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alman12345 t1_irsshci wrote

I’m sure the rollercoaster thing could probably be fixed by a geofence but for the “dropped while driving” thing I can’t think of any way to exclude that


other_usernames_gone t1_irt1erh wrote

Maybe check the direction of the acceleration.

If you drop a phone and don't crash you'll get 9.8m/s^2 down for half a meter to a meter and then a stop.

If you crash you'll also get quite a lot of lateral declaration as you hit a tree or whatever and brake hard. The initial breaking will probably be longer than the amount of time a phone takes to drop.


celaconacr t1_irti6tt wrote

I don't think you could detect the force direction quickly enough to do that.

On a static phone you can detect down using gravity. When the phone is potentially spinning and moving in any direction you can't as easily separate the forces applied from the phone motion. Essentially you get an output of forces in 3d but it isn't tied to a direction directly.


NotAHost t1_iruc8va wrote

You have an IMU that uses both a gyroscope and acceleration.


designingtheweb t1_iru80s0 wrote

You can drop the phone upside down, back first, screen first, etc. Any orientation is possible. It can even be spinning. I will be hard to detect down.


guiltycornet77 t1_irw4q4t wrote

You don’t need the direction however, just the magnitude of the acceleration in 3D prior to impact. If it is within the ballpark of 9.8 m/s prior to the massive impulse spike caused by it hitting the ground you can disregard the spike as a drop. If the phone is at a resting state/a state with very little acceleration prior to impact (ie a phone on a dash in a car that immediately hits a wall) or has a large magnitude of deceleration (driver hits the breaks quickly before impact) than you can diagnose that as a crash. You don’t need direction of acceleration if you just simplify the problem


kreiger-69 t1_irvfz7x wrote

Impact.....if after twenty seconds everything remains stopped then call.....if gps continues to move then don't ring 999


RC1000ZERO t1_irvop3o wrote

smoke detectors do something similiar(at least Photoelectric smoke alarms do) when they first detect smoke(by the lightbeam being interupted/scatterd and thus the current changing on the sensor) they send out a couple more light flashes in quick sucession(they usualy send a beam every so often(i think it was every second or 5 seconds? anyway, not constantly)to check if the disturbance was just a dust particle or actual smoke THEN it rings the alarm....


not hard to implement something similiar into this i imagine.


crappy80srobot t1_irvd4eq wrote

My pixel has gone off twice over the years. The first time I slammed my phone down in the seat because I was mad at someone. I didn't know what the alarm and the person talking was at first because I forgot I had the feature. Kinda put me in a panic. Good thing it ask if your okay first and doesn't immediately call 911. It really seems like a non-issue as long as the iPhone functions the same way. Honestly don't know why this is a story or why anyone talks about this feature. It's nothing new and these instances have been seen before. I feel like I heard the same talking points three years ago.


invalidarrrgument t1_iruwiam wrote

I think you could use the fact that if you drop your phone while driving after it impacts the floor the car will continue driving. In the car crash the scenario you generally come to a stop.


whopperlover17 t1_irt4f4m wrote

Geofence is not a good way to go about it imo


BlueCreek_ t1_irt7zbd wrote

Specially for when I crash into a rollercoaster.


NateCow t1_irtw81f wrote

How so? Theme parks are pretty large swaths of land devoid of transit roads. If it detects what it thinks is a car crash and you happen to be 1) nowhere near a road and 2) inside a geofence of a known theme park, it's pretty easy to assume it's a false alarm.


whopperlover17 t1_irtxuig wrote

Well my point is carnivals and other things like that. I think with the wealth of sensors available it should just need some tuning to be able to not have as many false positives.


snakebite2017 t1_irvhn5c wrote

How saying I'm fine after dropping it. The phone mic is on right?


Sv1a t1_irvijp1 wrote

I think the easiest way is to make a delay bigger before calling 911.

