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Professional_Emu3041 t1_iwk3gvv wrote

Wow, so it’s an SP with less functionality and games!


randomator5000 t1_iwlp1kj wrote

Ok, but hear me out, it’s got a hinge, what more could you ask for


elementfx2000 t1_iwock9s wrote

You know what the SP was, right?

IMO the built-in backlight was the killer feature of the SP. The hinge was just a bonus.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_iwpj2n2 wrote

Yep, it was pretty exciting not to have the wiggly-light that sucked 3/4 of your battery compared to actually you know, playing games. People also don't realize how having a rechargeable battery changed things as well. Batteries were/are expensive, parents having to hand them out a few times a week really added up. Not having to constantly replace them and carry extras with you (plus being able to just plug into the wall whenever) was a HUGE thing at the time.


[deleted] t1_iwkunmy wrote



LemonDesu t1_iwkw4eu wrote

If you bother to actually read the article it was just a joke that ended up being made reality. It’s not supposed to be good, it was just a fun “What if we could” project.


Tomnnn t1_iwlca77 wrote

I think it's a cool idea but it's technically worse for me. I don't know if I am cursed or something but any clamshell devices in my position eventually break :(


Remy252 t1_iwle8r6 wrote

Good thing it’s only a hobbyist thing and he made it for himself, now you don’t have to worry about breaking it.


Tomnnn t1_iwlltii wrote

Idk what it is. Laptop hinges eventually become rigid and squeaky. I think my Gameboy SP snapped one hinge. Is it possible to be too gentle with clamshell hinges causing them to become brittle?

> now you don’t have to worry about breaking it.

Oh but I do! It's Reddit and I see a discussion, or rather a whole post, about a device modified to be a clamshell. So it is entirely relevant and contributes to the discussion to share my experience with such designs. To each their own, on disagreements and clamshell preferences.

There's no shortage of that discussion to be had. Have you seen foldable smart screens now? The world's going mad


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Detectorbloke t1_iwlcrrp wrote

Not without them sticking out at the bottom. This is clearly the superior design, as the cartridges fit in right.


Cryptocaned t1_iwl00vf wrote

With added nostalgia, the Gameboy pocket clear edition was my first interaction into gaming, my mum bought it for me for my 8th birthday.


lousmer t1_iwlakip wrote

Got the red pocket w a blue gameboy camera for my bday. Still have the camera, it’s like a little digital Time capsule


asdaaaaaaaa t1_iwpj7iy wrote

I got the yellow pocket, along with pokemon IIRC. The yellow pocket with the Pokemon Yellow Edition looked pretty cool.


Hasky620 t1_iwlvzp9 wrote

Right but it'd be infinitely better to take the case of the clear pocket and put the other hardware in it instead of adding the hinge to the worse machine


asdaaaaaaaa t1_iwpj9k5 wrote

There's some people who've done that IIRC. Shucked the GBC/GBP and just threw in other hardware and emulated.


gochesse t1_iwjari8 wrote

Why not just use an advance sp tho in that case? I’m not sure I understand why


double_turd t1_iwk0m30 wrote



TiredgeekTG t1_iwk3yvh wrote

Yo we gotta DELIGHT


Peace-D t1_iwkeg9b wrote

DELIGHT in the sense of removing the light!


GoldenWizard t1_iwl1hy2 wrote

Everyone is delighted! If you say you’re not delighted then you’re a liar!


NRP88 t1_iwjbtcy wrote

Because the GBA/SP has automatic colorization for original GB games. Fans of the original GB prefer the game remain monochrome.


xyifer12 t1_iwjubcj wrote

You can skip the colorization, it's optional on GBA. Playing GB games in monochrome has always been possible.


grundlebuster t1_iwk27h2 wrote

how... How do you change it? I tried holding buttons on launch


i5-2520M t1_iwk2yvx wrote

You have to hold the dpad and AB while the gb color logo is up there is a grey monochrome palette.


