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AHugeDongAppeared t1_jb84p31 wrote



majestiq t1_jb85rmm wrote

Draw bridge


AndyIsNotOnReddit t1_jb8f09n wrote

He did draw a bridge, but that’s not important right now.


Dylan_1400 t1_jbadrjt wrote

He meant a draw bridge, you know the ones that lift up for a boat lmao. Not literally drawing a bridge like on paper.


Stillill1187 t1_jb86kq9 wrote

OP took an edible and forgot about the third dimension it’s all good it happens. Just let me know what service you use.


truebeliever23 t1_jb86lzd wrote

Honestly, just put a dude there with a zodiac and ferry people across for $5.


fleebinflobbin t1_jb88qaw wrote

Damn this is way more effective cuz I was originally thinking old Italian guy with a gondola.


squee_bastard t1_jb8d3jh wrote

This reminds of of those Perillo Tours Taste of Italy commercials from the ‘80s


PhilipRobertson t1_jb87xj7 wrote

Ha, this actually sounds more fun than the ferry and water taxi service that currently runs this route.


jcnative t1_jb95ni2 wrote

The liberty landing ferry used to go twice an hour for $1. After covid they haven't been running on weekends, and now are only once an hour during weekdays.


Blecher_onthe_Hudson t1_jb8lc0z wrote

You're absolutely correct, but miss the point that all the people who propose these pedestrian & bike bridges and tunnels want them to be 'free', ie paid for by other people.


Brudesandwich t1_jb857wd wrote

Considering some boats can be dozens of feet high, even 100ft when you include the mast, it's not very practical. Maybe a pedestrian tunnel? Either way you have to take into account how much this will cost for no ROI. This city has way more important issues and it does not produce enough revenue relative to what it spends. Plus, this would be caught in more bureaucratic clusterfuck given its city property connecting to state property.

I'm not against the idea I think there should be a pedestrian bridge. Realistically, it would not happen unless this city is dripping in enough money to spend on things like this.


pixel_of_moral_decay t1_jb8fdrt wrote

Pedestrian tunnels always end up smelling like piss and cigarettes.

A lot of money for that.


iron64 t1_jbkkz9h wrote

Also they’re a prime location for death eaters to suck your souls away


Dreadlypirate t1_jb86pck wrote

Yeah, the city also just put a lot of money into renovating the Jersey ave connection to the park and the marina entrance. So it’s unlikely they would put more money into an entrance to save 10 - 15 mins of walking. It would definitely be cool though


moobycow t1_jb95qfs wrote

While, yes, they aren't going to build one, the walk around and back down to the waterfront is probably 45 min, not 10-15.


Dreadlypirate t1_jbae1l7 wrote

Yeah that’s fair, I guess I was thinking to entrance to the Park


FloatingWeight t1_jb8cfhd wrote

Pretty sure the state paid for and did the bridge across Jersey Ave


cC2Panda t1_jb9z3ad wrote

Only because they want to use that as an alternate route while they build the stupid fucking extension. They are going to make Grand St and Marin incredibly dangerous when they inevitably have to close major portions of 78.


sexxit_and_candy t1_jbb2012 wrote

On the bright side I assume traffic on those streets will be traveling at 0.5 mph, which will hopefully limit the danger


cC2Panda t1_jbb6sbm wrote

I'd put money down that someone going from Grand onto Jersey taking a left hits someone going to or leaving the hospital. I'd also be willing to bet that a car will be hit by or hit the light rail trying to speed through a red on Jersey Ave.


imaluckyduckie t1_jbbqq3s wrote

The $13M for the bridge came from both the City and the Turnpike Authority. $10M came from the NJTA


iron64 t1_jbkkry5 wrote

Ah yes, the bridge meant to funnel traffic into downtown jersey city so that every day, people nearly run over pedestrians and honk their horns for 3 hours because of road rage. Love that bridge!


sutisuc t1_jb9qruz wrote

Pittsburgh somehow manages to have boats (sometimes even 100 ft tall) travel its waterways and still have a plethora of bridges traversing the city.


certifiedforgedcheck t1_jb8b2gw wrote

Maybe we can convince the pedestrian tunnel guys to compromise with a tunnel here?


eframian t1_jb8c00k wrote

This was my first thought! We could put a mall down there!!!


