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MeaningPandora2 t1_j7lwllb wrote

USD is the most commonly traded currency in the world, you need to specify what $ you mean if you don't mean USD.

This one is on you.


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MoarTacos t1_j7m4oru wrote

Come on dawg, you have to admit that using the dollar sign and not specifying it isn’t the USD is a failure of communication on your part. Not ours.


Neo_Techni t1_j7mulzo wrote

Agreed. Canadian here. I would have specified $CDN cause USD is the default.


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MoarTacos t1_j7m61f1 wrote

Your superiority complex is hilarious. You realize not all Americans suck the thumb of Trump, right?

Oops, I thought you were done commenting? Couldn’t stay away?