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Cryptolution t1_j7onkss wrote

Hopefully someone will crack it and we can eventually use it for the PC! However realistically when that's a possibility it will probably just make more sense to buy a different newer and better headset.


Abbhrsn t1_j7p16to wrote

Yeah, I don't think it happened with the original so probably won't with this one..I think people that would enjoy that feature that have the console and headset would just buy a Quest or something at that point, after you've already dropped that much money what's a bit more matter.


GatoradeNipples t1_j8lkeqr wrote

It did happen with the original headset, it just had limited utility because the Move dildos weren't compatible with anything. So it only really worked with stuff where you could play with a gamepad, which isn't a huge proportion of VR games.

If Sony's using more... normal controllers this time, and PSVR 2 is on par with the other options instead of being kind of weird and janky, there'll probably be a lot more interest in making it work well.