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T0WERM0NKEY t1_iwv9ffs wrote

As a tower engineer. I appreciate the accuracy of the x bracing.


KillerRabbitMedia OP t1_iwvevo6 wrote

Thank you! I used an online reference, but it feels good to hear from someone who actually knows what they're talking about first hand!


Fearisloathing t1_iwvgwes wrote

As a guy who climbs towers for a living, I’m wondering what his foot is on.


Just_One_Hit t1_iwvxtul wrote

And why there's a guy wire at ~6-ft.

Sweet gif, though. I like it.


Archaris t1_iwwtcui wrote

makes more sense if you see a cloud instead of snow drift.


dewman45 t1_iwwomfq wrote

You know the guys that try to convince you their 50ft tower doesn't need guy wires? This, is the other end of the spectrum.


Temnai t1_iwwr1aq wrote

Just pretend the snow is really deep.


no_idea_bout_that t1_iwvkiib wrote

Great vibe! I'd make the foreground movement the fastest, and switch the bandana movement to the right as well.

If you can figure out how to put some movement in the water without it looking too disruptive, that would be neat. (Maybe just horizontal movement?)


KillerRabbitMedia OP t1_iwvnwge wrote

Thank you for taking the time for the feedback! That's an interesting idea to change the animation speeds for the different elements, I'll definitely try that next time. I agree about the bandana. I did think about it, but I'd already added the red light. I could change the direction of the snow, I think that'd improve it to.

The water is a good point too, I did try, but the scale looked off for somethinig so far away, if that makes sense


Owobowos-Mowbius t1_iwvugox wrote

I think something incredibly slight and maybe only 2 or three different frames for the water. Just to add a hint of movement.


no_idea_bout_that t1_iwvvno3 wrote

Makes sense. The resolution at that distance is probably something like 10-20 ft/px, so movement of a single pixel would be way too fast. There might be a way to suggest movement with subtle brightness changes, or a faint noise map.


MoarTacos t1_iwvgyk5 wrote

What’s the reference?


dodoatsandwiggets t1_iwwgbyy wrote

Made me think of the Hollywood sign but then I don’t know what it looks like close up at the bottom of the letters.


Vectorguy t1_iwvo8eu wrote

Love it! It Remains me my hometown, except for the snow. I use to live by a bay in a "U" shape almost an "O".


KillerRabbitMedia OP t1_iwvon2b wrote

Thank you! I sorta based this on my hometown, I know the feeling haha


jimthree t1_iwz88wz wrote

Utterly wonderful. So deeply emotional. The choice of title is superb. Congrats.


KillerOfBergers t1_iwvd356 wrote

Anybody have any suggestions for software to create these kind of animations?


KillerRabbitMedia OP t1_iwvfgz2 wrote

I used Aseprite for this, it's a relatively cheap, one-off payment and is hands down the best for this kind of thing. Krita is free and is pretty good too, but is less pixel art specific


CertifiedBA t1_iwwofcn wrote

Dominic! Get down from there!


not_another_feminazi t1_iwxch02 wrote

Driving home after visiting extended family there was this patch of road right after a long tunnel that looked exactly like that.

It took me straight to back to being a kid and imagining myself climbing up the eletric towers just to get a better view.

Thank you for that.


KillerRabbitMedia OP t1_iwy5eoq wrote

Thank you for sharing! I had the same thoughts looking at radio towers as a kid


AzureSky77 t1_iwyfu4z wrote

I bet some good stretches can be done from this pose haha


AutumnLeaves1939 t1_iwzcexd wrote

This is so pleasant to look at. Love the fog/clouds, lights, gradient to the sky … etc


Skippy8898 t1_iwvlrlq wrote

Just out of curiosity is that a Bat or someone being shot out of a cannon?

Very well done!


BlaxicanX t1_iwwc46c wrote

I like it. It looks like the background of a lofi hip-hop video.


ragdoll20 t1_iwwkbzu wrote

This looks awesome! I do feel that if you were to remove thw ground in the bottom that it would create more depth because we’d see the figure ‘high up’


ihaZtaco t1_iwwn3uh wrote

This’s got crazy Norco vibes


PoopLogg t1_iwx9ozv wrote

we set out in tennis shoes,
ski jackets & driving gloves -
we crossed lonely fields of snow
in early evening, the sky
heather glowed

in a frozen lunar marsh
we stumbled on WBBR
substation radio tower
broadcasting big band stars

substation radio tower
broadcasting big band stars

we climbed past call letter badge
past the red pulsing warning lights
aerial lights
to the transmitter i barely attached
as it thundercracked like a breaking mast

i think we're going down
i looked out over the town
i wish i had a whale to hunt down
i looked over the sea
how i wish someone was waiting to bury me

turn on your tractor beam
set your sights for heavenly seams
i've started to believe
on concrete we scattered our seeds

  • 'Big Band Stars' - John Vanderslice


Flabbaghosted t1_iwxdbvl wrote

What's the emotion this making me feel? I feel like I just experienced someone else's life but as my own


piscian19 t1_iwxnejq wrote

Having just watched "Fall (2022)" this brings me intense anxiety.


brown_pleated_slacks t1_iwxnna7 wrote

Man I like this. Reminds me of cold late nights in my home town. There was a spot an awful lot like this we used to go stare out at the lights of our littletown and the few around it. Views like this make you feel big, small, alone, and surrounded by others all at the same time. Love this.


KillerRabbitMedia OP t1_iwy6evn wrote

Thank you! I know the feeling you're describing exactly. Glad to hear there's more spots like these out there


AnyawakuwakuForger t1_iwyb0rk wrote

My favorite kinda aesthetic ! Great work<3333 Also reminds me of Aki from Chainsaw man


DiverseUniverse24 t1_iwyje3v wrote

Wish I could join you so we could spend some quality time in silence. Wistful.


Fatesurge t1_ix32fpo wrote

Any tips to get started making pics like this? Software, workflow etc?


IE114EVR t1_iwwxavw wrote

This feels like Simon Stålenhag but without the sci-fi


KillerRabbitMedia OP t1_iwy3sfw wrote

Thanks for the recommendation I'll check him out


IE114EVR t1_iwyzebm wrote

I realize he has a very big collection that varies. This was probably the one I was thinking of but some of the others in “Things from the Flood” seem to capture that winters dusk feeling the way your piece has.


Navybears t1_iwxjpry wrote

Great work! Is this based off an actual skyline? Reminds me of the Bay Area in California for some reason.


goliathfasa t1_iww2vlb wrote

I know it’s not supposed to be but I can’t not think it’s the guy shooting off a load from the hills down to the town below.