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End3rWi99in t1_jecjnin wrote

I think of this when Europeans on Reddit make blanket statements about the US without recognizing places like Massachusetts exist. Heaven forbid any of us live anywhere but Florida and Alabama.


guicho271828 t1_jeejmsf wrote

A country, a culture, people are evaluated by its lowest point. U.S. is particularly bad at this as it has no intention to improve the worst people


charons-voyage t1_jeey2px wrote

USA is also bigger than all (most?) countries in Europe…that would be like us judging Paris for what happens in Moldova.


RandyCheeseburgers01 t1_jef06q6 wrote

I imagine a visitor from any major western European city would be dumbfounded at the state of infrastructure and public transportation in Boston these days.


charons-voyage t1_jeeybbk wrote

Europe isn’t some magical utopia either lol. Lots of places have shit infrastructure and shit politicians and huge income inequality too but for some reason American redditors see one picture of a bike lane in Amsterdam and a train in Germany and think that’s how all of Europe is 😂