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funwithdesign t1_jdnnhim wrote

Thunderbirds vibes


Sarbaaz OP t1_jdnnu5s wrote

I have been told this and Futurama vibes haha


Jaybathehut t1_jdphta1 wrote

Thunderbirds are go!!

Seriously that is a super rad piece of art!!! I remember an artist making cool retro rockets and robots in a small town in British Columbia very similar style to this - do you sell your work or is this a one off project?


Sarbaaz OP t1_jdpn9uz wrote

So far this is a one off.

There is an artist who did a ton of this style work with old car parts who was selling them at a consignment store for $600 - $800 in Colorado.

I had already had the idea for my own in the back of my mind but after seeing their versions it really got the ball rolling for my own. Especially because they were asking so much for their own.

A few years ago I saw some repurposed car part, turned into rocketship lamps, style fixtures at a restaurant in the Denver International Airport called Root Down.

It is shockingly difficult to find a photo of what I'm talking about. I just spent the last hour scavenging photos from the restaurant's google review page just to find this low resolution shot of the chandelier with a bunch on it:

I swear this is the same artist and they must be making these still and are out there somewhere.


Sarbaaz OP t1_jdnnq4r wrote

I wanted to share with you all a project that I created 4 years ago and recently just finished updating and upgrading.

You may have seen my rocket sculpture made entirely out of household items on the front page of r/gifs on reddit about 4 years ago:

I have learned a lot in the last few years doing DIY projects and decided I was ready to try cleaning up this rocket sculpture with more professional quality finishes.

One of the first questions most people ask is, "Why?", So I'll write a brief explanation.

As an adult I grew more and more interested in NASA and space exploration. One day I was picturing someone watching the moon landing as a kid and how exciting that must have been. I then imagined them running around looking for things to make their own rocket to play with.

So using only items that someone from the late 1960s would have access to in their home, I set out to create a one-of-a-kind rocket sculpture. It also helped that most my furniture is considered Mid Century and I enjoy Fallout style artwork.

If you are interested in seeing some of the DIY upgrade process I have an album with descriptions found here:


dMarrs t1_jdnyjpg wrote

I have a wicked vintage cake mixer that looks like this.


jme2712 t1_jdnspkz wrote

It can aim down?


Sarbaaz OP t1_jdnuu53 wrote

Are you referring to the slider on the base connected to the front? If so, yes it can point down.

Although, I mostly put it there because it is so much heavier towards the backside that over time it slowly points itself upwards. I wanted it to stay level so I added that slider. That part was originally on an old record player console from the 60s so it's keeping with the parts theme.


Tobutch t1_jdo4hai wrote

I'll comment the same thing I did four years ago, if you turn it around it'll make an awesome steampunk portalgun. Either way it looks bad ass.


Sarbaaz OP t1_jdo74i6 wrote

Thanks! There's an artist that lives in Washington state selling sculptures and he made something like you are describing. That's where I drew the inspiration from when making the vacuum tube light addition.

Or I guess it's a liquid tube now.


Tobutch t1_jdoe4xu wrote

I actually think I've seen the one you're talking about.
I love when "old" stuff is made into something new.

Keep up the awesome work dude.


kungpowgoat t1_jdo3ui7 wrote

This is awesome. I would love this but with Planet Express.


AlfaBetaZulu t1_jdowv29 wrote

I always thought those Stanley thermos had a sorta rocket color and shape to them. Lol. Those are the best thermos on the market. Drinks will still have ice after 24 hours.


Sarbaaz OP t1_jdpo3hm wrote

I remember daydreaming as a kid pretending random objects were spaceships including a Stanley thermos.

There is a super good artist spacegooose who draws everything my imagination had going on.


Chardradio t1_jdoz1lj wrote

What to do with a Stanley that will never die


Sarbaaz OP t1_jdpngl9 wrote

Still lasts forever. Just a different job now.


BloodieOllie t1_jdpbgdy wrote

I love this. It's so cool looking

It's the kind of thing I've always wanted to try making, and it turned out great!


Sarbaaz OP t1_jdpnoh7 wrote

Give it a try! Lots of good parts needing to be recycled out there.


BloodieOllie t1_jdpqpc7 wrote

I will!

How did you come by most of yours?


Sarbaaz OP t1_jdqv7lv wrote

I found just about everything at my local flea market and thrift stores.

It took me the most time and patience looking for matching flashlights for mine.


Anu_cool_007 t1_jdphs8d wrote

This is something I'd probably find in a fallout game. Looks awesome


Sarbaaz OP t1_jdpnkzi wrote

I'm a big fan of Fallout so I appreciate the compliment!


FilosSketos t1_jdpk35t wrote



CaptainNapalm t1_jdo7lza wrote

WANT! That's awesome! Very creative..


mjollnard t1_jdon0hf wrote

Cool! Reminiscent of Thunderbird 1!


smipypr t1_jdon447 wrote

That's a great idea for sidepipes on a Tesla!


hubaloza t1_jdorn4c wrote

Looks kinds like the slam


Puppy-Zwolle t1_jdq78fi wrote

Ah, back to the original source material I see.


BraunyTie t1_jdqzsnq wrote

I keep thinking that this should be displayed hanging by fishing line rather than a stand.