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Unique-Public-8594 t1_ixjl183 wrote

Quick Facts:

David Laudon

Left U Mass Dartmouth in 2010 amidst sexual harassment allegations

hired by Blackstone-Millville School District and tasked with investigating sexual harassment


I’m glad media is drawing attention to this.

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Ill_Long5021 t1_ixjdkk6 wrote

The excuse is they don’t have a database with info on misconduct. How difficult is that? Police are supposed to protect and serve.


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Meta_Vetta t1_ixkzvn1 wrote

Reddit is so lost. How does this get upvotes? Your irrational and over exaggerated. This is how our society crumbles. Do you have faith in the dollar? I hope you understand decency


TzarKazm t1_ixjidy7 wrote

> Police are supposed to protect and serve.

I mean I guess. But it's not a motto of the police. It just happened to be the motto of Los Angeles. Since that's where they film most TV shows and movies, the motto made it into a lot of media.

Fall River's motto is "we'll try" which seems appropriate for most police.


ReactsWithWords t1_ixk3vsl wrote

The runners-up for their slogan contest:

  • Yeah, Whatever.
  • Look Out! A Black Guy!
  • Ask Me About My Jacked-Up Jeep
  • With Great Power Comes Great Weapons Like This Taser Here. Watch!

TzarKazm t1_ixkgdzk wrote

"We might show up"

"It's a civil matter"

"We need more (and bigger) guns"


Excellent_Fee2252 t1_ixkkf5e wrote

“It’s a civil matter” is the one. Should just put that on the cruisers at this point.


warlocc_ t1_ixjmzeh wrote

Most don't put in that much effort.


TzarKazm t1_ixjnhh8 wrote

If you say "yea, we'll try" in the most sarcastic voice possible it seems to fit with most of my interactions with police.


Meta_Vetta t1_ixkyyn4 wrote

You should do a ride along with a police officer


TzarKazm t1_ixm7hlo wrote

Are you offering? I have had a lot of people say that, but it never actually happens.


BlaineTog t1_ixkfk3y wrote

> Fall River's motto is "we'll try" which seems appropriate for most police.

Whoa, look at the overachievers over here!


Meta_Vetta t1_ixkyr3i wrote

This is the most irresponsible comment on Reddit. When you calm 911 are you going to say that? Most jobs don’t ask you to leave you “life” at the door. Stop being closed minded. FR has been a shot hole since the 1970s. If it’s the cops fault then your the a-hole for not leaving


TzarKazm t1_ixm757l wrote

Am I going to quiz the police on trivia when I call 911? Should I? Is that some sort of police code to get them to show up faster?

"Hello, 911".

"How many navy ships have been named Enterprise ?"

"Be right there sir".


NativeMasshole t1_ixjxbfd wrote

Here's the original article yahoo scraped this from.

It goes into a little more detail, but we do now have the POST Commission responsible for tracking this stuff and certifying officers. It seems they haven't been very transparent about what they're doing already though. One would hope they're just working through a backlog, having just been established and all, but the fact that it was this easy to find multiple cases they should have already pulled for review does not look good for them.


Ill_Long5021 t1_ixk2g6j wrote

Thanks for the article. I worked in Mass for a police department. I never saw anything like this, but they were not perfect. I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you.


jalepinocheezit t1_ixkqocz wrote

All I can think a Massachusetts resident please, do not spare me


Meta_Vetta t1_ixkz25i wrote

Do a ride along and live their life for a night.


Prestigious_Bobcat29 t1_ixluxk5 wrote

Having a hard job doesn’t entitle you to be a sex pest, no matter how many cops think it does.

That being said, would love to see a cop do a “ride along” with say a server at a busy restaurant or with a special Ed teacher. It’s amazing how much higher the bar is for every other public facing profession.


Meta_Vetta t1_iy0y4kd wrote

Not commenting on the allegations but that hate towards our police. Yes we have bad apples, but most of these people save lives everyday while keeping our communities in check.


witteefool t1_ixk57s2 wrote

There have been attempts to start a nationwide database on police misconduct but as you can imagine there’s a big backlash from certain “unions.” Right now it’s too easy for cops with records to hop from town to town and state to state.