I have apple watch and they detected me fall quite a few times (few were false alarms because I hit my hand too hard while boxing and few were real ones where I slipped or fell of the bike). It had some time for me to report if I was OK before calling any of my emergency contacts.


Reep1611 t1_irvjxoy wrote

It can be fixed mich easier. Either don’t drop you damn phone because you put it into a closed pocket as you should or don‘t bring it on the coaster in the first place. Obviously the crash feature will trigger after it being subjected to unusual g forces and a sudden hard stopp.


LarryGlue t1_irt9foa wrote

Probably an unpopular opinion, but there’s just too many features these days and not enough good programmers writing them or thinking things through. Every tech gadget is getting too difficult to use. Like the Reddit app I’m using to type this won’t expand past the last sentence and shrinks even more if I miss click the expand arrows.

Anyways, old man yells at cloud yada yada.


oakteaphone t1_irtblc4 wrote

>Like the Reddit app I’m using to type this won’t expand past the last sentence and shrinks even more if I miss click the expand arrows.

I'm willing to bet they didn't understand your feature request... because I'm still confused as to what you mean, lol


rigobueno t1_irtkkvv wrote

I understand what they mean because I’ve also experienced it. The text entry box doesn’t follow the text after it gets to a certain point, it begins to just disappear off screen like right now, after this line I cannot see the text I’m thonbg at this moment


LarryGlue t1_irtnxyw wrote

Yes, the sentence goes behind the keyboard LOL. Drives me crazy.


Duosion t1_irtyf7l wrote

It’s so fucking annoying, I thought I was the only one with this issue. You kind of just keep typing for one more line and pray you didn’t make any mistakes. Once it gets past this next line, it finally expands :/ Or hit edit and it’ll show the entire thing. I hate this bug.


ABoxACardboardBox t1_irvcae9 wrote

But I bet you can see those promoted ads just fine.


rigobueno t1_irw9msy wrote

Of course, those come through crystal clear front and center. Flawless quality.


bostonlilypad t1_irw0h0i wrote

Programmers don’t “think them through”. The people responsible for thinking things through is a product manager.

The thing you’re complaining about with Reddit, also a product manager and UX designer. Devs just code what they say.


ManInBlack829 t1_is0mo0k wrote

Crash detection is really hard, just saying. It's not a simple bug at all.


Almighty_Dank_Lord t1_irsfcr2 wrote

That or the lock button I know so many people that have accidentally clicked the lock button 5 times or slide the wrong bar turning their phone off and then hearing faintly police in the background I really hope they change it


rickg t1_irsfrj1 wrote

None of that is about Crash Detection, though. That's the SOS system that the iphone has had for years and there's nothing to fix - it's working as intended. If you 'slide the wrong bar' YOU have told the iphone to call emergency services. Same if you clicked the lock button FIVE times.

Crash Detection is supposed to activate when there's severe jostling of the phone. It shouldn't activate on a simple drop, but it might need tuning.


professorDissociate t1_irstv18 wrote

Integration with their maps service is probably a good route to take. Currently, I imagine the scope is set to something like “whenever phone is traveling fast and gets jerked around a lot.”

At the cost of protection while off-roading (lol to that), they could refine the scope by seeing if you’re actually on a road first.


rickg t1_irsz4uo wrote

I think (but am not 100% on this) that they collected a lot of real world data from iPhones and use machine learning to try to figure out what was a crash vs jostling.

I wonder if they DO integrate with Maps. That's a good idea.


Iz-kan-reddit t1_irt43pq wrote

>I think (but am not 100% on this) that they collected a lot of real world data from iPhones and use machine learning to try to figure out what was a crash vs jostling.

They should probably collect a lot of real world data from amusement park rides.


locks_are_paranoid t1_itjx206 wrote

The only system which should call 911 is someone going to the phone app and typing in the numbers 911 then pressing the call button. Any other feature which calls 911 should be eliminated.


rickg t1_itlns6l wrote

You're an idiot. There are plenty of situations where someone needs emergencey services but is unable to do that. Unconscious? Car crash put the phone out of reach? Trapped? Just die, according to you.

