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Seriously. Every single time they say “3-5 inches of snow on Tuesday January 23!” Or something, a few hours later they change it to all rain with periods of sunshine.

I’m seeing maybe 5 more inches of snow MAX in the Worcester area and that’s being very generous.

it sucks for someone like me who fucking loves snow and loves when it stays for weeks like it did in every other winter besides this one and the 2019-20 winter.



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ChummusJunky t1_j4vcfni wrote

I asked my cat if there's going to be a big snow storm this year and she attacked me.


NativeMasshole t1_j4vfpgy wrote

Is this the new Groundhog Day tradition?


[deleted] t1_j4vjgqx wrote



bog_witch t1_j4vs9my wrote

Fun fact: traditionally, you also had to be drunk and wearing a colonial era tricorne hat for the fight.


paiute t1_j4wq6tj wrote

> you also had to be drunk and wearing a colonial era tricorne hat

So just a normal day in Boston.


arabchy t1_j4wu86g wrote

So all I gotta do is stop beating the shit out of turkeys and we’ll have a normal winter


binocular_gems t1_j4vazkq wrote

Sucks for the ski areas.

Curious, why do you think that there's only 5 more inches of snow, max, for Worcester or any area in this season?

Some of our biggest, most consistent winter storms come after January. I remember back in ~2010, we got very little snow before the end of January, and then from January 28 - mid march we got a massive snow storm every weekend for like 6 straight weeks, and it was some of the most snow I'd ever seen in my life. We had a 7' high lamp in my front yard near the driveway that was completely covered from snow blowing and didn't see the sun for weeks into March or April.


ohmyashleyy t1_j4vf708 wrote

Even in the really bad 2015, I believe the snow storms didn’t really start until after MLK weekend. It’s still fairly early.


RedditSkippy t1_j4vx67s wrote

This right here. If we’re still looking like this a month from now, then, yeah, it’s getting a little late for snow (but still not out of the question, the devastating “No Name” storm was in mid-March 1993.)


poniop t1_j4y8l8l wrote

Spring break 1993. I spent the whole week stuck inside, sewing a quilt with my mom. What I wouldn’t do to go back in time and just appreciate the unexpected hours we had together.


RedditSkippy t1_j4yf9wb wrote

If I recall the storm was on a Saturday into Sunday and we still didn’t have school on Monday (I was a senior in high school.)


AbidanYre t1_j4vhg6i wrote

We barely had a couple inches before all hell broke loose.


MrRemoto t1_j4vli7n wrote

Every morning I wake up and it takes 10 minutes of massage and stretching for my shoulder to have a reasonable range of motion to remind me of that winter.


bryanhealey t1_j4vjroy wrote

started right after the Super Bowl. I remember it well lol


sharkinfestedh2o t1_j4y17s6 wrote

I was 36 weeks pregnant when it all started and a couple of weeks later, my husband drove me to the hospital while I was deep in labor, in a snow storm.


Current-Weather-9561 t1_j4zgz1b wrote

You’re forgetting that it wasn’t unseasonably warm before that. This year is clearly diffferent


nixiedust t1_j4vkfo7 wrote

Ski slopes are panicking. I do marketing for a few and there is a real sense the industry will die if temps keep going up.

I know it's hard to care about a sport for primarily rich people ending, but tons of people make their living on the mountains, plus all the wildlife.


keymonkey t1_j4vpsnb wrote

It's a shame that skiing has attracted an image that it is primarily a rich persons sport. Local small mountains are affordable and have a laidback vibe, gear can be picked up at tag sales and swaps for next to nothing, and getting outside and having some fun should not be tied to Chad and Buffy at Vail. I blame the 80s lifestyle of excess for this. I grew up in a lower middle class house and my folks always found a way to get us out skiing with our cousins once/twice a season on hand-me-downs and tag sale gear. Long underwear under jeans and your older cousins coat from 3 years ago has given way to 1000s of dollars in stupid crap that does nothing to improve your fun. If this image has kept you from trying the sport, hit a swap, ask a family member to dig out those boxes in the attic, and head over to a small local hill. Take it back.


ohmyashleyy t1_j4vxygu wrote

Interestingly, the “local small mountains” like Nashoba and Bradford are more expensive than many of the Southern NH ones, and even Wachusett, at least on the beginner side of things

We’re looking into getting my 4yo on skis and we took him to Nashoba thinking it would 1) be close and 2) be cheap because of how small it is, but I could save a lot of money by driving the extra 30 minutes to Wachusett or Pats Peak or Macintyre.

