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Sivick314 t1_j6klndj wrote

YUP. Stupid microtransaction trash. Here's a billion things to upgrade your guy to confuse you so you don't notice how much money you are spending.


peko_ OP t1_j6kmh4b wrote

i understand the need to make money, but at this point almost all of it is just scummy cashgrabs.


Sivick314 t1_j6kmolu wrote

Yup. I refuse to play that gatcha crap.


darknetwork t1_j6nbhec wrote

yeah, i love the gameplay and character design in both genshin and tower of fantasy. but the fact that i have to spend money or really lucky to play my favourite characters is kinda disappointing.


Tails_chara t1_j6mfcy8 wrote

You should try ones that are not cash grab - namely genshin and honkai. In case of genshin, if you think you need to spend money, you are doing something wrong. The game locks you out on time basis, not difficulty basis, since its extremely easy with right approach. In case of honkai - dont get into all that "ranked" stuff and you are fine. If you can do that you have really fun single player games, especially genshin. Not to mention FREE. Also, there is some grind, but that is literally nothing compared to amy MMO title.

It really depends on gacha game, I've played a lot both, and i dont mind starting another thanks to those two and healthy approach.


I_Just_Need_A_Login t1_j6paokk wrote

Imagine genshin as polished non-monetized non-timegated without standard addiction mechanic practices and instead a one time $60 purchase, with several polished paid expansions down the line. The dream.

Genshin is generous but it's still banking on getting you addicted. Puzzle and Dragons was another generous S tier game plagued with monetization.


magicthegatheringjam t1_j6n2e8c wrote

Yeah Geshin isn't a cashgrab that's for sure


Tails_chara t1_j6pap42 wrote

It exploits peoples need to own, but it doesn't block you from enjoying the game to its fullest other than not owning characters (you can still play them occasionally).

So, like i said, if you at any point want to get your wallet to progress, you are probably playing the game wrong.


B3RS3RK_CR0W t1_j6kuq04 wrote

Yeah, but just make better mobile games. I won't mind ads if they weren't evert ten seconds. I can't tell you how many mobile games I play that seem interesting and fun, but I quit because it keeps preventing me from playing their damn game. You're out of energy? Buy more or watch this ad. You completed the mission? Watch this un-skipable ad that's longer than the mission. Now play that exact same mission over and over with ads that are longer than the gameplay. Hit a wall where you literally cannot progress? Watch fifty ads or spend $10. That'll get you through the next 3 missions before we ramp up the difficulty again and you're back to spending more money/watching tons of ads.

I literally download at least 5 to 10 mobile games a week, just to delete them after three minutes of gameplay. They're not games, they're ads. Mobile gaming has literally become that episode of Southpark where ads take over everything. You see a cool game, but it's not actually what you were shown. It's a completely different thing that is 90% ads. You download a tower defense game, but it's just ads for more mobile games that aren't games. It's all just ads. I just play them for five seconds and then never play them again.

Whatever happened to 8 ball pool, flappy birds, or plague inc.? They were games that I loved and had on my phone for years. There wasn't a grind. There wasn't an energy bar limiting you. Any purchases were all cosmetic. You got 5 to 15 second ads every four or five games. It was fair. Again, these are games that I had on my phone for years. They were getting much more money out of me through ads than all the mobile games I've played in the past three years combined. If the game is fun and I actually get to play it, they'll get ad time from millions of players over the course of years.


CHEIVIIST t1_j6lu8wy wrote

The one that makes me uninstall instantly is when something says free but it actually takes me to an ad. It isn't free if I have to watch an ad.


revstan t1_j6nfv98 wrote

If you download 5 to 10 games a week and havent found a good game it is time to stop downloading.


B3RS3RK_CR0W t1_j6nkn2k wrote

You're right in most cases, but I have a ton of spare time at work.


kevhill t1_j6n817y wrote

Ya and essentially they are targeting children (and their parents money) which makes it even more scummy.


LordSoren t1_j6kz9gd wrote

I always keep track of howuch I'm spending. It's always 0.


thorpie88 t1_j6lz3gx wrote

I refuse to use in-game shops in general. No chance I'm wasting cash on swords in Skyrim. Always use just what I find in loot


CuniculusDeus t1_j6mujhx wrote

Yeah, I have been playing a certain mobile collectible hero game for 2+ years, and have never spent a single cent on it. Just because some games are cash grabs doesn't mean you have to give them anything.