Go play with your Android phone, troll.


[deleted] t1_irsg6tt wrote



rickg t1_irshkaj wrote

Or you could watch WTF you're doing. They're clearly labeled and if someone isn't paying attention to which bar is OFF and which is POLICE, that's not on Apple.

For those of you who clearly don't have an iPhone... the power off slider is at the top. The Emergency Call slider is halfway down the screen. You'd have to be beyond careless to swipe the latter when you meant the former.


whir998 t1_irss9n8 wrote

I have to agree with u/rickg on this one. Why listen to what the consumers want? We should be remember to be grateful to Apple Inc (™️, all rights reserved) and change our lifestyles to suit the what the corporation dictates. If tons of users accidentally trigger the SOS feature, it must be their fault, not apple’s, OBVIOUSLY

To quote u/rickg, just “watch WTF you’re doing” ok?


rickg t1_irsyiq5 wrote

Amusing, but come on. It's beyond careless to think you're swiping the power off slider at the top of the screen but to actually swipe the Emergency call button which is HALFWAY DOWN THE FUCKING SCREEN.

You either don't use an iPhone or you're an idiot. What, Tim should come out and hold your hand to make sure you don't swipe the wrong thing?


locks_are_paranoid t1_itjxaq5 wrote

There are two sliders, both of which do very different functions on the exact same screen, so I can fully understand someone making this mistake


rickg t1_itlnheo wrote

Anone is at the top of the screen, the other in the middle of the screen. People need to not be idiots and watch what they do.


4thought66 t1_irso8u8 wrote

The amount of times my phone has almost dialed 911 from being in my pocket urges me to disagree.


rickg t1_irsz8nb wrote

Mine never has. In over a decade. How does yours do this (is it the 5 button press thing?)


Sweaty-Tart-3198 t1_irvs5uh wrote

Yeah there was a news release I saw the other day about the significant increase to abandoned 911 calls from accidental calls from those types of features. This article was from the Guelph Police in Ontario and the police service recommended people disable this feature because of the impact it was having on 911 dispatch.


drdrdoug t1_irs7byk wrote

Obvious observation.

- Don't use your phone while driving. (if you are dropping your phone while driving, maybe it is just a preventive 911 call)

- Turn off crash detection if you are on a roller coaster (bumper cars, demolition derby, etc)


SJSragequit t1_irsf7l1 wrote

It’s illegal in a lot of places to even use your phone while driving. This more likely means a passenger drops there phone while the vehicle is moving


_PM_ME_PANGOLINS_ t1_irss0pn wrote

No, it means people are ignoring those laws.


kraylus t1_irstodz wrote

“How can people use their phones if It’s ILLEGAL, Helloooooo!”


deal-with-it- t1_irtb8z9 wrote

Of course, because it is absolutely not possible to put your phone on the dash or center console and have it fall during a corner or a brake.


SJSragequit t1_irstw3k wrote

I’m sure people are, but I’m also sure a far greater amount of people having this issue are passengers and not drivers


_PM_ME_PANGOLINS_ t1_irsu6ri wrote

I think people trying to drive and use their phone at the same time are far more likely to drop the phone than passengers.


tastyratz t1_irsfjvi wrote

More obvious observation:

Geofence crash detection on rollercoasters in known amusement parks because people won't do that.

You could also disable crash detection for 5 minutes when G forces and speeds exceed a certain criterea (i.e. combination of speed, accel, force, and time) when in the entire confines of an amusement park and similar locations.

This is easily solved through software by design. It won't fix corner cases (like traveling carnival rides) but I bet it solves a significant number of fixed location issues.