(Though I assume you’re including all of those in small and local as compared to, say, Loon or Killington)

I agree with you on everything else though - I need gear since it’s been 10 years since I skied, but I got a cheap pair of snow pants on Amazon and will (hopefully) by some cheap used skis and boots at the end of the season.


keymonkey t1_j4vz2nc wrote

Yeah...Nashoba is basically in my backyard and I was always confused by the pricing there. Growing up it was Powder Ridge and Mt. Tom, or Brodie. Pat's is decent, but rentals anywhere are ridiculous. Local Lyons had a swap this past Nov and I picked up larger gear for my rapidly growing 12yrold. Boots $5, skis $10, ski pants $4.


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OkAddendum2684 t1_j4wd5ns wrote

80 bucks !!!!


HorrorLine7886 t1_j4ymsel wrote

Lol you’re all like SKIING SO EXPENSIVE but really it’s just that you get paid dogshit because capitalism fucked you so the wealthy guy could milk you for all you’re worth just so his yacht could get a tank of gas

Oh and the world is melting / it’s not 1981 and things cost more


chochy t1_j4y67k7 wrote

What grind my gears now is they split the day into two sessions to pull in more money.


keymonkey t1_j4wge98 wrote

You are correct. $50 is about the bottom for a full day ticket. Whaleback or Bradford, even Jiminy has a lower mountain pass for $49. Not sure what type of deal you are looking for. Movies are $20 for 2 hours! Perhaps it is me, but it seems 50 for 8 hours of ski time is still decent.


[deleted] t1_j4wgt64 wrote



keymonkey t1_j4whogd wrote


OkAddendum2684 t1_j4wd0dc wrote

I agree I wanted to ski Wachucett until I looked up a day pass was..


NewAccountNumber101 t1_j4wpo3q wrote

What is affordable? Places here in MA? Might as well not go. I paid $130 for a day pass at Loon, they had 10 trails open. Total waste of money. I go once a year for New Years, way too expensive and you get no value.


AboyNamedBort t1_j4vo2jo wrote

They should have been planning for this for at least a couple decades now. Its been common knowledge forever.


birdman829 t1_j4vszwi wrote

I mean sure, and they have. Most places have increased snowmaking capacity and coverage to supplement natural snow and extend the season.

There's really only so much they can do though beyond that. Effective snowmaking still requires prolonged periods of below freezing temps, preferably below about 27-28.


Cersad t1_j4xfeci wrote

I wonder how much of those profits were reinvested into efforts to mitigate global warming, though? We have "energy" (oil) billionaires transparently pushing anti-environmentalism but the response from businesses that stand to lose from global warming has been remarkably muted.


birdman829 t1_j4xjlkk wrote

I'm not here to promote or defend ski areas, some of them are run by greedy assholes. Others ownership groups are better just like any industry though. I have been an avid skier since I was 4 and I do often think about the environmental impact of resort skiing. Running a ski resort is very energy intensive - grooming equipment, chair lifts, compressors and pumps for snowmaking, etc.

That said, many of them do invest in green initiatives. Maybe some of the more "corporate" owned ones just want to boost their image (or protect their bottom line) but there is actually advocacy and investment from ski resorts in climate intervention, as well as efforts to reduce their own carbon footprints.


nixiedust t1_j4xl7gt wrote

This is true. It is to protect the bottom line but a lot of people who work for even the corporate resorts love the sport and mountains.


MiloMinderbinder-22 t1_j4vufnm wrote

"Adapt or die" seems to apply to a lot of forthcoming issues these days.


AchillesDev t1_j4xvgt5 wrote

There will just be a lot more dying than anyone anticipated.


MiloMinderbinder-22 t1_j4xxi7q wrote

Some of us are r/collapse aware. You're right though; not enough of us unfortunatley.


RMR6789 t1_j4zbgwh wrote

I’m not rich but I love to ski. The price tag kills me but it’s the only thing that makes me feel alive during the winter lol


TerryPistachio t1_j4zw7hz wrote

In my perspective it's a bit of a divide. There are people like me who buy a <500$ pass, sleep in their car, eat pb&j, and only really pay for gas to ski 30+ days a year.

