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7dayweekendgirl t1_jcoln45 wrote

Makes me wonder if divers ever check for what else (or who else) might be under this bridge.


Hoosac_Love OP t1_jcolut5 wrote

Likely 100's of guns down there,a few stolen cars


Macasumba t1_jcozppa wrote

Crates of tea.


Hoosac_Love OP t1_jcp18k5 wrote

At least old crates ,I think the tea gave the cod and haddock caffeine heart attacks centuries ago 😆 lol


CTMechE t1_jcpu3c1 wrote

Simpsons did it:

Burns: "...tossing that tea without a care for what the caffeine would do to the Fenway flounder."

Homer: "Is that a fish?"

Burns: "It was."


IntelligentMeal40 t1_jcp8i25 wrote

So many guns, the old bank robbers from Charlestown used to throw their guns and they are all the Time in the 90s


Rocklobsterbot t1_jconphq wrote


LackingUtility t1_jcox2dj wrote

I wonder if he had covid and a subsequent small stroke. Damage to the frontal lobe is thought to be one of the causes.


massmanx t1_jcpy53f wrote

How Stuff Works did an episode on Capgras years ago and that stuck with me. Imagine being in the mental state where you think all of your loved ones are being replaced by +/- pod people.

Hard fucking pass.


_violetlightning_ t1_jcqgdun wrote

I remember reading about in a book called “The Worst Case Scenario Guide to Mental Disorders You Could Have Right Now!” but now that I tried looking it up to link to it (because it was a really awesome book), I can find no trace of it, and I am left wondering if I too am suffering from some kind of psychological disorder.


_violetlightning_ t1_jcugo2s wrote

So, I saw this, and I think this is it, but I remember buying it on a vacation I took in March 2006 (the vacation was for someone’s birthday, which is why I remember such a precise time frame) and this book originally came out in 2007. So now I’m like, even more confused. Was not expecting to go from “recommend funny book on Reddit” to “funny book doesn’t really exist” to “it does, but there is a tear in the space-time continuum” but there ya go.


hanner__ t1_jcpch2e wrote

Or he’s a psycho and needed an excuse to not go to jail.


Jew-betcha t1_jcqxl4u wrote

I mean here's my thing: Assuming he's being 100 percent honest and truly believed his wife was replaced with a malicious imposter & that he wasn't hurting his actual loved one, he still tried to throw SOMEONE off that bridge.


Hoosac_Love OP t1_jconznx wrote

Looks like they need marriage counceling


Sloth_are_great t1_jcqb7nj wrote

Looks like she needed a restraining order


Hoosac_Love OP t1_jcqc3a7 wrote

I think she'll will get that now more or less automatically once the husband is formally araigned.As is custom in any violent case that is domestic.


hanner__ t1_jcpcq7u wrote

Who does the proofreading for these articles?


Maddcapp t1_jcq32ej wrote

A cheaper alternative to writers called CrackGPT.


Hoosac_Love OP t1_jcph33h wrote

What do you mean


hanner__ t1_jcphu12 wrote

There’s just grammar and spelling mistakes. Looks sloppy.


Hoosac_Love OP t1_jcpi33y wrote

The original news article ,ok gotcha


[deleted] t1_jcpjxas wrote



Hoosac_Love OP t1_jcpknaw wrote

Do you have another article that reveals this version inacurate??


DangerousCranberry_ t1_jcr0fty wrote

Poor grammar and spelling doesn’t mean the facts of the article are inaccurate, just that they aren’t presented very well.


Commercial-Life-9998 t1_jcp5aif wrote

Poor poor thing. A caretaker with delusions.


tedivm t1_jcphj56 wrote

There's a lot of bad assumptions in this statement. Nowhere does it say he was a caretaker, or that she needed one. Not every disability requires a caretaker, and there are plenty of people who are wheelchair bound but otherwise are 100% independent.

He's having psychotic delusions. She could be his caretaker.


Commercial-Life-9998 t1_jcpj0in wrote

Being a spouse of someone in wheelchair: you are a caretaker. Yes, partners are caretakers to one another. Before you get really sensitive, I’m disabled.


that_one_dude13 t1_jcr7tic wrote

I care for disabled homies, have done so for Over a decade, I think you and I both know you're being loose with that term. A caretaker is someone whose gonna come wipe your ass because your physically or cognitively not present or able to do so. A spouse is a care taker in the sense that your well being is first on their list yes, but there's a reason I and many others around the world have a Job.


Jew-betcha t1_jcqtccy wrote

Well, this is a messed up, tragic situation. Guy wasn't in his right mind but that doesn't excuse what he did. Hopefully, he'll regain some lucidity & take responsibility. Must have been terrifying for his wife, I hope she's got all the support she could ask for right now.


Hoosac_Love OP t1_jcrolyc wrote

He is being evaluated at Bridgewater,do I guess decide I knew a guy a long time who went there and it's not the Holiday Inn even though it's not jail


Jew-betcha t1_jcrshy9 wrote

not even the mental health facilities for non-criminals are that nice, so I'm not shocked.


WillieDogFresh t1_jcqtjlk wrote

How did she stop him?


Hoosac_Love OP t1_jcro9ok wrote

I think the police or a bystander intervined,I'd have to reread the article


goPACK17 t1_jcs1kl8 wrote

Get rekt disabled wife


Libssuck69 t1_jcpnvd2 wrote

Its a Harbor your British Twat!