I_Do_Not_Abbreviate t1_iwk9kko wrote


🡹 Brown
🡹+A Red
🡹+B Dark Brown
🡻 Pastel Mix
🡻+A Orange
🡻+B Yellow
🡰 Blue
🡰+A Dark Blue
🡰+B Gray/Monochrome
🡲 Green
🡲+A Dark Green
🡲+B Inverted/Reverse


nephelokokkygia t1_iwkcxmk wrote

Alternate symbols because the directions showed up as rectangles on my phone:

▲+🅰 Red
▲+🅱 Dark Brown
Pastel Mix
▼+🅰 Orange
▼+🅱 Yellow
◀+🅰 Dark Blue
◀+🅱 Gray/Monochrome
▶+🅰 Dark Green
▶+🅱 Inverted/Reverse

low-ki199999 t1_iwl6jn5 wrote

This was helpful! Not that I’m going to be booting up a gba anytime soon haha, but the symbols were also rectangles for me.

Out of curiosity, can you explain what they typed and what you typed and why one works in my phone and one doesn’t?


nephelokokkygia t1_iwldnk9 wrote

Generally speaking, text online is encoded in a giant huge enormous standard called Unicode. Unicode is cool because it definitionally encodes every possible character in every language in one standard. Uni = single, code = code. However, Unicode is not quite so cool because to do this, it needs to

  1. Be huge

  2. Get updates from time to time to add new characters people might want to encode

The person I replied to probably copy+pasted the best-looking arrows they saw off some webpage online. This would have been fine, except that the arrows they happened to choose were relatively new to Unicode (from 2014), with relatively little support in fonts. That, by the way, is the other, other issue with Unicode — just because it theoretically supports a character, doesn't mean the specific font you're using on your computer/phone/smart fridge does too. Your font could have been created before the character was added to Unicode, or you could be using a version of the font released before that character was added, or the font creator might just not care about that random arrow you want to stare at with your eyes. So, to support more devices, I chose old symbols for the arrows (technically not even arrows in my case, they're just triangles — from all the way back in 1993!) and old emoji for the A and B (because most devices these days support emoji and I thought they looked neat here). Fun bonus fact, those A and B symbols aren't even designed to represent buttons — they're for blood type, which Japanese people (Japan being the origin of emoji) have historically been obsessed with. It's kind of like the Chinese zodiac, or star signs. But I digress.

This is probably more info than you wanted, but sometimes answers just be like that.


low-ki199999 t1_iwlekin wrote

Ahaha definitely more info than I expected to receive, but all of it interesting, especially the bit about the cultural fascination with blood types. That’s super interesting, as it represents an interesting blend of superstitions and modern science/tech, which I’d have to imagine is a pretty specific combination to Japanese culture. It makes sense that some cultures would look at blood types like horoscopes or whatever, I’d just never seen it come up before.


EvengerX t1_iwk30ts wrote

Non-color GBA games can have their pallette swapped by holding A or B and pressing a D-Pad direction. One of these is a monochrome pallette


beatenwithjoy t1_iwk7rjw wrote

I remember making Pokemon Red have a negative pallette, it was pretty cool.


phayke2 t1_iwkyds2 wrote

I imagine it would look like Omari or something


asdaaaaaaaa t1_iwpje4z wrote

Press D-pad and other buttons when it's launching. IIRC you hold certain buttons and press D-pad for different options. So just pressing "left" on the D-pad will give you a different result than holding "B" and pressing "left". Just from memory, so could be wrong on the specifics.

The screen will instantly change to whatever filter you want. It was pretty cool when I randomly discovered this, a bunch of kids got confused and thought scratching the IR cover did it somehow.


WhydYouKillMeDogJack t1_iwk2c7a wrote

They're anal enough to object to the colour but would be ok with a hing in the middle of the GB?


sigh_riss t1_iwl4i72 wrote

It's been a while, but weren't gb games displayed as black and white by default and the colorization was only done when you held the buttons?
I only had the original gba, did they change it for the gba-sp?


Sufficient-Crab-1982 t1_iwk498k wrote

Its a cool/fun project for people to do, i mean why does anyone do one of those lit screen mods for game boys. Why dont they just play on a ds or gameboy advance, its because its fun and cool.


2eanimation t1_iwl0nwd wrote

> its because its fun and cool

Yes, but there is more! Different GameBoys have different sound chips, which is why some musicians(Chiptune) insist on using the original DMG over a modern GB for the OG sound.

LSDJ, Nanoloop and Chiptune for more information :)

Edit: also this old masterpiece to understand why screen modding is important


Hasky620 t1_iwlwgzb wrote

Could you not switch the sound chips then? Instead of using the otherwise worse machine?