And then there are people spending my yearly total for their family to ski two days.

There really isn't much in between.


somegridplayer t1_j4wljry wrote

They'll just raise prices and cut staff again.

>but tons of people make their living on the mountains

an insecure job that they will fire you for any reason they can find. or do you mean the shoestring operations group they keep on year round?

>plus all the wildlife.

The wildlife will be better off without the resort.


nixiedust t1_j4xko8p wrote

>The wildlife will be better off without the resort.

Of course, except even a temp change of a few degrees changes ecosystems enough to make them extinct.

As for staff, I'm talking about anyone who works for the slope/resort. Quality of the jobs aside, people do rely on that income. A handful of companies own most of the resorts so this includes staff that work remote.


somegridplayer t1_j4zq80b wrote

"Please be grateful for the minimum wage overworked slave labor jobs we give you." You sound like you work for Vail Resorts.

What's the average tenure of a resort employee? Where are the majority of seasonal workers from again?

Given the locals who traditionally have worked the resort jobs have been priced out from ever living anywhere near the resorts and more each day are moving on to greener pastures, I'm not sure you understand who needs who.


nixiedust t1_j500agm wrote

I don't work for Vail, or even ski. I've done some marketing as a contractor. As shitty as the jobs may be, until there are better options, people rely on those wages. Knowing we need better alternatives doesn't mean we can wrench away what people have now.

Anyway, fuck every corporate ski slope owner if...I care about saving the land and the using it wisely to help the people who love and need it. I'm not sure how anyone got supporting Vail out of supporting their workers.


somegridplayer t1_j500o17 wrote

If you compare what the big resort towns rely on from the mountain twenty years ago to what they rely on now, you'd find everything you claim to be patently false. Every single town has diversified well in advance of the resorts slowly becoming less of a thing.

Lets also address that those jobs were never guaranteed and the resorts outsource as many of them as they can to seasonal foreign workers that don't "need" them. Those jobs are rapidly becoming obsolete for the towns and the people to survive. And towns that solely exist due to the mountains will move on like many others have.

Those locals will be fine, their resume is longer than you can ever imagine.


nixiedust t1_j50a5ji wrote

'kay, good luck with that. Guess what I've heard from industry leaders is meaningless and all. Great if you know resourceful people, but your thinking is still narrow and unsustainable. No job is guaranteed and whatever toilet your folks are cleaning now will pay less and less as the ski money dries up.

Do you really think the $2billion colorado lost in ski revenue last year hasn't affected anyone? I guess they're all cleaning my weed for big bucks now? lol...yes, I'm sure someone who grooms snow for a living has many, many lucrative career options.


somegridplayer t1_j50babz wrote

Are those the same "industry leaders" that continually gut operations and make the customer experience worse every year while jacking prices through the roof?

Oh wait, those are the "operational improvements" and price of a "world class experience" that you're paid to shill. You don't have to show your hand so hard. Or do you actually believe them?

Those towns will be fine without the "industry leaders" and you. Not that you've ever been to any of them by your own admission.


WanderingOnTheWay t1_j4vtedo wrote

Skiing isn’t a rich person’s sport. I grew up in the 80s going with my elementary school, and still spend most winters skiing places like Mad River, where the folks like Vail haven’t changed the place in favor of profits.

Skiing is a New England tradition and cuts across class lines!


essmargot t1_j4y0t4j wrote

We weren’t rich either and I did ski club at school in Southern New Hampshire. We would go to Gunstock on a school bus every Friday night. My parents got very cheap skis and boots at ski swaps, and I would bring food.


The_eldritch_bitch t1_j4w3ncr wrote

Yeah, dropping $500 on a family of four for one day activity isn’t a rich persons sport. More if lessons and rentals are needed.


WanderingOnTheWay t1_j4w934a wrote

Four single-session tickets at Wachusett costs around $240. If you ski more than once or twice a year, you buy used skis in the summer, you don't need lessons, and you bring food from home. If only one parent skis, it's under $200 with two kids.

