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Raphoutou t1_j89jkyf wrote



smutscarl t1_j89l58x wrote

Mildly disgusting


[deleted] t1_j89ltw8 wrote

Can't tell if its too much. Where's the banana for size reference?


slayer1am t1_j89ingu wrote

How do you know it was 2 years, mark the calendar the last time they were checked?


theshrexpert OP t1_j89iye4 wrote

i had a bad ear infection and I tried digging it out with qtips. i was able to hear, but i pushed the wax in different areas.


Quick-Drummer3892 t1_j89kzjf wrote

Dont use q-tips to clean your ear. Whenever you have symptoms of decreased hearing or ear fullness on either one of your ear, i suggest you proceed to a doctor and have it professionally cleaned. Earwax sometimes harden and it needs to be softened up before extraction. Hope you're well.


trofastekastro t1_j8a2n3s wrote

Ive cleaned my ears using qtips after every shower since I was 10. Never had a problem. I had my doctor have a look and he didnt see any wax.

Tl;dr : qtips are good


trofastekastro t1_j8a293k wrote

How often do you clean your ears? That is just amazing! 🫠


theshrexpert OP t1_j89ib3d wrote

was removed for not having appropriate title. how about this, mods?