2eanimation t1_iwm43xt wrote

I just read up on that a little and as far as I can tell it is either not possible at all or requires lots of modifications besides switching the chips. I couldn’t find a single article so my assumptions are based on the looks of internals. The first backlit GB is the GB Advance SP(I think?) whose internals are far more sophisticated than those of older GBs(especially GBC and DMG). The chips themselves seem to have more pins / chip and are smaller overall.

I also learned that some chiptuners prefer the GBC despite a somewhat worse sound quality as it is more crash-resistant when playing complicated songs. None of them have mentioned a chip switch as the ultimate solution. So I guess that confirms my assumptions.

Regarding your second sentence… other than a backlit panel(which can be added), there is not much to call „worse“ in older machines, at least regarding music production. They are thicker, comparing the size to other DJ equipment, even the DMG looks rather small, shouldn’t be a problem. Batteries can be changed to rechargeable ones, there are mods which make it possible to charge your GB with USB C. The only issue I can see is screen size, but that’s something a musician can live with I think. My stepdad plays Tetris on his DMG while taking no 2 in spite of bad eyesight lol


Miguelonchox t1_iwk0984 wrote

The screen has a different aspect ratio and thus has black bars in the sides when playing game boy games. Also Game Boy cartridges stick out quite a bit because Game boy Advance cartridges are smaller.


OwyJoey t1_iwkesk6 wrote

It would have been better to Redesign the sp, so the old cardridges won‘t Stick out


045675327 t1_iwm6g07 wrote

Add a hinge to a device that already has a hinge?


1080Pizza t1_iwkeqnx wrote

Because now you should still have a headphone jack

Or maybe not.


iamchairs t1_iwje393 wrote

As a member of "everyone" I can say I really don't give a shit. I hate this kind of headline


StuG456 t1_iwjgifl wrote

You know you're on a gaming subreddit right?

Edit: I thought this was r/gaming, instead Ive been r/confidentlyincorrect


iamchairs t1_iwjgqzs wrote

Gadgets is gaming? Either way changes nothing. I'll put a hinge on my asshole and claim it delights everyone


SuicidalChair t1_iwjhp0z wrote

You'd have to remove the stick first to fit a hinge, but yes everyone would be delighted.


Notaspy87 t1_iwjiw19 wrote

That was some chair on chair violence I just witnessed.


haykam821 t1_iwjtz8f wrote

As a member of "everyone", I wouldn't be delighted!


xAIRGUITARISTx t1_iwldvqp wrote

Thanks for leaving this up.


StuG456 t1_iwoqaqf wrote

I will always stick to my opinions, unless they are factually wrong or I change opinions in the future. Internet points be damned.


xAIRGUITARISTx t1_iwphza3 wrote

But it is factually wrong?


StuG456 t1_iwrysgi wrote

Hmmmmn I could of sworn I was on r/gaming a second ago. Brb going to r/confidentlyincorrect


ChefGoldblum87 t1_iwjnegg wrote

>As a member of "grouchy pants" I can say I really don't give a shit.


As a member of "everyone" I think its cool. "I dont give a shit" "I hate this", bro calm the fuck down, not everything on the internet is for you. Just keep scrolling.


MrPlaysWithSquirrels t1_iwjosjc wrote

The point is, the headline is superfluous and baity.


ChefGoldblum87 t1_iwjq4g1 wrote

Not really, but maybe they should have said "everyone who is interested in retro tech and Gameboy pockets", but I think they assume people not interested in those things would realize the article wasn't written with them in mind, and they'd move on. W00ps guess not. Got some redditors screaming how much they "hate" it.


MrPlaysWithSquirrels t1_iwjqizg wrote

You’re being just as obnoxious as anyone else here. You want others to get over their superfluous headline (which is not only this headline, just one of many, hence the comments on it), but you can’t get over others reacting to the headline.


VapeORama420 t1_iwkpl0a wrote

I’m interested in retro tech and Gameboy pockets… and I’m not delighted either. Strange.


redEPICSTAXISdit t1_iwjuxae wrote

As a member of everyone and currently in the moment not a member of grouchy pants the fact that this thing can swing and pivot does not delight me


The6thNightmare t1_iwjk1td wrote

At first I was confused as to why a Game Boy would need a dating app on it.