It's not nothing, but it isn't restricted to "rich people", and it doesn't cost $500. If you really love skiing, you buy a season pass, and you save significantly. My point isn't that it's free, or that it isn't a luxury -- it absolutely is -- but rather that it isn't reserved for folks in the 1%. Stuff like Vail buying out our local slopes (ugh, Okemo) sucks, and supporting smaller mountains helps to keep it from becoming something akin to what you see in CO or CA.


AchillesDev t1_j4xup7b wrote

Growing up in Worcester in the 90s, it seemed like we reliably got a decent storm or two in November and December, since moving back up this way 5 years ago, even with al the nor’easters in 2018, winters have been really noticeably milder.

Could be my bad memory, but the various articles on New England experiencing some of the most rapid warming in the world right now seem to validate my hunch.


binocular_gems t1_j518cyh wrote

I feel the same way in Central MA, I remember playing in 6" of snow on Thanksgiving morning one year. But, that could also be me remembering a specific single storm and then sort of applying that to "every year of my childhood" type thing too.


SharpCookie232 t1_j4wtfvs wrote

We've gone snowboarding a few times this year and it's been great. It's cold enough for the man-made snow, but not so bitter cold that you're miserable while you're out there. If it was any warmer, though, it would be totally wrecked.


dmatthews827 t1_j4vb86l wrote

Anything can happen. In 2015, it didn’t snow until the last week of January, then we dealt with weekly blizzards through mid-March and ended up breaking the record.


hour_of_the_rat t1_j4vrfi4 wrote

I feel like temps are at least 20 - 30 degrees higher than they should be.

I was born in 1981, and after 1988 I spent every Winter playing on a frozen lake. It would freeze 20" deep, and ice-out wasn't until the end of April. You could drive a truck on it, and we did. Until about 2013-5, the freezes were long, hard, deep. For weeks the temps wouldn't go above freezing. After 2015, there would be entire Winters where the lake ice would either come close to being safe--but not quite--or just not freeze over at all. This is one of those Winters. No ice.

This is horribly abnormal, and the consequences are going to be mosquitoes in March, insects hatching so early that migratory birds miss the overlap dates resulting in large die-offs for lack of food, etc.

It's bad. It's real bad.


Miami_Vice-Grip t1_j4vyx0q wrote

Born in late 80s here, it's absurd that people who've lived in Mass for 40, 50 years and "don't see anything wrong" like HOW? It's extremely obvious how warm it is.

When we're not even sure if it's definitely gonna be below freezing at night shit is fucked.

People love to harp on Americans for not knowing geography or whatever, but the actual danger is not knowing biology/ecology. I swear, if everyone understood what was at stake there would be much more uproar.


BenovanStanchiano t1_j4xh8wz wrote

There used to be a time when it would snow and then, for the most part, there would be some degree of snow around until spring because it was never cold enough for long enough for it all to go away. Now it snows and the ground is back ASAP.


Miami_Vice-Grip t1_j4xofx5 wrote

*never warm

But yeah, it used to go below zero during the days somewhat regularly.

People acting like 50-60F in December is normal like I just can't believe it. Do people not remember the concept of snow days?

Just look at like, Calvin and Hobbes when shit is set during winter. That's what it was like when I was a kid. Snow pants, sledding, snow men, snow balls, etc. And for weeks!


AchillesDev t1_j4xvpdz wrote

Reddit also skews really young, and I get the feeling that local subs are mostly populated by transplants trying to get a handle on the local culture.


inuvash255 t1_j4wmcbh wrote

I was born in 1991, and I remember growing up with tons of snow, blizzards dropping 2'. I remember by this time of year, having the snow built up to 3-4' in some places.

This weather is wicked weird, and the thawing and freezing cycle does a ton of damage to our roads.


ohmyashleyy t1_j4vyj3z wrote

I think 20-30 is a stretch. That would imply we should be in the teens for normal temp and that’s been quite cold here for as long as I can remember.


Zreaz t1_j4x7rse wrote

Sorry but you’re heavily misremembering. Not denying climate change, but temperatures and snowfall totals have not significantly changed in MA since at least the 80s (as far back as I’ve gone extensively). In fact, the 2010s was one of the best decades in over 100 years for a good winter.

I’m trying to find a comment I already made that has specific numbers but you can look it up yourself pretty quickly.