GWS2004 t1_ixkr18b wrote

"A Massachusetts law also requires police to keep private all reports and arrests for sexual and domestic violence—including those that are committed by police officers. Only cops themselves are able to access this information, which means those who have perpetrated abuse are unlikely to be publicly outed and barred from rejoining a different police department."

This is extremely alarming. How the hell are we supposed to trust the police?


throwsplasticattrees t1_ixlson1 wrote

The only thing we can trust then to do is act in their own self interest.

Police have way too much power, and much of it comes from social hero worship they have induced. Cops aren't heroes, they are just doing a job that isn't even dangerous. It's time we recognize this. They aren't heroes, they are the C student that never left town.


Ksevio t1_ixja85c wrote

Investigating or instigating? Maybe the interviewer misheard his prior history


zhiryst t1_ixk2prz wrote

this douche totally has an FBI(Female Body Inspector) T shirt.


FitzwilliamTDarcy t1_ixk3pxf wrote

Cops really are the best aren’t they?


Meta_Vetta t1_ixkz7rb wrote

Would you call 911? Or at this point are you using your own gun? I’m confused… no guns? No cops? Literally what do I do?


Prestigious_Bobcat29 t1_ixlv7yz wrote

Who else is going to show up half an hour later and tell me there’s nothing they can do!?


oldcreaker t1_ixkbhi9 wrote

"So - did he do this? How about this?"

There's no excuse for this. I have to fill out CORI forms when I volunteer because they help prevent situations like this. Why do cops so easily fall through the cracks?


TrueNateDogg t1_ixkobl3 wrote

Oh man, cop does awful thing and doesn't go to jail for it, lands another high paying job that allows them to prey on people.

A C A B baby, 1312+ corrupt cops


Maddcapp t1_ixknmq2 wrote

Takes one to know one.


PluckyPlankton t1_ixkpzk2 wrote

Interview process

Interviewer: How do you feel about sexual assault

David Laudon: oh, I love it!


pgc60001 t1_ixms0fp wrote

Mass. Residents love to tout how progressive we are but no one ever talks about the justice system.

I grew up in a small town on the Northshore. There is some serious wealth here in certain neighborhoods. I know of two incidents where the police absolutely beat the sh*t out of someone. In one incident they charged the individual with assault on an officer afterwards to cover their tracks. Never made the news or entered public discussion. Unfortunately incidents happen like this everyday in our larger communities. The assault victims are usually of color and low income. They do not have the resources to retaliate against the blue.

The only public outrage is when Mass. State Troopers were dumb enough to try and cheat the state out of tax dollars. Then accountability matters.



Cowboywizard12 t1_ixjsari wrote

The cop needs to do life without parole.

That should be the automatic punishment for both police corruption and other felonies by policd


ChingDemProper t1_ixklwj5 wrote

I am in total ecstasy. Just like the anti-rape chief of the Airforce being a rapist. Doing a great job of representing the police.


zdigrig t1_ixmuh05 wrote

Takes one to catch one?


Positive-Material t1_ixmukaa wrote

He probably sought out jobs with a sexual component to gain access to victim's private lives for perverse reasons, and to misuse his job to commit sexual crime or some sort of misconduct. You often hear about cops disrespecting and laughing at SA victims who come to police.

There is a neighbor on Facebook whose profile is her in a police uniform arguing that "children should be encouraged to approach police with any concerns, because if they can't trust police, who else should they trust."


SammyGReddit t1_ixnaedc wrote

He does have on the job training


seaglassgirl04 t1_ixngmfj wrote

And this isn't even FLORIDA! 🤦‍♀️


Db3ma t1_ixqnu47 wrote

This is Massachusetts. (shrug) The headline could have been, "Politician causes drowning of young girl..."


Possible-Ticket4866 t1_ixmha7r wrote

I think this shows that people can learn and grow (assuming that the sexual harassment allegations were true) and I’m in full support of it! #faithinmankind


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Prestigious_Bobcat29 t1_ixlvfk3 wrote

Damn I can’t believe hunter biden was given a position investigating sexual assault in a Massachusetts school district after previously sexual offenses while in his position as a police officer, these situations are exactly the same and definitely don’t have nothing to do with one and other