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insanewords t1_j7lpw1w wrote

Gotta wonder how many of those are just ports of existing titles.


trafficante t1_j7m17s3 wrote

Yeah if these are mostly Quest ports it’s not all that impressive. Outside of a notable few, every Quest->PCVR port has been “still obviously a mobile game but at least it runs at full resolution now”


megaladongosaurus t1_j7n0dv8 wrote

Yeah was gonna say how many of those 100 are Skyrim remakes


Civ6Ever t1_j7s18e4 wrote

In 2017 I bought my last copy of Skyrim. Skyrim VR with a ps4 VR set at target for Black Friday.

Despite the memes, I had never played stealth archer before and it was an amazing playthrough. It was the only VR game I had with the system and it was totally worth it.


Sol33t303 t1_j8kt72w wrote

Yeah on PC I have only had to pay for the original skyrim and skyrim vr.

The rest have been free upgrades.


ZizouGOAT10 t1_j7or8le wrote

A realistic football game would be amazing. Football isn’t really a sport you can play with your friends at the local park so VR is the only hope for us.


Equal_Chemistry_3049 t1_j7owqwf wrote

Yeah it's was easier to have a bunch of VR sets that find 10 sqm of grass and a football


ZizouGOAT10 t1_j7qcz8m wrote

More like it’s easier to do it in VR than it is to find 21 people and buy 22 sets of helmets and pads


metalmanExtreme t1_j7pzz8x wrote

I get what your saying, it’s also pretty much perfect for PSVR2 Can even simulate concussion with the head haptics