IAmTheClayman t1_iwjuszy wrote

Eh? The point of the Pocket was to be as compact as possible. This looks at least 50% thicker than a stock Pocket due to that extra compartment on the top half of the clamshell.

I mean it is technically impressive (by which I mean the technical skill is neat), but totally missing the point from an ergonomics or user-oriented perspective


lorenzbrobro t1_iwjwqs3 wrote

if it just me or is this obviously supposed to be funny


CD6730 t1_iwkg9ai wrote

I’m not at all delighted by this


TheW83 t1_iwkuzj2 wrote

I am also part of everyone and am not delighted.


TruthfulCarrot21 t1_iwklc0y wrote

God, I hate titles like this. Some appropriate responses to this abysmal writing would be “that just sounds like a game boy advance SP with extra steps” or “they’re the same picture”. You’re like Elon when he basically “rediscovered the bus”. It’s an SP.


NeverComments t1_iwlmlmf wrote

>Some appropriate responses to this abysmal writing would be “that just sounds like a game boy advance SP with extra steps” or “they’re the same picture”

I love that your solution to "abysmal writing" is mindlessly parroting memes.


OddLoad t1_iwk400m wrote

This is just a game boy advanced SP with extra steps


SlickVerglas t1_iwkuc0x wrote

The folks who (like me) are delighted by this news should join the fun we have in r/gameboy doing all kinds of wacky stuff like this and more! :)


rigelstar69 t1_iwjuorc wrote

It doesn't display Pokémon. Is it broken ?


Kosco97 t1_iwkf8ie wrote

I have no interest in this and am not delighted, I want a refund


kvossera t1_iwkuuq4 wrote

I miss my Gameboy Advance SP.


PatientCamera t1_iwk2830 wrote

I'm sure that title makes sense to some people.


cmarkcity t1_iwk8k05 wrote

Ahhh, so the SP but worse. Got it


BeeExpert t1_iwklrmz wrote

>delighting everyone

It's cool but I must correct the record and declare, I am NOT delighted by this.


Codywick13 t1_iwmhi5y wrote

Damn, comments on this sub are trash


Being_ t1_iwk1p9t wrote

The maker of SLATE, Hold on, y’all wanted a fucking hinge?


JaysFan26 t1_iwk3iy6 wrote

This is the Game Boy Backwards SP


AstonGlobNerd t1_iwka09d wrote

Just because you could, doesn't mean you should.


CeldonShooper t1_iwkf3mg wrote

I appreciate the craftsmanship but decided to simply add a new bright display to my GBA SP. I love it so much.


[deleted] t1_iwkh5pz wrote

"No, it's not a Game Boy Advance SP"

... can it be?


GIJobra t1_iwkr40t wrote

This isn't delightful at all. The SP existing makes it fucking pointless, and the headline of the article even points that out.


Various-Specific-773 t1_iwkyx72 wrote

Yeah the big problem with the game boy pocket was how big and bulky it was 🙄


Protodjentleman t1_iwl0hod wrote

They did it backward! I want a gb pocket with sp guts in it.


phrendo t1_iwlaad9 wrote

Monochrome means one color


CyanKing64 t1_iwlbpet wrote

What even is this comment section? Has no one ever heard of a hobby? This guy did it for fun, that's all. There's not really a point beyond that


Jamie00003 t1_iwlcfd4 wrote

What’s delightful about this? Adds absolutely no value whatsoever lol


halotraveller t1_iwlpgau wrote

I think the nostalgic factor has been hitting on me a lot as of late. I’ve taken out my iPhone 6 with floppy birds from time to time just to play and not think about things. No complications, no overly realistic graphics, just a simple floppy bird bouncing up and down. Joy in simplicity I guess. The world can be a bit complicated sometimes.


-Moon-Presence- t1_iwlth01 wrote

Nah I’ll just use the actual SP I own that I suped up with an IPS screen. Super easy to do if you have an old gameboy SP. You need to buy an IPS screen ($40-$60) and then transfer your gameboy guts into a new shell with the new screen. A company called ExtremeRate make pre cut shells and have a handy tutorial on how to install. Once you do it and then compare the screen brightness and quality to an OG gameboy you’ll wonder how you ever managed back in the day.


