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truebeliever23 t1_jb86lzd wrote

Honestly, just put a dude there with a zodiac and ferry people across for $5.


fleebinflobbin t1_jb88qaw wrote

Damn this is way more effective cuz I was originally thinking old Italian guy with a gondola.


squee_bastard t1_jb8d3jh wrote

This reminds of of those Perillo Tours Taste of Italy commercials from the ‘80s


PhilipRobertson t1_jb87xj7 wrote

Ha, this actually sounds more fun than the ferry and water taxi service that currently runs this route.


jcnative t1_jb95ni2 wrote

The liberty landing ferry used to go twice an hour for $1. After covid they haven't been running on weekends, and now are only once an hour during weekdays.


Blecher_onthe_Hudson t1_jb8lc0z wrote

You're absolutely correct, but miss the point that all the people who propose these pedestrian & bike bridges and tunnels want them to be 'free', ie paid for by other people.