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Saendre t1_j7yfyjv wrote

Beans has been mutilated. You wouldn't happen to be responsible for that now, right?


HouseOfSteak t1_j7zgcgi wrote

Unless they were Beans' parents' owners, no.

Corgis tend to get docked within the first week after birth, and few people will part with a pup before 8 weeks.


wombat_supreme t1_j7zuggo wrote

This. Also, I think this was at one time a functional thing. To those who do not know, Corgis, believe it or not, are herding dogs. I had no idea they were herding dogs until I adopted a 7 month old pure bred Pembrok Welsh Corgi. The functionality is them not getting their tail stomped while herding. And their herding instinct is strong. Nothing gets past this little dog.


HouseOfSteak t1_j809665 wrote

Dwarfism for corgis is also a functional trait - being so low to the ground meant that cattle would have difficulties kicking them in the face (which they evolved to do against predators that notably did not have short legs, putting their hooves at perfect head-kicking height).

Of course, when they aren't herding animals and therefore not are risking a hoof to the skull, dwarfism comes with its own set of problems that they otherwise wouldn't have.


Unstupid OP t1_j80xmwk wrote

Yea, he was already docked by the time I first saw him.


ThatFinchLad t1_j7z516x wrote

I never understand how there are so many docked tails still. It's been illegal for years. Who is doing it?


Rubcionnnnn t1_j80mwh8 wrote

People who care more about being pretentious and image than the welfare of their pets.


Space_Corgi_MN t1_j7zo0yb wrote

Some Pembroke Corgis are born without tails, but most have them docked since it is part of the breed standard.


theghostofgotti t1_j80k9cy wrote

It's only a "breed standard" because obnoxious humans made it so. I bet if that dog could talk at the moment of mutilation it would tell the dumbass holding the knife to back the fuck off.


Abalisk t1_j7zdjik wrote

Very compelling with the lil tail nub wagging! 10/10 good dog!


Zlimness t1_j8000zi wrote

Does the comment section know Welsh Corgi Pembrokes can be born without a tail I wonder? It's illegal to dock the tail in most countries and you still see Pembrokes without tails, half-tails and full tails. Cardigans always have full tails. The distant cousin to the Welsh Corgi, The Swedish Vallhund, can also be born with or without a tail.


MoarTacos t1_j800kev wrote

Okay well beans is pretty much the fuckin’ best.


theghostofgotti t1_j80jvyt wrote

Saw this posted a day or so ago with a different title, and mutilating your dogs for "aaaawwwwwws" was just as asinine then as it is now.


archampion t1_j7zgax1 wrote

Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle