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Queen-of-meme t1_j9mo1kn wrote

I knew it would jump, still I jumped


Xina123 t1_j9mwp2i wrote

I just scared the crap out of my dog when I jumped.


Elhessdi t1_j9nnz3z wrote

I read your comment first, and still jumped


Queen-of-meme t1_j9outbs wrote

It's because it's a few seconds too long where nothing happens, so one starts to relax and then BAM


bougieorangesoda t1_j9mpca2 wrote

The sheer determination to boop the snoot is honestly so inspiring


Ashkill115 t1_j9n9zj5 wrote

Cats have one of the fastest reaction times. Seen a video of a cat jumping out of the way of a snake strike and that MF was fast af


Mackheath1 t1_j9oqs2i wrote

It's amazing how they can just disappear - even from sleeping - instantly.

The temptation (I don't do it) to scare my cat all the time for entertainment is huge.


freelancefikr t1_j9p7t2d wrote

honestly there’s nothing more comforting than to look over at my cat when i hear something just to find him still sleeping soundly. he’s my security system


prfessorY t1_j9pvj7u wrote

And there's nothing less comforting that if I don't hear something, but my cat is on high alert.


Negran t1_j9pbc4j wrote

Ya. I wonder how many frames it would be visible in if this wasn't some shitty video or was slowed down. (Aka actual speed/reaction time).

We try to kick the cats out for bedtime, and I'm never 100% confident they didn't just randomly sneak back in right in front of my eyes. They will just appear.


ReptarOrgy t1_j9pf9m7 wrote

Ikr that video came to mind. I bet if you slow it down geckbro didn't even touch the kitty


Ashkill115 t1_j9phktz wrote

Yeah probably scared the cat cause I don’t think that gecko would nip


magpye1983 t1_j9qz8q2 wrote

Bobcat Vs Rattlesnake?


Ashkill115 t1_j9qzaqq wrote

Yeah think that was it


magpye1983 t1_j9r11e8 wrote

It’s a great video. I love cats and even though I knew Bobcats were awesome, I thought that particular showdown was going to end badly for the cat.


zillskillnillfrill t1_j9mture wrote

Is that really the size of geckos I always assumed that they were much smaller


Arvandor t1_j9n0c53 wrote

Most geckos are pretty small. That is an outlier breed for sure


electro1ight t1_j9nwrba wrote

Yeah. Makes me think Australia.


DynamicSploosh t1_j9oaopw wrote

This species is found in northeast India, Bhutan, Nepal, and Bangladesh; throughout Southeast Asia, including Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia; and toward western New Guinea. It’s also been spotted in parts of Northern Australia. It’s considered the second largest gecko species with the New Caledonian gecko being the largest with sizes as large as 36cm (14 inches)

Edit: I forgot to mention the name of this species. Its a Tokay Gecko.


GoProOnAYoYo t1_j9r9rhj wrote

What species is this? One about this big got into our bungalow once when we were visiting Thailand and I was blown away, had only ever seen lil geckos my whole life


SheriffBartholomew t1_j9rbcpd wrote

I'm pretty sure it's a Tokay Gecko. They're mean as hell and will bark at you with an undead demon voice.


Ajj360 t1_j9rwxce wrote

tokay gecko,known for a painful bite


DurangoJohnson t1_j9orzeh wrote

The one in the video looks like it could be pushing 14 inch or more if laid straight out from head to end of tail


Fernelz t1_j9p7avs wrote

How can you tell? I don't see any bananas in the video


PillNeckLizard11 t1_j9oz13a wrote

Nah geckos here are pretty small, thats a chungus right there, but some of our gackos do glow in the dark


Theofeus t1_j9p3xye wrote

You saw the floor inside and thought Australia?


Nghtmare-Moon t1_j9pjlnc wrote

Southeast Asia has some that size and their noise is pretty funny it sounds like “GEKoooo”


pvballer t1_j9nc0h0 wrote

This is a Tokay gecko. Most geckos are much smaller. Tokays are one of the largest gecko species, known for their particularly nasty bites and defensive nature.

And yes they bark. Geckos are quite vocal.


drekia t1_j9pfwxs wrote

These guys are so elusive. I lived in the Philippines for 12 years and was always able to hear their squeaky little mating calls but never actually saw them.


ohhellopia t1_j9qn8h5 wrote

I used to go on vacations in a pretty rural area -- I'd live in a hut house with a tin roof while I'm there. On really hot days, the tin roof gets extremely hot and they'd let go from the ceiling, plopping down to the floor. Scared the crap out of me. I always slept with the mosquito netting over me, more for tokay falling off the roof protection than mosquitos.