Knobbies4Ever t1_jb8ey30 wrote

Where’s that tunnel / mall kid when we need him?!? We could get an Apple Store down in the tunnel!


Blecher_onthe_Hudson t1_jb86p2a wrote

Cost. Not only would it have to be tall enough to clear the masts of the sailboats, but it would probably have to be ADA compliant, making it insanely expensive. The bridge over West St to Stuyvesant HS is not nearly as tall as this would need to be and was scandalously expensive decades ago at $14m and is less than 1/3 the height a Morris Canal bridge would need to be. Let's not even discuss what a drawbridge would entail!


Tysciha t1_jb86uiw wrote

Bike ramps and fast peddling?


FloatingWeight t1_jb8cmuv wrote

Cleveland built a pedestrian drawbridge over a similar area so the concept is doable.

Cost about $13 million and they used state and fed grants. Honestly wouldn’t be a bad idea


moobycow t1_jb95i38 wrote

Ogunquit Maine has one as well, though I guess you can't expect Jersey City to have the same resources available as Ogunquit, a town of 927 people.


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moobycow t1_jb9l80u wrote

It's a small pedestrian drawbridge, not an engineering marvel. We're going to be building a fuckton of stuff in the park, asking to build a small bridge doesn't seem unreasonable.

I also fail to see how 'taller/larger boats' is at all meaningful when talking about a drawbridge.

It's amazing how tied in knots this country has become that building literally anything is considered an impossible ask.

Retractable bridge - Wikipedia


nuncio_populi t1_jb9nbsc wrote

We’re not building tons of stuff in the park, yet. Some of us are still fighting to keep it, you know, a park and not some tacky billionaire’s playground.


objectimpermanence t1_jbaht1v wrote

I think people are just being realistic.

The sad reality is that political dysfunction and infrastructure costs are so out of control in this country, especially in the NYC area, that even the simplest improvements are often rendered unobtainable by the sky high price tag.


moobycow t1_jbaistp wrote

Oh, I know it's not getting built, I just want people to understand it isn't because it is difficult in any way, it is because our country is broken.


nanite10 t1_jb8gyop wrote

I see we’ve moved on from building one over the Hudson …


fireballx777 t1_jb9ayfw wrote

You can build just one, but have it pivot at the Colgate clock, and telescope out when you want to cross the Hudson. And then each person using it just switches orientation to whichever direction they want to go. Easy peasy, get on it, Fulop.


ramsoss t1_jb8k7m2 wrote

For some reason the ferry here reminds me of the ferry in Pokemon to get to cinnabar island.


jerseycityfrankie t1_jb88mwv wrote

Sailboat masts. A tunnel is more realistic but more expensive.


sutisuc t1_jb9xbq5 wrote

Pittsburgh somehow manages to have numerous bridges for both pedestrians and vehicles and boats.


mqk659 t1_jb9c57c wrote

Big boats in and out of that channel


TheRealPatricio44 t1_jbb72zf wrote

Trebuchet and large net on each side would be cheaper and more exhilarating.


lumuse t1_jb84n6h wrote

No economic benefits


anotherdarkstranger t1_jb9hhqs wrote

They decided to construct a marina instead of creating a park for the people.


SpicyMargarita143 t1_jb9n9o2 wrote

Doesn’t the new Jersey Ave footbridge solve this problem?


BeMadTV t1_jb9r2d7 wrote

Not if you have a fear of walking, biking, using the light rail or taking the ferry from the location posted in this thread.

Otherwise, it does.


swiftkickinthedick t1_jb9e5xe wrote

Don’t they have a boat that connects the two sides? I put it in google maps one time when I wanted to get to the park and one of the steps was a boat right where that little dashed line is


SirTitsMcGee OP t1_jb9hgnh wrote

The boat only runs on weekdays every 30 min and costs $10 one way.


imaluckyduckie t1_jbbstpr wrote

It's $10 to go to NYC. Only $2 to cross the canal on the NJ side.


swiftkickinthedick t1_jb9sne8 wrote

Ahh gotcha. $10 to go like 200 feet?


podkayne3000 t1_jb9x4su wrote

Very simple solution: Provide subsidy money for the ferry, so it can offer cheaper, more frequent service.


swiftkickinthedick t1_jba36un wrote

I don’t think there enough people that use that route to make it publicly funded


podkayne3000 t1_jbmpnlr wrote

Well, that's a chicken or an egg thing. If the ferry received enough money that it could cut the cross-Morris-Canal fee to $2 and operate every 15 minutes for three months, maybe usership would rise a lot.

Then, if the ferry could operate every 15 minutes for three months with the price increased to $5, maybe it would make enough extra money from all of the extra passengers that it could survive without the subsidy money.


JCwhatimsayin t1_jb9jkay wrote

What do we owe these yachtsmen? Are they paying us enough money for this premium waterfront that we should forgo a common sense upgrade like this footbridge?


mad_dog_94 t1_jb893ty wrote

because boats. as to why its not a drawbridge though, well that would just make too much sense


Sybertron t1_jb9hm8b wrote

There could be but it would have to be a major investment to make one big enough for the boats.

Bigger question why is there not just simple stuff in Liberty Park like a flipping dog park or off leash area?


Noto_93 t1_jb9n66p wrote

There is one, that damn Snorlax just won't get up and leave.


BERKNEWS t1_jb9snrt wrote

Because they want you to swim with the sharkies to get across 😝


FrostyPrick t1_jbc1a2j wrote

Nothing is stopping you from spearheading this project.


DamnAds420 t1_jbc5tq2 wrote

If you build it they shall cross


DamnAds420 t1_jbc5v89 wrote

If you build it they shall cross


RAWisROLLIE t1_jbc96kd wrote

With enough garbage dumped into the canal, there can be.


chelseajc t1_jbcvzto wrote

Cause the rest of Jersey City would burn it down out of jealousy. Those gentrifiers downtown don't deserve nice things.


chelseajc t1_jbcw5nd wrote

In all seriousness. The ferry should be free.


SeaworthinessSuch415 t1_jb85ilw wrote

I know! It’s so frustrating to have to go all the way around. There should be a little ferry that takes you across.


Byzantium-1204 t1_jb9bxzb wrote

They should build a tunnel under the ground with a glass top.


PICHICONCACA t1_jb9l9uc wrote

How entitled do you have to be to completely disregard an entire marina. Lol


BeMadTV t1_jb9qwkh wrote

The irony.

I wonder if people would be down for a bridge or tunnel here if the golf course paid for it in exchange for a Marina on the south side of LSP.


RMN23 t1_jbadtq2 wrote

There is a footbridge that's about a 5 minute walk, so why build another?


Age_Ecstatic t1_jb9wihb wrote

The cost cost to design and construct it and extensive permitting reviews that will be required. The time and energy are best spent elsewhere.


SirTitsMcGee OP t1_jb839hx wrote

I’ve always wondered why. It would make it so much easier to access LSP. It can be elevated enough so boats can pass underneath.


Direct_Ad18 t1_jb86qyo wrote

There are hundreds of boats in the way.

Even if someone did decide to spend money on this, the channel is so narrow it would be impossible to reach a high enough elevation on this supposed path to allow boats to pass under it and still have the path be be ADA accessible. Unless you're installing an elevator too.

Also, it's completely absurd and will never happen. It takes approximately 20 minutes to walk from liberty state park from this location, 10 minutes on a light rail or bicycle, 5 minutes in a car, and 1 minute on a ferry.