Scoobie101 t1_j6kmiej wrote

You KNOW what they actually mean is “every ability you have is actually tied to a 50 dollar PNG of an anime girl”. Boring, hard pass.


feelin_fine_ t1_j6l3z76 wrote

Would you rather collect weak heroes?


luckydrzew t1_j6myji0 wrote

Yes. I want a game where I collect weak heroes and do a revolution against the good ones!


RyanTrax t1_j6ohtyc wrote

The Boys: Mobile sounds like a cash grab tho lol


Retroid_BiPoCket t1_j6kqomd wrote

After years of trying to find mobile games or free games that aren't an absolute pain to play due to microtransactions and paywalls, I've given up. Even when games are fun and free, they are built around the idea of getting me to pay money as much as possible and interact with their ways of spending money as much as possible, rather than playing the game.

I no longer even bother with games that have battlepasses, microtransactions, loot boxes, etc. I'm just done. Even when I find the odd 1 in a million that's good and does it well, it's only after wasting too much time with the other ones hoping it will be good.

I'm happy to pay money for a complete game. I love stuff like cosmetics and customizing and it's a shame that almost every game keeps that stuff locked behind these trash MTX systems now. Few games bake them into their actual full game anymore.


ElectricalRestNut t1_j6n0xp6 wrote

My solution to mobile gaming was to get a 3DS.


Retroid_BiPoCket t1_j6o9uhx wrote

Yep. I have a retro handheld and emulate everything. No need for cancer mobile games.


Superkriss0911 t1_j6oczlz wrote

How did you do that? And how much does it cost?


Retroid_BiPoCket t1_j6ofgtj wrote

I'd start here:

Also check out his retroarch started guide, and device specific guides.

There are many options at varying prices. Depending on what you want to emulate, most phones are capable of doing ps1/n64 down. You can buy a telescoping controller like the razer kishi or gamesir pro to make the experience more handheld like. They are about $100

Otherwise, the most popular "cheaper" brands are Retroid (I have the 3+), Anbernic, or Miyoo (sold out constantly, impossible to get right now).

If you want "one device to rule them all" get a steam deck. Not exactly pocketable, but still technically a portable device, and the best price/performance.

Don't buy some weirdo thing off amazon, I recommend only the brands I listed as starter devices. There are others, but these are the best value for your money (in general).

If you want more info after reading and researching, feel free to DM me.


ElectricalRestNut t1_j6ohbbl wrote

Another option is a "new 3ds" or "new 2ds", it can run a lot of Nintendo platforms (NES, SNES, DS, Gameboy) with homebrew on top of the rather extensive native library. I like how the device is built and there's zero jank. I also heard good things about PSP homebrew.


cardonator t1_j6lmty2 wrote

I really miss Infinity Blade. The first game when it originally released was just an awesome what people call rogue like or rogue lite or whatever these days. It cost $10 and had zero ads.

And really there are so few mobile games that are anywhere close to that in terms of depth and skill. Even the knock offs are way too forgiving and lazy because they have to attract an audience of millions to get whales for their MTX.

Mobile gaming just flat out sucks these days.


Retroid_BiPoCket t1_j6o9jf5 wrote

Agree 100%. They really do suck. I also stopped caring about mobile games the moment I bought a retro handheld. Now every rom I have is mobile. So why would I waste my time with cancerous mobile gaming


peko_ OP t1_j6ksal5 wrote

same. still from time to time i look around the playstore, maybe theres some games worth my time, not the usual moneyhungry bs.


jacobs0n t1_j6nb9ty wrote

what about a complete game that is f2p, but cosmetics are mtx (i.e. dota 2)?


Retroid_BiPoCket t1_j6oably wrote

Did you read my whole comment? I hate how cosmetics are behind a paywall. And often they are ridiculous prices, like $20 per skin.

Cosmetics and customization are fun. They are not for everyone, but they do make the gameplay experience more enjoyable for me. I love being able to customize my character. I'm happy to pay full price for a game where I can enjoy the full breath of customization the game has to offer. No F2P game will ever be the same value. You'd have to spend thousands of dollars to unlock everything.

On a side note, I also hate how Mobas are almost always a f2p model now. I like the genre a lot, but it's impossible to find a true DOTA style moba that isn't f2p.


WankerMcDoogle t1_j6pjcmp wrote

Have any suggestions of paid mobile games that you liked?


Retroid_BiPoCket t1_j6pjtbd wrote

Honestly not really. Although there are some good stuff out there, most of them are android ports of PC or console games (Like Dead Cells for example, or old square RPGS that I could emulate for free).


