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RSomnambulist t1_j7kr2jo wrote

Even if we assume only 10% are any good, that's a lot of VR content.


PaulyWauly_Doodle t1_j7l4v45 wrote

What is Steam's Valve response? Or Meta-Facebook Occulus ( if you even still have a FB still lol'zuckerturd)


Pissene t1_j7lh261 wrote

Oh crap I forgot I pre ordered it, when is it released?


insanewords t1_j7lpw1w wrote

Gotta wonder how many of those are just ports of existing titles.


gainey666 t1_j7lwx2p wrote

correction there is 99 wii game ports and 1 og title is my guess


trafficante t1_j7m17s3 wrote

Yeah if these are mostly Quest ports it’s not all that impressive. Outside of a notable few, every Quest->PCVR port has been “still obviously a mobile game but at least it runs at full resolution now”


Fethah t1_j7mcrf7 wrote

It’s the second psvr. Which is why it’s 2. It isn’t vr2 it’s psvr2. Just like quest 2.

With that said, yes it actually has multiple functions that other vr don’t offer but it would be better to watch someone explain it on YouTube as I’m not the best at writing that info out haha.


SanctuaryMoon t1_j7mgf74 wrote

Yeah... Unless most of the PSVR1 games I have get upgraded to PSVR2 it's gonna be a long time before it can even be considered a worthwhile investment.


Shodan30 t1_j7muvdx wrote

Yeah, but how many of them are porn?


Commercial-Stuff402 t1_j7n6dbi wrote

90 of them are full sail student capstones. Just because there are a "bunch" of games doesn't mean they are good. The playstation store is full of "new" garbage indies that just clog up the store


cookiemonster247 t1_j7nmu1m wrote

The current ps vr set up is garbage. Unless you can separate the cameras, the next gen will be garbage too


n3w4cc01_1nt t1_j7nxfgu wrote

they should bring their 90s dream to life and collab with nintendo


Abbhrsn t1_j7nyhrw wrote

Am I the only one that kinda hates that the headset doesn't connect to PC? Lol, like, I already own a headset for my PC but if this one could be used as an upgrade for my PC headset I'd be a whole lot more tempted to buy one. I get they wanna force people to use their hardware..but it feels like getting some sales on hardware to people that don't have the console would be a plus for them.


Low_Cardiologist7030 t1_j7o62b6 wrote

I spent so much money on vr and alyx is the only game I've managed to get through. So many games are just tech demos and it's made me no longer use it :(


Cryptolution t1_j7onkss wrote

Hopefully someone will crack it and we can eventually use it for the PC! However realistically when that's a possibility it will probably just make more sense to buy a different newer and better headset.


firedrakes t1_j7ozrws wrote

Half will be canned and studioes shut down. Just like version 1 try


Abbhrsn t1_j7p16to wrote

Yeah, I don't think it happened with the original so probably won't with this one..I think people that would enjoy that feature that have the console and headset would just buy a Quest or something at that point, after you've already dropped that much money what's a bit more matter.


Abbhrsn t1_j7p19oo wrote

True, maybe they should go Oculus and release their own store that you have to use on their headset, and release it on PC..haha, I guess it'd make it easier to crack at that point though.


laflex t1_j7qktpl wrote

It will be 95% VR trash like all the other VR stores


Civ6Ever t1_j7s18e4 wrote

In 2017 I bought my last copy of Skyrim. Skyrim VR with a ps4 VR set at target for Black Friday.

Despite the memes, I had never played stealth archer before and it was an amazing playthrough. It was the only VR game I had with the system and it was totally worth it.


GatoradeNipples t1_j8lkeqr wrote

It did happen with the original headset, it just had limited utility because the Move dildos weren't compatible with anything. So it only really worked with stuff where you could play with a gamepad, which isn't a huge proportion of VR games.

If Sony's using more... normal controllers this time, and PSVR 2 is on par with the other options instead of being kind of weird and janky, there'll probably be a lot more interest in making it work well.