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Unique-Public-8594 t1_j06l43k wrote

HDI: Human Development Index = good health/longevity, education/knowledge, and wealth/high standard of living.

Had to look it up.


friz_CHAMP t1_j079eei wrote

I looked it up too before I saw your comment. I'm bringing down the commonwealth with my lack of education on this matter.


solo-ran t1_j08d74f wrote

I recently read a book on 17th century American colonies and MA was already head and shoulders off the charts for a frontier area in terms of life expectancy and education - indeed higher than almost anywhere in the world at a time when the other colonies had negative natural population growth, extremely short life expectancy, etc. The college educated proportion and over 80 population were staggering for the period.


magnabonzo t1_j09697f wrote

Thank you! I was thinking Household Disposable Income. I hoped the comments would explain it...


2tuna2furious t1_j09dwsp wrote

all that shit sucks

I have to fill out more paperwork to buy an AR-15. This place is hell on earth


jalepinocheezit t1_j09uv93 wrote

For real, every time I get one it's like bro, I already have 6 of the time I fill out all these forms I'm not even gonna be mad anymore 😤


CannaTrichMan t1_j05x1mf wrote

Soooooo, I’m red green color blind…..


StrugglesTheClown t1_j066doy wrote

Higher HDI than Massachusetts: Iceland, Norway, Switzerland.
Lower HDI than Massachusetts: everything else.

For people like me who needed to look it up
HDI = Human Development Index


Victor_Korchnoi t1_j07ziyb wrote

You forgot about Massachusetts: it’s labeled yellow for Massachusetts


masterjon_3 t1_j06nspv wrote

Don't forget Svalbard


Bobbydadude01 t1_j06odxo wrote

Svalbard is in Norway.


masterjon_3 t1_j06okjl wrote

Really? Fascinating. And here I'm thinking it's a country I've never heard of, like Andorra


downwardspiralstairs t1_j06upp3 wrote

I've been to Andorra, it's sheep and duty free shopping in a mountain setting. I got some of their famous wool for my mom who then made a scarf for my sister. I saw the same wool for sale for less money in a local Massachusetts shop years later so as far as I am concerned the whole country is a tourist trap.


StrugglesTheClown t1_j06yjmv wrote

You didn't just buy the wool. You got the story to go with it. "I travelled all the way to Andorra, just to get the finest of wool for your scarf."feel free to spice it up a little, but that's the real value. Or something.


SlightlyStoopkid t1_j090nie wrote

“The real wool was the friends you made along the way”


ogorangeduck t1_j0a4sml wrote

Welsh people: the real friends were the sheep you shagged along the way


masterjon_3 t1_j06wwen wrote

That's really interesting. It's also interesting that they have their own language that's like a combination of French and Spanish. I've seen videos of people who have French and Spanish as their first language reacting to hearing it


Stringgeek t1_j07bnlt wrote

Now I want to go to Andorra and buy some of their famous wool at the place where the sheep actually live. I can order all kinds of wool online and at my LYS, but it’s not the same as buying it where it’s grown. I did that in Iona, Scotland. Afterwards, I went on a short hike and got to see a bunch of the sheep whose fleeces were actually in the yarn I bought, roaming around free on the island. It was heinously touristy, but is one of my favorite memories from that trip.


thegunnersdaughter t1_j0835se wrote

It's actually mildly more interesting than that - basically, the Svalbard Treaty did recognize Norway's sovereignty over it but there are a few limitations, and unlike mainland Norway, any citizen of a signatory country is permitted to live and conduct business on Svalbard, but nobody (not even Norwegians) are allowed permanent residency.


masterjon_3 t1_j089aw8 wrote

But I found towns on there. Do they just go there for a few months out of the year? Do people live there in shifts?


thegunnersdaughter t1_j08ajhq wrote

No, residents do live there year-round, but there's a somewhat famous saying that "it's illegal to die on Svalbard." The truth behind this is that the medical facilities on Svalbard are very, very limited, basically just a clinic. So if you are healthy and capable of caring for yourself, you can stay indefinitely, but otherwise you have to leave. I thought there was also a maximum age, above which you have to leave, but I can't find anything about that now.

Most people stay on average 7 years and tend to be younger. It's a place where a lot of people move during a time in their lives where they're looking for a new start or to escape their old life.


masterjon_3 t1_j08d4am wrote

Interesting. From the pictures I've seen, the scenery looks beautiful, but I would miss civilization too much.