ElementLX t1_j4vrhny wrote

That winter just gave my back PTSD, I gave in and finally bought a snowblower then, maybe used it twice since that winter lol


dmatthews827 t1_j4vy7rg wrote

I ended up abandoning my apartment in Brighton and commuted from my parents house in NH for a month because I just could not keep shoveling a parking spot for myself out of chin-level snow.


essmargot t1_j4y10ge wrote

That year was crazy. I remember they were running out of places to put the snow.


richg0404 t1_j4vb7km wrote

yeah, and that one winter about 10 years back where we got the record snowfalls in February had exactly zero snow on the ground by the middle of January.

Patterns change so it's too early to say there won't be much snow this winter.


PHD_Memer t1_j4waypk wrote

I was in highschool for that snow year, loved it


spg1611 t1_j4vby3u wrote

I feel like we do this a lot of January’s then get fucked in February


[deleted] t1_j4yn4ee wrote



spg1611 t1_j4yoleo wrote

Have you been here the last 5 years you numb skull. We haven’t had a bad winter since the 110 inch winter. What would you know someone else probably shovels your driveway.


HorrorLine7886 t1_j4yp1x0 wrote

Saying “it doesn’t start until February🥴” negates decades of reality. Anyone can see that. You must be from FL or something

Weird little projection there by the way with your money issues, sorry it’s not working out for you the way you’d like


spg1611 t1_j4z0qu3 wrote

Born and raised here you ass clown. Can you read? I said check the last 5 years. Ever heard of climate change you fucking dink.

And wtf are you talking about money issue lmao because I handle my own driveway? Guess what I mow my lawn too! It’s called owning a house try it.

Guy has a fucking alt account to argue with people. You’re a low life.


HorrorLine7886 t1_j4zdvf7 wrote

Ouch you have some problems if snowTalk makes you this angie


spg1611 t1_j4znrlz wrote

Says the guy that has a burner account to talk shit on this sub lmao


sneakylyric t1_j4w38ky wrote

You just jinxed it. Now we're going to get fucked with the worst storm MA has seen in 50 years.


JohnnyGoldwink t1_j4v7sw6 wrote

Yupp. As someone who loves to ice fish i’m really hating this winter as well.


CentropristisStriata t1_j4vjjib wrote

I don’t ice fish but that suck you can’t go fishing. You can go saltwater fishing for Cod. If you’re near the coast.


JohnnyGoldwink t1_j4vmyqo wrote

Tell me about it. I got out once this season while vacationing up in Maine. Fingers crossed we get a cold snap soon!


[deleted] t1_j4vua3q wrote



HorrorLine7886 t1_j4yn9lp wrote

Yeah you’re in the wrong place for winter or really any decent outdoors. You gave that up for things other than nature, like not being surrounded by trump trash


Flower_Murderer t1_j4vgm2y wrote

Any suggestions for a cheapo auger? I'm trying to get back in and that is my last bit needed.


JohnnyGoldwink t1_j4vmmog wrote

I use an eskimo propane auger. I’ve had it for 4 or 5 seasons now. It was like $300ish on sale toward the end of the season/spring time. Not sure what they go for now. A lot of guys will buy a kdrill attachment for their milwaukee drill and use that to punch holes. You could look into that option as well as it might be cheaper.


Life123456 t1_j4vaupd wrote

Agreed. The last few winters have been very disappointing. Not only do I love to ski, but I love the cozy feeling of a slow cooker meal going in the kitchen while snow is pummeling down outside as well


AboyNamedBort t1_j4von27 wrote

Well then, lets spend millions on heating and snow removal and shut down schools and businesses so that you can feel a very specific feeling for an hour.


Life123456 t1_j4vqtg3 wrote

You live in MA, not FL. It's supposed to be cold and snowy in the winter. 40-50* high with a dry ground on Jan 18th isn't normal.

Spending money on heating and snow removal and snow days has nothing to do with what I want, but everything to do with where you live geographically.


Beertosai t1_j4w3qyp wrote

The alternative is spending millions on air conditioning. Or do you think there's somewhere on the planet that's 68 degrees year round?


inuvash255 t1_j4wms6o wrote

And the alternative is our roads going to shit because potholes freeze and thaw daily. Great trade.


