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saisketches t1_iy59z5u wrote

Lava looked like city lights in night sky


DiscountSteak t1_iy5vb7g wrote

I could really use a wish right now


aneth0r t1_iy5x5n4 wrote

wish right now


dr-invest t1_iy60x3q wrote

wish right now


geevaldes t1_iy62li8 wrote

wish right now


recitedStrawfox t1_iy66lc5 wrote

wish right now


Ok-Beach-316 t1_iy6dttq wrote

Like shooting stars


babywhiz t1_iy6t4ar wrote

You know what burns my knickers? Part II disappeared from my library…i mean it shows I bought it when I go to the iTunes store but it just won’t download now. I’m so mad.


corny16 t1_iy7l5ra wrote

I’m not familiar with that version


muhaski t1_iy72lvm wrote

What the hell does that mean. You wish on lava?


CalamitousD t1_iy73dsb wrote

Lyrics from the song Airplanes that Hayley from Paramore sings: "Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now."


SkiDude t1_iy6zs9v wrote

First time I saw a picture, I thought that's what i was looking at, and the stream was the smoke/ash/steam from the volcano over the city. Then I remembered that island doesn't have a city that big, and it hit me.


Baconaise OP t1_iy50lyy wrote

Now you don't need to watch 3 ads and read a reporters' interpretation of what USGS said they saw on their webcam.


army2207 t1_iy5cdep wrote

Modern news media shove as much ads as someone is unwillingly take


__BONESAW__ t1_iy61bkg wrote

The weather guys are even worse. They know their purpose isn't to be constantly present in someone's life so they go super hard on clickbait. Some industries need to just stop trying to be giant corporations and just do what they're expected to and nothing more.


Baconaise OP t1_iy69yxe wrote

Will there be good weather this weekend? Stick around (watch 15 minutes of fear mongering and advertising) to find out, don't forget we have the most ADJECTIVE radar and that means it's better for some reason. The break, stick through it. We're the only source of information. Put down your phone. You need us. Please come back.

Meanwhile, REAL meteorologists like Ryan Hall's group are setting up actual surge cameras ahead of storms and getting real footage of landfall. "Local weather" is and has been dead.


pspahn t1_iy6i7yp wrote

I'm sure it was somewhere on Reddit that I saw Accuweather, et al want the NWS privatized or some shit so they can put a paywall between them and forecast data/discussions. Of course being a loyal redditor I didn't look anything else up or verify the claim, so I have to assume it's true.


BarbequedYeti t1_iy6n2be wrote

It was true. I forget which one was lobbying for it, but yeah. It was a thing. I would like to see my tax dollars go to a decent free app for the US, provided by our government weather service. Seriously. We should have a free kick ass weather app.


pspahn t1_iy6nr9d wrote

I've used for some time and I'd say it's pretty kick ass for free. is where I'll often go for extra discussion, and there is an API they provide. I used it to build a very generic 10-day forecast grid for a specific station, and it's mostly functional (sometimes responses come back empty). is fine, but they could definitely use a fresh update on the frontend.


invent_or_die t1_iy6p14d wrote

Wunderground is good but now owned by IBM. Ventusky is amazing. Both worth buying imho


RebarBaby t1_iy7066m wrote

Wunderground WAS good. Now it's essentially controlled by the same entities as "The Weather Channel"/""...

I still use it because their 10 day graph is great, but their ads are encroaching more and more every day.

I'll look into Ventusky, I need a less commercialized replacement. Thanks!


invent_or_die t1_iy79088 wrote

Ventusky is cool for seeing weather/airflow at different altitudes, it's got a lot of options. I have fires near me a lot so its Ventusky and Inciweb for fire information


__BONESAW__ t1_iy7d259 wrote

Canada had an app that was recently replaced with AccuWeather i believe or maybe the weather network. Fuckin appaling


KazooOnExhaustPipe t1_iy7glmn wrote

In Germany, the public weather forecast service had to start charging people to use their app because a parasite company sued them to stop them from providing a public service for free, as they considered that to be predatory of their parasitic business model, which was overtaking the same public weather forecast data and slapping some ads on it. Also that sentence is way too long now.


Tsiyeria t1_iy703px wrote

The last time I looked at the The Weather Channel website, I saw mention of a premium subscription.

Fuck that noise. I didn't even look to see what they're paywalling, I just closed the website.


rethebear t1_iy7jf2r wrote

"The G Word with Adam Conover" episode 2 "Weather" talks about this.


Funkyokra t1_iy7n9si wrote

Maybe where you are. Our local weather guy has a solid broadcast and updates multiple times daily on social media with radar and other tools to show you. He was the first one to recognize that a recent huge hurricane showed signs of changing direction in a huge way. He tells us weeks in advance about the weather in Africa that could potentially effect us. He's constantly updating us with new info. More importantly, I have the practical info I need about what time that rainstorm is gonna hit today.

Not a lot of fear mongering on the morning news usually, just a heads up on traffic, who drove into a house last night, your favorite restaurant is closing, and local events. I'm just drinking coffee and trying to find my pants.