Myungbean t1_j08azl7 wrote

The way I understood it is you can effectively live there permanently as long as you can prove you have the means to support yourself. If you have no income for a certain period (I don't recall how long), you can be forcibly evicted from the island.


AccuracyVsPrecision t1_j07u0ef wrote

This map isn't a problem for me the shades are way different. Also red green colorblind


CannaTrichMan t1_j0ba0x0 wrote

Yeah, when I zoom in all the way I can see the difference, especially because when they are right next to each other they do this weird flashy thing.


Chandler_Betts_ t1_j0964e7 wrote

Me too, took me reading a comment to see it wasn’t all red, then like 2 minutes of scrolling and zooming to see it.


MonsieurReynard t1_j06aizq wrote

Now zoom in and it's all thanks to four square miles of the Boston and Cambridge area containing half the PHDs and MDs in America. I'm only half kidding. Kinda skews the stats. But plenty of places in Mass don't show any such major contrast with the surrounding region. So let's not congratulate ourselves too much when there's homeless addicts walking our streets too.


NativeMasshole t1_j06d8y8 wrote

It's also not some happiness factor like people act like it is. Literally just means that we have a high level of development. We're still missing essential things like functional public transportation, especially when you look outside the 495 belt.


NoMoLerking t1_j06kfs4 wrote

>…especially when you look outside the 495 belt

Those are just fairytales. We all know there’s nothing outside 495.


OakenGreen t1_j06lxfd wrote

Nothin but trees anyways. But don’t bother to come and check. Us squirrels like to be left alone.


fakecrimesleep t1_j06nav6 wrote

thar be dragons outside 495


spitfish t1_j06ppoi wrote

> Those are just fairytales. We all know there’s nothing outside 495.

Fall's colors, Winter's snow pack, & Summer's hiking trails say otherwise.


Thor_The_Bunny t1_j06qniw wrote

>when you look outside the 495 belt.

There's an area outside the belt?


TomatoManTM t1_j075too wrote

Please fill in the map for us if you venture there


oneMadRssn t1_j06w1w3 wrote

By the same token, we're probably significantly boosting the HDI of our surrounding states like NH, VT, ME, RI, etc. For example, pretty much anyone in Southern NH is within a few hours drive of top 5 best oncology centers on the planet.


BasicDesignAdvice t1_j072cw1 wrote

I get what you are saying and I agree completely.

BUT, having lived in other states and traveled this country extensively....MA is way above its peers. New England and New York in general is so far ahead of the rest of the country. Even when things are bad they don't touch the rest of the country.


Puppyl t1_j09q8k8 wrote

Yeah NE and NY is just a very good place to be, very noticeable difference between here and the rest the country


Shufflebuzz t1_j071ucz wrote

You could probably say the same about Iceland, where 90% of the population lives in the greater Reykjavik area.

It's a very cool place. The things they're doing with geothermal energy are amazing.


fendermrc t1_j08bqj6 wrote

Well, they do have a volcano in their back pocket.


Shufflebuzz t1_j08civn wrote

Multiple volcanoes.
And glaciers.
Even a volcano with a glacier on top of it.


wownotagainlmao t1_j06q2i0 wrote

Implying that Switzerland and Norway don’t have their own issues. I just spent a few hours at the Zurich train station. South Station feels like a luxury resort by comparison.


WinsingtonIII t1_j07zs7k wrote

Eh, not really though. MA has the highest rate of college-educated adults in the US in general at 46%:

That isn't just due to Boston and Cambridge, the state overall has a high level of educational attainment compared to most places in the world. And things like high incomes and longevity (the other things measured by HDI) tend to be positively correlated with educational attainment.

Obviously there is variation between places in MA, but that is true everywhere.


Miami_Vice-Grip t1_j080vy9 wrote

Yeah, every discrete location has a floor and a ceiling. The HDI is saying that Mass has a higher ceiling than the rest of country, but I'd also argue that Mass's floor is higher than most of the country's floors as well.

I mean, aside from the temperature in winter, I'd rather be homeless in MA than in like, Mississippi.


WinsingtonIII t1_j08145q wrote

Exactly. MA certainly has pockets of extreme wealth and education. But the median in MA is also higher than median elsewhere in the US, it's not just those pockets dragging everything else up.


legalpretzel t1_j09agit wrote

Considering MA is the only state with a right to shelter you’re 100% better off homeless here than Mississippi.