Exciting_Ad_2371 t1_j51mxxz wrote

Omg lmao stfu you dumb capitalist bitchslave hahahahahahaha you people are fucking losers


HighVulgarian t1_j4vhk43 wrote

I was gifted snow shoes a few years ago, it hasn’t snowed significantly since.


mari815 t1_j4vpnzc wrote

Same here. I got them the winter 2014-15- perfect time to use them but I got pregnant and was too exhausted. And ever since then, there just hasn’t been any opportunities. Snow doesn’t last long etc. I’ve never used them! I hope to this year but so far no opportunities obviously


thecamterion t1_j4w9gdr wrote

Gotta give them to someone in Florida so we can have snow


HorrorLine7886 t1_j4yncl8 wrote

Lmfao sorry this is just funny. Maybe if you go 8hr up to Maine you’ll use those things


dogs-and-snacks t1_j4ve80w wrote

First day of winter was only four weeks ago, Massachusetts averages 17 inches of snow in January, 34 inches of snow in February. You’ll get your snow my friend


HorrorLine7886 t1_j4yniix wrote

Did you not live here until recently or something? Clearly you don’t know


digicow t1_j4v8zng wrote

As someone who spends a lot of time running/cycling outside and hates shoveling snow, this has been a great winter so far. Enough snow for the kids to appreciate (and one snowball fight), zero shoveling.


AboyNamedBort t1_j4voeoq wrote

Snow sucks for: running, cycling, walking, pushing a stroller, using a wheelchair, driving a vehicle...the list goes on. Then on course theres the heart attacks and back pain caused by shoveling, the millions spent on snow removal. But but but it looks kinda pretty when it falls?!? Not worth it.


an_car_2 t1_j4vp2ux wrote

We live in a snowy climate. Not having snow means something is seriously wrong. If you don't want the snow, then this area isn't for you. We will get snow whether you like it or not.


jp_jellyroll t1_j4vypn2 wrote

Seriously wrong. While it's nice to not be chilly, our climate relies on regular snow / frost and a natural freezing & thawing process. It supplies lots of fresh water, it sustains our plants & wildlife, and even keeps our insect population at bay.

Expect continued droughts which means soaring food prices. Say goodbye to our beautiful scenery as we lose our foliage. Say hello to more mosquitos and ticks which means more chemicals being sprayed and leeching into our food & water supply. Mmm, delicious!


an_car_2 t1_j4vzzo3 wrote

Exactly. There's much more to winter than. Snow looks pretty


WanderingOnTheWay t1_j4vtw0i wrote

It’s not about whether it’s “worth it” - it’s that we live in a part of the country where our ecology depends on snowfall, and we’ve irreversibly changed the climate such that the future for that system will be worse.


AutomationBias t1_j4vuue4 wrote

Nah, I love running in the snow. Put sheet metal screws in an old pair of running shoes and it's like having studded snow tires.


digicow t1_j4w46t4 wrote

I actually have snowtreads for my runners that stretch on over the shoe and provide great traction on packed snow and ice. But they feel like shit running on bare asphalt so I only use them if I know the entire run will be on that kind of surface, which is tough cause normally there's a mix of snow and no snow on the sidewalks and roadways depending on how snow removal has gone


AutomationBias t1_j4wc9xq wrote

Yeah, they're great for trail running but lousy for roads. I either use screw shoes or studded running shoes (Icebugs). The studs compress up into the soles like on snow tires.


ThisMasshole t1_j4v43sp wrote

This has been a great winter so far. Hope it stays this way


The66thDopefish t1_j4vgdx4 wrote

I’m in Springfield and it’s been years since we’ve had a winter with a satisfying amount of snow. This is the longest November in my lifetime!


TheDancingRobot t1_j4wcy63 wrote

Did western MA get nailed in 2014-2015 like the east did?


The66thDopefish t1_j4weq5f wrote

I know we did here in Springfield! The snow piles we shoveled were going over my head by the first week of February (so over six feet).


Moistened_Bink t1_j4vajha wrote

Yeah as a skier I am hoping for some good dumps but it just seems to be the norm now :/


ins0mniac_ t1_j4vi8g7 wrote

I finally got a new job outside the restaurant industry that has a better work/life balance and would allow me to snowboard more frequently.

