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Ok_Marionberry_9932 t1_iskrbw7 wrote

It’s a great approach to exploring Venus, given how hot and corrosive the surface is.


chaostheories36 t1_isl288q wrote

I thought it was the atmosphere in general? I’m sure the surface isn’t any better lol


Confused_Idol t1_isl5e5c wrote

The atmosphere did less thick the higher in orbit you get, just like earth. So less pressure, less heat and less corrosive.

So in theory at least there a sweet spot that would allow for us to investigate from the air for extended periods of time.


chaostheories36 t1_isl8zum wrote

Ahhh I was thinking about it the wrong way. I was only remembering that even the upper atmosphere is still a pretty horrible place to be, which is why they haven’t managed a balloon “rover” until … well not now but hopefully soon.


Confused_Idol t1_isl9cq8 wrote

Well, they (Soviets, not NASA) kinda did back on the 80s. Vega.


duffmanhb t1_isnmbln wrote

It’s wild to see that they managed to actually land, much less get a photo in those extreme temperatures


Subject-Base6056 t1_islql66 wrote

Isnt it said that you could build whole floating structures in the atmosphere?


Vast-Bus-8648 t1_ism4gh9 wrote

Aerostat platforms. Durable balloons filled with very light gas could support platforms with structures on them. You’d probably have to find a way to stabilize them in windstorms though.


chaostheories36 t1_islu3p8 wrote

From a completely uneducated standpoint of someone that reads a lot of sci-fi, I think that’s a more reasonable expectation with Jupiter/Saturn?


Vast-Bus-8648 t1_ism4u1q wrote

Not likely because the weather is likely more severe, and the radiation coming off those planets is insane (even establishing a land base on Jupiter’s moon Io you’d be getting a lot of radiation).


Vast-Bus-8648 t1_ism4qa1 wrote

Not likely because the weather is likely more severe, and the radiation coming off those planets is insane (even establishing a land base on Jupiter’s moon Io you’d be getting a lot of radiation).


GiveToOedipus t1_ismavdr wrote

Now all we need is a smooth talking gambler with a flair for fashion to win one in a card game.


El_Zarco t1_islkq23 wrote

Cloud city, baby!

(I know it's outrageously impractical and unlikely but it's fun to imagine)


Obamas_Tie t1_isln854 wrote

Floating research facilities and colonies have been a hallmark of Venus colonization in both science fiction and actual scientific consideration since the 70s I believe.


musexistential t1_isls53b wrote

I think the biggest thing is that pressure equalization can be reached at a certain altitude, so that you would only need a mouthpiece and gas tanks so as to breath gases that humans can live with. Sort of like when sea diving on earth.


Vast-Bus-8648 t1_ism51f5 wrote

I’m not sure, but I think at certain altitudes or possibly everywhere in the Venusian atmosphere there is sulphuric acid. So they still might need protective suits.


musexistential t1_ismogy6 wrote

Question, what if I apply a sodium bicarbonate infused moisturizer on my skin?


YouAreOnRedditNow t1_isn7agl wrote

I don't know about the Venus stuff, but if you jumped in a vat of vinegar with that moisturizer on it would create a basic demonstration of volcanic eruption.


Jebediah_Johnson t1_ismas5y wrote

Up in the atmosphere where it's about 1 BAR it's like 100F° (38C°) there's still sulfuric acid but you could survive with an chemical suit, breathing air, and a little climate control.


thenerdal t1_islig5l wrote

Me thinking hot air rises.

Also me remembering in Iron Man the final fight with Iron Monger gave him ice.

Thank you for confirming!


Valendr0s t1_isn15p4 wrote

There's actually a sweet spot that humans could survive just fine. We could go outside with just an oxygen mask and only suffer mild skin irritation.


ArthurBea t1_ismhijr wrote

There is a sweet spot in the atmosphere at a certain elevation. It’s earth-temps and maybe even oxygen/co2/h rich. That’s probably where they want to float the balloon.