Edited to improve clarity after some confusion


SkyeAuroline t1_irsqo45 wrote

>for 5 minutes

Most rides are significantly under 5 minutes, this wouldn't solve much...


tastyratz t1_irss3l8 wrote

Most rides are absolutely under 5 minutes so detecting high speed and forces inside a geofence and then disabling for a 5 minute period every time should cover... most if not all rides.

If Apple is worried about liability then they could pop a temp notification that the feature is currently disabled for x reason (just like you might see with a wet charging port on android).

This allows for automatic crash and fall detection feature disablement without user interactivity in false detection scenarios.

The 5 minute timer could start every time they get on a ride and they can still have fall detection walking the park. They could even tie in heart rate / apple watch false readings.

This is also an EXTREMELY broad and short solution by a Redditor with very little investment. I am sure any implementation would get far more complex. Maybe it's... 4 minutes? 3? a weighted answer depending on forces?

Either way, it can easily be refined.


SkyeAuroline t1_irst48i wrote

Okay, you meant "disabling for 5 minutes when those forces are detected in a geofenced area" - the way it was worded, it read like "disabling after 5 minutes of G-forces", which would be a whole lot harder to make work, lol. My mistake.


tastyratz t1_irsvrt8 wrote

No worries, I could have been more clear by putting a comma after amount or saying "amount of time" so now I see where you had your confusion. That part is on me.


locks_are_paranoid t1_itjxp3y wrote

The best way for Apple to not have liability is to not have any of these features in the first place. The world was perfectly fine when the only way to call 911 was to physically press the buttons 9-1-1 in the phone app. And the day the flip phones they were physical buttons, and in the days of rotary phones it was a dial. There was also a large swath of time where a landline phone would have physical buttons.


ExiledLife t1_irt8xym wrote

In have my phone on the center console plugged in to the car. I've had it fall down from there while driving before. It is possible to drop the phone without directly using it.


raxreddit t1_iruxxrj wrote

Yeah I have a suction mount for my phone. Considering how heavy the Pro/Pro Max models are... it doesn't take that much for the weight of the phone plus a hot day to cause the suction to fail. This causes the mount (with my phone) to come crashing down.


whyisthissoharder t1_irsaafq wrote

How do you know if crash detection is on? I don’t have a 14 but I’m sure some people didn’t know it was turned on in the first place or have just gone long enough to forget it was turned on.


elMurpherino t1_irsgk12 wrote

It’s in the sos and emergency section of the settings. Turn off the automatic call to 911 after crash


thisischemistry t1_irugusq wrote

There is a toggle for it.

Apple: Turn Crash Detection on or off

> You can turn off alerts and automatic emergency calls from Apple after a severe car crash in Settings > Emergency SOS, then turn off Call After Severe Crash.


raxreddit t1_iruy20e wrote

Time for Apple to add Roller Coaster Mode. /s

It would be yet another mode, like Theater Mode (watch) or Airplane Mode.


JohannesOliver t1_irsp7sb wrote

Pretty sure it prompts you to turn it on or not during setup, just like fall detection on the watches.


Blonsky t1_irsh3jz wrote

I got downvoted for suggesting people turn it off yesterday.


drdrdoug t1_is1tqz5 wrote

Taking responsibility for things is often quite unpopular :-)


ColorfulSoup172 t1_irshkgf wrote

I've had my phone drop from its mount if I accidentally hit a particularly bad pothole


drdrdoug t1_is1tj11 wrote

Seems to be a mount problem, not an iPhone problem but maybe turn off crash detection until you can get a better mount or upgrade to Apple CarPlay.


_PM_ME_PANGOLINS_ t1_irss3yv wrote

You’re also not allowed phones (or any loose items) on rollercoasters.


atypicalseattlite t1_irteiwq wrote

Not exactly. You're not allowed to have them out while riding, but you can carry them on with you if they are secured. Zippered pockets are wonderful for storing phones.


TheGreyBrewer t1_irv04bm wrote

Obvious observation.

