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mopman94 t1_jedvejf wrote

Huh, that’s cool and this is indeed the very definition of mildly interesting.


IShallSealTheHeavens t1_jef1k0y wrote

I am agreeing that I am very gruntled by this post.


buddboy t1_jefkwce wrote

I think its pretty interesting because it is shocking that this mechanical device is cheaper than a chip unless this works without batteries


Oclure t1_jefsjix wrote

They often do work without batteries, they are esentialy low quality plastic versions of the old school Victrola record players that rely on the record needle directly vibrating a diaphragm to make sound and thus need no power just somthing to spin the record which could be a pull string in a doll like this.

The same concept is used on those old animal sound spining toys, except those had multiple tracks arranged in concentric spirals on the record. When you pointed the arrow at the animal whose sound you wanted to hear you were actualy lining the record up so the needle would fall into the groove for the right track.


buddboy t1_jeggjmo wrote

Thats really cool. FYI though what you are describing is a lot more like a gramophone than a record player


Oclure t1_jegn19c wrote

Yea I meant to say victrola, but my phone autocorrected into Victoria.


Quasm t1_jefpe44 wrote

They said it was an old doll, which depending on how old it was probably unthinkable to put an expensive microchip in a kids toy.


Ok-Camp-7285 t1_jegqzv0 wrote

>Huh, that’s cool and this is indeed the very definition of mildly interesting.

It fits the definition, it isn't the definition itself


vinnyj5 t1_jees2vu wrote

Y’all have never seen Toy Story 4?! Gabby Gabby tries to steal this from Woody.


jschubart t1_jefng30 wrote

Her record was fine. It was the speaker thingie that was broken.


freshandminty t1_jef5im9 wrote

I have but somehow still never put it together that it was a tiny record. 🤦‍♀️


SpotCreepy4570 t1_jega99l wrote

Crazy part is I'm watching it as I came across this post, little creepy lol.


Crackheadwithabrain t1_jefnvfx wrote

Yes but as kids and I wouldn’t remember this particular part lol 😩


Oclure t1_jeftb6i wrote

The movie is only 4 years old.


CBT_Dr_Freeman t1_jeglqw6 wrote

16yos tend to think they're the shit and called millennials "boomers".


Don_Tiny t1_jego21p wrote

> 16yos tend to think

I disagree.

Source: was 16 once ... before the first world war, I think.


Koeienvanger t1_jefz9zk wrote

Maybe they're 18 now lol


Eeeeeeebee t1_jeg0m4s wrote

14 is teenager. Not kid. I remember most movies I've seen at 9, let alone 14.


Koeienvanger t1_jeg1fub wrote

Teenagers are kids.


maurice_moss_d20 t1_jegig5j wrote

Then why would they say "as kids" if they're still a kid? Checkmate.


MussenM t1_jegxvpm wrote

Cuz a 14 year old got more years in memory than a 9 year old. So whether the kid says “as kids…” or “a few years back…” or “when I was younger…” doesn’t really matter. Checkmate no u.


maurice_moss_d20 t1_jegy7bt wrote

I'm not debating that, but why would a kid say "as a kid"? I'm just goofing around anyway, feel free to ignore.


MussenM t1_jeh1wbj wrote

I could ignore for sure, but I like explaining stuff, ignore this if u want. Some teenagers will try to look smart and cool by separating themselves from younger kids and will for that reason say “as a kid…” when bringing up a past event. Another reason is that most teenagers will say they aren’t kids so they can feel more independent and free which is completely natural. Please don’t take this as a hostile argument, I am also just goofing rn. Have a good day.


Dude1stPriest t1_jeenptc wrote

I really need someone to make custom tiny records so this can become nightmare fuel.


Eigenurin OP t1_jeeo40l wrote

It's already nightmare fuel! Because of its age the ABC song sounds like straight from a horror movie


Mysticpoisen t1_jeez74s wrote

There's an old William Osman video where he attempts to make a record with his laser cutter and it does sound horrifying.


dadydaycare t1_jef1ck3 wrote

He also insisted on using the worst possible materials on purpose and never tried on vinyl. Still probably would Have sounded god awful but with that vinyl sound.


QuietGanache t1_jef4ud2 wrote

Using a laser on vinyl is pretty dangerous, you get all sorts of chlorine compounds so you need an external vent that's definitely not going to blow back in. If you're considerate, a scrubber is even better.


BSB8728 t1_jeepq5l wrote

I had a Chatty Cathy doll that used records. You played the record by pulling a string in back of her neck.


I_love_pillows t1_jef6l7i wrote

so that’s how those work back in the day before electronics.


shifty_coder t1_jeflopz wrote

Yep. Pull the string to wind a spring. As the spring unwinds, the stylus drags across the record, and sound comes out.


Provia100F t1_jef3le1 wrote

That works on humans as well. Pull their spine out and they talk...or scream


Cindexxx t1_jegdjf7 wrote

Not for very long though, and it only works once. Well, once per person. But still.


VadersSprinkledTits t1_jeeq3ht wrote

Yep, the Kenner Star Wars Imperial Transport also use the same style internal record player. It’s quite a feat of engineering. Specifically placed buttons, and a retracting spring loaded needle. Wizardry before digital


pogpole t1_jeftrr2 wrote

I was going to mention this. I think it had six different grooves spiraled together, each one playing a different sound, and it was a matter of chance which one the needle fell into. Very clever.

EDIT: I misremembered. The buttons would turn the record to line up the appropriate groove. But I learned that you could get it to play a random sound by pushing the button only halfway down. That's probably what prompted me to take it apart and see how it worked in the first place.