Flaky-Fish6922 t1_isnmokg wrote

the entire freaking planet is a hell hole.

some points to consider- it's extremely hot.

like melt-the-probe kind of hot.

the atmosphere is extremely dense and at the surface has extreme pressures. like shrink-the-cute-styrofoam-head-outside-the-submarine pressure.

oh, and it rains fucking sulfuric acid.

what's hilarious is, early on they thought she was the sister planet to earth, because gravity was similar, rocky world with a similar orbit to earth....

and then we sent probes there and the probes kept dying.


orthopod t1_ism432q wrote

Depends on the pressure/altitude. Towards the surface, the pressure is incredibly high and contains a lot of sulphuric acid. Higher up , then there's less pressure and less sulphuric acid.


jimcreighton12 t1_iskfltw wrote

Yeah when they get one that can explore Uranus then give me a call


djseifer t1_iskyqiq wrote

They'll get around to it once they change its name to Urectum.


OlDirtyBathtub t1_iskq3at wrote

I hope they name it Balloony .


sofa_king_we_todded t1_iskr2ov wrote

Balloony McBalloonface


StatusSea5409 t1_isl010e wrote

What was named by the internet with a similar name?

Or did the company not do it?

It was UK and their new submarines lol


no_sissies_allowed t1_islll2g wrote

Boaty McBoatface


StatusSea5409 t1_islr3xv wrote

I have no idea why I left the name out lol but that's the lead of them


TDYDave2 t1_isnsun4 wrote

So, does that mean this would fly like a lead balloon?


StatusSea5409 t1_isotvau wrote

All I could think is team leader of the subs so i guess so


[deleted] t1_ispcyus wrote



TDYDave2 t1_isrbafo wrote

I was talking about the lead balloon, not a lead balloon.
Didn't mean to lead you astray.


4myoldGaffer t1_isnyxk1 wrote

Yeah I mean they’ve had balloon tech exploring Uranus for years now. Dirty business that


Sigboat t1_isl47gq wrote

Real Drifblim hours


CypripediumCalceolus t1_isla4fd wrote

I hope they instrument it to detect exotic life forms. Just in case.


starion832000 t1_ismz9ya wrote

I wouldn't rule out subterranean microbes in Venus. I mean, it's 900° on the surface but a mile below the crust probably isn't any warmer than earth at that depth. Earth has lots of bacteria at that depth.

Hell.. I wouldn't rule out high altitude airborne life.


hungry4pie t1_ism9aog wrote

Are they searching for the remnants of Eros station?


doobiesaurus t1_ismu9rb wrote

Amos, pouring coffee: “What the fuck is that?” Might be my favorite line in the show


jabunkie t1_iskv0kx wrote

These people are incredible. They exceed their expectations every time.


starion832000 t1_ismyray wrote

I've always thought that Venus would be immensely easier to explore with balloons. There are altitudes on Venus with air pressures and temperatures that would allow us to walk around in the open with a simple O2 mask. A floating city would have an infinite supply of energy from the heat below.


BoilerMan2007 t1_islva44 wrote

Phh, no big deal, I’ve had a balloon for exploring Uranus for years.


wagdog84 t1_ismgvx4 wrote

Multiple UFO sightings that day…


MrBowen t1_ismq5jn wrote

That "Tie it to a balloon" is still an effective exploration tool is joyfully funny to me. Imagining a little rover hanging from a cluster of 3 or 4 red balloons, with a little bow for the ropes knot, and a sign "Am safe, no worry". While it drifts across a thick sea of clouds.

I know this would be a high tech balloon in reality, but I want a pixar film about my imagination haha.


SonGoku1256 t1_ismvhn3 wrote

This is why when the government says UFOs are real you know it’s some shit from out of this world. We’re still over here making rockets, drones, and balloons not things that can change direction on a dime and zip through the sky the way the footage they said was legit does.


