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SynchroScale t1_jefwpyb wrote

You never realize how much the GTA NPCs crash their cars all by themselves until you try to drive without breaking any laws.


Schubert125 t1_jefwzlm wrote

TIL everyone on the highway is an NPC.

Thanks for making me late for work, Greg.


Invisible-Pancreas t1_jefuefu wrote

My guy, I think you just described the Persona games.


HedleyLamarrrr OP t1_jefuzwq wrote

Maybe I should check those out


JamJackEvo t1_jegstme wrote

If you have a PC, Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 5 Royal are on Xbox Game Pass.

Try them out if you want. Personally, I'd go for P5. It's pretty much the quintessential Persona game, refining the style, music, and gameplay of the series. Story is the usual thing with Persona (and you also don't need to play the old games to get this one, apart from Easter Eggs scattered about and a small twist late in the game that you MIGHT suspect coming), but the theme centers around "rebels" of society (and in a society like Japan where the nail that sticks out gets hammered down, there are plenty of ways someone can become a "rebel" due to outside forces).

If you're into turn-based combat on one half of the game and Sims-like third-person gameplay in the other half, then try this out for yourself.


namelessentity t1_jegqpcw wrote

I wish I could just play them without the dungeons. I really disliked the combat, but the story and life sim part was cool to me.


trymorecookies t1_jefv00m wrote

This reminds me of driving around in Saints Row just to listen to the music.


jfa03 t1_jegn7g0 wrote

GTA Vice city had truly epic radio stations.


Dudinkalv t1_jegwyd1 wrote

Sleeping dogs was also a blast in this regard.


SoulEater_ t1_jeg4d5c wrote

What DBZ game is this?


HedleyLamarrrr OP t1_jeg4vam wrote

DBZ Kakarot

You pretty much play through the entire story of DragonBall Z


jcabia t1_jeg52hh wrote

In every single DBZ game I've played, it's always the entire story of DBZ


eternalankh t1_jegdg8v wrote

Really need a game that lets you play through all of DB/Z/Super


Ghost-Syynx t1_jegtydt wrote

1,000+ hours of story!


eternalankh t1_jegujbj wrote

DBZ Kakarot's story is 30 hours long.

All 3 should feasibly fit into a 100 hour game, which isn't unheard of at all.


Schweinsteinert t1_jeh3k71 wrote

Add an extra two zeros if the time to charge attacks is true to the anime, and just to make it over 9000.


Masterjts t1_jeh2ph1 wrote

The 30 minute long power up quicktime events were pretty amazing!


LucasFrankeRC t1_jeh1d5z wrote

Budokai Tenkaichi 4, hopefully

On 3 you had all of DB/DBZ/DBGT

BT4 having all 4 would be great. I wouldn't be surprised if GT was DLC content though


spoooooooooooder-man t1_jeg579n wrote

>You pretty much play through the entire story of DragonBall Z

Just like previous games of DBZ!


tyehyll t1_jeh3mzc wrote

Pretty much. This one's cool though since it's pretty open world and you can do stuff like this


TheGreatGamer1389 t1_jeg26v9 wrote

I find it funny he drives around when he can just fly.


orion_cliff t1_jegkuxo wrote

Chichi forced him to get a license so he could get a proper job.


leopard_tights t1_jegyq7x wrote

Probably the best filler episode of all anime.


LucasFrankeRC t1_jeh1jvq wrote

The baseball one on Super is also great

Then there's that one Naruto episode where they try to see Kakashi's face


TheGreatGamer1389 t1_jegrah0 wrote

Thankfully he was able to get a zillion dollars and could effectively retire. Well, train, his favorite past time.


ds_afk t1_jegm2f5 wrote

If you pick up Piccolo does he wear a backwards baseball cap and then you take the driving test together?


Tokeitawa t1_jegzrvn wrote

I unironically beat GTA IV riding legally unless it was the cop chase then shit hit the fan


DickWriter69 t1_jegi65p wrote

This was the greatest DB game ever made


mm2_gamer t1_jeg9z3h wrote

It’s fun trying to do so because your brain says “Do it… DO IT” and you are trying to blend in as a challenge


Hellhult t1_jegq1ne wrote

Goku can drive? I thought he kept failing his test?


matt_riker t1_jeh5m4z wrote

Allow me to introduce you to my lord and savior, Euro Truck Simulator 2