Buy a phone that doesn't make you turn off marginally useful features to live your life.


drdrdoug t1_is1t0ht wrote

Or, on the other hand, buy the phone that has features, from very to moderately useful and allows them to turn on or off based upon preferences. I love how Apple haters seek to gain a sense of wellbeing from coming on an apple thread to comment on something they do not like and do not own. Unsolicited advice: Save your energies and apply them to the things you love, and thrive.


ManInBlack829 t1_is0msps wrote

Lol people will forget to do both, even with good intentions.


locks_are_paranoid t1_itjxekp wrote

The most obvious observation is that Apple should've never included the feature in the first place. The moment I saw an ad for the feature I knew that it would trigger false 911 calls.


drdrdoug t1_itnxfem wrote

There is literally a button to turn off the feature if you don’t like it and it will remain off until you choose to turn it on again. But you solution is “I don’t like it, so nobody should have the upturn of using it.”


Viper_0 t1_irv2axq wrote

This literally happened to me yesterday. Went surfing for a few hours as I normally do on the weekends and left my iPhone 14 Pro Max in my bag inside my car. While surfing, noticed EMS, a firetruck, and a sheriff pulling up at the top of the cliff where I parked my car with my friend (thought nothing of it)

When finally done surfing, I came back to 20+ missed calls from my emergency contacts (parents, brother) and several calls from 911. Turns out my phone in my bag while PARKED detected a "car crash" and let everyone know.

Of course, I couldn't respond because I was surfing for several parents literally thought I died in a car crash for a moment.

I checked to see if my car had maybe been hit by someone else to see if that triggered it but not everything was perfectly fine just a complete false alarm


RealGregHuman t1_irviizb wrote

Were you wearing an Apple Watch? Could that possibly have had any effect? Idk how the tech works but perhaps the phone was scared because of your changing velocity in the ocean? Once again it’s basically magic to me please don’t be mean if I’m super wrong.


Viper_0 t1_irwsqwn wrote

That’s a great question! I was not wearing my watch because the ocean water is toxic to it. Fairly certain you can’t swim with the watch in the ocean but perfectly fine in a pool!


locks_are_paranoid t1_itjwvv9 wrote

The moment I heard about this feature, I knew that it would lead to false 911 calls. Thankfully I have a Samsung phone which doesn't have these idiotic features.


MasonicManx2 t1_irsxrjg wrote

I am seeing a lot of people say to use geo-fencing to block Amusement Parks, but am I the only person who uses the cubbies in Amusement Parks? My Phone is never in my pocket on a rollercoaster, Am I truly alone in this?


DumbFox_ t1_irt8l11 wrote

Yeah I’m freaked out by the number of people having their phone on them when riding amusements - I’ve seen teens whip out their phones to film the craziest shit while been flipped and spinned l by a ride at crazy g-forces lol

My local theme park has a wall of shame of smashed phones they’ve collected as a deterrent but it clearly doesn’t work that well!


LivePond t1_irt8n6y wrote

No, I can't trust that my large iphone won't slide out of my pocket during a flip either. The iwatch on the other hand shouldn't be an issue.


atypicalseattlite t1_irtepyk wrote

I never use cubbies and leave my phone in a zippered pocket when I go on rides. Less hassle getting on and off the ride and I don't have to worry about my phone being taken.


raxreddit t1_iruyamn wrote

I definitely have my phone in my pocket when I go on a coaster. My phone doesn't slide out of my pockets.

Having a phone is super useful since you spend the first 95% of the "ride" in line. Having your phone to pass the time, lookup ride information, contact other ppl, etc. is just plain useful.


BarbequedYeti t1_irsspmy wrote

Add geo-fenching around amusement parks to void all those by default, then you just have to deal with the traveling type fairs. You could probably even get a database with their setup addresses and geofence those off as well. It would take a bit of backend work, but would handle 99% of the false positives without user intervention.