Hoosac_Love OP t1_jcppu0q wrote

What,are you from Ohio or North Carolina or something, it's "Hahbah"


ooStayFrostyoo t1_jcq59n5 wrote

Ya know a guy can only take so much…


Jew-betcha t1_jcqxzwx wrote

ya know it costs nothing to not be disgustingly insensitive


david_chi t1_jcp96nq wrote

Who hasn't wanted to toss their wife off a bridge once in a while amirite fellas!?!?

Ouch, tough crowd. No need to get up I'll let myself out 😂


Son_of_Blorko t1_jcq4ln6 wrote

Reddit lost its collective sense of humor a while back. I got your joke!



JaesopPop t1_jcqgcak wrote

It’s not that no one for the joke. It’s that the joke isn’t funny.


GilfVag t1_jcoskar wrote

No mugshot. You know what that means…


[deleted] t1_jcot1dh wrote



Valuable-Baked t1_jcovx0p wrote

Shhh. The Silent Majority is silently making a point without saying the actual point /s


xXMojoRisinXx t1_jcp3czn wrote

I love that term, they aren’t a majority and are the furthest thing from silent.

Would be kinda nice if they shut the fuck up every now and then.


Valuable-Baked t1_jcq3rsi wrote

Exactly. Such a stupid faux-sophistacted font that they use for their lil' signs too


GilfVag t1_jcox6ks wrote

Well looks like I was correct


dan420 t1_jcozua5 wrote

We literally don’t know what no mugshot “means.” Please explain.


[deleted] t1_jcomcbg wrote



Chippopotanuse t1_jcooysd wrote

This the same Kennedy family that gave one of their kids a lobotomy for no good reason other than she was a teenager and “liked boys”?

We need far better mental health care and far more facilities. Sure.

But we don’t need loony bins where folks get brutalized until they die.


IntelligentMeal40 t1_jcp9qjd wrote

No it was actually Reagan, Ronald Reagan who shut down the mental health facilities and put people on the streets. He said that crazy people had a right to be crazy. So now they’re homeless on the streets


Plants_Golf_Cooking t1_jcorilp wrote

The facilities we had were not Bedlam. They were closed largely because of cost, not because they were bad places.


monicarperkins t1_jcp88z9 wrote

Have you known anyone that was in one of those facilities before they shut down? Because I do. I've interviewed several of them, and put together a documentary for training purposes when I was managing group homes for DD adults. They were, in fact, VERY bad places. Look up the documentary Titicut Follies. A reporter snuck a belt camera into Bridgewater State (the psych side, not the prison side). Very eye opening.


Plants_Golf_Cooking t1_jcp99sm wrote

I will check it out. I will also argue that the act of closing them down was far more detrimental to both those in need of care and the community at large, considering now the people that needed those facilities are likely either in prison or on the streets.


monicarperkins t1_jcp8q0q wrote

Monson state hospital had a partially buried old bunker they would put people that weren't behaving. It was horrific.

Edit spelling of monson


Plants_Golf_Cooking t1_jcp9bqo wrote

So they needed reform, not elimination.


Jew-betcha t1_jcqywvu wrote

Mental health facilities literally still exist, just not called asylums anymore bc asylums historically were horrific and unethical, and the term "asylum" cannot ever be divorced from brutality in the public consciousness. I know this because I've been a patient in a mental health unit before. They still have some major problems with human rights abuses, but up until covid hit there were some pretty drastic improvements, (after covid, at least at the unit I'm familiar with, they took away most of what made it bearable & got rid of all the trained counselors in favor of nurses who don't give a shit) and it's nowhere near as bad as the forced lobotomies and direct physical & mental abuse you seem to want to return to.


Unique-Public-8594 t1_jcozljf wrote

Yes we need more mental health facilities.

Could more facilities/beds have prevented this? Hard to say.

The term “nutter” is derogatory and insulting.


thepasttenseofdraw t1_jcpk13k wrote

> The term “nutter” is derogatory and insulting.

And more aptly applied to op themselves.


IntelligentMeal40 t1_jcp9mwk wrote

Lol WHAT?! Reagan shut down the institutions and put people on the streets.


Plants_Golf_Cooking t1_jcpa57g wrote

It was not, it was the Community Mental Health Act of 1963. Reagan was not the only president to slash public services, and Kennedy was a prick.

Edit: I’d say to be more fair that it was a combined effort, spread across multiple administrations, but largely acted upon by both Kennedy and Reagan. The effects of the act (overall) was detrimental for mental health services in the US.


End3rWi99in t1_jcpnlh6 wrote

That act actually just opened community health centers in lieu of state run facilities. It didn't really shutter mental health support in the way Lanterman-Petris-Short did.


BryanCalens2ndFamily t1_jcos03k wrote

YeAh it’s All HiS FauLt!!!


DawctorDawgs t1_jcp0bkx wrote

How dare Kennedy push this woman off a bridge!!


HazyDavey68 t1_jcpcjb5 wrote

I think you need to study up on your boy Ronald Reagan and see what he did to throw mentally I’ll on the streets.


[deleted] t1_jcpco2j wrote



HazyDavey68 t1_jcqh8ub wrote

Kudos for not liking Reagan. Ever hear of “Titticut Follies”? There was good reason to close some of the snake pits, but inexcusable to do it without better substitutes.