AthenasChosen t1_j9qo0fr wrote

My grandpa said when he was serving in Vietnam, there was an animal that would say "Fuck you" in the jungle that you could hear all the time. It was the Tokay geckos lol.


likesexonlycheaper t1_j9qx9oq wrote

I dunno if they are the same but when I was visiting Bali there were geckos that always sounded like they were a kid saying "help me". It was pretty creepy in the middle of the night.


drekia t1_j9qy065 wrote

I always thought they were literally saying “geck-oh”! Or sometimes “weh-oh”


oyelaking t1_j9qxpnl wrote

I don’t know man, but that sounds like an awesome deal to me. My sincerest hope is that I never lay eyes on one of these fuckers.


woodsciguy t1_j9qqj9j wrote

I had one for a pet. When i bought it at the reptile pet store the guy selling it said it was tge only thing in the srore that they guaranteed will bite you. It was a pain in the ass and constantly escaped. Beautiful though. Purple with orange spots. Fed it mice...


Soma2710 t1_j9qrvav wrote

Used to work in a pet store where we sold these.

You had to dunk it under water in order to release its jaws from your hands. I made the mistake once of cleaning their habitats without gloves.

They are indeed beautiful creatures, though!


pvballer t1_j9qv9iu wrote

I have one right now! He’s actually somewhat socialized where I’m not too scared of him biting but I am still very careful. I’m always scared of him getting out and then having to try to catch him however.

Their pattern and colors are super unique.


SheriffBartholomew t1_j9rbl2v wrote

I had one two separate times. They're probably the meanest pets I've ever had. Both times I ended up too traumatized by the constant attacks to keep caring for them and found them more tolerant caretakers.


Nihil_esque t1_j9oad8y wrote

Most geckos are small, these guys (Tokay geckos) are on the bigger side. They live in southeast Asia.


knotshir t1_j9p2sf6 wrote

They're in Florida, US, now. Thanks exotic pet trade!


kw661 t1_j9qqe93 wrote

Really? Wow! Yup, poor Florida gets all kinds of wacko invaders. Well, they do blend in pretty well.


knotshir t1_j9qtkta wrote

They do, but unfortunately, they nest in any openings in your house, like soffits and vents.


jackduloz t1_j9pezae wrote

My dad bought a few of these big fuckers to release this snide out house in Texas when I was growing up to deal with cockroaches.

They can draw blood with their bites, and they bark.


kw661 t1_j9qq61z wrote

I'm on Maui, 4 inches live in my house and cheap at very significant moments and I'm Not 🤪. Mahalo


Han_YO1O t1_j9tkxya wrote

That is a Tokay gecko, the second largest extant gecko next to the lechianus.


CapnGrundlestamp t1_j9mtx6i wrote

Looks like a Tokay gecko, those fuckers are mean.


angroro t1_j9mz0q5 wrote

Right? I've taken a bite from a tokay and it is by far one of the worst bites I've personally taken from a reptile. They do not let go. Only gecko I take seriously when they bark.


wwhatthefuckrichard t1_j9n28e8 wrote

not me googling “do geckos bark” because i couldn’t tell if this was a play on words or you meant they literally bark.


angroro t1_j9n2l29 wrote

Geckos literally bark and scream. They're mouthy when they're in a mood. It's pretty cute when the little guys do it.


kittylkitty t1_j9nkmp8 wrote

FR! They only way I’ve managed to get them to let go is to hold it under water until it physically can’t hold its breath anymore, these assholes are abundant at my grandma’s farm.


2old4cool t1_j9ni7u3 wrote

I like the geckos we get here in Florida, they’re tiny and adorable. This one, on the other hand, is a big nope.


xvilemx t1_j9qe963 wrote

Lol, the geckos that come out in spring time in the desert around my house are also tiny and adorable. They are also Bros, and eat all the bugs that come around.


Ambivalent14 t1_j9rgzei wrote

Ikr? This is such a big hell no from me as any kind of pet, or any interaction whatsoever. I was terrified for this freaking cat til the end.


KaMeLRo t1_j9od06m wrote

This gecko got inside my house in Thailand and laid eggs, I was so scared.

It took me and my mom a whole night to make this big one go away because it keep hiding behind closets or refrigerator. Another weeks to drove all baby geckos out of my house.


charaznable1249 t1_j9mwo0l wrote

I was about to say if it was I wouldn't be totally sure who my money was on LOL.


Kono_Gabby t1_j9okgu3 wrote

I was about to say, that gecko is HUGE compared to the lil ones I see around my house.


elsunfire t1_j9otpmn wrote

Damn loud too, I had one living under garage roof and almost every night it goes GHECK-OH GHECK-OH for several hours…


THOMASTHEWANKENG1NE t1_j9mrpph wrote

Wanna buy some INSURANCE!