PersistNevertheless t1_j0a7umx wrote

It’s not universal - my family didn’t qualify for any help when we were homeless for years. I love MA; just saying though


capybroa t1_j06nblu wrote

Yeah here in Holyoke it doesn't exactly resemble Switzerland


SpecterCody t1_j06wdoc wrote

Next door to Holyoke also agrees. Whenever I see these high stats for this state I think "those must be the places no one can afford to live".


capybroa t1_j0730m1 wrote

It's a sign of just how wealthy those areas are that they pull the average up that high, even with the poverty that exists in other communities in this state.


Old_Gods978 t1_j06iiqe wrote

Yeah but the Redditors don’t see them. And if you are poor just move


fighterxaos t1_j08l1yt wrote

True. Living here in Springfield in western MA, with all the beggars and drug addicts, it sure doesn't feel like there's a high HDI here.


exit7girl t1_j08y5rp wrote

You need to stay away from Mason Square! ;)


fighterxaos t1_j0984js wrote

Funny enough I lived in Mason Square for a few years.


catgotcha t1_j086yyo wrote

I'm from Canada – Vancouver, specifically. I've been in Massachusetts 10 years now. And the quality of life here is definitely not nearly as high as where I'm from. I know this is mostly anecdotal but if someone told me that only three countries in the world had a higher HDI than Massachusetts I would absolutely NOT believe them.


PtrWalnuts t1_j06plrl wrote

Yep I live in a nice safe Massachusetts town A very nice young couple were begging outside the market-basket. They asked for money. I said I would buy her some food.

She said if I can just get five more bucks I’ll have enough to go to a restaurant and get out of this cold. It’s 25° in Massachusetts.

I gave her 10 bucks. Because I had it.


[deleted] t1_j0761pp wrote

It’s better if you just ignore them


PtrWalnuts t1_j077jxa wrote

Why so they can freeze to death and thus decrease the surplus population?

If we didn't ignore them maybe there would be less of them.


wgc123 t1_j07e1ux wrote

I never do anymore , since my car was keyed because I bought someone a meal instead of giving “just $5 so I can eat”.

A couple issues with “helping” them

  • you’re only helping one person at a time and it may not go very far. An appropriate service can help that money go further to help more

  • while there are way too many people that could use a hand, the most extroverted/aggressive pan handlers, with the most profitable locations, are likely to be a scammer. Donating to the appropriate service is more likely for your money to get to the truly needy, and you won’t skip out on someone quietly suffering


[deleted] t1_j07beex wrote

That money would be better spent if you donate it to a credible charity organization like a local soup kitchen


PtrWalnuts t1_j07gk92 wrote

I do that too. I also buy people food and hand it to them.


Stringgeek t1_j07h5ml wrote

Yeah cool, treat them as if they’re subhuman and therefore invisible. So classist. They are people just like you, and the vast majority of them aren’t addicts or mentally ill. Even if they were, though, people still have basic human needs to eat, for example, and have warm clothing in the winter.

The sole reason I carry cash around is so that I can give it to homeless people. If we knew each other in meatspace, I would not be friends with you.


foxwood36 t1_j07i6xe wrote

Showing this to my family when they ask me why I haven’t moved away from Massachusetts


PersonalFudge9059 t1_j0an0oo wrote

As much as I hate this state, (I.e. the people who live here), it’s beautiful, clean, (mostly), and has lots of services available to you almost anywhere!


foxwood36 t1_j0bcs2k wrote

Honestly I’ve found more and better friends here than where I lived before (Seattle & San Diego). I think Massholes are just a little rough around the edges ;)


PersonalFudge9059 t1_j0m9j7k wrote

Maybe it’s just the area I live in, but people here are so far up their own ass, they are unbearable, and full of themselves.


foxwood36 t1_j0m9q9j wrote

True there is a lot of that in some areas here


[deleted] t1_j081ch5 wrote



Ns4200 t1_j08718o wrote

that’s really interesting i didn’t know that!


that_was_funny_lol t1_j06mh8t wrote

Emphasis on accessible education + lack of religion in political decisions + small/universal geographic area so most people can agree on how to spend major infrastructure $$$

But yes, money is also a factor for sure…but money only exists because there’s an environment for it to survive.

What would the alternative to being arrogant be from an entire state’s perspective? Do you think Mississippi has a reason to have arrogance over its education system? How about California over it’s ability to agree on infrastructure spend? What about all of those wonderful states where they do a prayer before town council meetings?


MonsieurReynard t1_j06aeey wrote

Massachsuetts Secede!

I'd be happy to affiliate with Iceland actually.


steph-was-here t1_j06muw1 wrote

new england should replace old england in the eu


Beer-Wall t1_j07crfk wrote

Hell yeah bro we already have all the same city names and everything.


bryanhealey t1_j06qpld wrote

I would unironically and enthusiastically support New England independence.


teucer_ t1_j06fx59 wrote

Until you actually see how expensive it is to love there and that their economy has been on edge for the last decade.


MajorProblem50 t1_j06jh8s wrote

When you only focus on the bad


teucer_ t1_j06k276 wrote

Well, the good is that if you can party in Iceland, you can party pretty much anywhere. You have to be careful when you’re driving early in the morning because people are still rolling out of the bars at 8 A.M.


g_rich t1_j06mrxa wrote

Massachusetts has the 12 largest economy in the country, 3rd largest per capita; that’s hardly an economy tethering on the edge.

The state also has some of the highest median incomes in the country, some of the highest credit ratings and one of the highest percentages of citizens with rainy day funds. The state as a whole also sends more money to the federal government than it receives so financially it’s not dependent on the federal government for funding.

It is expensive to live in the state, no one is going to argue with that fact. However the state’s economy is heathy and with all the investment in biotech and life sciences along with our world renowned hospitals and institutions of higher education there is plenty of room for continued growth.


teucer_ t1_j06n73j wrote

I was referencing the economy and cost of living in Iceland.


Upthespurs1882 t1_j06hbmr wrote

Lol unlike ours? It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world


[deleted] t1_j06k87x wrote



THevil30 t1_j06ku0j wrote

Not to be pedantic but the population of the entire country is like half that of Boston proper, not even considering Cambridge Somerville etc.


northursalia t1_j06l0op wrote

Given that there are exactly zero McDonalds in Iceland, a fact they are quite proud of, I'm not certain how you can make this assertion.


teucer_ t1_j06jedl wrote

Much more expensive than ours and much more tenuous also.


ATCrow0029 t1_j06p2p9 wrote

Iceland is so odd. The people receive so much education, and then they get full-time jobs leading horseback tours or something.


Sayoria t1_j05ts6e wrote

Great state with a giant tumor attached to us.


Upthespurs1882 t1_j06ha8g wrote

Connecticut isn’t that big


mallardwthacold t1_j075op8 wrote

Surprisingly Connecticut is actually second in the nation for HDI. Who knew it wasn't just a highway to New York.


[deleted] t1_j0675tu wrote

It’s time we cut it out and build the wall


[deleted] t1_j06x9su wrote



Sayoria t1_j08dl9b wrote

We are a very self-sufficient region that has a great living standard, great education, great health system and more. If it weren't for a lot of the smaller states that hold more say on things at a federal level than us (Wyoming, the Dakotas, Arkansas, Idaho....etc) we'd probably be fighting Norway for best place to live honestly. But these other states hold us back at a federal level in a lot of problems. Such as gun solutions, student relief, and other elements we would have if they didn't represent us as much as they do.


EarnYourBoneSpurs t1_j06gyco wrote

Ain't nobody here taking about Svalbard.


modularmaniac420 t1_j06nama wrote

It’s in the subreddit rules: “We don’t talk about Svalbard”


borkmeister t1_j06hq7s wrote

Pretty easy to skew the stats when you've got one settlement worth measuring and if you're homeless, unemployed, or sick you get shipped back to the mainland. Or eaten by a polar bear, I suppose.


WinsingtonIII t1_j0804pv wrote

Well, and it's part of Norway, so I'm not sure why people are singling it out as if it is its own country.


mmmjjjk t1_j07o9pk wrote

Two reasons, lots of colleges (and thus money), and a history of balanced politicians. Massachusetts has been blue since Nixon but has a long history of almost entirely “Republican” governors. Despite the party differences our legislators have always been more productive than most at handling issues fast.


sdzk t1_j07y7zz wrote

Similar population sizes as well


dpinsy14 t1_j08l3fy wrote

Guess that thought I had to move to Switzerland, was a good one..


RealRobc2582 t1_j09dok3 wrote

This state is expensive AF and overcrowded for sure but there's a good reason for both of those things.


deadliftothersup t1_j09zt0u wrote

You labeled it wrong OP. There's a section of the global map where Massachusetts is filled in with the color yellow and it is mislabeled as "Massachusetts" on the legend.