Setting up a stunt cam to record landfall is really cool but isn't what meteorology is about anymore than broadcasting in the middle of the street during a hurricane is. It's just a way to make weather more fun so people buy your content. And stodgy old Weather Channel does surge cameras, so while they are fun it's not really a unique cutting edge thing.


Zee_tv t1_iy6xhmn wrote

This comment made me laugh harder than I have in who knows how long. I sincerely appreciate your comment and humor. I really needed that laugh and to feel this good, even if temporarily, tonight. Thanks again


phejster t1_iy85gc4 wrote

If profit is the only thing that matters, why wouldn't they do everything they can to get more profit?


Teantis t1_iy70mua wrote

That's what happens when people are even less willing to pay for subscriptions than they are to look at ads.


army2207 t1_iy7aanu wrote

Ads are fine unless it takes you 5 minutes of ads to watch a 30 second video


Teantis t1_iy7aht8 wrote

I mean honestly they're really not fine. But no one's figured out a workable way to get journalists paid other than ads for a while.


cjlutera t1_iy89iix wrote

Why does this surprise anyone? Almost nobody pays to subscribe to online news now. Reddit just copies and pastes the text into a comment so nobody has to click the link. How are journalists supposed to survive or make money if not by ads? It's the last breath of a dying industry and people complain about it. They will again complain when news is gone or quality goes to hell.


ezshucks t1_iy55ifb wrote

My friend is hiking there currently and he told us it was erupting this morning. He says he's in a safe area but still worrisome


schnucken t1_iy58xjk wrote

Hope he stays safe. All it takes is a wind shift and things can get dangerous really quickly--those fumes are not nice!


ebrum2010 t1_iy71p9c wrote

It is a barren wasteland, riddled with fire and ash and dust, the very air you breathe is a poisonous fume. Not with ten thousand men could you do this. It is folly.


Shmock_Events t1_iy736em wrote



ebrum2010 t1_iy77jw2 wrote

I find it suspicious that the volcano hasn't erupted in almost 40 years and it picks the best time to promote Rings of Power for Jeff Bezos just as the media storm is dying down.


awc130 t1_iy82les wrote

We have our honeymoon there in January. Hopefully everyone is safe, and nothing is damaged. Reading up on its last eruption it destroyed parts of Hilo. Where we are supposed to be staying.


Reddit-L t1_iy51isp wrote

Went from looking like Earth to looking like Venus. Pretty cool.


FragmentOfBrilliance t1_iy6ogk0 wrote

Incidentally, it is likely that Venus went from looking like Earth to looking like Venus because of its crazy vulcanism.


Smash_4dams t1_iy6zero wrote

Isn't Venus too close to the sun to keep water anyway?


d1rron t1_iy78c8d wrote

Yes, but as recently as 700 million years ago it's thought to have been potentially habitable.


SaltyBabe t1_iy7fyhm wrote

Omg I’m so high I assumed this was on a different planet and being filmed by a rover (???). I literally sat through it like “hey, respect space watch the whole gif” haha well at least I respected nature and omg that was crazy! Glad I watched to the end lol


Jops817 t1_iy7kymc wrote

I mean technically we're in space too, so you were still respecting.


MrFIXXX t1_iy7yvo0 wrote

Nah, Venus would probably a mix between Mars + the sulfur-rich springs you find in Japan. Except it's methane or whatever, instead of water :)


Frosty-Employer7599 t1_iy56dph wrote

That was a great/short/to the point time lapse.

Fun fact Mauna Kea (not Mauna Loa) is THE biggest mountain on earth.


lolboogers t1_iy5phkc wrote

Tallest! Mauna Loa is actually the biggest by volume.


mmikke t1_iy5xnsi wrote

And Mauna loa makes up about half of the big island


steebo t1_iy61c1x wrote

Mauna Loa - tallest from base. (sea floor)

Everest - tallest from sea level.

Chimborazo - tallest from center of earth.


SpawnofATStill t1_iy64mxm wrote

Mauna Kea is the tallest from base, not Mauna Loa.


Dwayne_Gertzky t1_iy65bff wrote

Yeah, I've been to the summit of Mouna Kea and have seen the department of interior state high point marker. Great view, the skies were clear enough to see Maui


Smash_4dams t1_iy6zr5e wrote

It's quite easy to spot Kea from Maui. Whether at the beach or atop Haleakala


steebo t1_iy688qo wrote

I think I sorta kinda knew that. Mostly I wanted to mention Chimborazo. Fun fact and fun to say.


TravelSizedRudy t1_iy6hgs0 wrote

> Chimborazo

That's neat. I did not know that was the furthest point from the center of the earth.


grubas t1_iy6s5zd wrote

Because the earth bulges slightly at the Equator, so everything around that gets a bit of a boost.

Based on sea level Chimborazo is 9,000 feet lower than Everest.


d1msum4u t1_iy5k8cu wrote

Oh…this makes so much more sense. Saw a photo of the ending where it’s lava lighting up in the dark. I thought that was just a shot of a city at night and the lava lines were lights.