Skyp_Intro t1_j9mwk8n wrote

It would be terrible if something were to happen and you didn’t have insurance.


ciphey t1_j9p0j5v wrote

Almost needed phone insurance after that.


Endoyelk t1_j9o66hs wrote

I’ll be honest, before it moved slightly I thought it was a drawing. Cool and unsettling that they get to that size.


gohalos22 t1_j9ph4l6 wrote

I was surprised to scroll so far before seeing someone mention this. I 💯 percent thought it was a drawing 😂


ViioletIndigo t1_j9orshs wrote

So did I! I actually thought it was one of those wall-cling things and was shocked when it moved haha


DJKGinHD t1_j9nb832 wrote

My cat and my bearded dragon are best friends. They love to snuggle together on a nice, warm heatpad.


theghostofgotti t1_j9mypkn wrote

"Waaaaaait a minute. Did that thing just mo. . .I think it moved. . .did it move? Meeeeeh, maybe it didn't mofuckitmoveditfuckingmoved!"


TumTumMac24 t1_j9o7uiq wrote

I’ve paid attention to lots of cats and dogs and I really don’t believe they can smell lizards.

They can see them and know it’s something there alive but since they can’t smell them they get awfully close to see what it is.

I’m sure that’s how so many dogs get caught by gators too because they are confused about what they see versus what they smell.

I’m no scientist just an observation, maybe I’m wrong I’ve never even looked into it. Just always thought it was weird how they all act like they can’t smell them.


theonethatbeatu t1_j9osct7 wrote

Yeah I’ve noticed that too. I think it’s a reptile thing specifically. Maybe because they are cold blooded.


ZZBC t1_j9pv5co wrote

They absolutely can smell them. Some snakes are quite stinky. One of my dogs is fascinated by reptiles and will hunt and kill snakes, the other is grossed out by them and will sniff and then shake his head and recoil in disgust.


Nghtmare-Moon t1_j9pjrke wrote

It is safe to say your cat has now saved 15% or more on car insurance


c2srq t1_j9mrqb9 wrote

That was worth Reddit today. Take my upvote.


MrZombieTheIV t1_j9pvow2 wrote

Why are videos allowed in r/gifs?


nukethecheese t1_j9r4ab8 wrote

Too low honestly. Loved the video, but doesnt fit the sub, seeing as how it was a video


tmwwmgkbh t1_j9n77xe wrote

Wooooh boy… dem cat reflexes!!!


Nihil_esque t1_j9oafqg wrote

Lol immediately thought "that's a Tokay gecko, this is not going to end well for that cat."


NakDisNut t1_j9o9s7x wrote

Did no one else think those tubes of fireworks were about to blow everything up? No?


Pleasant-Patience725 t1_j9rl5j1 wrote

Has nobody else wanted to comment on the condition of where this is filmed? Which is obviously a serial killers secret lair???


Cannie_Flippington t1_j9paws8 wrote

Everyone complaining about the time covered but no one talking about the cute little delicate placement of the paws on the garbage can to establish stability, the brief distraction of the fly, how absolutely lean and precision carved this adorable little lady is (and if not a lady, intersex at the very least as orange and black are mutually exclusive X chromosome characteristics). She's almost wearing a tortoiseshell tuxedo. I'll bet she's under 2 years old and very friendly.

Please send help, I'm horribly allergic to cats and can't pet them without wearing a face mask but I love them and need all of them.


GRiZ-7 t1_j9odiiy wrote

this video could of been 40 seconds shorter


ammonium_bot t1_j9p16zj wrote

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TheDeadlySquid t1_j9o9flt wrote

That is a massive gecko. We had them in our home in Japan and they were much smaller and translucent.


Bogart745 t1_j9oay0r wrote

Until it moved it’s head I 100% though the lizard was a wall sticker. Scared the hell out of me.


Karmachinery t1_j9oga3f wrote

I didn't know cats could teleport.


hoosiertilltheend t1_j9on369 wrote

"Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back"


Absoniter t1_j9ovjti wrote

The tender caution in this investigation lmao


PomegranatePuppy t1_j9owsk7 wrote

All the people complaining about how long it is 🙄 the build up is half the hilarity.


fanaticfun t1_j9pd3ua wrote

Tokay gecko. Vicious little bastards that hate everything all the time. People try to keep them as pets and it usually doesn't go well.


AMGSiR t1_j9pm9te wrote

Yup, and no fear. I worked at a pet store ages ago. Every lizard would scatter when you opened their lids. Not the Tokay. He would just open his mouth.