It should be labeled red for "no" because we too in the state do not have a higher HDI than the commonwealth of Massachusetts.


bemest t1_j0a0nh8 wrote

We have more Super Bowls and World series’s than all then combined.


newestJourney t1_j06y315 wrote

Are there regions of other countries which do, like the London or Tokyo areas?


VulcanTrekkie45 OP t1_j06y8gv wrote

London is the only part of the UK with a higher HDI than Massachusetts


WinsingtonIII t1_j080tdu wrote

It always surprises me how "meh" salaries are in the UK. It's a great place to live in many ways, but I suspect the reason it doesn't do that well on HDI is because median incomes there aren't actually that high.

For reference, UK median household income is ~$47,000 annually as compared to ~$71,000 annually in the US.


Ns4200 t1_j0877sd wrote

i’d imagine the free healthcare and access to advanced education offset it to some degree.


WinsingtonIII t1_j0896xi wrote

They certainly do, but I will note that both these income figures are pre-tax. So the taxes to pay for those things would come out of the income as well.

I certainly agree that paying higher taxes for public healthcare and university education is a good and cheaper trade-off than the US approach though.


Ns4200 t1_j08djiw wrote

i’m not sure how you feel about Michael Moore but his documentary “sicko” has some interesting analysis of the tax/expenses analysis between the US and i believe it was the UK. i also think tax payers get an itemized statement of exactly how their tax money is allocated, which i think would be pretty eye opening for most Americans, especially those so concerned with “entitlement programs”.


Cvillian87 t1_j07tyfb wrote

You do realize there's only a 0.05 difference in the HDI between MA and the US average, right? Even Mississippi is only at 0.87


kingsaget_ t1_j091iap wrote

Not that I don’t believe it, but anyone have a source?


traveller20 t1_j0a8obm wrote

> MA=.956
>Switzerland — .962Norway — .961Iceland — .959


pdogshizzle t1_j09rhze wrote

Map must not include Pittsfield Mass


End3rWi99in t1_j09xr5y wrote

Always love getting lumped into the "Must be America" chatter regarding absolutely anything dumb on Reddit. Like OK buddy, whatever you say. Really living it up over there in Belarus.


Hanginon t1_j0ca5j1 wrote

Or the highly masked "I live in Europe..."

OK then, Serbia? Belgum? Kalingrad? Your living conditions and culture could be anything. ¯\_( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)_/¯


Ok_Fox_1770 t1_j0a4lra wrote

Yeah I can’t afford to live in this state forever. Need somewhere more south and more woods. It’s tough keepin up with increases.


es_cl t1_j0go44q wrote



Cheese_Beefman t1_j0j4eit wrote

This map is cruel to people who are red green color blind.


Available-Diet-4886 t1_j07mfxe wrote

Que in the comments from other Ameicans that it's only because weathly people live here.


rezistence t1_j06rte8 wrote

IF. If you have money. Show me that index by county and then watch the Jaws drop


tomatuvm t1_j085e5a wrote

Jaws wont drop. Massachusetts is still far and away ahead of every other state. If you're poor in Massachusetts you still have access to top tier public schools with statewide accountability standards, you have health insurance and access to health care, and you have access to jobs.

If you're poor in other states you have nothing and no options.

Google for this paper for several county level maps, which show that even the worst counties in Mass are ahead of most of the counties in the south when we talk about literacy and food insecurity and poverty: "Determining the Development Status of United States Counties Based on Comparative and Spatial Analyses of Multivariate Criteria Using Geographic Information Systems" Lauren B. Wheeler & Eric C. Pappas


rezistence t1_j086j5z wrote

I wasn't referring to other states. Simply the enormous disparity between wealthy towns that are among the most affluent in the world and loaded with nimbys who torpedo every chance at equity legislation versus the rest of the state. Access to health care, bare bones minimum health care versus actual health care the rest of the civilized world provides. Education, lol we're a college state obviously and how much does it cost and how many can afford it. MA versus other blue states it's all the same. I couldn't possibly care less about the Red welfare states.


tomatuvm t1_j08cbik wrote

If you're just comparing to Newton and Wesley, then of course they're going to be lower. But if you look at the data or read the report or see the maps, you'll see every area of our state has a generally high quality of life.

And I'm not referring to colleges. If Massachusetts were a country our school system would be top 5-10 in the world, and that's based on statewide test scores and analysis.


cimson-otter t1_j06b6ei wrote

It’s almost like money is a factor..