This winter sucks so far but we’ll see what February brings.


weikels t1_j4vib0s wrote

I read recently that we are shifting from La Niña sometime between February and April, which is beyond my basic meteorological understanding. I read it as “change is coming.”


didntfindmyfeet t1_j4xord2 wrote

I keep seeing days in the 50s and this is maybe the third thread I have read where I see people saying to wait for winter it’s not too late. Our climate is different. Will there be snow sure, lots sometimes, sure, but it’s different now than 30 years ago. It’s just sad.


Comfortable_Plant667 t1_j4vksea wrote

West of Holyoke here. Given the cost of energy I cannot complain and I certainly don't miss the back-breaking shoveling of 2020-2021. 2019 I had to shovel the driveway in shifts. I do not mind 40 degrees and cheerful sun by comparison.


patrick_byr t1_j4xa1nk wrote

I bought snow tires this year so I'm almost certain we'll get no snow this year.


HorrorLine7886 t1_j4ynuso wrote

Yeah you got screwed and prolly paid a pandemic premium for that rubber


Cute_Application3234 t1_j4xpjs9 wrote

I feel so bad for the kids. It's cold as shit and dark early so you cant even play outside all that much and the one thing that makes winter worth it is snow and they don't even get that


HorrorLine7886 t1_j4ynwuv wrote

Well at least the boomers raped everything and got theirs before rotting out


ladywiththestarlight t1_j4vcz5x wrote

Snow loving people: move further north and let the rest of us enjoy not having to shovel.


nastyhobbitses1 t1_j4xfpu4 wrote

I moved to central Maine and there’s hardly been any snow here either


AchillesDev t1_j4xw0k6 wrote

Move down south, we don’t need people cheering on the collapse of local ecosystems because they’re afraid of a little cold.


NativeSon508 t1_j4wt388 wrote

I remember getting a blizzard on April 1st. Most of our big storms come in February anyway.


Bobbydadude01 t1_j4vcjee wrote

This is great snow is annoying and dangerous


hour_of_the_rat t1_j4zmipm wrote

The entire world's ecology is based around appropriate seasonal temperatures. It hit 40 C (104 F) in England last summer, a temp which was considered theoretically impossible. Northern CA just got hit with so much rain 20 people died. Forty-five people died in the surprise Buffalo blizzard last month. The Great Salt Lake is at 63% normal surface area, and 20 million migratory birds rely on it for breeding and eating.

Early spring-like temps--instead of Winter temps--are convenient for you softies, but these horrifically abnormal temps are going to disrupt the lives of insects (and the birds that feed on them), plants budding, hibernation cycles, etc.


Bobbydadude01 t1_j4zmp2k wrote

I am aware that climate change is happening. I am aware that nee England has the fastest changing climate. It's called looking on the bright side.

Sorry, I enjoy not having to clear my driveway.


Hetyman t1_j4w7two wrote

Man that 19/20 winter really bummed me out.


Dieselxdan t1_j4wooce wrote

This winter sucks. Blows. We need big storms here in Boston/ south shore


Upper-Funny-7140 t1_j4v7j78 wrote

It is every year. Those who complain about snow and dont want cold weather just bitch and complain like a month and a half later about all the rain and wet weather we are having. Those kind of people can never be happy.


mari815 t1_j4vpb1j wrote

Mid-February is when snow peaks.


doublesecretprobatio t1_j4vyiwr wrote

not the first time it's happened, won't be the last. here's 120 years of boston snowfall totals:


ElisabetSobeckPhD t1_j4xlsw5 wrote

FYI they also have a page for snowfall by season, which might be more useful for remembering winter 'xxxx'.


AchillesDev t1_j4xwbyk wrote

Would be more interesting to see more interior places. Boston measurements are a bit quirky because of where they’re taken (Logan typically) and Boston’s location. Then again you might see more variability because of the proximity to the bay.


cdiairsoft t1_j4w0heq wrote

It's sad, I picked up a massive parcel of acreage in Mendon and built a 3.5 mile trail network for wheeling, snowmobiling and cross country skiing. I even picked up a 2nd and 3rd sled so my friends could join. Hell I even built a grooming drag. I have had zero rideable or skiable snows. Even my place up north is so devoid of snow I'd have to trailer to a parking lot 20 minutes away to be able to get a riding session in full of water bars and exposed ground.