Zech08 t1_j9poc40 wrote

Ok how many of you blinked and had to wait for the gif to replay?


madbadjester t1_j9poj3c wrote

Looks like a tokay gekko. I had one as a pet and I wasn't as fast as the cat. I now own the dubious honour of being the first person at my local hospital in Scotland suffering from a lizard bite. My gekko almost removed all the skin from my knuckle, when I was feeling it.


Moe_Syzlak_ t1_j9q8px7 wrote

Scared that cat right out of it’s sandals.


thepianoturtle t1_j9qbfxv wrote

I have never seen a gecko that big😳


fivefingerfury t1_j9qmehy wrote

This was already the biggest jumpscare of 2023


kekubuk t1_j9mxbk6 wrote

That particular species of Gecko have a very painful bite..


makinbaconCR t1_j9n2hge wrote

Fuck you OP

(Thanks that was fun let's do it again sometime)


chrissignvm t1_j9nezar wrote

The hell are you scared of.


haxic t1_j9o9dd2 wrote

Lizard killed the curiosity


bryan660 t1_j9ohdeh wrote



ChumleyEX t1_j9ohqz3 wrote

It's better than anything on TV.


camuto t1_j9oiep2 wrote

At 52 seconds you can see the blurry cat being pulled away by one of its nine lives.


kiwilapple t1_j9okf99 wrote

Did you know that cats touch noses to say hello?


anbelroj t1_j9ooke3 wrote

Tokay geckos!! So beautiful, but they are the pitbulls of the gecko world.


dreph t1_j9oqh6s wrote

lol geckos are dicks


ddubspecial t1_j9otuem wrote

2 minute clip for 10 seconds of content


Oblic008 t1_j9ov0w1 wrote

What is that thing? It looks like a massive geko...?


blackbeltmessiah t1_j9p0her wrote

Yea cat got lucky it didnt have to surgically remove a Tokay from its face.


OPossumHamburger t1_j9p0k6r wrote

This is why curious cats will die when octopuses leave the ocean and start stalking our walls at about 2 feet up


Satinglitter130 t1_j9p1obo wrote

Who got scared more the cat or the person taking the video?


dryiceboy t1_j9p3h6z wrote

Put tank in a mall. Tinuklaw nga!


Nuck85 t1_j9p46kq wrote

The time.. curiosity killed the time


s7ormrtx t1_j9p4wuf wrote

Bro just got hit by the particle accelerator


PirateHasan t1_j9p7o3e wrote



GuyD427 t1_j9piet1 wrote

That is one huge gecko. Get it back to the wild.


alexaz92 t1_j9pnpfc wrote

I was 100% sure this was just a painting. Holyshit when it’s head moved I was 🤯


geraint78 t1_j9q4i1m wrote

I almost dropped my phone!


chaelcodes t1_j9q6oda wrote

Those red tubes look like fireworks and that had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.


tahvoh t1_j9q7pug wrote

Yeah that was the biggest jump scare I’ve had in months


Kenny523 t1_j9qgrpw wrote

The way the cat lifted itself up the trashcan was so graceful it seemed weightless.


MeMilo1209 t1_j9qkpd1 wrote

Why is that cat living in a damp dungeon?


Razulisback t1_j9qsskn wrote

I swear I would initially thought someone was in those shoes…..


Magicman0181 t1_j9r0kjy wrote

I jumped, the cat jumped, everybody jumped


dr-brennan t1_j9r5628 wrote

Oh no.. a tokay gecko! Nasty bite and aggressive!


h3r3andth3r3 t1_j9r6k04 wrote

Gonna take a wild guess and say that's a "wood slave" from an eastern Caribbean island. Not sure on the origins of the name but the definitely look the same and only come out at night.


Weztside t1_j9r6py9 wrote

That's a big ass gecko!!!!!!


NinjaOtter1209 t1_j9rahx1 wrote

This cats reenacting the alien egg scene from Prometheus.


GambitEk1 t1_j9rdlug wrote

Killed the cat and its human


Sharrack t1_j9rfgqk wrote



sorryimdrunkstill t1_j9rkhzt wrote

My cats in Thailand used to devour tokay geckos during the night leaving on their heads and then regurgitating a perfect little sausage roll of tokay gecko meat for me to step on in the morning. It was great.


alfons100 t1_j9rm759 wrote

That gecko stood its ground


lacretba t1_j9ty6qf wrote

Cats are so intelligent and inquisitive.


YFMAS t1_ja48ro1 wrote

My mom’s cat used to eat these things.


McKeviin t1_j9ooq3w wrote

Curiosity killed the time it took to watch this unnecessary long video


No-Trifle-2405 t1_j9qjs4t wrote

You think that geko was trying to sell him insurance


Arkkaon t1_j9mpqsl wrote

What a shithole. That's one of the most disgusting rooms I've ever seen.