Morgodai_K t1_j6mguwr wrote

Just got into Warframe, and I'm having a blast. There's definitely a lot of grinding, but I've been able to sell many of the items I've gathered to other players for premium currency to use on stuff. If you have self-control with it, absolutely everything can be gained without spending money. I do like the grind, though. Always excited to gather mats to craft that next weapon.


suspicious_hamster_ t1_j6mczdt wrote

The only acceptable pay to play thing I think is okay is crusader kings 2s dlc pass which is £4 a month for accept to all their dlc.

In total I think the dlc Costa £250 to buy outright (there's lots of dlcs) so I'm cool with paying a subscription thing for that.


Edwardc4gg t1_j6lltyk wrote

then don't?

i also dont play games that are passes, seasons, pay to win, pay to even play new content, kinda bullshit other than destiny 2 cause i hate myself.


tortiqur t1_j6mfhap wrote

I love when an ad for a gacha game is like "30 free pulls" or whatever. First of all, fuck that, second, why would i care, i don't even know what the game is


HooKerzNbLo t1_j6knkd8 wrote

This game is actually extremely F2P friendly.


RageTiger t1_j6kttto wrote

launches mobile game, was given an advert


DNAisjustneuteredRNA t1_j6ktrxj wrote

Adorable Nikkes !

Basically, if they spam titties, it's a 100% no-go.


tortiqur t1_j6mfb7s wrote

nikke spams ass though, totally different


IJN-Atago t1_j6l0cwo wrote

Azur Lane is Very f2p friendly. You can even earn the premium currency with achivements and are also given as compensation. The outfits for the girls is where they make the money and they are optional.


Steeljaw72 t1_j6lm7au wrote

Yeah, when it comes to mobile games, I finally decided I would only play pay once and play games. I find anything that has any kind of micro transactions are built around just getting you to spend money. And I’m not spending money.

Nice thing is, there are lots of really good pay once and play games out there. They just take a little hunting.


Disgustedlibrarian t1_j6mhwfd wrote

Mobile games are such a cesspit of microtransactions now.

There's barely anything enjoyable any more


Briar_Knight t1_j6l36by wrote

I have one gacha game that I play but by large I ignore them. Especially all those ones that are presumably by the same company since the ads are the same. They put a huge emphasis on "power" level and are like "sign up now and get 200 free pulls!!!" which just makes it sound like their pull rate for high units is very very low


Dr4zhar t1_j6met4d wrote

Yeah, even if I had to play two of these crappy games to learn the lesson.


palegate t1_j6mvhjp wrote

The first thing that makes me not want to play a mobile game is it being a game on mobile phones.


theAutisticat t1_j6o99lz wrote

First thing that makes me not want to play a mobile game: considering playing a mobile game


lapqmzlapqmzala t1_j6oat93 wrote

I stopped trying to find a good mobile game. I downloaded Retroarch instead and have been playing thru Final Fantasy 3, Metal Max Returns, and Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart.


only_for_dst_and_tf2 t1_j6ohb4c wrote

"collect powerful heroes..."

"here we go, lemme guess, gambli-"

"by winning matches and leveling up!"


WankerMcDoogle t1_j6pjpt2 wrote

I am actually enjoying this game a bit as I think its fun to have to figure out what champs work the best for different fights in the game. Like single target vs AOE or ranged vs melee, etc. I have spent $25 so far buying the passes and they are definitely not worth in imo.


Yacobo2023 t1_j6l54ys wrote

"Powerful" Use ih777 and ih999 to get 10000 legendary heroes bullcrap


NootPack t1_j6lhwlo wrote

Well, that narrows down the list by about 99%.

We have too much choice lately, so hopefully you find something you like.


slasherWAR t1_j6lowgd wrote

But that means 90% of the game is just loot boxes, you're telling me you don't want to gamble untill you get a really strong version of a marvel character and then promptly never open the app again? Your loss buddy


peko_ OP t1_j6lp0pm wrote

i repent. i want to be stronk. pls :(


nubsauce87 t1_j6m5fca wrote

Know how I know when a mobile game is crap? When it's a mobile game.


Cuddlesthemighy t1_j6mfbgf wrote

This or 8 million anime waifus, but then I just assume this part comes after.


Jaksimus t1_j6m5gxo wrote

No genre is liked by everyone. So what if you don't like gachas?


IronNobody4332 t1_j6lmgg8 wrote

I want to meet the people who keep downloading these games.

I just wanna talk...