Linux-Is-Best t1_j4w6nnh wrote

> Tuesday January 23

  • Monday = January 23
  • Tuesday = January 24

Which is it?


TheDancingRobot t1_j4wbfhx wrote

Didn't we get essentially no snow last year until the end of January when 24" dropped like an anvil on the town?


catgotcha t1_j4wbuhj wrote

>it sucks for someone like me who fucking loves snow

You sure you're from here?

No, I kid, I kid. I agree, this "winter" is anything but winter. I'm not going to get ahead of it though, we learned from 2015 very badly. There wasn't much snow up to mid-January then either, but then BLAM, 12 feet of snow in like six weeks. Boston's winter gods are sneaky that way.


aphrolyn t1_j4wm8b0 wrote

I’m very disappointed by this winter. It’s not cold enough for it to be winter feeling. Barely below freezing.


ShepardFaireySucks t1_j4wysv6 wrote

I'm legit depressed. More annoying, mental health professionals have a two year wait right now. If there isn't 2 ft of snow on the ground, and I'm not on a mountain in that silent early winter night, when the snow is gently falling and the only sound you hear somewhere is far away, skis on snow--then really, what is the point.

Flat screen televisions, video games, and reddit doomscrolling--all lame as fuck, in case your wondering.


jesseMc420 t1_j4xvn5j wrote

You gotta remember winter starts December 21. It will come and then the same people will be say why all this snow. Please don't curse use with the snow gods.


plee82 t1_j4y3wcq wrote

I am not complaining. Love this.


End3rWi99in t1_j4yboqn wrote

I dunno it feels like we've been getting less and less winter for the past 10-15 years aside from a freak record breaking month in 2015. I'm taking my dog out at night with no coat in the middle of January. It's not normal.


highlander666666 t1_j4vv4oc wrote

WHat ever it is what it is.. If love it snow don t come to you..Than you can go to were snow is


BillWeld t1_j4vw275 wrote

Someone bought a snowthrower. I've often thought of starting a Go-Fund-Me to buy snowthrowers for deserving Yankees and so keep it from snowing so much.


dvsjr t1_j4vydlf wrote

Don’t jinks it.


AbbreviationsFar7867 t1_j4w4hue wrote

I currently live in Western Nebraska, and we're having a storm predicted to drop up to 18" of snow. So, you can have some of ours, if you want.


kdex86 t1_j4w6677 wrote

We don’t want a repeat of winter 2019-20. Because then everything will shut down in March!

January 23 is still 5 days away. What’s forecasted for that date can still change significantly.


EtonRd t1_j4wl26d wrote

A perfect winter, so far in my opinion.


NewAccountNumber101 t1_j4wpc5d wrote

Fuck snow and fuck winter. This one has been a treat so far.


potty_pooper_3000 t1_j4yme45 wrote

kind of sad that only got 2 inches of snow MAX this entire year when I live in Essex county


Golfoneway95 t1_j4yobvh wrote

I believe that as we head farther into the 21st century, Massachusetts winters will become more variable with more rain and mix.


UsernameTaken93456 t1_j4vjgen wrote

Well, I hope it doesn't come with a global pandemic.


BrockVegas t1_j4vn908 wrote

Pretty sure it eventually will....

Thawing permafrosts and ice caps will surely have more for us.


SaveCachalot346 t1_j4vwckc wrote

Didn't we do this last year and get the blizzard of the decade on the last day of January


Vaiiki t1_j4ye552 wrote

Aw yeee that means Covid-20 in 2024 no traffic again.


morchorchorman t1_j4w7ngq wrote

Don’t Jinx it bro, the weather is the only thing that saved me this year of constant mishaps happening in my house. God is good.


Itchy-Marionberry-62 t1_j4x2asi wrote

I hate snow, ice and frigid endless cold winds. 😡👎🏽


mackrelman11 t1_j4wbbke wrote

being a boston native, i welcome this change. having to shovel out your car every 2 hours after it gets plastered with tow snow as well as people saving spots or stealing yours is just stressful. fuck it and fuck the snow!


HeroR9390 t1_j4wi2tm wrote

I can 100% say fuck snow as a Worcester resident

Parking bans are terrible

They do a shit job plowing, or keeping the roads not completely iced over

Mother nature can keep the snow