XRedcometX t1_jeexswg wrote

Someone didn’t watch Toy Story 4


toogaloon t1_jef2gt6 wrote

My alarm clock as a kid in the 80s was a plastic He-Man castle with an analog clock in the middle. The alarm itself was a tiny record like this, I still remember part of the song "time to wake up, smile and be happy. Brush your teeth and make it snappy." It ended with "we're the Masters of the Universe!" which I thought was super cool.


gearslut-5000 t1_jeesj8y wrote

it's purely mechanical, yeah? the needle is connected to something that vibrates and amplified the sound rather than a battery powered speaker, right? pretty neat.


CMDR_omnicognate t1_jefl5q4 wrote

These were actually quite common on old “talking” toys, those old animal sound toys where you pull a cord and it would make an animal noise for example were basically just really rudimentary vinyls made of plastic


Jespoir t1_jefec4b wrote

This guy doesn’t Toy Story.


Reygle t1_jefevay wrote

Same kind of thing that some 80's ?Chrysler? cars used for thinks like door chime speech/etc.


sonicjesus t1_jefrx65 wrote

Nah, that's fully synthesized, and people hated cars like that ever bit as much as they should have.

"Your door is ajar" fueled thousands of failed stand up comedy routines, as it should have.


AKADriver t1_jegaf24 wrote

Nissan, not Chrysler, in fact did use a small phono record. It actually sounded pretty good, since it used natural speech. You'd think, ah, the Japanese, surely they had electronic voice synthesizer technology ahead of the US. Nope! Ultra-miniaturized record player.

They did develop a solid state version of their own by '85.


Reygle t1_jefvmjs wrote

Huh. I stand corrected. Could have sworn I'd seen a video about using that odd LP style "tech" back then. Maybe a different auto maker used it, or maybe my brain is bad.


MillardSheets t1_jefv5ob wrote

I had an old Nisan 280ZX with this tech. She'd warn you if you left the parking break on or a door was ajar. At the time I thought it was the height of technology.


gaze-upon-it t1_jef0u4a wrote

There were football games with the mini record, pick the offense, the other player chooses defense from the opposite side of the disc, several option. Those selections determined an outcome, cheering, play calls etc. great fun. Until you mark the discs and can call the perfect play for that disc lol. Came with about 10 records. My sister had one of these dolls


scoff-law t1_jef48yp wrote

Reminds me of that Phillip K Dick sorry about the guy that finds a tape machine in his body.


dell02 t1_jef4o6v wrote

Hello from Eastern Europe, this is my best childhood memory.


Potaatolongster t1_jefamul wrote

My sister had one of these growing up! It was german, and if you think thar shit is creepy in English, try it in German. We used it once and then used the records for pretend plates.


VoraciousTrees t1_jeeuew4 wrote

Take notes, Bethesda. Gonna need a new bioshock game soon.


Trumpswells t1_jefcxz4 wrote

Looks like Chatty Kathy.


sonicjesus t1_jefs6x2 wrote

Chatty Cathy.

You're thinking of the teenage version with leather miniskirt and giant hoop earrings.


chazlarson t1_jefl3sg wrote

The record typically has multiple concentric grooves, so the needle will randomly drop into one of them. I used to have a 45rpm record for a regular turntable that had this same feature.


Udax5000 t1_jefm2cl wrote

The Milli Vannili Method.


Sees_Walls t1_jefmlkz wrote

Time to 3d print the sounds of hell.


Thiccaca t1_jefmnon wrote

I now want to see a DJ do a set using vintage dolls.


jschubart t1_jefn7te wrote

I learned this from Toy Story 4.


julianx2rl t1_jefo02b wrote

Now DATs what you call a luxury item!


sonicjesus t1_jefqw2g wrote

The "see and say" was slightly more complicated. Turning the dial to a particular animal moved the needle to a specific track.


ParusMajor69 t1_jefyvoo wrote

This was part of the plot to toy story 4


its_justme t1_jefzucb wrote

I’m really tripped out by how long OP’s thumb is


Gorsken t1_jeg0itk wrote

End-game hifi experience.


game_asylum t1_jeg3svi wrote

Pretty sure that's just vinyl


chuker34 t1_jega3ti wrote

Datsun cars did the same. Started in the 280ZX and I know it continued in the 300ZX and maybe some Nissans?

The car would talk to you and tell you things like “the left door is open” or when you left the lights on or keys in the ignition.

These days they don’t seem to work, but there’s YouTube videos of people making them work.

Useless but cool piece of technology.


mandu_xiii t1_jeghf5l wrote

When I was a kid, I had a car from Knight Rider, KIT, that used that same concept for speech. I took it apart and was fascinated by it.


MrPumpkin21 t1_jegqbx3 wrote

If they’re playing the Beatles on a record.. you best believe your cabbage patch kid is being played on a record.


Annoying_Anomaly t1_jegtbmy wrote

all fun and games until it plays backwards and you hear satan


root_over_ssh t1_jegzlse wrote

My cousins had a cecciobello doll growing up, it was slightly broken so it sounded demonic and would scare the hell out of me.


chickennoobiesoup t1_jeh1xqh wrote

Ripping open dolls to see what’s inside is perfectly normal behavior for engineers.


AdventurousRoll9798 t1_jeh34p7 wrote

That doll is in very good condition. The clothes are clean and the hair is shiny. Probably worth some $$$. Nice find.


Melis725 t1_jeh3b0y wrote

Wow...never seen this kind of doll before!