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Imaginary-Location-8 t1_isl06hl wrote



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Confused_Idol t1_isl660c wrote

> The success of the Nevada tests suggests the aerobot could float high above Venus for weeks or even months, ample time for monitoring the atmosphere for acoustic waves generated by venusquakes and analyzing the chemical composition of the planet’s clouds, among other missions goals, with all of the gathered data beamed back to Earth via the accompanying orbiter.

>Balloons have been seen as a viable method for Venus exploration ever since the Soviets successfully used such a design as part of the twin Soviet Vega 1 and 2 missions in 1985. The two helium-filled balloons sailed on the Venusian winds for just over 46 hours before their instruments’ batteries ran out.

These ones will last longer. That’s the difference.


brainwashedASSHOLE t1_islgmze wrote

Where is Nasa hiding the tech to go back to the moon? I still can’t believe they lost it


splattypus t1_islnxa8 wrote

What if there's a reason we dont go back? 👀


2laz2findmypassword t1_ismftyg wrote

It's a megastructure ark ship built over a white dwarf utilizing a Dyson Sphere for almost limitless power to drive the ultra advance AI that just barley fails the Turring Test but must stay hidden as there is a rouge AI seeking it from across the entire universe in an attempt to end all humanity similar to a skynet but mostly just pissed because it had it's reasons.

Just get ahold of Samwell Tarly, he can explain it to you much better than I. PS, another fun fact form the same documentary, NASA can just pop up an old space shuttle and have it ready to rock about 28 hours.

Name of the Documentary is Moonfall if you're so inclined.

personal note while I'm all for "suspending disbelief" for the sake of a good story. I'd say this movie asks you to take 2-3 16oz ballpeen hammer blows, though based on previous concussion history, you may need to adjust your dosage.


Panzerdivision1007 t1_isneop5 wrote

I really hope this was ironic


2laz2findmypassword t1_iso483g wrote

Do I really need to put a disclaimer that people should not hit themselves in the head with a hammer?

I'm not going to, but; I bet the folks who DO need a disclaimer will absolutely love that movie.


Panzerdivision1007 t1_ispua9j wrote

Ok, yeah I’m stupid too, but in today’s world there are people who would genuinely believe these things.


BellerophonM t1_isn72fs wrote

SLS will be launching an unmanned but astronaut-capable Orion capsule to the moon in November, as soon as the hurricane cleanup is done.


delayedconfusion t1_isllwdy wrote

I may have missed the info in the article, but do they have a method of launching and retrieving the balloon without going to the surface first? Seems like that would be a challenge worthy of NASA.


SpaceXTesla3 t1_ismc9nw wrote

I imagine there is no retrieval, but I am curious how entry works to slow it enough at that altitude for it to deploy.


Lord_Whis t1_isloug5 wrote

I read this as “explode”


Reddit_69_User t1_isls8k4 wrote

Same, I spent like a minute trying to figure out how that would be possible 😂


GrantBloomer t1_ismhl26 wrote

Wow, to think it could explore the whole planet in just one day! /s


inplaneinsight t1_ismrr30 wrote

Hell if they keep this success up we might even one day put a man on the moon.


Beowulf44 t1_ismtpry wrote

That'll be one of the shortest inter-planetary suicide missions


WOLF1218 t1_isni19r wrote

Damn i read that as "that could one day explode Venus"


Joey-tv-show-season2 t1_isnws81 wrote

I honestly think I’ve seen this exact same story for the past 10-20 years … and it still never happens


BobbertFandango t1_islprzu wrote

Ppffffft…. …Good luck finding a gas that’s lighter than the vacuum of space.


thierryanm t1_ismh6m9 wrote

I want more things to explore Uranus


ValdeReads t1_ismjru8 wrote

I’d like to explore Uranus. 🤪


Bumazka t1_ismnb05 wrote

Vacuum will burst it like any other Aerostat will…


JimJamYimYam t1_isktmek wrote

That's kinda neat but I'm saving my excitement for the invention of robot clouds.


sicurri t1_islxpw5 wrote

Pre-internet someone would say the government was covering up UFO experiments, or some crap.


