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Bringyourfugshiz t1_j9ghu2w wrote

Uh, when did we have first winter?


DMala t1_j9giq7f wrote

That one weekend when everything literally froze solid for about 30 hours.


klgp24 t1_j9ik4l2 wrote

I thought it was right before Christmas when we got that little bit of snow that lasted a minute


Why-R-People-So-Dumb t1_j9k1di3 wrote

I’m in the field of sustainable energy so people feel the need to tell me constantly about how that one weekend saying something along the line of “see told you it’s just New England weather, pff global warming,” reminding me of where my username came from.


DMala t1_j9l7dhn wrote

It’s too bad it got termed “global warming” before we fully had a grasp on it. If “climate change” had been the term that people had internalized, it would be easier to explain that the system swings wildly in both directions as it becomes less stable.


Why-R-People-So-Dumb t1_j9lsseu wrote

It’s too bad people can’t fathom that “global” doesn’t mean local either. 🤦🏼‍♂️

In either case I think the problem exists more broad than some politicized argument; nobody is coming up with solutions either, we are all stuck leaving a footprint for food, basic energy needs, commuting, etc.


timewarp33 t1_j9m08d7 wrote

Lol I think the history of these terms is funny. Frank Lutz, famous conservative political communications consultant preferred the term climate change over global warming because you could more easily weasel your way out of it by just saying "so what, the climate changes all the time!" Or some variation. I had a friend whose mom was a climatologist and her preferred term has always been "global storming", referencing the unpredictability of the situation.


The66thDopefish t1_j9grkr2 wrote

cries in Springfield

(Then again, Springfield DPW is horrible at plowing, so I guess this is acceptable)


TheConeIsReturned OP t1_j9gtc66 wrote

You must live near the shore


DARfuckinROCKS t1_j9hgbcq wrote

You must have never been here for a real winter.


SaintLeppy t1_j9h0hiv wrote

Am I the only one who grew up with snow on the ground for months at a time? This whole 60 in February is unnatural in the first place


Crazytreas t1_j9h6zfc wrote

Yep. Remember the years where the snow wouldn't melt until April/May came around, and now I'm walking around in a t-shirt outside in the middle of February.


closerocks t1_j9hd2rf wrote

Yeah I picked up a tick in the second week of february. Hiking the summer is going to be tick hell.


UseDaSchwartz t1_j9ii9j1 wrote

And there was always a mountain of snow in a grocery store parking lot that didn’t melt until June.


Zagden t1_j9ixn9q wrote

This freaks me out a bit. We're not far away from having a generation of new voters who will have only heard about Massachusetts winter where the snow came down December/January and didn't totally melt until the spring months.

Everything is so different now. And there's still so many people saying it isn't, this is just the weather, or it's not going to affect anything.


RedditSkippy t1_j9gekl3 wrote

It’s only February. Any Masshole knows it’s winter here until May.


TheConeIsReturned OP t1_j9gqhcq wrote

Oh, for sure. We do this every year. I saw somebody post about the weather on FB and decided it was a good excuse for a meme.


DirtDawg21892 t1_j9gkfic wrote

My new skis and I are still patiently waiting for first winter to start.


TheConeIsReturned OP t1_j9gqcgt wrote

That's fair enough. Might have to drive a few hours north to hit the slopes.


DirtDawg21892 t1_j9i78t6 wrote

I was in Burke VT all weekend and there's not much snow up there either. You've basically got to go a few hours into Canada to find power. Unfortunately it's been a fairly dismal year for the entire east coast from a snow accumulation standpoint.


Bearawesome t1_j9g933y wrote

Were in fake spring right now, I feel like we're gonna get at least one good blizzard or noreaster soon. We got snow late March last year


TheConeIsReturned OP t1_j9gcqmb wrote

I saw it referred to as "Fool's Spring" recently and I really like that terminology.


bobmcrobber t1_j9hnqsu wrote

In 2020, we got snow in mid April and early May as well


thekraken108 t1_j9h44pa wrote

We haven't even had first winter.


junxbarry t1_j9hpvnf wrote

We are getting 2inches.. this is not winter this is stoopid


Coggs362 t1_j9gvknc wrote

Long range forecast for March is looking like the transplants from warmer climes will have plenty to cry about. I already told my kids expect to burn some snow days by Mid March.


twoscoop t1_j9gysru wrote

Wanna bet the over under?


Coggs362 t1_j9gz6t5 wrote


twoscoop t1_j9h0a94 wrote

Okay, 1 ton of manure.


Coggs362 t1_j9h1c73 wrote

Mission accomplished! Let's see if the sidewalks are clear for St Patty's Day :)


member_member5thNov t1_j9hmlfq wrote

Aw man I forgot the “special” fun the city is when it is a sloppy mess of ice and snow and everyone is a drunken sloppy mess.

Green vomit on ice is something you try to forget.


twoscoop t1_j9h2do1 wrote

Good, because I need roughly 2 cubic yards of manure.. Makes me think the winner will be in for a lot of shit.


Miami_Vice-Grip t1_j9he17j wrote

Jesus fuck that article is terribly formatted lol. It sounds like it was written by AI


Shelburnite t1_j9g2pgq wrote

But I wanted to do outside stuff today... guess it's my fault.


ItsMeTK t1_j9hngh1 wrote

There’s a quote from the Rankin/Bass version: “This hellish Mordor! First it sears you then it freezes you!”


End3rWi99in t1_j9igw3v wrote

We've had like 4 proper cold days this entire year. We've had so few cold days I thought that -10 day was kind of a fun time. Even being 30s this week with "snow" coming barely counts. We haven't had an actual winter in years, but this is by far the warmest I can remember.


LeeSheltonsHat t1_j9jhihk wrote

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there has been no “first winter” - unless you’re counting that one weekend…


oozforashag t1_j9hbgsx wrote

Sitting outside gore right now with me fingers crossed.


UseDaSchwartz t1_j9ii64j wrote

I miss the days growing up where, after the first snow, you probably weren’t seeing grass until April...and the temperature varies by 15 degrees the entire winter.

Although, it was 30ish years ago and I was just a dumb kid. Maybe I’m not remembering it correctly.


valley_G t1_j9jcah5 wrote

You definitely are. I can't remember the last time I really had to shovel, but as a kid it was like the most dreaded part of the winter because it was just so much and so often. Now it's like we get maybe a couple inches at best and it's gone within a few days


phantompenis2 t1_j9jn8v4 wrote

dude we got like 3 feet of snow in one storm last winter. did you not shovel or is your memory just bad


Rindan t1_j9ijzap wrote

More like second fall than second winter. We never really had winter, unless you count that single fraction of week where it stayed under 20 for a few days.

I know global warming is bad for a lot of places, and that's good enough reason to be against it... buuuut ignoring the suffering inflicted on billions of others, it seems pretty freaking sweet here. I can suffer Maryland weather.


CestKougloff t1_j9ht4hf wrote

I used to use 2 gallons of wiper fluid each winter. I know there’s been Covid and stuff and I no longer commute, but I haven’t refilled in years. I should probably check on that though…


MarcoVinicius t1_j9iqm8g wrote

Is this your first time in a New England winter?

There’s plenty more surprises ahead.