Pryoticus t1_iwlyoay wrote

So it’s an SP, but less advanced. Got it


FangMaster4 t1_iwnrf96 wrote

I read this as someone added hinge to a game boy pocket at first and I thought they were talking about the dating app


uuhson t1_iwxab7b wrote

Can someone who's actually delighted about this tell me what the point is?


Kwinza t1_iwktinc wrote

So an SP but with less games?


Saggymcbaggns t1_iwku9q6 wrote

So it’s an SP with out the back light…. And it does less….


Rawkapotamus t1_iwkxpxk wrote

Upvoting because they’re using Links Awakening as the photo. I loved that game when I was 6. I loved the remake when I was 26.


bubblesaurus t1_iwl2hn2 wrote

When the hell was there a gameboy pocket?


CruisinJo214 t1_iwl3et8 wrote

There was the Gameboy, the original grey brick. Then the second generation of gameboy was the Gameboy Pocket which was 1/3rd the size of the original and came in different colors… the pocket was followed up by the Gameboy Color.


bubblesaurus t1_iwljo6o wrote

Shit, i’m missing one then. Oh well.

I never realized there was something between the OG gameboy and the GB color. I just remember playing the Little Mermaid in black/white and then getting Zelda in color when it came out.


EggKey5513 t1_iwkno0y wrote

Bet you nintendo is gonna send a cease and desist.


reab13 t1_iwkxnfx wrote

Am I the only one who questioned why someone would put a dating app on a gameboy before they reread the sentence?


saint_ark t1_iwk8i9d wrote

The Pocket is the worst choice for this as it drains save batteries much faster than both the DMG and the Color models (meaning the little cell battery in the cartridge that is responsible for your save data). Not delightful at all.


CraptainKunch t1_iwkioag wrote

I just really want Nintendo to make a real portable system again. I really do. One screen. 4-6 buttons. Dpad primary but a low analogue pad stick is good. ONE SCREEN. Good battery life. Make it wifi. Bring the old GBA/C library to it, make a handful of fun repayable titles for it. ONE SCREEN. Mario. Mario Golf. Fzero. Wario. Megaman. Old school Pokémon, maybe even Pokémon Go. Dragon Quest. Indie titles like Shovel Knight, Spelunky. Slay the Spire would be cool. Isaac. Other roguelikes. ONE GOD DAMN SCREEN.

oh and don't forget to make it pocketable and just have one screen.


sigh_riss t1_iwl4rem wrote

Just buy a switch or a switch lite then


CraptainKunch t1_iwl60d1 wrote

Have it. It's not truly a portable system the way the Gameboy or even the DS line were


omgdiaf t1_iwl70uy wrote

It's literally a portable system in the same way GB and the DS are.


CraptainKunch t1_iwlcn4a wrote

It's literally 4 times too big, fam. How is this difficult to grasp?


sigh_riss t1_iwlhmx4 wrote

Still fits in my pocket if I don't feel like using the case. If I had the switch lite it'd fit easier i guess.
Don't wear skinny jeans with such tiny pockets and it won't be a problem.


CraptainKunch t1_iwll0mt wrote

You're asking for your switch to get damaged, but you do you.


sigh_riss t1_iwlmkiu wrote

Getting damaged by being in my pocket while I sit at my desk in front of a computer?
As I said I usually use the case anyways


CraptainKunch t1_iwln5xh wrote

Yeah that's what I mean, mine is in its case too. I don't know how old you are, but the old GBC and GBA especially were small enough to vanish into your pocket all day comfortably. I carry a GBA around often to this day along with my phone, wallet, keys, pocket knife, etc. You'd be hard pressed to do that comfortably with even the switch lite.


sigh_riss t1_iwlog19 wrote

If you want a more pocket friendly device for retro games i recommend an anbernic rg353 or something similar. It's noticeably smaller than a switch, plays retro games very well, fits nicely in your pocket, and is relatively cheap.
There won't be much if any, for newer games to play on it, maybe a few indies here and there, but if snes games in your pocket is what you're after, then you'll love it.


omgdiaf t1_iwli0fc wrote

Probably difficult for you to grasp because you have little hands.

The switch lite is barely bigger than the PS Vita and is definitely not 4x bigger than the 3ds. Amd the regular switch isn't that much bigger then the lite.

Maybe this video will help you understand.

You grasping now?