MotelMonMurderMadnes t1_irw0phm wrote

Geofence is not the correct solution to this problem. It’s a bandaid to handle one failure case when the underlying system is broken. What happens when there’s a standalone roller coaster that isn’t in an amusement park? What happens when you crash your car on the outskirts of an amusement park?

Crash detection shouldn’t be going off for anything but a car crash. If you have to think about geofencing areas where phones are experiencing unusual forces, something is wrong with the feature.


z0r0 t1_irsqb7e wrote

Calling it now- this "feature" is going to be a lot more of a hassle than apple bargained for. There's no winning here- to make this a usable feature, it requires WAY more investment into things like geofencing, analytics around where and how people use their phones and data crunching around things like pop-up carnivals. I give it a few months before orgs like the FCC step in to put a stop to it.


AdmiralAckbar86 t1_irt3g3y wrote

It's been a feature on Pixel phones since 2019 without any of these issues, this is just tech news sites trying to make a story for ad revenue.


z0r0 t1_irthlok wrote

Don't forget though, Google collects so much more metadata than Apple does, especially re: location data (for maps) so my above points are a bunch easier for Google to do it.


MrT735 t1_irtjgvt wrote

Apple: "You're shaking it wrong."


_u2ez_ t1_irt3u30 wrote

Just shut off the feature lol


CTallPaul t1_irt1rj3 wrote

Happened yesterday to me as I was swimming using my watch (iPhone 13 and old watch, but new iOS). First time it has ever gone off. Pushed off from the wall and watch started going crazy. After a couple strokes it turned off.


Jamie00003 t1_irtf2a2 wrote

Erm…. Phone drop while driving? As in, using your phone while driving?


chris8video t1_iruckjm wrote

Or, it was on the console and slid off. Or, it fell out of its cradle.


Jamie00003 t1_iruzzrd wrote

I would say that’s unlikely, if it’s in those situations it should be secure


soundboythriller t1_iru53gq wrote

This reminds me of that one iPod nano model that would shuffle your music if you shook it. I had to turn off that feature bc it was so damn sensitive and I never turned it on again.


younggundc t1_irv0vfj wrote

Not sure you could class these as false triggers. Sure they didn’t hurt themselves but all the actions point to them being in a bad situation


Class_444_SWR t1_irv2qkq wrote

I do wonder if people in supercars could have this problem, for example, if someone were to drive a Lamborghini Aventador, would the acceleration alone be able to trigger this?


thanosbananos t1_irv8bds wrote

„After a phone drop while driving“ yea maybe stop using your phones while driving how about that. That’s another crash prevention for you over here.


albertowang t1_irv9x6m wrote

Google had implemented this feature into their Pixel phones a few years ago, it works great but it can false trigger in some occasions.
For me, it happens while my phone is on my phone mount riding my scooter and I have to brake unexpectedly. This is quite dangerous since I must give my full attention to deactivate this trigger while driving, otherwise it will call 911.

But for this man, this feature saved his life.


MinnieShoof t1_irvqjnp wrote

I dunno. Maybe stop messing with your phone while driving??


tdruelinger t1_irvtjtz wrote

The fall detection on the watches when it first came out called 911 when I tripped while walking and skinned my knee but did nothing when I fell six feet and broke my back.


Liquidwombat t1_irw2foj wrote

Possible but I’m skeptical, the feature is not just reliant upon shock/g force. It also uses pressure sensors and microphones so while I don’t think it’s impossible I do think that these stories are questionable until further verified.


KoalaKing333 t1_irzq4bx wrote

Funny I thought apple was perfect cause they wait to make sure any new feature is exactly how's it's supposed to be.


corduroychaps t1_irt0zue wrote

Today I learned first world problems still exist.


Lobo9498 t1_iru6y46 wrote

Couldn't see that coming....


freedomcocks t1_irusqin wrote

Shall we ignore the girl who actually got run over by a roller coaster yesterday or this week?