Mass sits up there with New Jersey as being the most arrogant state


theindecisivehuman t1_j06dolx wrote

I mean the money factor is a valid point- im gonna ignore the second part of your comment- but when my dad’s job got moved to North Carolina they let him keep his NH/MA salary because he was supporting a family up here and the cost of living is higher, and when you translate that into college prices… makes it a bit easier to have options for education


OakenGreen t1_j06mykp wrote

You trying to tell me New Jersey folk don’t know they live in a polluted trash heap?


NMS-KTG t1_j06xpfj wrote


Yall act like the entire state is a dump. Although the gov could do something to help around w the pollution we do have...


OakenGreen t1_j070oix wrote

It’s just the northern bit. But the Jersey Turnpike makes it feel like it’s the whole state


NMS-KTG t1_j07dbtl wrote

Tbh? It sucks. But the northern bit isn't some radioactive waste dumb as many paint it out to be

Plus, it makes sense to put industry near the TP where it can easily export the goods along the NEC


No_Stinking_Badges85 t1_j06do3s wrote

A metro area of over-educated upper middle to upper class douchebags hidden from the world within nepotistic institutions, who are going to live way too goddamn long.


garbagebebe t1_j06lvis wrote

“Over-educated” sounds like something an under educated person throws around to cope with being dumb


Workacct1999 t1_j07dmv5 wrote

Come on now, OP went to the "school of hard knocks!"


jeanlenin t1_j06y8cn wrote

Undereducated people aren’t dumb, they’re failed by the education system. Way to sound exactly like the overeducated douchebags you were trying to prove don’t exist


[deleted] t1_j076m4f wrote

A lot of them are dumb. Source: look at the rest of the USA


jeanlenin t1_j07b9tx wrote

Yeah and plenty of educated people are dumb too have you looked at the government or corporate boards ever?


Available-Diet-4886 t1_j079pw7 wrote

The problem isn't education systems. The problem is the people not willing to be educated because they don't want help from "over educated" snobs. Even though it'll make all our lives better. They'd rather get their facts from Fox News or some YouTube nutjob.


jeanlenin t1_j07b3li wrote

Have you ever talked to someone that dropped out of highschool? That’s not why that happens and you know it


Available-Diet-4886 t1_j07ba25 wrote

Dropping out of high school isn't an excuse to be extremely arrogant.


jeanlenin t1_j07btjc wrote

Ok? Dropouts know they dropped out and are undereducated they’re not arrogant about the fact they didn’t finish school. They have opinions though and it seems like that’s the part that you’re upset about but hate to break it to you, educated people talk about shit they have no expertise on all the time because that’s what people do. You’re literally just being a snob


neridqe00 t1_j07mgkk wrote

⬆️You can tell when an uneducated person tries to discuss with educated people. You end up with rants and name calling, just like this one! ⬆️


jeanlenin t1_j07mum6 wrote

Lol I literally have a masters. It’s why I know you guys aren’t any smarter than people who don’t, because I’ve BEEN THERE. I didn’t call anyone names I told him he’s acting like a snob


garbagebebe t1_j07swt0 wrote

I’ve got nothing to prove, asshole. You’re somehow bitter at Massachusetts for prioritizing an educated population and having a good public school system. The failure in other states to provide a decent education system is due to a lack of good governance. They’re failed by the elected officials they vote into office.


jeanlenin t1_j08eo3w wrote

I’m not mad that our state has a decent education system (if you live in an area that can afford one) I’m mad that it’s FULL of oh so enlightened dipshits like you who absolutely know about voter suppression, gerrymandering, and corruption, and then turn around and say shit like “they’re failed by the people they vote into office.” As if people are inherently stupid for living a certain area and children don’t deserve an opportunity for education because IN YOUR MIND they voted wrong or something. Like they asked to live in a corrupt state that doesn’t believe in public education.


garbagebebe t1_j091tlf wrote

You’ve got your head so far up your ass you don’t even realize it’s arrogant pricks like you that give Mass a bad name everywhere else


jeanlenin t1_j09bf5i wrote

“You give mass a bad name, saying that dropouts aren’t stupid and that people in red states shouldn’t be talked down to!” Yeah sure thing bud have a good one


garbagebebe t1_j0a05p2 wrote

That was just weak. I expected better from a key board warrior like you. Try again clown


g_rich t1_j06kjr4 wrote

You act like that’s a bad thing?


lotsofbitz t1_j07oewk wrote

Right, this comment is mostly just compliments