote

That's a dang enchilada! Looks delicious!


Shoes-tho t1_j6eye2m wrote

Enchiladas do not use flour tortillas and the ends are folded in just like a burrito. They’re just smothered burritos.


Dickies138 t1_j6c1piu wrote

That sauce looks legit


dman686 t1_j6bqylw wrote



[deleted] t1_j6co6jp wrote



TheShadyGuy t1_j6cy75w wrote

That looks like a red chilli sauce, may or may not also contain tomatoes. In this case it is a can of enchilada sauce, according to the link.


fuck_huffman t1_j6bull7 wrote

It looks like the ends are folded so I vote burritos.

All the enchiladas I've eaten were open ended.


SolidDoctor t1_j6bvdj8 wrote

A local market makes something that looks very similar, but they call them beef chimichangas. Which is completely wrong, because chimichangas are deep fried.

And whatever's on the inside, isn't beef. I don't know what it is. It has the consistency of refried beans, but it isn't that either.


[deleted] t1_j6cvwnd wrote



knave-arrant t1_j6dxqr0 wrote

Taco meat? Are you talking about chopped up ranchera or ground beef? Because yeah mixing in beans with ground beef would make that kind of consistency, but true taco meat would not.


SolidDoctor t1_j6e5rj0 wrote

Well I worked as a cook in a Mexican restaurant for a few years, so yes. And I love cooking, I've made many Mexican style dishes. I have never been able to turn taco beef into tasteless creamy paste, nor would I ever want to!


Hinote21 t1_j6dabtb wrote

If you cook room temp hamburger on medium heat and constantly stir it, you get maximum separation of the hamburger with a...creamy? Consistency after adding water and taco seasoning


[deleted] t1_j6c0fur wrote

It’s called a burrito mojado at most Mexican restaurants.


whatisitallabout123 t1_j6b8vhb wrote

I guess the Skittles are on the inside, taste the rainbow 🌈


justpeace0 t1_j6bwvtb wrote

Don't care what they are called, they look magically delicious.


[deleted] t1_j6bo96g wrote

that'll go nice with my beers! ;-]


YoungManKnees t1_j6bt8z1 wrote

Skillet wet burritos. Boom solved it!


Upset_Ad9929 t1_j6d7rsl wrote

Wait...I see enchiladas...or do I?


walkstwomoons2 t1_j6dwqox wrote

Yum. If I give you my mailing address, would you send those to me? Looks especially great, but I really like the cheese on top.


likeeggs t1_j6d3wrl wrote

In the SW part of the states you can get any burrito, and sometimes lots of other things, smothered with red or green chile and cheese. It’s the best and we do this at home too when everyone wants all the chile possible.


ohmynards85 t1_j6dar23 wrote

I was going to make cheeseburgers for dinner but ffffffaaaaaaaaak now i want enchiladas


girl_canada t1_j6bwn0a wrote

Never tried this. That's hell lotta cheese! Looks too good


UniQue1992 t1_j6ch4zk wrote

So how am I going to eat this? :)


EroDakiOnly t1_j6cie5b wrote

2 x 1! 2 x 1! Chinchiladas! el sabor sencacion que esta barriendo la nacion!


Caver95 t1_j6confo wrote

That looks amazing and exactly like what I am craving.


Sol-idSnake t1_j6d5fob wrote

I don't care what you call it. It looks amazing and I'd definitely come over for dinner. Great job.


Hinote21 t1_j6dadiz wrote

Thanks for my dinner tonight


the_phillipines t1_j6dg9nc wrote

That looks soooooo good I want temales now


Glittering_Ad4686 t1_j6dgtvt wrote

I got heartburn looking at that pic. No shade it looks amazing


oniluis20 t1_j6dictx wrote

Mexican Jesus Christ and the virgen María! The fuck is that!?


run_uz t1_j6dq4aj wrote

Look lovely


KRAW58 t1_j6dqzd8 wrote

Looks good!


do_something_good t1_j6drz77 wrote

Im 3 months pregnant, have a ton of food aversions, and while my standard diet consists of a lot of spicy and acidic foods (am Mexican American), they tear me up right now. I miss spicy, saucy food so much, this looks amazing.


quirkycurlygirly t1_j6dsafx wrote

This is a thing? Wow! Put this in my life now!


Romaine2k t1_j6duy4e wrote

I'd call this a smothered burrito but the sauce is throwing me off a bit


The1joriss t1_j6dyc5g wrote

Well never had a heartattack but first time for everything


wasabe99 t1_j6dyuml wrote

Yeah but how does this white guy make this enchilada burrito sauce!?


eugoogilizer t1_j6flt0o wrote

Where do you live? I’m coming over for dinner 😂


narwalbacons-12am t1_j6fvlm2 wrote

I grew up in South Texas, I have never had a burrito or enchiladas that look like this. We had actual Mexican food.

Wtf is this?

FYI, cheese and chili sauce on enchiladas is a texmex or American thing, you don't find lettuce, cheese, or tomato on tacos in Mexico.


offline-gamer t1_j6i3oq3 wrote

No wonder you've got such big fat ass in the USA.....


W33Ded t1_j6io6yc wrote

Caucasians calling anything they want the wrong thing.


dontbeanegatron t1_j6ckm4g wrote

I'll also chime in for a recipe request! These look amazing!


Llamz t1_j6diaz9 wrote

A lot of the food on here tends to fall in a couple categories of either looking way too fancy or weirdly sexual. Let me tell you right now these hit that golden category of just delicious for the eyes. Fucking incredible.


darrellbear t1_j6djsve wrote

You invented enchiladas! Try green sauce next time. Even better, try green chile with pork next time, and put a little sour cream on top.


Cornp0ppp t1_j6e97in wrote

In other words enchiladas? Lol, they looking amazing tho 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼


pearloz t1_j6ehm5d wrote

That’s a Tex-mex enchilada


[deleted] t1_j6bqaiv wrote

Yummmm. Those are enchiladas.


MercuryAI t1_j6byolk wrote

slurs drunkenly Enchilada, burrito, enchorito, whatever...hic

The only thing sways.... the ONLY thing you need to understand is that alllll Mexican food is the same. Tortilla, meat, cheese and some kind of vegetable. You want a... blinks to focus eyes a TACO? Tortilla, meat, cheese and some kinda vegetable. Burrito?! Tortilla, meat, cheese, and some kinda vegetable. And TOSTADAS? You... You get where this is going. Chugs tequila probably standardi...stande... made 'em all the same at some kinda Mexican union meeting or something. Some abuelas busted la chancla on some fat Jose who want to make em...make...em...make em original... Zzzzzzzzzzzzz