Vast-Bus-8648 t1_ism5k55 wrote

Pre-internet? Have you seen some of the shit on Twitter?


Djragonslayer t1_isktlmb wrote

Or “mysteriously” crash in Roswell… again…


zkipto t1_iskwibj wrote

Thats the same UFO that appeared in Roswell 1947


kcaJkcalB t1_ism3hxq wrote

NASA can’t even build a rocket


IamThe0neWh0Knocks t1_islo56f wrote

Didn't USSR land on Venus like in the 70s? This is "hey look at this cool thing we can maybe do, give us more money plz" from nasa. Meanwhile SpaceX has rendered them obsolete lol


WyoGuy2 t1_ismbw8t wrote

Rendered them obsolete?

A HUGE portion of SpaceX’s revenue is directly from NASA. They wouldn’t be the company they are without government contracts and assistance, primarily from NASA.


MrMicAlDe t1_ism0hnl wrote

I love space but honestly who gives a **** about spending money and resources to go to Venus. Spend it on exploring the ocean floor or something to boost our environment.


justcharliey t1_isl9g9l wrote

How about fix shit on planet A first.


randomguy987654321 t1_isls8gm wrote

That may be the point of this.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but Venus is essential Earth if we gave complete control over everything to oil companies. "Do what you want, as long as you want". Many, many years later, after ever drop of oil is burned, and every carbon Earth has is released into the atmosphere, you get Venus.

Don't you want to see how bad things can get? Fear can be a good thing.


Alphalcon t1_ismg7ki wrote

While we could certainly get to a point where the earth becomes uninhabitable for a majority of species, a Venusian climate is a little out of reach as Venus receives a lot more solar radiation from its proximity to the sun.

We also cant really survive long term at 5,000 ppm of CO2, so our autonomous planet killing robots would have to work extra hard to reach Venus' 965,000 ppm of CO2.


Firm_Masterpiece_343 t1_iskoq8q wrote

Yes let’s send a balloon to a planet where the average day is 900 degrees with a strong chance of acidic methane rain.


sillypicture t1_iskqaa3 wrote

Like the other guy said, do you research. Atmosphere on Venus is mega dense. Conditions you cite are found in the surface, of which this balloon will never go to. In to of the clouds is, apart from the lack of oxygen, otherwise al the most pleasant of all bodies in the system. Pleasant temperature, 1 atmosphere pressure, a blue sky. A human could survive a trip to the top of Venus on such balloons in a t shirt and jeans, and an oxygen mask.


Lucky-Load2637 t1_iskyjcn wrote

Yep, 50km above the surface of Venus is the most earthlike place in the solar system, excepting of course the earth. We could colonize it with floating cities, theoretically.


sillypicture t1_isl77ep wrote

Unfortunately unless we decide the atmosphere has relevant resources it's unlikely we will establish a presence beyond scientific or possibly penitentiary.


ZDTreefur t1_isktuk1 wrote

My gosh, why hasn't NASA thought of that!?

Hurry, get your insider information to their headquarters! Quick!


soulsssx3 t1_islpj27 wrote

Smart enough to be know about Venus's hostile environment, not smart enough to be aware that a space agency knows more than they do


JaggedMetalOs t1_iskqie8 wrote

The upper atmosphere of Venus is interesting. Almost certainly no life up there (not enough hydrogen/water) but the temperature and pressure are the closest to Earth's surface anywhere else in the solar system.


LitLitten t1_iskqr6d wrote

The lower atmosphere isn’t actually that bad. It’s in the 0-60 degree centigrade range at .35 or so atmospheres.

These are metallic balloons so more likely the greatest limiting factor is battery life.