TomFoolery22 t1_iy6ngiq wrote

"Wait for it" on a 15 second video, Christ.

People's attention spans have gone to shit, and I have ADHD.


Zee_tv t1_iy6ytaw wrote

Lmaooo omgoodness ADD here and was guilty of this myself, but in my defense my meds stopped working wayyy earlier in the day. I appreciate you making me laugh! :)


JenniferAnniston9021 t1_iy603m8 wrote

Wait for 00:01:00? What does that mean? The gif is like 10 seconds long.


mggirard13 t1_iy61fya wrote

It starts at ~7:00 on 11/27 and advances one hour per frame until ~7:00 on 11/28.

The excitement happens at ~01:00 on 11/28 (time stamps in upper left corner).


Seedling132 t1_iy7imti wrote

There I was sitting there like a dunce waiting a full minute to see when the eruption would happen because I haven't actually heard of this volcano being a thing.

I think it looped about 8 times before I decided to watch the date and realised it was a 24hr loop 👀


chadman82 t1_iy7u3px wrote

Same here, except I probably let it loop like twice as many times before it dawned on me. What a doofus I am.


maj_minor t1_iy5uikq wrote

I'm having trouble knowing what I'm looking at - what exactly is shown in the frame of this camera shot?


AccentFiend t1_iy6vi3c wrote

My brain stuttered trying to figure this out. First I thought I was looking at ocean. Then I thought I was looking at a city skyline. Then I came to the comments and realized it was a legit sea of fire. 😳


billpecota t1_iy6wkwo wrote

Well that was.......underwhelming


Cayd9299 t1_iy5qngv wrote

i thought the eruption created a city


Pongfarang t1_iy7n2ge wrote

That was incredibly disappointing. Like before and after stills, with extra effort. and missing the image everyone wanted to see.


nibberjigger t1_iy7rqr5 wrote

Is frame rate is 1 frame per hour?


UncleHardon t1_iy7ziwx wrote

Yes is. If clock is look at moving 1 hour, and is only picture of 1 then is frame rate is 1 frame at 1 per is 1 hour. Hope this is help you is


Qinistral t1_iy6xkmx wrote

They need an HD full-framerate stream.


Legionof1 t1_iy78qg9 wrote

We clearly don’t have the technology to buy anything better than a Logitech webcam, one of those old ones that are just a ball.


newaccountzuerich t1_iy7asrl wrote

And are not supported in anything newer than Win98, but are fully supported in modern Linux.

Logitech drivers drive me nuts...


hydrodigger t1_iy6zi8f wrote

Was that a wood footpath that burned up in the middle of the lava lake?


adampsyreal t1_iy86f4a wrote

I've been waiting for 1:00 for 14 seconds over & over again


bastian74 t1_iy6t9lo wrote

So is the culderra almost filled back up?


kraftwrkr t1_iy7ygrl wrote

'Time lapse' lol


afleetingmoment t1_iy80bh9 wrote

Finally got to see Volcanos National Park and the open crater at Kilauea last year. Even had some tiny flows going at the bottom. The whole landscape there is otherworldly, and beyond captivating.


DarksideAuditor t1_iy83prh wrote

Fuck that. I'm in the Central Standard Time Zone...ain't nobody waiting all day to watch...I'm watching it now.


lukaskywalker t1_iy8da0p wrote

Holy that’s massive. Is that the entire caldera where people can walk when there isn’t activity ? Or am I thinking of another spot


Clickrack t1_iy8mj0d wrote

Love it! My Geophysics class (of 5) did our Senior Thesis on Kilauea; gathering field data was badass. The museum there has a set of clothes (not mine!) from a researcher that are burnt to a crisp.


BeerTheFern t1_iy8v2uf wrote

I lived on Mauna Loa for a few years up on Fern Forest, not to far from this shit. Glad i moved!


Kenji-Elis t1_iy8zil6 wrote

My dumb brain thought that was water at first


stonehawk28 t1_iy9192l wrote

Are we looking over the rim? What's the perspective on this?


No_Butterscotch3175 t1_iy9dkt5 wrote

At about 0:15 it reminds me of a night view of Los Angeles from the Hollywood Hills area, minus any skyscrapers.


-Wicked- t1_iy7bt1j wrote

Crazy how it just turns into LA at night.


AccidentallyTheCable t1_iy724gl wrote

man people were sayin eruption, i was thinkin a proper foom eruption, not this spoogey "ok im gonna do it" 'eruption'.

disappointed, but stay safe island folk!


newaccountzuerich t1_iy7b7iz wrote

But, that's Mauna Loa in a nutshell. The lava coming up is relatively gas-free so doesn't do the explosive expansion when it gets to the surface. ("Diet Coke and Mentos" is a surprisingly accurate metaphor/description for why volcanos explosively erupt).

Most previous Mauna Loa eruptions have just been flowing lava without a huge amount of ash release (comparitively), so the damage done by the eruption is much more localised than e.g. Mt St Helens for similar amounts of emitted lava.