TheGreyBrewer t1_iruzlua wrote

These are the features Apple decides are vital. Not universal headphone jacks everyone can use, not fingerprint sensors, not full-frame screens without stupid looking notches. FFS.


Sufficient-Box-8611 t1_irv0s3x wrote

the best device I know:
my brain. my eyes, my ears, my senses and so, the best programming is the learning and criteriathanks to the best device: my brain.


WD40_as_a_lubricant t1_irvaqfm wrote

Don’t use your phone while driving and don’t take your phone on rollercoasters. Pretty easy solutions to what seems like a “But sometimes” kind of problems.


seeingeyegod t1_irt0bch wrote

The commercial for that thing is so creepy. It's all like IT TRACKS EVEN MORE ABOUT YOU THAN EVER BEFORE DOESNT THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY?!


scottbomb t1_irtl246 wrote

Such a feature is dumb in the first place. The phone doesn't know what's going in. It's not "smart" or "intelligent".


xeno-batt t1_irssyu7 wrote

You would think after all the bloody apples they'd at least be free of maggots.


Edwardc4gg t1_irrulq1 wrote

that's fine because dont' take your phone on a damn roller coaster :|


IceSeeYou t1_irs3vyd wrote

Do you normally take your phone and wallet out of your pants and leave them on the ground every time you get on a roller coaster? That's hilarious.


NoTimeToDime t1_irs5suf wrote

They usually have little cubbies to put your shit in, but no shot im leaving a $1000+ device there lol


_PM_ME_PANGOLINS_ t1_irssawk wrote

No, you put them in your bag in the locker, because you’re not allowed stuff in your pockets on rollercoasters.


DumbFox_ t1_irt8r87 wrote

In the theme parks I go to (in the UK at least) there is a phone/bag drop off and collection all part of the queue and exit.

It really is a perfect solution.


Edwardc4gg t1_irs6vsp wrote

i dont bring my fucking phone into a theme park, the fuck.....i go there for entertainment and fun, not to check my phone for 5 seconds. holy shit this world is realllllllly wall-e bound.


Bonesmash t1_irs7h2b wrote

If only there was some middle ground solution to this problem. Like pockets. Anyway, I guess this will never be solved. People will either chose to be free spirits like yourself or shackled to our soul sucking phones.


DrSid666 t1_irsat6j wrote

Well congratulations. Do you suggest leaving valuables in a vehicle that can be stolen? Leaving your phone at home is fine if you live where the theme park is. What if you are on vacation?


Edwardc4gg t1_irsbloo wrote

idk not my problem cause i leave my phone at home since i live where said theme park is. i also know most of the really tall and fast coasters at said theme park actually will force you through a metal detector and not let you on with it and force you into a free locker.

thus, just leave it at home.


anyway, im out of this thread now. toooooodles :D


IceSeeYou t1_irs7lan wrote

Okay, and what if you get separated from your group in the park and have no way to contact them now? What if you want to take a picture of your family and friends? Of the scenery? Maybe your reference is smaller parks where that's less likely to happen with groups and people getting separated. This is just so fascinating - I've never heard of people leaving their phones at home when going to a theme park. I suppose it sort of makes sense if you squint hard enough.


Edwardc4gg t1_irs9iz4 wrote

angry man on internet more angry.

water is wet.


IceSeeYou t1_irsagb1 wrote

Who is angry and who is a man here? Are you talking about yourself? Why would somebody be angry in any way here? These really short and cryptic comments aren't helpful in learning what you're trying to say, but at this point that seems intentional. So confused at what your point is.


Edwardc4gg t1_irsara6 wrote

Why would somebody be angry in any way here?

-first time on reddit?


also: yes.


Trinytis t1_irsngf4 wrote

Holy shit you have got to be the most insufferable person to be around lol.

No wonder you don’t need your phone.


Windows_is_Malware t1_iruq5lp wrote

Leaving a phone in a car exposes it to a lot of heat, which is extremely dangerous